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Stoned on Rock Relics - They saw, they heard, they felt... it all... History...

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flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Souvenir Stones - Great Anglo-Boer War, South Africa, 1899-1902
Orig. Stone Relics - Size - averaging 7 x 9 x 4 cm
Found - South Africa
To a keen geologist, or gemologist, these small stones would be poor pickings indeed and not worth a second glance.

But to us they are fabulous relics that saw thousands of men struggle, hand to hand, in mortal conflict, and heard thousands of bullets and shells whizzing by and exploding nearby.

A few saw deeds of valour; many others heard only the final pitying cries of the dying and the wounded, as they were clubbed or bayoneted into silence, often by foreigners, invading their homeland.

Though most people smirk at them, to us stone relics have a legitimate claim to status as historic artifacts as much as artillery shells, bullets, buckles, buttons, and badges.

Proposed Nomenclature: Historic Stone Relics - All stone relics fall into four main categories depending on their degree of interaction with humans. All stone relics start, and most will forever remain, only bystoneders (bystander stone witnesses to a historic event). A few will become shiftstones (if moved randomly), or utilistones (if put to use, as is), or alterstones (if altered to make them more useful.)

- Bystoneder (left lying where God put it). Totally common - just a rock to you - the bystoneder is just an unnoticed stone bystander to a nearby historic event, until someone picks it up, for a variety of reasons, when it jumps to one or more, of the next three levels of activity.

- Shiftstone (a bystoneder randomly moved by a historic actor or agent). Often surprisingly easy to prove. eg: Viking prow hits rock, soldier kicks, field clearance, landslide, explosions, etc.

- Utilistone (deliberately picked up and put to a variety of uses in its "as found" condition). This stone has been sought out, as is, for a use by a historic actor. eg: stone wall, house foundation, sangar, ballast stone, catapult stone, grave stone, Aboriginal tent ring, rock souvenir, etc.

- Alterstone (painted, carved, cut, drilled, shaped, crushed, burned, smelted, fired). This stone has, not only been picked up by a historic actor, but actually worked on, to make it more serviceable. eg: Indian arrowhead, celt, or axe, building block, mill stone, tombstone, carving, ore, coal, Stonehenge, Hilary Weston's monstrous memorial megaliths, Rapa Nui, Great Wall of China, St. Valentine's Day Massacre Wall, etc.

A Typical Stone Relics Collection
from the Great Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902

All are very small, typically 7 x 8 cm wide and 4 cm thick, paperweight size, just enough to give weight, and presence.

There are bystoneders, shiftstones, utilistones, and alterstones among them. Can you spot which are which?

- 1 Elandslaagte - 2 Modder River: - 3 Paardeberg: Gun Hill

- 4 Talana Hill sangar - 5 Bloemfontein - 6 Spion Kop hill

- 7 Isandlwana - 8 Paardeberg: Feb 18 - 9 Diamond Hill

- 10 Dullstroom sangar - 11 Gen. Wauchope's original grave

- 12 Frere, Winston Churchill train - 13 Sanaspos VC

- 14 Wagon Hill 15 - Badfontein - 16 Colenso VC

- 17 Magersfontein battlefield -18 Sanaspos gully

- 19 Rorke's Drift - 20 Grave: Breaker Morant

- 21 Talana Hill wall - 22 Spion Kop top

- 23 Magersfontein sangar - 24 Dullstroom: ruin

- 25 Mt. Alice - 26 Paardeberg: Kitchener's Kopje

- 27 Hart's River - 28 Elandslaagte - 29 Colenso sangar

Bystoneders, by far the most common type of stone relics, are impossible to classify as they can be souvenirs of any kind of historic event, military, or civilian, public or personal, religious or secular. Overall they might also have the least monetary value among stone relics. Shiftstones are the smallest group to classify. They are somewhat more valuable than bystoneders since they are more directly connected to a historic event, and are involved with events instead of just a passive bystander and observer. Utilistones, put to use by people, offer a larger and easier group for classifying. They are more directly tied to interaction with humans, so they are more valuable yet. Alterstones, fashioned by people, have the most interaction with humans, and so are easiest to classify. They are the most valuable.
Museum Curator's Note - Our expert researcher for this article is Canadian historian, television producer, and cinematographer/director/editor John Goldi csc.

(He was awarded the "CSC," Canada's highest award for a director of cinematography, "for outstanding achievement in the art of cinematography" by the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.)

It is the first academic attempt, in history, to develop a scientific nomenclature for rock relics.

John Goldi csc pursued university studies leading to an Hon. B.A. in Modern History, at the University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, and a B.Ed., and an M.A. in History, at Queen's University, Kingston, ON.

He has won over 136 international film and television awards at major American Film & Television Festivals for his educational and television documentary work. Some of his academic investigations:


Canada's First Historic Plaques on the African Continent

To make his four-hour long television special on the Boer War - which won an astonishing four Gold Medals at Houston Worldfest, the world 's biggest film and television festival (Best Program, Best TV Series, Best TV Writing, Best On-Camera Host) - he spent two months filming Boer War battlefields in South Africa, driving 11,000 kms, and lugging his heavy camera, climbing many kopjes, while following the footsteps of the British, Boer, and Canadian contingents.

But he also discovered that no Canadian Government signage of any kind existed, on any historic locations where thousands of Canadians had fought in Canada's first ever military expedition overseas, and some 300 had died, and remain in South Africa. And this, shamefully, after the 100th Anniversary commemoration of the event had come and gone...

He hand delivered a huge documented report of his research, supported by a four hour video documentary, to the office of the Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Hon. Sheila Copps, in Ottawa, Ontario, demanding an end to "100 Years of Neglect."

As a result of his research, her successor, the Hon. Stéphane Dion, wrote him to announce that:

"I have recently designated Canada and the South African War an event of national historic significance."

And consequently he would order that Canada set up its first ever Canadian Historic Sites and Monuments plaques on the African continent.

Go to Boer War Documentary Cameraman
Internet Publications: John Goldi, Canadian historian
Uncovered, publicized, and certified the world's first genuine combat photograph
Exposed Canada's most famous combat photo as a fake
Exposed Elizabeth Collard's 1840s J Heath Canada ceramic evaluation as totally false
Published biggest exposé of fake combat photography in history
Found & publicized unmarked Canadian historic buildings & inscriptions in South Africa
Proposed the first international academic nomenclature for historic rock relics
Proposal resulted in Boer War being declared "event of Canadian national historic significance"
Developed a template for dating Canadian china souvenir ware
Developed a "fakes detector" for differentiating original from repro works of art
Research responsible for Ontario's SIU restarting Ipperwash inquiry into killing of Dudley George
Exposed over 43 gross errors in the worst disaster in Canadian book publishing history
Research suggested Capt, Michele Mendes committed suicide because she had been raped.
Exposed marketing of fine art bronze fakes by leading Canadian fine art dealers & auctioneers
Has made an amazing number of astonishingly accurate political predictions

" ..... warmest congratulations on the success of your Canadian television series.

"The episodes won the hearts of Canadians from coast-to-coast, and the numerous prestigious awards that you received were deserving of two such innovative and talented Canadians.

"Your dedication to ensuring that the people of Canada have access to their stories and talent is to be commended, and the Department of Canadian Heritage is proud to have participated in funding an initiative that will continue to be accessible to Canadians through schools, libraries, and public institutions.

"You are a source of pride to your country and your accomplishments will serve as inspiration to your peers and all Canadians." - Hon. Sheila Copps - Minister of Canadian Heritage

Ms Copps is referring to an amazing feat for a Canadian outdoor heritage TV series, never equaled by anyone - 79 "international" awards for 17 entirely "Canada-specific" programs (including 29 Gold and Silver Medals for 12 shows) in only 18 months, at leading American film and television festivals. In an ultra- rare achievement, three times Goldi Productions won "double Golds," with different shows in different festivals coming in First and Second against dozens of international competitors. (Joan Goldi, Producer, and John Goldi csc (Goldi Productions Ltd.) actually won 88 international awards in all, in the 1997-99 period.)

Bystoneder - just a bystander in history

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure The Bystoneder, Battlefield Type: It saw, it heard, it felt

... the fatally wounded general shot from his horse in the valley below; the excited voices of Boer marksmen celebrating the great marksmanship, the exploding British shells around it, the pounding feet as retiring Boers stumbled over it, and the boots of Tommies in hot pursuit, scrambling after them.

This is the most primitive level of stone relic, the bystoneder, just a random stone lying about somewhere on a historic location, which just "stood by" while all hell was breaking loose around it.

Stoned on History - A totally undocumented memorabilia type we've favoured for years is small stones gathered from the centre of important historic sites.

We've run into souvenir hunters who have stolen pistols from museums, chipped pieces from grave stones, removed chunks from buildings, ripped off signs, dug up battlefields, etc.

All very destructive and often highly illegal.

Which is why we prefer plain stones that are lying about everywhere, by the thousands, at key historic locations.

They are superior to most souvenir items because, hell, they were there... when it happened... They saw; they heard; they felt; they absorbed the history.

This stone is millions of years old and lived quietly for all that time. Then for one brief moment, in October 1899, it saw, felt, and heard, all hell break loose around it...

Bystoneder Relic - Battle of Talana Hill, October 1899
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 6 x 11 cm
Found - Talana Hil, RSA

The stone comes from half way up Talana Hill, from a Boer stone wall, which they defended then abandoned during the fight, as hundreds of Tommies streamed towards them. So strictly speaking it started out as a simple bystoneder, till the war started, and it watched the Boers stream up to occupy the hill. When a sharp-eyed Boer saw it and used it to add to a defensive wall on the hillside, he turned it into a utilistone.

Talana Museum curator Pam McFadden stands behind the cairn where British General Penn Symons was shot down by Boer snipers shooting from Talana hill in the background.

The scene is depicted in a fanciful 1899 Bacon print.

The cairn stones behind her, started life as simple bystoneders a century ago, watching the battle begin to shape up, all around, then afterwards, by having been picked up and put to use, in their native state, as a memorial cairn, have become utilistones.

By having been white-washed they even qualify, a level higher up, as the simplest form of alterstone (altered stone type.) They cannot be shiftstones because they were not simply kicked out of the way, randomly, but deliberately selected for use.

Go to The General's wall

The Battle of Talana Hill offers us still another stone type, a utilistone.



SOUVENIRING PEOPLE 1 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

The Desert Fox - People who are entranced by history, and want to capture momentous occasions featuring people, places, and events which they experienced, have always been eager to take back a real piece of history from the historic site as a personal souvenir and to show the folks back home.

And in private moments to hold quietly, and contemplate, either moments of personal triumph, or the endlessly wicked follies of mankind...

One who could do both - with a clear conscience - was German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel - the Desert Fox - who took a bag of sand from North Africa back with him when he returned to Germany in 1944. His son Manfred, long-time Lord Mayor of Stuttgart, cherishes it today, as his father once did.

Sand! SAND! SAND...! American soldiers, of course, have always been notorious for openly scoffing at such pointless and meaningless souvenirs.

During the Indian wars, all during the 19th century, US soldiers routinely cut off ears, noses, fingers, and testicles, from dead Aboriginal men, as souvenirs. Many favoured cutting off Indian women's breasts and private parts to make tobacco pouches with. That American military heritage endures with a vengeance in the 21st century US wars against the Muslims.

In the modern American west many of these awful Indian souvenirs continue to be cherished family mementoes - though very privately guarded, for obvious reasons. No Antiques Roadshow exposure for them. Lest the truly passionate veterans of America's wars be berated for their zealous patriotism.

For American and Canadian soldiers of recent years, fighting against Muslims in Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, sand too, is universally regarded as poor souvenir material. To them all, especially the members of NATO'S Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing (CWILLKILL) there are far higher priority items to collect. Gory body parts and gloatingly staged photo souvenirs featuring gory Muslim corpses.

From Sand Creek to Afghanistan "souveniring people" is part of the heritage, the DNA, of the American military

from - Kurt Kaltreider, PH.D. "American Indian Prophecies." pp. 58-59:

-The report of army witnesses at Sand Creek stated that the American military, under Colonel Chivington, exterminated a peaceful band of some 150 Cheyenne women, children, babies, and men in 1864.

"I saw some Indians that had been scalped, and the ears cut off the body of White Antelope," said Captain L. Wilson of the first Colorado Cavalry.

"One Indian who had been scalped had also his skull smashed in, and I heard that the privates of White Antelope had been cut off to make a tobacco bag of.

"I heard some of the men say that the privates of one of the squaws had been cut out and put on a stick."

Above, White Antelope in 1851, thirteen years before he had his privates souvenired by US soldiers.

Wonder which American family is hoarding all the Indian body parts souvenirs? A collection that is sure to grow thanks to Iraq, Afghanistan, and tomorrow... Iran...

Keep watching the American Antiques Roadshow... Sooner or later...












"When the officers at the top - you know, like Chivington and Hillier - are advocating random, wanton killing of non-white, non-Christians, there are no restraining ethics in place, further down the line, that can control the mob instinct of their men, that is, if they even wanted to..."

As American as Apple Pie...

And just around the time that the Indian Wars were just about over, and that source of people souvenirs was coming to an end, mercifully, the lynching of Blacks period began, providing a new source of body parts for American body part souvenir junkies..

From 1880, to as late as 1968, some 5,000 Black men, women, and children were lynched, often at white family oriented parties were everyone gleefully joined in the festivities. Right teens join the fun at Marion, Indiana in 1930. Thousands of copies of this photo were sold as souvenirs, where a good time - American style - was had by all Almost all...

Women and children would often cut off ears of Black corpses to save as personal souvenirs.

So, don't let Obama, Hilary Clinton, Leon Panetta, and the top generals fool you, that this practice is un-American and rare. Not on your life; In the 21st century, cutting off body parts as souvenirs, from Muslims in Afghanistan, and Iraq, is as common, and as American, as apple pie... Americans soldiers like Chuck Graner, Sabrina Harmon, and scores, hundreds, like them, are patriotic offspring of the members of the crowd above...

The vicious heart of America - Hilary herself - desperate to ingratiate herself, big time, with the Jewish lobbyists who dominate AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) passionately warned Iranian women, children, babies, and men, "We will obliterate you."

Right some of the Iranians as they look before Hilary drops the big one on them and char broil them to cinders, just to find an outlet for her rage against her sexually loose and embarrassing old man.

The very first act Obama did, after winning the Democratic nomination for President, was to speak to AIPAC where he promised he would 1) give Israel carte blanche to do whatever it wanted to Palestinians/Muslims, 2) back Israel to the hilt, in whatever policies it opted for, and 3) promised not to refuse Israel anything it wanted to do to Muslims in their neighbourhood.

It was a stunning first act of state and speech by a US presidential nominee, not even a day into his nomination. Only later did he speak to the EU, Russia, Britain, France, Canada, Mexico, Germany, etc., and only after he had talked FIRST to the people who really count if you want to get elected in the US, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee.

His top two advisers, both passionate Jews - Axelrod and Emanuel - said it would be his best first political move.

eh wot? In his first act of state, loudly and unreservedly, and with clear malice aforethought, back 6 million Jews in Israel to do whatever they wanted, against concerns and rights of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. Name a worse slap in the face by an American presidential hopeful against the world's Muslims...?

Our Predictions Are Better Than Those of Highly Paid Mainstream Media Pundidiots

Right Wing Party Bagman - Alone in Canada, we predicted that Michael Ignatieff would never be Prime Minister. And we publicly posted this outrageously brash belief years before he was actually ousted as Liberal Leader, against the vast mob of mainstream media pundidiots - CBC's Coyne, Hébert, and Gregg are typical - who forecast that this right wing, pro-war against the Muslims, US import that was imposed on Canadian voters by conniving right-wing Liberal party bagmen, would grow into the job. CBC pundidiot Andrew Coyne, typical of the totally out of touch media talking heads he hangs around with, even voted for him - can you imagine a guy who buys stock in the maiden voyage of the Titanic - in the very election that sank Iggy into well deserved and total political oblivion. Canadians loathed and shunned the man that Coyne chose to party with... The hopelessly inept Coyne never saw it coming...

Anti-Muslim Warmonger - Years before there was even a Liberal "succession" to talk about, we publicly predicted that Bob Rae would shamefully position himself as Iggy's successor - all the while lying that he wasn't interested, just a loyal follower - that the Liberals would pick him as the heir, and that he would be an equal disaster for the party. His right wing detour, in his dotage - his pro-war against the Muslims position, his 110% support for Israel, no matter what it does - is as responsible, as Iggy, for the total Liberal eclipse in the hearts of Canadians. He - like his old college buddy, Iggy, merely a pair of inept Harper clones - must disappear from the political landscape before the Liberals will win back any credibility in the affections of its former adherents. Once before, voters massively abandoned another creep sordidly allied to the rich and super-rich who have bedeviled Canadian democracy in modern times, "On the Take" Brian Mulroney. Voters now want to preserve their fundamental decency by distancing themselves from two right wing "Harper lites" who have despoiled the coinage of the once proud liberal Liberal party of Canada. Like no Canadians before, this current generation of voters, absolutely loathes the kind of political leaders that the rich and the super-rich have foisted on them.

Parliament's Last Chance - Years ago we publicly noted that Jack Layton was the only decent man on Parliament Hill, railing against the CBC pundidiots Coyne, Gregg, and Hébert, who, on the eve of Jack's last election - where he stunningly triumphed into Leader of the Opposition - gloomily predicted what a loser he was, that this would be his farewell swan song and the party would look for a better, more successful leader, after the election... And the CBC keeps paying these guys $500 or more, a time for making these ludicrous predictions. Gregg, at least, was ashamed enough to quit the panel after this fiasco.

Harper Repeatedly Slams, then Sucks Up to the World Body - Two years before Canada slunk away empty-handed, from the UN in a shame of historic proportions, which no one else saw coming, we publicly predicted Canada would never, ever, win a seat at the United Nations, for which it mightily campaigned for over two years, and with millions in bribes, again, against the flood of mainstream media pundidiots who said on the eve of the balloting that Canada had it in the bag. All of whom missed the entire point that the world has loathed Canada's racist, anti-Muslim war in Afghanistan, and how Canada, under Harper, has holus bolus proudly and openly copied its anti-UN rhetoric and taken its military marching orders directly from the Israeli government. Canadian media and political pundidiots are as out of touch - willfully or negligently is immaterial - as Zbigniew Brzesinski below says Americans are, calling Americans the most ignorant about world affairs of all the developed countries of the world. Canada, thanks to the numerous, highly paid, sycophantic, giggling pundidiots on CBC's and CTV's power panels, is fast sucking up into the number 2 position.

Race War Against the Muslims in Afghanistan - We predicted in 2006 - when Canada joined a bunch of other NATO white European boys to "do it" to the Muslims - that Canada would maintain shooting and killing troops in Afghanistan for many more years than Harper claimed he would. That he would simply lie to do so, rebrand them as training troops but keep them shooting and killing Muslims for years, as before, but under the guise of training Afghans, which of course, he went on to do for years. Exactly as we forecast - in spite of the lying by the Prime Minister and toadying journalists - Canadian shooting and killing troops have occupied Afghanistan longer than Canadian troops served in World War I, or served in World War II. And we always thought Hitler was a bad dude...

When they finally leave, as now promised - again - by 2014, Canadian shooting and killing troops will have been in Afghanistan for eight - go count 'em - years, since Harper and Killer Hillier sent them off to kill. Killing Muslims seems to have had a higher priority for the Canadian government than killing Nazis.

Hand out the Medals for Unique Canadian Accomplishments - It is the longest term that any Canadian armed force has ever served in a theatre of war in history. Entirely for a total net loss on the battlefield. But of course billions, and billions, of war contracts for corporate cronies of Harper and war lobbyists on Parliament Hill.

It is also the first time Canadians have ever been on the losing side in a war, being ignominiously forced to give up the field to the very enemy they said they were fighting all along.

This Canadian Armed Force has killed more Muslim women, children, babies, and men, than all the previous Canadian Armed Forces in history combined... In fact this is considered the chief gain for Canada's corporate bosses and their favourite Afghan General Rick "the Killer" Hillier who proudly boasted, "Our job is to be able to kill people." Great job Rick. A well-earned Order of Canada for you, for piling up all those Muslim corpses, without mercy or regard to sex, age, or civilian status.

Vile, Congenitally Dishonest Anglo Elitist - Years ago, when Conrad Black started to serve his jail sentence for multi-millions in fraud and underhanded, sneaky obstruction convictions, we publicly predicted that the Canadian political Establishment would allow him to return to Canada though he's a lowlife - but big time - criminal, and not even a citizen. Banished instantly from US soil by no less an authority than the US Supreme Court, as unfit to despoil America with his presence - other than for 42 months in a jail, and otherwise for no longer than the seconds it took to deport him and put him on a plane - he's perfect company for the sleazy political, corporate, and media henchmen - you know the Good Old White Boys crowd, and their disgracefully cloying media molls like Maggie Wente, Christie Blatchford, and Raging Rosie diManno - who work full time to manipulate Canada's democracy for themselves and their cronies.

We Sent Ours Back to Protest Systemic Racism - We also predicted, years ago, that though the White Establishment took away the Order of Canada from a Sikh lawyer who only embezzled a few thousand, and a Canadian Indian, who said some bad things, both members of ethnic groups with no pull in Ottawa, the powerful Anglo and Jewish lobbyists who have taken control of Canada in the 21st century - and engineered Canada into the Afghan War - would strike a deal that would allow the repugnant lawyer Garth Drabinsky, who defrauded multi-millions and went to a Canadian jail, and the loathsome Conrad Black who defrauded multi-millions and served almost 2 years in a US jail, to tit for tat, keep their Order of Canada medals. Another side of Establishment racism at work, with tribal cronies pulling out all stops for upper echelon criminals while vilifying and victimizing, for far, far, lesser offences, individuals from powerless minorities.

The 23.7% Prime Minister - We predicted further that Stephen Harper would never "win" another election. He is a done deal. In spite of what pundidiots like the Globe's Lawrence Martin says, that the smart money is that Harper's here for as long as he wants. Mainstream media pundidiots, like Hébert, Martin, Bob Rae, etc., routinely refer to Harper as getting some 40% of the vote, which is a total fabrication and factually completely untrue, but it suits the creation of the political myth of a "Majority Prime Minister" which Harper smarmily refers to himself as, and conforms to the Establishment's preferred interpretation of Canadian democracy.

The truth is - you won't see this in any mainstream media pundidiot's column because it's far too incendiary - is that Harper won only 23.7% of the eligible votes in Canada. (Hell Fidel Castro wins more genuinely supportive legitimate votes, even in elections he rigs to top up the numbers.) A full 76.3% of eligible Canadian voters refused to vote for this right wing puppet of the tribal fanatics among the rich and super-rich who run Canada.

We consistently have a better feel for the pulse of what Canada and Canadians are all about, than the overwhelming majority of toadying mainstream media pundits who are in the pockets of the rich and super-rich to whom they owe their employment as journalists. And most of their ideas, and ideological positions, which they are more than pleased to publicize for them...

Canadastan - Now do you know why 40% - and growing - of Canadian voters refuse to vote in a so-called democracy run by people with such loathsome political, social, and ethical standards? And do so in spite of being scorched for voting with their feet by angry columns by right wing Toronto Star pundidiot Martin Regg Cohn for not playing along in a system that has lost all credibility with the voting public but pays him big bucks for promoting? A system entirely run by, and for, the professions widely regarded as the most loathsome by Canadians from sea, to sea, to sea: politicians, lawyers, corporate bosses, and journalists.

Goodbye Obama

We predicted then and there, on his first day in office - while everyone else, including the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, and media pundits, piddled in their drawers with excitement about the new face of America - that Obama would be a one-term president, already showing his campaign promises of Hope for a new age in American foreign policy was a hoax and that he was little more than George Bush in black face, which is what his presidency has been all about.

He has alienated the thin wedge of independents who gave him the margin of victory the last time, including Blacks, and liberals. He has launched more drone attacks than Bush, increased the combat troops arraigned against Muslims, did not close Guantanamo as a promised, gave his rich cronies on Wall Street billions in bail outs, to reward their sleazy financial manipulations, etc.

We could go on; why bother? The man is, out the gate - what else is new? - a giant political con man for the Ages.

Without gaining the trust of Jews who want an even more extremist pro-Israeli president. They want Hilary as President. They know she'll gladly let them drop the Big One and fry those terrorist Muslim girls. As for Obama?

The liberal wedge is gone, the Independent wedge is gone; the Black wedge is gone; the Jewish wedge is gone; Obama is gone...

Oh, and the little girls... They're next... either with Obama, as he has promised in desperation, to curry favour with Jews, or whichever anti-Muslim extremist who follows him.

Man, just think of all the body parts Americans will be able to souvenir...

SOUVENIRING PEOPLE 2 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

American Heroine; American Hero - Even female NATO soldiers enthusiastically propped up dead Muslims and posed with their bodies and corpses. Till the media caught on, and then both Canadian and US generals issued stern orders to their troops to stop publishing their videos and be more circumspect about to whom they show their body souvenir pics.

The generals decried that all the publicity - from the likes of all-American gal Sabrina Harmon, and all around good guy Chuck Graner - was needlessly giving the US, Canada, and their armies, a bad name...

Still soldiers rebelled. They quite rightly retorted, hell they had been recruited as members of the Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing (CWILLKILL) and by a Canadian general who told them "our job is to be able to kill people." Reneging on that promise was bad for troop morale, they retorted...

So they saw nothing wrong, in the slightest, with souveniring a dead Muslim trophy photo, or a body part, now and then, to show off to the gang back home in the mess at Petawawa, Fort Hood, and Pensacola.

Everyone thought this was "small potatoes" considering all the other "acting out" that was going on by CWILLKILL troops, including: indiscriminate shell fire and drone attacks on homes and villages, abusing and torturing prisoners, raping women and girls, and murdering Muslim civilians with "kill squads" when no media was around, and the generals were at Tim Hortons.

How America Produced Chuck and Sabrina...

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: "We are a democracy. We can only have as good a foreign policy as the public's understanding of world affairs. And the tragedy is that the public's understanding of world affairs in America today is abysmal.


ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: "It is ignorant. It is probably the least-informed public about the world among the developed countries in the world.

Thanks for that, CNN and the multi-millions you pay,
every year, to the passionate propagandists you employ:
Wolf Blitzer, Christiane Amanpour, et al.

"Americans don’t learn about the world, they don’t study world history, other than American history in a very one-sided fashion, and they don’t study geography ... In that context of widespread ignorance, the ongoing and deliberately fanned fear about the outside world, which is connected with this grandiose war on jihadi terrorism, makes the American public extremely susceptible to extremist appeals."

He's referring to Canadian right wing fanatics like David Frum who actually admits to being a speech writer for George Bush, the dumbest and most viscerally detested man - worldwide - ever to be President of the US. Both men are perfect examples of what Zbig is talking about.

"I think on the domestic front, there's one issue that is dear to my heart because it is related to foreign policy, though it may not strike you as necessary as the most important. In terms of socioeconomic conditions, it may not be the most important."

"And that is education, public education about the world. The fact is we are a democracy. We can only conduct a foreign policy that the public supports. The public in America is woefully ignorant about the world. And our educational system has failed to correct that, and I have to say that in recent years our presidents have not done what is needed."

Zbigniew Brzesinski has long been a leading international intellectual, living in the United States. He was National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter from 1977-1981. He was in conversation with somewhat incredulous, all-Americans, Charlie Rose (PBS) and Jeffrey Brown, who reacted as if what Zbig was saying was unpatriotic... A typical American intelligentsia reaction to comments like his.

Though Zbig apparently just discovered this all recently, none of this is news to non-Americans around the world, who have been acutely aware of the historic insularity and colossal American ignorance for decades. This virus grows in severity the higher up from redneck racists one goes to the level of the intellectual rich and the super-rich political classes. They are the political and academic leaders who provoke, encourage and legitimize the untold thousands of US Chucks and Sabrinas...

So, NATO CWILLKILL soldiers - groups of them, in fact - continued to, routinely, take videos of men defiling Muslim corpses, including gleefully peeing on them.

They do it cheerily, patriotically - as a permanent video event no less - because in NATO circles - where Muslims are considered sub-human, except in media briefings after another CWILLKILL war atrocity, when General Allen calls them "noble Afghans" - that is A OK with everybody. As long as we keep it under wraps as much as possible. (Numerous soldiers, both male and female, have been taken to "slap-on-the-wrist" courts-martial for raping, murdering, and souveniring body parts of "scumbag" Muslims.)

So, it is clear that in the 21st century, taking personal effects, including body parts, from dead Muslims carries on as in days of old. But with the mainstream media watching, it has gone underground. Only to turn up with a passion in the "bragging" social media outlets.

No one knows how many fingers, bones, ears, noses etc., of dead Muslims have gone back home with CWILLKILL soldiers to Canada, the US, and the UK.

Sometimes - when someone slips up - the historic practice of souveniring human parts hits the media. Then the inevitable cover-up shifts into high gear, as generals say the culprit is only a single - OK a couple - rogue deviants.

Not a chance, thank you, in a white European Judeo-Christian army that has killed more Muslim women, children, and babies than any other since the Crusades in the Middle Ages. And this thanks to the regular forces, not even figuring in the deaths of civilians by "kill squads" which go out at night or out of sight of the generals at Tim Hortons.

And no previous Canadian army has brought back as many photos of triumphant soldiers posing with "scumbag" corpses.

Field Marshal Rommel, we miss your kind today... One who souvenired desert sand, not body parts, and took photos with his Leica of his colleagues and tanks, not ghoulish pictures of enemy corpses.











And is why we, unlike the more rabid militaria collectors, prefer to collect stone relics, instead of body parts, from the fields of human conflict. Still...

Only Memories of the Desert Fox

When we visited Mersa Matruh, the remote town which was Rommel's HQ in western Egypt, and when we crossed the sandy wastes of El Alamein, we took no sand or stone souvenirs. We were afraid that if we started a trend, and everybody did that, in short order there would be no desert left...

And no, when we stood silently at the very spot General Rommel bade his wife and son goodbye, at his garden gate in Herrlingen, Germany, only moments before Hitler's generals forced him to take poison, we gouged no all-seeing bystoneder out of his nearby garden wall.

And when we paid our respects at his grave not far away, we did not chop a chunk out of his grave marker.

Though auctions are a good place to pick up alterstone relics (Indian arrow heads, axes, etc.) we could not afford to pay for a stone (plaster/gypsum alterstone) relic of the Desert Fox, one of only three in existence, which went for $13,362 US at auction in 2007.

Mercifully, we hear, it was to replace some Indian fingers and scalps the winning collector had in his collection, because those are now, mostly, no longer considered socially acceptable for display, except in military messes.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder, Type 1 - Police Murder of an Indian

When a human being picks up sand as a souvenir, like General Rommel did in North Africa, or a stone, of a historic - people related - event, we begin the classification proper of stone relics.

This sand was from Ground Zero at Ipperwash, ON, where Dudley George, a Canadian Indian, was deliberately shot and killed, during a First Nations protest, in September 1995, by Ontario Provincial Police who attacked and shot up a group of unarmed Indian women, children, babies, and men, who were picnicking peacefully in a park. The OPP deliberately attacked at midnight, at a time they knew, when most Indians are up, and when journalist witnesses were all in bed.

It is the shabbiest chapter in the history of Canadian policing, mainstream media journalism, and could only happen in "Harper Country," where racist Ontario Premier Mike Harris came from.

It was "Mad Mike" Harris who was the source for the order to launch the shoot-to-kill operation, which he expressed, in a top level meeting on Sep. 6, 1995, where, his own Attorney-General Charles Harnick - giving explosive testimony to an inquiry (in 2005) - said that the Premier barked orders that he wanted people "to get those fucking Indians out of the Park." Only a few short hours later Dudley was dead. When the Premier barks the police jump. Said a top OPP officer, Harris wanted "to kick ass." They did; Dudley died.

(Though the Premier later denied he said it Justice Sidney B Linden found that he lied, and had said it.)

Below the site where the midnight attack took place and the memorial of boughs behind the fence where Dudley was assassinated. The police marched in from the road, top right, beside the buildings and spilled into this open space.

Soon this whole site was covered with shooting OPP officers advancing from the right against Indians along the left side. Police bullets were flying in all directions, killing and wounding Indians of all ages, and probably hitting a police officer or two as well.

And for all those who claim the OPP didn't knowingly target women, children, babies, and men, here is an OPP surveillance video shot from its own chopper only hours before it launched its armed attack against the Indians at Ipperwash.

OPP choppers took hours of video like this, endlessly flying at low levels following cars and blowing sand in people's picnic lunches, and scaring kids. But there was on inescapable benefit for the police. They were utterly sure of two things the videos made clear to them, in the hours before they launched their armed attack:

They had never seen a single gun or sign of a gun anywhere displayed by anyone anywhere in the park. Which is one reason they launched a frontal attack. They knew they were safe. They also knew they totally lied when they told the press the day after, that the Indians had guns, when they had clear evidence the Indians did not.

The police also knew they were dealing, not with armed desperadoes as they dishonestly told the totally gullible and toadying mainstream media, but family groups.

Here are women, children, babies and men picnicking, only yards from where Dudley was murdered. The OPP even knew the names of the people they were targetting. Right is Judas (waving) and Gina George and their kids and friends who never dreamed they were only hours away from being shot at in the worst act of police violence against Indians in Ontario's history.

Bystoneder Relic - Type 1, Ipperwash Beach, Murder Site of Dudley George, 1995
Orig. bystoneder - Size - cup full
Found - Ipperwash Beach, ON

Old News - To us Premier Harris' racist order, not revealed by the mainstream media till 2005, was ten years old. Chief Tom Bressette told us, in October, 1995, that the Premier had said that. Tom got the news the same day the Premier said it, in September, from a Queen's Park informant. In fact Queen's Park was abuzz with the news of the Premier's racist rant the same day he said it.

We reported it, in a massive document detailing huge and multi-level human rights abuses - every single detail of which was, years later, proven true in a court of law - to CBC TV executive producers, in December, 1995, as preparatory work for a documentary we were promised if we got "access" inside the camp no CBC, no other whites, or media were able to get. Which we had done in spades. After reading our report CBC execs abruptly cancelled our documentary project, by saying - an exact quote: "You are too much on the side of the Indians."

Shame on the Mainstream Media - It is just another sordid chapter in the media handling of this racist act carried out by the Premier and the OPP against Canadian Indians. Because the mainstream media - hell they heard the news of what the Premier said, too - kept quiet, for a decade, just to protect their sources - the police, the top Conservative operatives at Queen's Park, etc. "Hell," the Toronto Star's Peter Edwards told us on the phone when we castigated him for his unseemly tardiness at reporting the human rights abuse, "We can't alienate our sources. We rely on the police for information for our stories." For his loyal "hands-off" brand of journalism he was honoured with an Award - years later - for - you won't believe this - exposing the human rights abuses at Ipperwash... which he didn't start to write about till April 1996. This was many long months after we reported the human rights abuse to the CBC and had jump-started the new SIU investigation, escorted them into the camp, filmed them, and then were finally forced to leave the scene for a paying job, after spending 73 days behind the barricades, and paying for our motel bills ourselves, in our passion to expose this gross human rights abuse.

The CBC Returns - Months later in the late spring of 1996, when our spade work had opened the way for SIU investigators to get access to the camp, and other journalists started to get interested in the story again, we got phone calls from three different Indian sources telling us that the CBC, which had months before, turned down our documentary project, had gone behind our backs, and approached the Indians behind the barricades to do its own documentary. The agitated Indians reported CBC Producer Carol Off sought their cooperation as she wanted to do her own CBC initiated documentary on the story.

The Indians firmly refused saying strongly they "were happy working with the Goldis." Even though they were told "but we got all the Goldis stuff," as a come-on, trying to intimate that we were on side with the CBC initiative. Which was a bald faced lie; we'd been fired, accused of being too pro-Indian.

More serious than that, we had promised people in the camp that we would not release any of our footage to any other media outlet before clearing it with them. Which was why they were unhappy to hear the CBC say they "had all the Goldi's stuff." We had reassured them that we had not broken our agreement, and not shared our footage with anyone else - including the CBC - as our original agreement. The CBC producer's attempt to sabotage us behind our backs went nowhere. (We would try this story with the CBC again ten years later.)

Theft of Intellectual Property - Stealing stuff from independent producers - yep, even copyrighted stuff - and farming it out to its own stable of producers, has been standard operating procedure at CBC for decades. When an outraged filmmaker, during a CBC meeting with many independent producers, protested in exasperation, at CBC stepping on, or overstepping, the copyrights of independents, "But how can you do this?" Mark Starowicz barked back defiantly, "Because we are the CBC."

In 2012 institutional racism - not the street variety - continues to be Canada's biggest problem, with some ethnic cliques enforcing their will on the body politic, both domestically and in foreign affairs, against the will and democratic rights, of the vast majority of the people of Canada. And Canadian Indians continue to be one of the biggest victims of institutional bigotry, at top levels of government, which dismisses their genuine rights and grievances, in favour of promoting the private tribal agendas of the rich and super-rich elsewhere, by manipulating a Prime Minister elected by a paltry 23.7% of the voters of Canada. (76.3% refused to vote for him.)

Midnight Madness - Right an original eyewitness drawing by one who saw this scene of the OPP beating a council member from the nearby Kettle Point Reserve to the point of death. He covers his eyes and pulls in his knees to protect his groin from metal batons from an enraged mob of OPP thugs.

In vain Bernard George below had come to try to defuse the growing crisis to prevent loss of life. First the OPP beat him to a pulp - only heroic medical intervention saved his life - and then moments later, cut loose with automatic weapons, on men, women, and children.


On the sands of Ipperwash, John Goldi far left, in 1953, only meters from where Dudley George would be killed, 40 years later.

He returned, as an investigative journalist filmmaker, to the haunts of his boyhood, only weeks after the killing in September 1995, and spent 73 days, with his producer wife Joan Goldi behind the barricades, to sleuth out the truth of what really happened there.

"Thank you so much for believing in us
when no one else would listen."

Cully George, sister of Dudley George
Aug. 2004
- to the documentary filmmakers
Joan Goldi & John Goldi csc


Did the Indians really have guns and shoot at the cops as the police said, and the government, the media, and the public all mindlessly swallowed? In the fall of 1995, and early months of 1996, they all believed "Good riddance. The goddam Indians got exactly what they deserved!"

His research uncovered the institutional racism, the illegality, the media complicity, and the scandal of it all. He reported his findings to the Ontario Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which was two days away from a press conference announcing it would lay no charges against the police. He protested strongly, and promised to facilitate its access behind the barricades if it would abort the news conference, and restart its investigation. It agreed. Its investigation, this time around, would lead to sensational charges against the police, and to a judge condemning OPP officers for repeatedly lying, and to find a cop guilty of deliberately shooting Dudley. Another inquiry exposed the racism of the Premier as well, and it showed that in modern Canada a racist from Harper Country could still become Premier of Ontario.

The documentary the Goldis made, would win the top Platinum Award at Houston Worldfest, the largest film and television festival in the world and would be the season premiere on the CBC's Passionate Eye in 2003. Amnesty International uses their documentary in its international awareness programs.

Go to Racist Murder at Ipperwash
True or False? Sleuthing Out a Racist Police Attack by a row of OPP Cruisers, smashing Indian families at midnight...

An OPP surveillance video, shot only hours before the midnight attack that killed Dudley George, and shot only steps from where he fell, clearly shows unarmed Indian family members sitting on picnic tables.

Right, an angry Robert Isaac stands by as Dave George throws rocks at a low flying OPP chopper which endlessly swooped in to take videos of Indian family picnics, sending clouds of dust and dirt into food, and terrorizing the babies and children.

The close-in chopper and video surveillance did prove one thing, conclusively though, to the police: that the most violent Indians only had rocks for weapons...

It proves beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt that the police, from the highest levels on down, knew they were lying through their teeth when they announced at a press conference only a day later, that the Indians had guns and fired on OPP officers.

And is, in fact, exactly why the OPP chose, only a few hours after these videos were shot to deliberately make a massed frontal attack on the Indians, which would have been suicidal against any opponent who had guns. They knew they were completely safe, behind helmets, face guards, huge shields, body armour on chests, arms, legs, and boots, etc., even against the most angry Indians, Robert and Dave. And what could they, in their T-shirts, do against automatic weapons?

Like Dudley, Schwerner, Chaney, and Goodman - And the OPP lied in front of the cameras, exactly because they knew they had the mainstream media in their pockets and could get away with it. Because, let's face it, the Indians had nobody whatsoever - media included - on their side. Even the white liberals were publicly onside, for many, many, months, going on almost a year, in this story, with the racist cops.

These video clips show what was supposedly, the scene that existed at Ipperwash Park, at midnight, the night before the shooting, when many Indian witnesses - young, old, men, women, children - kept telling us, in interviews only months later, that suddenly a wall of OPP cruisers crashed into them, sending panic-stricken people flying in all directions, trying to escape injury or death from a malevolently racist police attack with massed vehicles.

So, was there any truth, at all, to the charge that OPP cruisers would malevolently crash into Indian families picnicking?

There was no corroborative evidence of any kind. After all, the attack had supposedly happened at midnight when there would be no third party witnesses. There were no white witnesses. And the media had, long before, gone to bed. So it would have been a good time to do such an unspeakable human rights violation if it were ever to happen... You know, the kind of stuff that happened to Blacks in the racist heart of the American South in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s when police officers routinely participated in the killing of civil rights workers like Schwerner, Chaney, and Goodman.

Scared Absolutely Shitless...

I'm a tough guy, hardly easily frazzled. I have faced death - real death - a number of times in a variety of remote wilderness mishaps, in summer, in winter, on land, and on the water, and escaped a fatal reckoning only because someone kept watching over me. I've had unnerving close calls overseas.

So I have been scared - very scared - a number of times in my life.

In Uganda, when a Black African in rags, whom I did not know, leaned into my car door window in remote northern village, and snarled into my face, "Comes the revolution, I'm going to slit your throat."

In Canakale, Turkey, in a small hotel when someone tried to pry into our room at night. We were petrified, waited till the coast was clear, grabbed our backpacks and ran for our lives into the night...

In Istanbul, in the crowded streets of the old market, where I turned to hit a guy on the back with my fist - the only person I have ever hit in my life - who in passing had groped up my wife's skirt. He and his five friends turned to take me on... One against five; not good odds. Till nearby shopkeepers shouted loudly in Arabic, and the young thugs turned away.

In South Africa, when everyone I met told my what I was doing was insanity - driving the rural areas alone with my wife, stopping my car - the second most hi-jacked car in the country - getting out, and flashing my video camera (while doing a documentary on the Boer War).

Every white man and woman I met in a two month period had a friend or relative murdered. Everyone, except me, carried guns for self-protection - I repeatedly saw them being openly flashed on the streets, at tourist locations, along the highway, in restaurants, or they showed them to me. A Black at a gas station leaned into my window, after seeing my car and the load I had inside, shook his head and solemnly intoned, inches from my ear, "You better be careful. Very careful." When I remet people again later, they genuinely marveled that I had not been hi-jacked or worse.

I stopped by the very remote rural tourist site - deathly empty as I drove up - where only weeks before a Polish man on his honeymoon, was murdered and his wife kidnapped and raped over a period of days before being set free. A bouquet of flowers marked the very murder spot.

Another woman told me how she and her boss killed a hijacker after he forced their car to stop on the main Pretoria highway and came up to their window brandishing a gun. They both cut loose with their pistols at the same time killing him. They were never charged with anything.

At a Ladysmith B & B, where I stayed a few days, the owner said the numerous murder stories we heard recounted around the breakfast table by businessmen staying over, were overblown. Yet the day before a neighbouring couple had been attacked in their house just after I was warned by a tourist operator, not to go to photograph a local cemetery as it was far too dangerous. Then to top it all off I found out that his own daughter's husband's father was murdered the year before.

Then a day later I came upon the scene of a car jacking, just moments after a woman in her car had just been abducted in the middle of town. A woman in hysterics told me she saw it happening; it happened to her mother.

Back in Pretoria, the police refused to accompany me to a cemetery I wanted to film. "Not possible; too dangerous for us," they replied when we asked. Hell the police were scared to go where I went alone with my wife... Which is why police stations I saw everywhere were surrounded by stone walls, topped by coils of barbed wire. Even in the downtown heart of big cities like Nelspruit. The same as all the houses in the better parts of Pretoria and Johannesburg. Some wire was electrified.

We got most scared when, of necessity, we broke the cardinal rule: Don't drive at night. I'll never forget the blue flashing light that followed us... So finally we were going to fulfill all the dire predictions. An attempted high jacking was underway in the night. And there was no one to help us and the guy we had hired earlier for two weeks and who always packed a Clint Eastwood .357 Magnum was gone...

After trying to outrun the following car - another cardinal rule; don't stop for anyone but head for the nearest police station - and avoid possible death in the dark, we stopped. In the gloom I looked at my wife helplessly, wondering if this was it for us. Suddenly a black face loomed up out of the pitch blackness of night. Not a hijacker. It was just a cop who wanted 1,000 rand as a bribe for not charging me with something. We gladly paid. Hell we had our lives...Then there was...

Still, I was never as scared as I was in Ontario, in Ipperwash, in December 1995, when I was totally petrified with fear. A cold wash came over me like I have read about but only experienced once in my life. In Canada; in Ontario. At a beach and camp where I had wonderful childhood and teenage memories.

Canadian Indian Dudley George, a jokester, much beloved by family and friends, was one of a number of Indians who have been killed because of Canadian police racism

It happened in 1995, while I was researching the killing of an Aboriginal, Dudley George, by the Ontario Provincial Police.

We were the only media allowed into Camp Ipperwash in the months after Dudley was shot Sept 5, 1995. Other media, outside Indians, and other whites, were barred from access by the Indians inside the barricaded camp.

The mainstream media didn't care, anyway, as journalists and whites everywhere believed the Indians got exactly what was coming to them for shooting at cops. So end of story; no story.

In our interviews with Indians who had been present when Dudley was shot near midnight, the same story kept cropping up, that the day before the murder of Dudley George, the families, teens, children, women with babies, etc. were sitting on picnic tables late at night having a good time. When suddenly OPP officers - apparently they had murder in their hearts - stormed up in police cruisers three abreast, and without warning, crashed into the tables, scattering women, children, babies, and men in all directions.

Wild screaming, yelling, pandemonium everywhere. So the story went, anyway...

When, ten years later, I started to tell this story to the Ipperwash Inquiry lawyers and investigators, who sat for two days in my house, looking at hours of historic video tape I had shot in the months after the shooting (the only video ever shot behind the barricades of Camp Ipperwash) I was rudely interrupted by Rick, one of the group, who stopped me, abruptly, as I started to tell this story to the four Inquiry people present.

"It never happened. We've heard this story. And investigated it. There's nothing to it. Forget it, it's nothing."

He obviously did not want me to continue and neither did anyone else.

The other lawyers, Derry Millar and Susan Vella, said nothing, but looked away. Clearly, they were onside with Rick. Absolutely weird, we thought.

Just what the hell were they all doing in our house?

This took us aback. Some kind of investigators; some kind of inquiry. They don't listen but tell respondents what to think, how to proceed, and what to tell. And when to stop. And what not to tell.

RCMP Inspector Rick Moss, standing on guard for policemen everywhere

Here Rick took a strong lead in prejudging and imposing his mind set on the evidence he was supposed to be gathering for the Inquiry with an open mind. Some listener! Just what the hell was his agenda? And the group's?

The obvious clarification came later, when - surprise! - we found out that Rick was not a lawyer like the others at all, but was in fact, an RCMP officer, Inspector Rick Moss.

Unbelievably he turned out to be the Ipperwash Inquiry's "Lead Investigator," a job in which Justice Linden wrote he "ably and professionally supported counsel."

In other words - what else is new? - a cop running interference for the cops. It was an utterly dumb move for the Inquiry to hire a passionate cop in harness, to investigate possible criminal deeds by other cops, that included OPP, CSIS, military police, even possibly an RCMP officer or two, or more. The Inquiry was supposedly set up to find out this kind of stuff, and who was guilty of criminal behaviour.

Now Right front and centre, someone was running interference to suppress evidence.

It was a classic case of what happens to evidence, and truth, and dare we say it, justice, when dumb investigative decisions are made and the fox is put in charge of the hen house.

Whoever picked or approved Inspector Moss as any kind of fair-minded investigator, instead of selecting an independent civilian who did not come with a mind already prejudiced to be on the side of the cops in the story, was dumber than a post.

(In an interesting Freudian slip the Inquiry does not list Rick's name or his picture anymore, just saying, in a one liner that the RCMP "provided investigative services." Hell, it was plain as day to us, that Moss was running interference, and anyone with half a brain could have predicted that, the day they hired him.)

So it was later that I realized why he had attacked me so quickly and rudely. In fact I had earlier prefaced my remarks to the group with stories of anti-Indian racism by RCMP, that I had personally witnessed, or were told to me by RCMP officers - who were personal friends - themselves, in the many years I had lived in remote Aboriginal villages in the Canadian north.

In fact it was exactly this long background and knowledge in RCMP Indian policing which made us alone, of all the mainstream media, to question the honesty of the police, after the shooting, and why we were the only ones interested in investigating the truth of events in the fall and winter of 1995. When the mainstream media had, long ago, stopped publishing any articles on Ipperwash.

My stories - like of the RCMP constable who had shown me his huge signet ring which he bragged he filed to a razor sharp edge and chuckled that "it took seven stitches to close the wound after I hit that Indian," had obviously pissed Rick off, big time, and he struck back at me the first chance he got, hoping to shut me off from telling about another "hate crime" carried out by police.

Derry wasn't smiling then...

No wonder Derry Millar and Susan Vella looked away in embarrassed silence as I started to tell this story.

Unlike me, they knew Rick was RCMP, and they didn't want to hear more "bad" police stories in deference to their colleague sitting on the couch beside them. And they clearly weren't happy that I persisted with what they clearly considered an act of "social gaucherie" on my part.

Neither asked questions or prompted me to go on. Clearly neither wanted to overrule Rick's obvious demand for me not to continue with my story. To us it seemed clear: the cop seemed to run this Inquiry.

His colleagues were mute to a fault while they were being paid millions to conduct an inquiry by supposedly listening to all the people who had relevant facts.

And who could match our 73 days of on-site research, in the months after the killing, as the only media allowed behind the barricades at Ipperwash, and our hours of video interviews with the victims of the police attack.

Or our key role when, on September 8, 1995 at SIU headquarters, we insisted the agency re-activate a second investigation, just as it was about to close the books on its first, without charges against any cop, at a press conference it had scheduled to make the announcement as mandated by provincial law, on Dec. 11.

This failure to report on an investigation within the mandated 90 days was never explained in the media which was dumbfounded a week later when the SIU made no expected announcement at all. The mysterious silence is now explained publicly, for the first time.

Susan wasn't smiling then...

In spite of Rick's dismissive and rude interjection, and Millar and Vella's obvious discomfort, I persisted with my story... I owed it to Truth and the Stoney Pointers of Ipperwash.

Of course I didn't believe the cops would crash their cruisers into families on picnic tables at midnight. I'm a properly raised, well educated white guy, like Vella and Millar. Cops don't do that where I, or you, come from. Right...?

But then neither you, nor they, have spent eight years totally isolated in remote Aboriginal villages among only a tiny handful of whites, like I have...

Still, I ignored the story line of the picnic tables, and went looking for more believable stuff. But it crept creeping in, at different times, from young and old.

Until, being a historian, it suddenly struck me: what about evidence? There would be evidence of such an event, with automobiles smashing picnic tables. Wouldn't there? Smashed up tables...

But the murder site, where the picnic incident supposedly happened, and where I had been many times, was cleared. There were no tables there or remnants of tables.

And it was now a full four months since the event. What evidence of police brutality would there possibly be this late on?

Still... Without telling anyone, my wife and I began to drive around, big time, to look for banged up picnic tables everywhere, that might fit the bill, but found nothing.

So we decided to go to the Ministry of Natural Resources compound in the nearby Pinery where they stockpile all the park tables from the area during the winter - it was now December. Perhaps the tables were there. Piled up or getting fixed.

We drove to the Pinery and walked the compound, checking hundreds of tables for signs of trauma. Like what one would expect if a car forcefully hits heavy picnic tables. Broken 2 x 4s, smashed seats, broken legs, chunks ripped out, etc. We tried to imagine.

But we could find nothing that could remotely fit the bill.

We had little choice but to conclude all our respondents were just mistaken for some reason.

Probably the result of hysteria.

I mean how would you feel if your family was having a midnight picnic when 100 cops suddenly loom out of the dark and cut loose with automatic weapons and fire on you and your kids?

So no evidence; no story. It was as simple as that. (go to above right)


It was now getting towards twilight so we turned for home.

As we drove past the turn-off, down a side road, to the remote murder site - it's what the Indians called it; court findings later would prove them to be correct - where we had been many many scores of times, something made me turn in, just one more time.

I stopped beside the memorial of boughs to Dudley and tried to conjure up, again, the scene of picnic tables there, of families laughing, and then of OPP cruisers coming in and smashing them to smithereens, kids flying in all directions, screaming, and women shouting. And cops, what else is new, probably laughing...

But, I mused, all just another fanciful historic conjecture that would disappear in the mists of time. Not proven... Not provable...

I turned away from the murder site, and followed the road out, taking the same route along which the police had fled in panic after they had fired off hundreds of rounds of automatic fire into the night - often, it became clear years later, at each other. The shooting had frazzled them so much they ran, scared shitless, for their lives... from each other.

No one lived along this remote beach road. On one side was just bush, on the other some beach cottages that had been empty for months after the shooting, the owners scared too shitless to return. No one was about, as far as the eye could see. We met no cars on this lonely road. None passed us.

I tried to picture the scene of pandemonium on the road ahead of me that night... Over 100 heavily armed and utterly panicked OPP officers jammed into a narrow road. Running wildly away from the Indians, shouting in a frenzy, their hobnail boots pounding on the pavement; shields, guns, metal batons, clashing against each other. Utterly unbelievable... but what witnesses said they saw, and court testimony revealed.

200 yards on I came to an open parkade in the bush, which I knew was where the police had parked their St. John Ambulance command trailer from which OPP commanders had directed the armed assault on the picnicking Indian families.

I stopped to take in the scene, one more time.

And then I got a shock...

There, piled up on the side, were some dozen dark brown provincial park picnic tables.

Not 200 yards from the murder site.

Naw, it couldn't be. It wasn't possible.

I decided to get out and have a closer look.

I got the shock of my life.

I had found the evidence we had spent hours and driven miles to look for. Right in our back yard...

The tables had four and five inch legs snapped in half, two by six seats broken in half, table tops were broken apart, and everywhere huge chunks of wood had been gouged out of planks. Everywhere the freshly exposed garishly yellow wood laughed at me, set off glaringly against the dark brown paint.

I couldn't believe it. These tables had obviously been smashed violently apart by some powerful force.

The conclusion was inescapable. The Indian men, women, and children, had not made it up; they didn't imagine it; they had not lied.

Instead they had given Canadians an insight into the state of Canadian policing.

Clearly OPP cruisers had smashed into them, as they sat on these very tables with their families, at midnight, when the media were all asleep...

Servile Toadying Mainstream Media - In fact, every bit as racist, and what has to be the lowest point in Ontario - if not Canadian - journalism, has got to be the utterly repugnant "herd instinct" of the sleeping mainstream media on this story of the gross human rights abuse of a non-white minority population, and how it played a key role in perpetuating this story of systemic racism against Canadian Indians, with no one doing investigation or publishing articles on the story for many months after the shooting. All mainstream media journalists mindlessly trumpeted the racist and false police line, of shooting, hostile, law-breaking Indians. Articles only started to appear again, months after we escorted the SIU behind the barricades in Feb. 1996, and its investigators started reporting their findings from its second investigation.

It was pretty clear that police racism was so deeply ingrained and the fear of consequences so remote, that they just brazenly moved the tables only a couple of hundred yards from the scene of the crime.

That's just like the local Good Ole Boy southern US sheriff accidentally dropping his badge at the site of a Ku Klux Klan lynching in the 1930s, saying, "Hey, no problem. I'll just buy another one."

They too left the evidence of their viciously racist attacks against Indian women, teens, children, babies, and men, right beside where their command headquarters had been. None thought it was a problem. No superior officers could foresee a problem.

Unbelievable... but true.

And this was Canada in 1995. Not the American south in 1930.

I was literally shaking. I just could not believe what all this meant about Canada in 1995, Ontario, the state of Canadian policing, the kind of country Ontario is for Indian people, and how white people like me just have no clue about the degree of systemic racism that pollutes civilian life in Canada for Indian people, or non-white minorities in general.

Though I had known that "driving while Black" is one of the more common crimes in Canada.

The light was fading so I quickly got out my video camera and took shots of the tables showing all the broken parts.

Then in the silence, and the fading evening light, I packed up.

We were just stunned at our discovery in this remote little parkade.

"Let's come back tomorrow morning first thing. I want to get some better video, when there's more light."

We just couldn't believe it. For four months these tables, mute but powerful witnesses to one of the worst racist attacks of OPP officers in Ontario history, had just been left lying there, literally at the scene of the crime.

We could hardly sleep, and got up at the crack of dawn, eager to document our historic discovery more fully.

And turned up the remote road to the former police parkade

Again, like the night before, no one was about.

As we pulled up I got a shock I will never forget.

The tables were all gone...

I got a cold douche I will never forget, that suddenly washed over my shoulders and down my spine. My knees turned to rubber, I was so dumbstruck.

And now as the reality sank in of what I was confronting, scared. Absolutely scared shitless...

The tables had been there for four long months. No one moved them. Parks probably thought: "hell, leave them for the winter, we'll move them during spring clean-up."

We had filmed them around 8 in the evening, the night before, and had seen no one. And no one had seen us...

We had told absolutely no one what we were doing the previous day, where we were going or what we were looking for. We had told no one what we had found in the parkade. In the whole world only my wife and I knew what we were doing, what we had found.

Now, when we returned at 8 a:m the tables were all gone. Every single table, plank, and broken chunk. All the evidence of a police hate crime.

And again, like the OPP cruisers crashing these tables, the later killing of Dudley George, and now the removal of the tables, it was all done under the cover of total darkness. The Heart of Darkness.

It became obvious that someone had been following us surreptitiously, possibly CSIS, possibly the OPP surveillance operatives, or the RCMP, in the trees, since there were absolutely no vehicles we could see in the area. And none had been following us, as we watched.

(Both the OPP and CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) had armed guerrilla scouts in camouflage hiding in the bush spying on the Indians all during the Ipperwash confrontation, many of them quite illegally inside Ipperwash Park itself. Both OPP and CSIS denied this illegal activity by its members but lots of evidence recounted by Stoney Pointer's own security forces showed the police were lying about this as well.)

The OPP officers had repeatedly openly taunted Dudley: "Dudley you're going to be the first who gets it." They were as good as their word.

Filled with race hate, they deliberately targeted him and murdered him at night.

Now they were clearly targeting us and our activities. Was there a scope trained on me as I stood there?

Who would possibly think what I was doing was a threat of such major proportions? What were they afraid of?

How far would they go to prevent our story from getting out?

I clearly felt a rifle targeting my back... The parkade was remote, totally surrounded by brush. No one could see what was happening there. No one was around to help us.

It was the first time in my life I felt overcome by wholesale terror.

Now I had personal experience of the kind of fear that Canadian Indian women, teens, children, and men face from the white police forces that often and routinely, victimize them unjustly and illegally.

In fact the OPP had forced Indian women, who had nothing to do with the protest group, face down into ditches and on to the ground, miles from the site.

I could hardly hold the wheel, I was shaking so badly as we peeled rubber away from an assassination site where they had shot Dudley to death and 16 year old Nick Cotrelle in the side.

I had no interest in becoming number 3.

The Sound of Silence - After I completed telling this story to the Ipperwash Inquiry, sitting in my living room, and showed them the pictures - clear, hard-core evidence of a police hate-crime that added another powerful and compelling layer of police wrong-doing against Indians - there was not a single question from Rick or any Inquiry lawyer as a follow-up on any level.

Clearly Rick's earlier objections to me telling this story had been totally demolished and exposed his Heart of Darkness. The silence was telling. And neither Inquiry lawyer wanted to ask anything because it would have embarrassed their colleague. Establishment loyalty took precedence. Not justice for Indians. Or rooting out racism in the system.

That's how interested this Inquiry was about seeking out information about potential police criminality. But it published lots of stuff from white cottage owners complaining about Indian criminality, break and enter, drunkenness, theft, vandalism, harassment, etc. But the OPP got a pass on this heinous midnight cruiser attack on Indian families. Establishment racism always gets a pass...

You Go Girl - It would not be for another ten long years before Susan Vella and Derry Millar would come on the scene and start billing tens of millions for themselves and their law firms.

Shabby Chick - I might add that Susan Vella summonsed me to appear before the Inquiry in Forest, Ontario, which I did. But she deliberately shut me up. Like Rick had tried in private - running cover for Establishment and police wrong-doing - she did in public.

She steered me deliberately and totally away from introducing this story or discussing this evidence of police human rights abuse in any way before the media and the inquiry. She was clearly interested in protecting the police as much as she could. She was unhappy with my story; she was unhappy with me. As a result of her running interference, like her RCMP colleague had, this story has never been discussed by the mainstream media or exposed to the public.

Inquiry Witness Per Diems - In fact, to punish me for my insubordination, Susan Vella refused to pay me even the minimal amount of per diems to appear there that she paid all other witnesses, or to pay me a nickel for gas to get there, as others got.

And that was after she had spent two whole days at my house watching many of the high quality videotaped interviews I had conducted with all the principals who had been on site during the shooting. In fact one of the most powerful witnesses had since died and was no longer available to her. But she got his gripping eye witness testimony from my videotapes.

She learned from my valuable historic tapes who all the key people were, and what they had said, ten years before, only a few months after the shooting, during the 73 days of totally unpaid work we spent doing research and filming behind the barricades at Camp Ipperwash.

While she drew on a huge paycheck and expense account, she wrote furiously, the whole time, cribbing all my hard work and copying down all the questions I had asked the men, women, and children, and all the answers they gave me.

She had the whole script for the Ipperwash Inquiry, detailing the people, places, and events of September 1995, in her pocket when she left my house.

Multi-Million Dollar Justice - The White Establishment made a ton of money - what else is new? - from an Inquiry that dragged on for years bringing its lawyers and their firms tens of millions of dollars, while the family of Dudley George had to agree not to sue for a single cent, and got not a single nickel for wrongful death compensation of any kind.

The White Guys have a great system set up: they always win; the Indians always get screwed...

The other Indians of Ipperwash - old women brutalized, mothers forced down on the ground, children terrorized, a teen shot, a councilor beaten to a pulp, none of them got not a nickel of compensation either.

And nope, not even a single word of apology to Bernard George, from the OPP Commissioner, for his officers beating this Kettle Point councilor close to death, even though the Inquiry's Justice Linden recommended it.

Julian Fantino, former OPP Commissioner (the commanding officer), and now a minister in the Harper Government, whined that he "wanted" to do it but missed the chance because Bernard subsequently died... So - what else is new? - delaying things, a common bureaucratic tactic, helped solve an unpalatable problem for a man and an organization of which far too many members stem from the racist Heart of Darkness in Harper Country. And posturing to make it look like Bernard was guilty for the racist lapse, not Fantino.

Racist Heart of Darkness - In the ultimate embarrassment that exposed the overwhelmingly awful depths of systemic racism in the White Establishment, the mainstream media exposed the awful truth that Bernard was not dead at all but an Aboriginal councilor in his town. And that Fantino was just - what else is new for a former Canadian para-military leader? - lying through his teeth to create truths that have no relationship to the reality out there.

A bigger shock - racist lying politicians have led Canadians for years - is that it took three whole long weeks for this story to come out in the mainstream media. And the main culprit: the Toronto Star's Peter Edwards, who made a reputation as a so-called publicist for Ipperwash and wrote a book on it. Why was he not publicizing this story three weeks ago, instead of breaking it, three weeks late?

Truly Unforgivable - Well, he's vastly improved his reporting speed on Ipperwash. In 1995-96 he had an unforgivable time lag of 7 months, after the racist human rights abuse had happened, before he started to publish about the truth of what happened at Ipperwash. And then only because of new revelations of the second SIU investigation which we had jump-started on Dec. 8, 1995. Edwards would start publishing the following April, 1996.

Canada's National Broadcaster - Edwards and the Toronto Star were at least better than the CBC, which cancelled our right to publish our findings on the National Broadcaster in December 1995, censoring us sternly with being "too much on the side of the Indians." And breaking its promise to give us the documentary if we only "got access" behind the barricades. Which, of course, no one else could do and we had done in spades. Too much so for the racist Heart of Darkness which also lurks among top echelon bureaucrats at the CBC.

And they had no excuse whatsoever for not believing our story. They had the damning evidence in front of them, in a huge report we had filed with them. Conclusive evidence which no other media outlet, not The Star, not Peter Edwards was privy to. These two could rightly claim ignorance, for their tardy response in reporting a gross human rights violation. CBC executive producers had no such defence.

We appealed over the heads of the two CBC Executive Producers, who had made, then broken, their promise, to the head of CBC Newsworld, Slawko Klimkiw. We knew it was dumb to appeal to the top bureaucrat, about a dumb decision made by his underlings, but it was our only choice. We owed it to Truth, to the people of Ipperwash, to journalistic integrity, hell to the people of Canada. Slawko, as we had predicted, showed where his sense of fair play, and his ethics were in all this, by siding with the Heart of Darkness.

It was damningly clear that Indians, Dudley George, nor Canadians, would ever get their justice from the CBC and its conspiratorial top executives.

They would all have to wait for two more years, and millions of dollars spent on the courts, for a judge to come to all the same conclusions - without a single variation - that we had presented to the CBC in December 1995, only three months after the shooting. And which it refused to publish.

In fact we believe that CBC executives had decided this story was too important to be left to the independent producer who had uncovered it. They were determined to just steal it - which CBC routinely does - and, using our huge report, do it "in-house" with its own staff producers.

Apparently Carol Off was chosen, as three different Indians called six months later that she approached them, trying to strike a deal, reportedly trying to con them into cooperating with the CBC directly, and side-stepping the Goldis, by telling them she "had all the Goldi's stuff."

She had, in fact, done this a year earlier, with another Goldi project, this time with more success, being given a massive and gripping proposal One Man's Obsession: The Search for Franklin, which we had submitted in the spring of 1994, to Mark Starowicz as a CBC Witness documentary proposal.

The title was a clever double entendre, paralleling amateur historian and archaeologist Barry Ranford's obsession with finding Sir John Franklin's bones, with the equal obsession of Franklin to find the North West Passage across Canada's arctic.

It was a subject we knew well. We lived for two years in the area where the disaster had occurred, had walked and camped where Franklin's men had stumbled to their deaths, and had found our own bone souvenirs. Coupled with being a professional historian who knew the documentary story as well made us produce an irresistible documentary project proposal.

We had fleshed out the approach In meetings with Barry, who was extremely keen to doing a major documentary with us on the main passion in his life. His wife was just as keen on the project.

Mark Starowicz was also suitably impressed with our proposal. As soon as he got it, he passed it on to Carol Off and detailed an in-house team gear up for production.

They then bribed our major documentary actor - Barry Ranford - with $2,000 for plane fare to cooperate with them, rather than us, to make a documentary on the search for Franklin's bones. Barry, who was not rich, found the $2,000 irresistible to help pay for travel in the most expensive part of Canada. Barry didn't tell us about this till the fall...

Carol Off and a CBC crew joined Barry on his summer trip and ended up producing a truly shitty little documentary for the flagship CBC's the National. They hardly used Barry at all, and tried to pump up the crappy documentary by adding in celebrities like Pierre Berton and Margaret Atwood...! (It's common in the TV business that when you know your program is crappy you bring in a celebrity, or if it's really bad, two...)

Barry was utterly disappointed, as we all were, with the CBC's minimal "reality show" program that Off produced.

He was crushed when we told him he had blown it by taking the CBC bribe, that CBC would never, now, do a quality Witness program which we had proposed to Mark Starowicz. We told him game over for his Obsession, and our documentary which we had spent weeks writing and researching.

He was defensive believing because the CBC show ended up being so poor, that a quality show was still needed. We said true, but not with CBC.

I still remember the disgusted look on his wife's face, when we explained to Barry the giant boner that he had pulled at taking CBC pocket change to circumvent our participation in presenting his story. Clearly there was a history there for her; she left him shortly after. CBC ruthlessness and his utter mishandling of the Franklin file and taking a paltry $2,000 which all went for plane fare - he got nothing for himself - was the final nail in their relationship.

In 1997 Barry committed suicide. His Franklin obsession and the CBC's Machiavellian undermining of his dream had broken him down beyond repair.

Move those Damn Indians...

The OPP wanted to move the Indians out of the Park; Fantino wanted to move Bernard to the grave; Peter Edwards wanted to move them to - maybe into - Lake Ontario.

That's what he wrote right, on June 1, 2012, when they have always lived far to the north, way up on Lake Huron.

It's called journalistic license.

Not so; the next day the Star apologized for Edwards' error.

But then, so much Toronto Star news is farmed out to stringers in India who do the research online and then have it signed off by a Toronto based journalist.

So Peter probably just signed this story, and didn't read it beforehand...

The Unforgivable Gap - The picnic table incident of September 1995, the CBC incident of 1995, Edwards in 1995, and in 2012, shows clearly the huge gulf between Indian societies in Canada and the overwhelmingly white owned and operated mainstream media. If a white town councilor had been declared dead, by a Harper minister at noon, Edwards would have outed him on the five o'clock news.

Because Bernard was only an Indian it took the media weeks to discover that he was still alive, a thriving and productive community leader, and to publish that the minister was, not only colossally ignorant, but a total liar, making up any excuse to avoid making an apology he never, ever, had any intention of making to an Indian.

It also shows how totally rotten and racist the Ontario Provincial Police is as an organization with a corporate culture that reflects a man who was picked to head it up for years. Which of course, Justice Linden had written in his report below.

After 2000 the OPP refused to investigate the mysterious death of numerous Indian school boys from remote villages attending boarding school who ended up dead in the river in Thunder Bay. Further west, the RCMP were racially negligent, for years, in never pursuing the investigation on who was killing over 500 missing Indian girls and women across western Canada. Giving Robert Pickton a free hand to butcher over 40 of them on his farm in BC.

OPP Site - Primed to Kill - OPP Perps - Right the day before the shooting, OPP officers taunting the Indians - safe behind the fence of Ipperwash Provincial Park, from which OPP were barred by law - to come out and fight on the road. It's the exact spot where Dudley George was warned he was going to "get it" first. He just laughed.

Below an OPP sniper at the OPP Command Post table site, ready with a bullet for Dudley, for an Indian of any kind, perhaps even for a nosey journalist...

OPP officers didn't give a damn who...

Which is why they attacked Indian family groups with automatic weapons close to midnight, when it was too dark to make out targets.

Whether is was women, children, babies, or men... All of whom were on site. See below.

Clearly, they didn't give a damn. Any Indian would do with a police organization which is systemically hostile to non-whites, especially to Indians and Blacks.

And the darkness gave a multi-level cover-up. If they did end up killing a baby or two, which was a distinct possibility, the OPP could always say, "Well, it's not our fault. it was accidental. It was too dark to see. So don't blame us."

Postscript: It is telling to note that the Indians are still in possession of the land across the fence above, in 2012. A later provincial government agreed it was theirs all along, like the Indians had claimed for over 50 years. The OPP tried to provoke them into committing a crime and come out to fight, so it could evict them by force, like the Premier wanted, from their own land. Dudley died protecting that right against a rogue police force and the rogue Government of Mad Mike Harris.

OPP Site - Scared Shitless - OPP Perps - It's easy to see how a racist, human rights violation of such major proportions can occur. Take a bunch of uneducated, small town boys, with little or less cross-cultural experience, but with a predisposition for bashing heads, train them in violence, arm them with automatic weapons and metal batons, clothe them in helmets to wall them off from contact with their environment, put them in bullet proof vests - you know, against Indian gun fire -, bunch them up into a mob, turn them lose in total darkness, have them banging batons on shields, and send them out - ra, ra, ra - to "get the fucking Indians out of the Park."

No police group in Ontario history had been so primed, prepared, and pumped up for racist murder.

Ingrained with years of cultural input about Indians, watching them in movies portrayed as massacring, scalping, whites, etc., the mind set of these boys was teetering on the edge of a disaster waiting to happen.

Clearly one or two trigger-happy perps shot off their guns by mistake, either when they panicked or stumbled when jostled by an equally scared colleague. (One need only remember that Canada's top general in Afghanistan fired off his rifle by accident and he wasn't even in a "kill zone," not under attack, or under stress of any kind, like these scared kids were.) And these kids were not only poorly trained, they were primed for racial violence. Exactly like in a fascist state, or in a Banana Republic.

Racist Police Trophies - The racist intent of the White OPP in crushing and breaking of the "fucking Indians" arrow, was proudly memorialized when OPP officers, in the weeks after the killing, ordered all manner of celebratory mugs, glasses, and T-shirts emblazoned with a variety of racist triumph symbols. Above is only one sample.

All featured a broken arrow - clearly symbolizing the Indian casualties - the dead Dudley, the wounded teen Nick, the beaten councilor Bernard - as proud accomplishments of a race war.

When these celebratory OPP trophies became public knowledge, its public relations section went into overdrive to try to hide and destroy these clear examples of white police racism run amok.

Americans would, of course, have much preferred to cut off Dudley's ears as souvenirs, instead of fabricating such a tame souvenir of a racist triumph.

But the OPP officers there couldn't do this since they literally ran from the scene immediately after the killing. Who knows what they would have done had these poorly trained perps not run from the field like scared rabbits?

One accidental discharge triggered other perps into firing "in self defence," believing the massacre they had been led to expect, had begun. Soon the whole bunch were firing at anything that moved, mostly at each other, as the Indians were lying on the ground to escape the bullets. Many cops admitted, years later they saw, and fired at muzzle flashes, which it turned out, were all, without exception, from police weapons. These poorly trained idiots were firing at each other.

They ran, from each other, faster than they had arrived at the murder site, now scared totally shitless, back to the police Command Post parkette.

Still, for all the white guys, Ipperwash turned out to be a great gig. The cops made multi-thousands in overtime pay and expense claims. And the lawyers made tens of millions in billing hours...

The actual moon from the murder site hides its face in shame. The actual lamp over the murder site was turned off to make it totally dark so no outsider might see the murderous police rampage.
The actual ground at the murder site as it looked with witnesses saying OPP flashlights were actively seeking out Indians to shoot in the dark. The road down down which the OPP fled in total disarray after they shot off their automatic weapons immediately behind this camera position...
OPP Site - Scared Shitless - Indian Victims - Only hours after unarmed Indians had their families shot up by automatic weapons fire by some 100 OPP police, their women and children brave the racist guns of the police once more at the OPP command post site.

In looking at news video right shot the day after the shooting, when families marched on the OPP command post, as a protest against police racism and murder, one can see the police run and drive away in a panic from the scene of their crime, never to return. One can actually make out the smashed tables in both backgrounds.

They had been piled up there only hours earlier. And would stay there for four months, till we discovered them.

No one thought to remove them until the very moment the Goldis started to film them while they were researching the killing of Dudley George. It's called removing evidence of a "hate crime."

But hate crimes are fine, just as long as they're done by the Establishment...

We hadn't told a soul where we were going, or what we were doing... and yet...
As they were from Sept 4 to late December
As it looked 12 hours after we took the earlier pic
OPP Site: Scared Shitless - the Journalist - As a child, for years I had swum with my family only 100 yards from here. As a teen cadet I spent a wonderful summer only a couple of hundred yards away. As an adult the most fearful I have ever been, in my life, after many adventures in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, was when I returned to this small parkade at Ipperwash only months after the shooting.

Someone had overnight, decided to "take out" the tables. The police had already taken out Dudley. Were the Goldis next? I didn't stay to find out.

The police command trailer was against the trees on the far side of the pile of tables. That's were the people above are walking. As I took these shots, in this remote, isolated, and lonely spot, we were being scoped by police spies from the trees in the distance.

Clearly the human rights conspiracy, and the cover-up, between Provincial Parks and the OPP, that had claimed the life of Dudley George, was continuing...

And Susan Vella was loyally doing her bit at the Inquiry, in a cover-up all her own...

Isn't it truly amazing, what lies behind a single bag of sand, a bystoneder to history - albeit a truly sordid history on many levels...?

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder - Marking an OPP Hate Crime

The night of the OPP police attack against Indian women, children, babies, and men, the gunfire they let loose on them was so intense some of the men and teens cowered behind these stone blocks to escape the deadly fusillade.

They were originally alterstones - created out of concrete to act as blocks to stop cars going up certain roads.

They heard lots of OPP taunts against Indians, hundreds of gunshots, maybe even a ricochet or two, and the scared panting of Indian teens thinking it was their last day on earth.

The gunfire at night was actually so intense that within minutes, the OPP broke and ran, literally in a panic to escape annihilation à la Custer's Last Stand, which must have gone through more than one of their minds. Right the block as it looked when JT lay behind it hoping to dodge the bullets coming at him out of the dark.

In fact ALL the gunfire that night, without a single exception, came from the guns of rogue OPP officers, in utter panic, shooting at each other in the dark.

Dudley was not so lucky and died at the right of the picture by the hand of an OPP assassin who sought him out specifically for elimination as several had promised to do during the days before.

Numerous Indian witnesses identified OPP officer Ken Deane, the "little guy with the mustache," who was later found guilty of killing Dudley, as the same officer who had taunted Dudley across the fence telling him "You're gonna be the first to get it Dudley."

Right 14 year old Leland George crouched protectively on top of his dog on the floor of a bus, trying to shelter his pet from the fusillade of bullets, as they ripped through the glass and metal around him.

And yes, the danger was real enough. 16 year old Ugga Cotrelle inset, also in the bus, was not so lucky, he received a bullet in the side.

Bystoneder-Alterstone Concrete Blocks, Ipperwash 1995
Orig. concrete - Size - 1.5 x 2 ft
Found - Ipperwash, ON

14 year old JT Cousens was one of several 14 year olds on site hiding from the police fusillade of bullets.

JT crouched behind the near stone as bullets spat around him, kicking up sand, glancing off concrete, and buzzing overhead. JT saw Dudley go down just to the right of the trees.

Go to J'ACCUSE - The faces of Ipperwash

Right, all camoed up, and with murder in their hearts, some of the snipers - it could have been OPP, CSIS, RCMP, military MPs - who were everywhere in the woods around the indian demonstrators, just waiting for a reason to cut loose.

They had all heard that the premier himself, Mad Mike Harris, had given orders to their bosses to "get those fucking Indians out of the Park."

Where these the same kind of spies hiding in the trees who observed us in exactly the same spot filming wrecked picnic tables?

They knew that the jig was up...

How itchy were their trigger fingers for an uppity journalist, who was so unlike the usual "hands-off" fawning mainstream media types they were used to dealing with, and who usually, loyally, bought their propaganda handouts, "hook, line, and stinker." To preserve - you know - access...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder, Type 0 - Of Geological Interest

Technically this is a pre-historic bystoneder since no human was on earth when it was created. So it has "O" historical interest.

But it accounts for, by far, the greatest number of rocks in collections: those that are pretty, or are of interest only to geological specimen collectors. It is interesting, not for its connectivity to a human being or historical event, but because it is valued for its own sake.

Though the most widespread stone collectible, on our scale it is the lowest ranked, as it has no historic connection to human beings.

This one happens to be a very rare piece of the earth's crust which rarely gets exposed on the earth's surface.

It is from the Long Range Mountains near Bonne Bay, Newfoundland, where a huge part of the earth's crust is exposed.

This classification covers all rocks found in nature, just lying still, whether humans are watching or not, and formed or molded by plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions, washing of the waves, scouring by wind.


Bystoneder Relic - Type O, Long Range Mts, Newfoundland, Canada
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 3 x 8 cm
Found - Bonne Bay, NF
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder Type - Gold Mine Tailings

A little piece of quartz stone from the exact site below of the famed Discovery Claim, on Rabbit Creek, where George Carmacks, Tagish Charlie, and Skookum Jim, accidentally discovered gold, lots of gold, in 1898 and started the Yukon Gold Rush. It was renamed Bonanza Creek.

Bystoneder Relic - Quartz from the Discovery Mine Site on Bonanza Creek, Yukon Gold Rush 1898
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 6 x 7 cm
Found - Discovery Claim, YT

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder, Battlefield Type - 6 British VCs

A few stones, like this one, actually witnessed celebrated acts of valour, and comes from the very small plot of ground at Colenso, where, in December 1899, all hell broke loose.

With the finest seat in the house, right in the middle of it all this bystoneder saw, heard, and felt:

- where 6 Victoria Crosses were won (Roberts, Ravenhill, Congreve, Nurse, Schofield, Babtie)

- Freddy Roberts fell mortally wounded while trying to rescue the British guns (his sorrowing father Bobs was appointed Commander-in-chief of the British armies in South Africa after this huge British defeat, the same day he heard of his son's heroic death)

- where wildly impetuous British Col. Long right lost more guns - ten out of twelve, to the Boers - than any other British artillery commander in history

- where scores of gunners and scores of horses were shot down in minutes

- where the world stood by astonished that a bunch of Boer farmers could force the world's most powerful army into ignominious retreat.

Bystoneder Relic - Battle of Colenso (Loss of the Guns Site), Dec 1899
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 7 x 8 cm
Found - Colenso, RSA
Canadian historian John Goldi stands along Colonel Long's firing line, between the big blocks marking where each British gun was set up.

Within minutes this small area was littered with over 100 bodies, of horses and men.

The bystoneder was retrieved near the small white block near the gully in the middle of the picture, the exact spot where Lord Roberts' son Freddy was shot down trying to hook up a gun with a new set of horses he had brought in to pull it back to British lines.

Below: Bobs, his wife, and Freddy, in happier times. And a John Innes pen and ink of the VC scene that happened over top of our bystoneder.

Go to Freddy's Death

An ultra-rare autograph book contains autographs of two of the Colenso VCs: Sgt. Nurse VC and Major Baptie VC.

It also is signed by Kendal Franks left the surgeon who worked frantically to try to save General Penn-Symons' life after he was shot down on Talana Hill top but the damage was too severe.

Kendal married Freddy's sister.

Lord Methuen was the longest serving general in the Boer War. He was grievously wounded in 1902, and his life only saved because of the efforts of Boer doctors who attended him.

Go to Emily Hay's Autographs
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder, Battlefield Type - 11 British VCs

This bystoneder comes from an earlier battlefield, during the Zulu Wars, at Rorke's Drift, where, on Jan. 22, 1879, a record 11 Victoria Crosses (for an action by one unit) were won on a very small piece of ground, as Michael Caine and some 125 British soldiers held a fortified compound against some 4,000 attacking Zulus.

Over a battle that lasted 15 hours, some 500 or more, Zulus were killed and only 17 British, so we are sure this bystoneder still carries some blood splotches from the event.

Certainly its nooks and crannies heard thousands of war curdling screams, the whip of thousands of bullets, and the loud chants of "uSuthu; uSuthu," as the Zulus sought to defend their homeland from the invading Whites.

Below on the ridge, the Zulu view of the compound that was barricaded and defended in the action, and was featured in a monster canvas painted by Alphonse-Marie de Neuville in 1880, and is now owned by the Museum of Art in Sydney, Australia.

Bystoneder Relic - Rorke's Drift, 1879
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 4 x 8 cm
Found - Rorke's Drift, RSA

To us an uninteresting Rorke's Drift group framed by a militaria collector with a passion for an event that captured the imagination of millions, especially after Michael Caine played the lead part of the defenders in Zulu.

Reason is, every single item on display is a modern repro, a dupe, or a fake. All worthless, really, as collectibles.

With one exception - the rock at the bottom, which the collector picked up personally from the middle of the old battle site.

You should know by now that it's a bystoneder and as a relic is the most valuable of everything in the display case. Hell it was there, when all hell broke loose around it...

For us the movie Zulu offers another insight into Canadian society in "Harper Country" in the 1960s... and in the 21st century.

We saw Zulu in 1964, when we were a member of the Fort Henry Guard reenactor group, and some sixty of us went en masse to the theatre to see it in Kingston, Ontario.

(The British army of the 1870s, was the period our military reenactor group was portraying from May to September, before hundreds of thousands of tourists at Ontario's second biggest - after Niagara Falls - tourist destination.)

After the shooting and noise of the massacre subsided in the theatre, and the camera slowly panned over awful piles of hundreds of Zulu corpses, a guardsman broke the somber silence by shouting out. "Hey look, wall to wall niggers."

The theatre erupted into prolonged gales of laughter.

In 2012 it's fair to speculate, after listening to Harper cabinet ministers talk, and watching who the victims of government policy are, that the old fundamental values haven't really changed all that much in Harper Country.

But we'll allow that people are more circumspect about what it's socially acceptable to shout out and laugh about in public...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder, Battlefield Type - 3 Canadian VCs

In the area around this stone raged the Battle of Leliefontein, where on Nov 7, 1900, Canadians won three Victoria Crosses for acts of supreme heroism while under fire.

What does a VC Hero Bystoneder Really Stand For?

The Victoria Cross is the highest honour awarded to a soldier for valour under fire.

This is a legitimate achievement for the rare few who are bestowed with this top medal. It is foolhardy to challenge an honour awarded by their peers a century ago, for conduct beyond the call of duty, on the battlefield at Leliefontein.

But one can legitimately ask, on looking back, how honourable are military heroics when one is a member of a foreign army invading another country on a trumped up charge, and involved in shooting up the local citizens, burning their houses and farms, deliberately killing millions of their livestock animals, and putting women and children into concentration camps where some 26,000 would die from poor conditions?

Where is the Victoria Cross glory in all of that? The same men, the same Canadian contingents were involved in all of that too.

See Dullstroom utilistone below.

It is mindless and stupid patriotism that does not square the circle of the VC, with war crimes.

And couple the military medals handed out to Canadians, with the predations against civilians carried out to a far worse extent by the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan where its deliberate activities were instrumental in causing the deaths of thousands of women, children, babies, and civilian men.

Bystoneder Relic - Battle of Leliefontein 1900
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 5 x 10 cm
Found - Leliefontein, RSA

Give it up, Eddie...

Civilians often give up honours they think are tarnished beyond redemption, like, one could claim, are the Canadian VCs at Leliefontein.

George C Scott, on principle, adamantly refused to pick up the Best Acting Oscar he won for Patton.

Numerous civilians have handed back their Orders of Canada on similar points of principle when the meaning of the honour has been defiled in some major way by members of the Establishment.

Soldiers are not cut from the same cloth.

Fat chance that Eddie would give up his VC, though many Canadians returned from South Africa demoralized by what they had done there against the Boer women, children, and men.

Hell, no soldier has ever handed back a medal.

Soldiers never see anything wrong with what they do, no matter how many bodies (women, children, babies, and men) they have to trample on to do it - you know, get their medal. And in Afghanistan they have done it often.

Hell, spouted Canadian El Supremo General Rick "the Killer" Hillier, "our job is to be able to kill people," referring to the Afghans he set out to kill as "scumbags."

Right a rather hard to find souvenir issued to honour the ever watchful general - the highly prized MUFF (Military Urinal for Females) in remembrance of the only Canadian general, ever, in history, to resign, mid-war - "abandon ship" during a crisis, like Captain Schettino of the Costa Concordia. He is also the first Canadian general ever to lose a war, leaving in charge, as before, the Taliban, the very people - "detestable murderers" he called them - he and the Canadian Forces supposedly had gone to Afghanistan to wipe out...

This unmarked Leliefontein VC site was only established, by Canadian historian John Goldi after several visits to the area, by correlating land features with archival maps to find the spot where Eddie Holland VC had his Colt machine gun set up when he won his Victoria Cross.

In the same area, as the Boers attacked up this incline, two more Canadians won VCs.

The bystoneder came from this spot.

Go to what the VC guys did the next week

It heard the rattle of machine gun fire, the hail of bullets from Boer horsemen buzzing, up this slope, like angry bees after the foreign invaders, and the wild shouts of Canadian and Boer in mortal combat.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder - World's First Combat Photo

This exact spot is noted in history for several things: the bloodiest day for both British and Canadian casualties of the entire Boer War, producing the only plate dedicated to a battle produced in the Boer War, and being the exact spot where Canadian James Mason was lying when he shot the world's first combat photograph.

Bystoneder Relic - Battle of Paardeberg, Bloody Sunday, Feb 18, 1900
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 2 x 11 cm
Found - Bergendal, RSA

Canadian historian John Goldi shows where the Canadians rushed up to lie down as they fired on the Boer advance trenches on Bloody Sunday, Feb. 18, 1900 at Paardeberg.

By late afternoon the ground here was littered with scores of dead British and Canadian soldiers.

On this spot Canadian officer Lt. James Mason was badly wounded, gallantly leading his section of men. His bravery under fire would win him a DSO.

He would also stop to lie down, on this spot, as all hell was breaking loose around him, to put down his sword - yes we're sure he carried it - unlimber his folding pocket Kodak and take the world's very first certified combat photograph, while under fire in the front line of the Canadian advance.

Below what James looked like as he lay down on this spot, the camera he unfolded here, and the picture that he took of a soldier shooting as another lies dead beyond.

As well as the first certified combat picture in world history, it is also the first picture of a dead man on an active battlefield.

(To photograph the dead, photographers since the US Civil War had traditionally waited a day or two after a battle - like Brady and Gardner - just to make sure the enemy - and the danger - were gone, before coming out with their cameras.)

Everybody has to respect a guy who risked his life to take a combat photo, instead of in machine gunning people to death...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder - Frog Lake Massacre

This bystoneder was present at the site where Canada's only massacre of whites at the hands of Indians took place, at remote Frog Lake, Alberta, in 1885.

The Federal Government and its agents were repeatedly late or remiss in forwarding the food and supplies they were treaty bound to deliver to a starving population after they had done their part in signing the treaties. And white agents were sneering and jeering at desperate Indians.

It's all exactly like in 2012, when Harper and his ministers airily dismiss as unfounded, pleadings by Canada's Afghan veterans who complain of being ruthlessly cast aside by the Harper Government which viciously claws them back their medical benefits and pensions, after they have laid their lives on the line for his government cronies.

In 1885, after years of growing anger, young Indians exploded into violence over the chronic negligence of the white bureaucracy to deliver food and supplies. Exceptionally hostile white men hostages prompted shooting and then killing of several white men.

This bystoneder was at the very site where the killing of Thomas Quinn and another took place. It heard the shouting, the shooting, the shuffling of feet of the hostages and the whimpering and wails of the women as they were dragged up this path on their way to the Indian camp.

Go to The Frog Lake Massacre
Bystoneder Relic - Frog Lake Massacre - 1885
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 4 x 8 cm
Found - Frog Lake, AB

Still a remote and lonely site in 2012: the spot where the "Frog Lake Massacre" began, which caused the Canadian Government to react by sending the North West Field Force under General Middleton to suppress the "Riel Rebellion" in 1885.

The rude and abrasive Hudson Bay Company manager Thomas Quinn and another man were shot where the cross is today.

In the spreading resulting panic 9 white men in all ended up being killed.

Six Cree were later hanged for the killings.

Below the pictorial news of the day got the blood boiling of Ontario boys who eagerly signed up to join Middleton to do some serious damage to "those pesky redskins."

Though there are countless incidents like this in American history with thousands of whites killed by Indians in the US, the Frog Lake "Massacre" is unique. You have to go back 300 years to Quebec and the Iroquois massacres of Lachine to find Canadian counterparts.

Canada - a thoroughly decent country, especially by comparison to the US.

Luckily this kind of killing of whites by Indians is utterly rare to begin with, and also only a distant memory, 127 years later.

What is abominable, however, is that the killing of young Indian women by right-wing, rural, racist, redneck Harper voters has become pandemic in this part of Canada. It has gone on for decades.

With the RCMP and police forces, for years, doing next to nothing to try and stop the extermination, or find the culprits.

Apparently there is the fear that if they lock up too many of these guys the 23.7 % of the voters that Harper got will shrink to even more dangerous levels, and could cost him the next election for certain.

There is no other explanation on why Pickton killed so many scores of Aboriginal young women - he claims 49 - without being stopped. And why over 500 others have gone missing, and are presumed to be dead, in Harper Country, along Trans-Canada Highway 16. And no one has been arrested.

We very well recall an RCMP corporal, a detachment head, in a northern Canadian Indian town, telling us in forceful language that "Cree women love being beaten up by their husbands." And when we involuntarily, visibly flinched, he repeated it more strongly. "They love it; don't kid yourself!" His wife standing beside him nodded approvingly. This mind set is the same one which has resulted in scores - an epidemic - of RCMP women leaving the force because they were raped or sexually harassed. There would be no sympathy from this corporal. "Hell," you can hear him say, as his wife nods approving, "they asked for it."

That's the corporate mentality of the RCMP in the 21st century. In 2012 a lawyer said he had already documented over 160 RCMP member female victims.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder - Cultural Genocide: Indians

This bystoneder watched as the Canadian army committed cultural genocide at Cut Knife (Saskatchewan) in May 1885, against the Cree Indians, one of Canada's three founding Aboriginal peoples.

The army under Colonel William Otter attacked the home camp - where the women and children had fled - to deliberately kill those Indians he could reach, including the women and children hiding in a coulee, into which his men were shooting.

The truly awful magnitude of what the Canadian army tried to do to Chief Poundmaker's people has been shielded from Canadians for generations.

Without permission of his superiors, and motivated exactly like his US counterpart of twenty years before, the genocidal Colonel Chivington at Sand Creek, motivated only with private motivations that do not bear airing, deliberately attacked a settled camp of Cree women and children.

He was never held accountable for his war crime - of deliberately targetting a camp he knew held women, children, and babies - but instead promoted by the racist establishment of that day, as Canada's first professional general.

Bystoneder Relic - Battle of Cut Knife - 1885
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 3 x 14 cm
Found - Cut Knife, SK
Poundmaker's band was hiding in the brush at the bottom of the coulee, as Colonel Otter's Canadians were lying side by side along the lip of fence line, and poured a deadly fire into Indians of all ages and sexes cowering there. This was the place the Gatling machine gun was set up also.

In fact when Colonel Otter's men suddenly attacked the Indian camp - an eerie Canadian attempt to repeat US Colonel Chivington's massacre at Sand Creek in 1864 - Poundmaker had only time to hustle the women, their babies and their children into the brush at the top of the photo.

It is sobering to see that society has not advanced much 125 years later.

In Afghanistan the Canadian Forces, ostensibly targetting the "enemy," routinely shot up, bombed, and shelled homes and places they very well knew women, children, and other civilians were sheltering from the war the Canadians and NATO had imported into their homeland.

They cavalierly dismissed the dead Muslim women, children, and babies they produced, as "collateral damage." And in the classic case of "blame the victim" point the finger at the local freedom fighters.

In fact things have gotten worse, not better in the century since Colonel Otter cut loose with his Gatling Gun on women and children.

There is no evidence that Otter actually killed any women and children, in spite of his best efforts.

Thanks for that Mr. Harper - But it is a fact that the invasion and the activities of the Canadian Forces and their partners in NATO'S CWILLKILL (Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing) have led directly to the deaths of untold thousands of Afghan civilian Muslim women, teens, children, babies, and men.

Poundmaker's band had looted stores for food in Battleford because his people were starving - the government dawdled forever fulfilling its treaty obligations. Right how the white press at the time pictured looting Indians in the freezing March weather, after the whites had fled in panic to the fort at the top of the hill.

But instead of treating it as a civil disturbance - like the G-20, hockey riots in Montreal, or Vancouver - government troops went to the Cree home camp to do some extermination complete with the latest tool to do the job, a machine gun.

It was a military disaster, only saved from a Custer-like reverse extermination by the wise and restrained management of his men by Chief Poundmaker.

This bystoneder saw this truly awful and relatively unpublicized chapter in Canadian history.

For all that it was not the biggest and most expensive security operation in Canadian history. In fact the government of Stephen Harper - the man elected by 23.7% of the Canadian voters - pulls out all stops to stifle dissent. Had he been living in Poundmaker's Day - trust us - there would have been no Indian left standing at Cut Knife.

The violence of 1885 - with rubber bullets replacing the real ones - as shown here, was mirrored in the streets of Toronto in many places when hundreds of police thugs beat up, shot, and arrested, with hundreds of bogus charges, hundreds of innocent demonstrators. Out of thousands of charges almost all were dismissed as trumped up fascist overkill.

In fact his ideological partner - from deep in Harper Country - former Ontario Premier Mike "the Redneck" Harris, will be famous throughout Canadian history as the one who ordered his Ontario Provincial Police officers to launch a secret night attack on women, children, babies, and men, at Ipperwash Provincial Park in September 1995, when he shouted orders at a cabinet meeting to "Get those fucking Indians out of the Park." His direct order - reported by a cabinet minister who was there, to a judicial inquiry - was responsible for the killing of Dudley George, the only killing by Canadian police in a land claims dispute in the 20th century.

It is telling that in 1885 Colonel Otter only used 325 men to put the Indians into line. In 2010 Prime Minister Harper decided to spend 858 million dollars to bring in over 15,000 para-military troops to keep TO demonstrators from chanting stuff he didn't want to hear from any Torontonian.

Police Riot 2010 - The G-20 police riot in Toronto was a good example of how the mania to do damage to some civilian target rages ever unchecked, just below the surface in military and para-military units like the army, the RCMP, and the provincial police.

Before the Toronto police riot some 100 police officers removed the ID from their uniforms because they knew they were going to do criminal acts they didn't want to be caught doing. The police chief did not fire them after journalists exposed the criminality. Clearly he approved.

Other officers were shown on TV viscously firing rubber bullets into the backs of running away young women who had been merely bystanders.

It's one of the most despicable chapters in the history of Canadian policing and it happened, not in 1885 but in 2010, to a crowd of demonstrators that was enormously peaceful and overwhelmingly, extremely well behaved. Which Canadians from coast-to-coast could clearly see on TV. They could also behold, in utter disbelief, the thuggishly vicious behaviour of hundreds of cops imported into Toronto from the outlying regions.

Clearly importing the "hate Toronto" mania from the rural areas of Harper Country, ensured that cops were going to take vengeance with a passion.

Perhaps we should be grateful that Colonel Otter wasn't in charge, or Colonel Chivington... Sadly, their ghost lives on in Toronto Chief Bill Blair who backed up his para-military thugs with praise and enormous bonuses. Oh, and, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, he did make them put on their ID again.

Harper Hate:
Oh and did we mention, after the largest mass arrest of civilians in Canadian history the courts dismissed over two thirds of the charges laid by the police against the demonstrators. Canadian police routinely use overkill with batons, guns, tasers, and rubber bullets, on civilian demonstrators in the streets, but also grossly abuse the court system by laying hundreds of charges that have no merit whatsoever, but do give them a reason to harass and beat up civilians. At Ipperwash the OPP laid hundreds of charges, almost all - some 99% - were dismissed by the courts, as having no merit. But too late for the Indian victims: it had already allowed the cops to seize, jail, and beat up women, teens, and men. Raging race hate is one of the common denominators of Canadian police from coast to coats..

Even in Toronto the Good, Toronto cops are notorious for racial targetting of non-whites for doing nothing more serious than "driving while Black."

The "23.7% Prime Minister Harper" & His Homicidal Homilies

The "23.7% Harper" & His Homicidal Homilies

Just before he was elected Prime Minister, in what passes for a Democracy in Canada - with, we kid you not, only an astonishingly miniscule 23.7% of the eligible votes - Steve took part in televised leadership debates.

Right-wing Rural Rage - The Harper rant against registering long guns is just a dumb Wild West rural rage, against big city types. Registering long guns - if social progress demands it - is no more of an imposition for a lawful citizen than registering your car, your trailer, your motorcycle, or making you take a driver's license for your car or truck or boat.

We have ten long guns in our collection, far more than most western farmer types have. We even took a weekend course and then easily - we're literate - registered them. It's part of what being a Canadian is all about. Obeying the laws enacted to make society safer. Having done more gun registering than most Canadians, we can see how truly dumb is the opposition in Harper Country. Clearly, something else is going on...

There you have it... In the wake of President Kennedy's assassination we read the Presidential investigation into Assassination. When the investigators asked a good old southern Georgia boy, why there is such an abnormally high homicide rate in the South, he paused thoughtfully, then drawled, "Well I guess because there's more people here need killin."

In the midst of it, Harper suddenly got mad at Toronto about the gun registry, saying acidly, that Torontonians get up tight about their crime rate and take it out on the western farmers and other rural types, victimizing them by imposing a nasty gun registry on them.

Journalists, as lousy on this file as on so many others, let him get away with this idiocy. TWICE...

Toronto's extremely low homicide rate per 100,000, in the city of love, is something he can only dream about. In the urban and rural areas of "Harper country" that echo his values. In fact, his voters are 2 and 3 more times likely to kill each other, in between going to the polls for their 23.7% Prime Minister.

For starters of course, Canada has a far lower homicide rate than the US which Harper slavishly grovels before. Over the last ten years the US homicide rate has been a murderous 5.4. But then everyone knows that Americans loathe each other almost as much as the Muslims they glory in killing by the hundreds of thousands.

(During the US Civil War, they killed each other at such a horrific rate, that more Americans died there (some 625,000) which is more than all of the US war dead of all subsequent wars combined.)

Homicide Rate: Canada - 1.62

Toronto "the Good" - 1.4
In fact Toronto's ten year StatsCan average is 1.8 compared to Steve's home riding of Calgary at 2.05 with far fewer people jammed together. Other Harper Country rates:

Just Back from a Lynching... The western gunslinger reaching for his hogleg. He's just heard there's a Trawntonian in the bar...

Steve Harper, the accidental 23.7% Prime Minister, is well known as being one of the few remaining Canadians who want to bring back execution of people he considers guilty, or just deserving. Like in most of the US where they have executed countless scores of innocents. But who were otherwise deserving: Blacks, Indians, Muslims, Hispanics...

So he remains an inspirational figure to all the vigilantes in "Harper Country," which has a murder rate far higher than the less hateful, more civilized urban areas like Toronto.

Edmonton - 2.7
Halifax - 2.7
Winnipeg - 2.8
Saskatoon - 3.7
Regina - 3.7
Thunder Bay - 4.2

It's actually even worse than that. Toronto's murder rate is habitually lower than that of the province of Ontario as a whole - an astounding demographic for the biggest North American cities. The rural regions - Harper country - actually balloon the murder rate for the province as a whole, while Toronto pulls it down.

If you want to improve your chances for getting raped or murdered you have to leave Toronto and go to Ontario's rural areas where Harper voters lie in wait. Or go out west where Harper lives, and you'll improve your chances by two and three fold.

Homicide Rate: Ontario - 1.5

Manitoba - 3.3
Saskatchewan - 4.2
Alberta - 2.8
BC - 2.5

In fact Harper Country disgracefully balloons Canada's murder statistics, while Toronto the Good brings them down, thanks to its huge, well behaved multicultural population, among which civil interpersonal conduct is a habit. Certainly compared to those who live in Harper Country.

Which is presumably why Toronto drew Harper's sneering debating asides.

But perhaps we should excuse him, and not be needlessly harsh... Because, maybe, like George Bush, he's just congenitally stupid... you know, besides being unbelievably more snide, nasty, and cronyist, than any previous Canadian Prime Minister - by far...

(The Toronto Star's Bob Hepburn, discovered this only in March 2012, when he said Harper had done the unthinkable, sink lower as a man, and a Prime Minister, than the universally reviled, "On the Take" Brian Mulroney, who was reduced to 2 seats by the voters. But then journalists are never the brightest lights. The voters were there on both Brian and Steve long before Hepburn apparently caught on.)

Without doubt the Accidental Prime Minister is a new low among Canadian political leaders. It's predictably what you get when you have a political system so bankrupt and undemocratic that it allows 23.7% of eligible voters pick a Prime Minister. And it's that way exactly because the MPs who set it up, love it, including a plush pension after only 6 years on the job...

Great Canadian Homicide Scandal in Harper Country...
Sad but True - First Nations (Indian) girls and women are being murdered at a far greater rate, by white dudes like Pickton, in Harper Country, than when Colonel Otter and his band of professional killers went west to do some serious exterminating... RCMP and local police forces have not considered their lives valuable enough to seek out these maniacal white murderers...
Which allowed serial killers like Robert Pickton, and other, to go on, and on, and on... murdering Indian girls at will... Clearly a systemic hang-over from the racist days of Colonel Otter... when the RCMP (NWMP) was part of the military force that shot up Indian and Métis families, homes, and towns.

The Chief Thug in all this is, of course, Prime Minister Stephen Harper who paid billions for policing to crack heads because he too wanted to indulge his own "hate Toronto" mania by giving his voters - policemen from the rural areas - a chance to crack heads of Torontonians with a vengeance.

During the election debates twice, he made particular and pointed snarky comments about Toronto and crime, sneering that the gun registry was just a vindictive Toronto invention, victimizing rural Canadians just because Torontonians are complaining about their high crime rate. TWICE he said it, in two debates showing his Freudian slip. After he malevolently misspoke so badly the first time, still no journalist caught him on it, so he repeated the ignorant slur the next debate, clearly and deliberately playing to the rural "Toronto haters."

The truth is that the city of Toronto has one of the lowest murder rates in all of Canada. Which is nothing if not astonishing for the world's biggest multicultural mix jammed together in a huge urban cement ghetto.

And, which happens to be a truly awful physical environment in which to live. But the people of Toronto are marvelous; they persevere though everything, including the Prime Minister, conspire against them.

Stunningly, in fact Toronto has a lower murder rate than the province as a whole, meaning if you want to get raped or murdered your chances improve considerably if you leave Toronto and go to one of the ridings of the Harper ministers.

Blood Red Harper Country not Toronto, is where the most vicious, most anti-establishment, and the largest number of Canadian murders have taken place:
- 4 RCMP murdered (Mayerthorpe, AB),
- 3 Security Guards murdered (Edmonton, Ab)
- 2 RCMP shot dead (Spiritwood, SK)
- 2 RCMP shot & wounded (Killam, AB)
- 4 teens murdered (Claresholm, AB)
- 49 women murdered by Pickton (Port Coquitlam, BC)
- over 500 young native women missing and presumed murdered by rednecks in rural regions of the prairie provinces
- 8 men killed by Kellestine (Shedden, ON)
- 4 Shafia women murdered (Kingston, ON.)
- 2 women murdered by Col. Williams (Tweed, ON.)
- couple murdered by T Vader (St. Albert, AB)

In fact, the only Canadian on death row in the US, is a multiple murderer from Harper Country, from a town - Red Deer, Alberta - near where Harper lives. The white redneck just marched two Indian teens into the woods and shot them in the head, according to him, "to see what it feels like."

It is a fact that it is far, far more deadly for the average Canadian to live, and for policemen to work, in Harper Country, than in Toronto the Good. By far...

Astonishing But True - In fact, and this must make the fastest gun in the west mad as hell, in Toronto and region almost all the police officers that have died on duty in recent years were killed in traffic mishaps of one kind or another, with no guns, knives, or weapons in hand involved at all, or a dude with murder in his heart.

Unlike in Harper Country were gun-wielding vengeful murderers rage about with a passion that drives the murder rates to the stratosphere in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, especially in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Regina, and Edmonton where the murder rates and crime rates are multiples above those found in Toronto.

And become exported.

As citizens of Ottawa discovered when a local police officer was murdered - wait for it - by a former RCMP officer from Saskatchewan.

(Another interesting statistic about Ottawa is that the crime rate goes down whenever the MPs and Senators are in recess and visiting their home ridings for the holidays.)

No wonder Prime Minister Harper lashes out at a city that works and people who get along, compared to his voters who clearly loathe each other almost as much as their police officers. And take a deadly toll, on both, year after year...

It's also clear that the Wild West of Colonel Otter's day is alive and well, in overdrive actually, and killing, countless young Indian women - especially - with a vengeance.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder - Cultural Genocide: Métis

This bystoneder watched as Canadian soldiers committed cultural genocide against the Métis, one of Canada's three founding Aboriginal peoples at Batoche (Saskatchewan) in May 1885, shooting up their families, and burning their houses. (Very much like the Canadian Army was doing with a vengeance in Afghanistan after 2006.)

The army killed those it could reach, while the women and children hid in caves, gouged out by the river bank.

Then the soldiers chased them off their land, burned their homes, barns, and property, and scattered them to the four winds. To save life and limb, thousands ran to the US for safety.

Thousands lost it all. It would be many decades before the Métis would dare to return to their traditional home territories.

Only to find Anglo-Saxon war profiteers sitting on their land and their homesteads.

This bystoneder from the heart of old Batoche, the Métis capital, which never regained its status as the epicentre of the heartbeat of a nation.

The truly awful magnitude of what was done to the Métis people has been shielded from Canadians for generations.

Bystoneder Relic - Battle of Batoche 1885
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 10 X 13 cm
Found - Batoche, SK

Right the Riel Resistance produced three wonderful colour lithographs if nothing else good.
Go to Blatchly's Riel Rebellion

Below right the village as it stood, obviously after the battle. Lots of windows are broken from bullets, and siding has been punched out by the gatling gun and the artillery shells.

Batoche's house actually stood like that, just to the left of the wide photo. The women in front are from a year or two earlier, but would have been there when the Canadian soldiers attacked, not in their finery but cowering in mud holes to escape the fury of the race mad attackers.

During the attack Capt. French running through the house looking for targets or loot, appeared at the window x and was shot by Donald Ross, a Métis defender.

Only foundation piles remain of what was once the Métis capital of the Saskatchewan prairies and the center of a truly original Canadian culture that exists nowhere else on earth.

Donald Ross, defending his family from attack, was shot below and homes and buildings were torched.









flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder - Battlefield

This rock watched General Colley and his men trudge over it as they streamed up to the top of Majuba Hill; some probably kicked it.

Then it watched as the Boers charged by on their way to capture and annihilate the British on top.

And it watched as the British prisoners trudged back down, without their general, who along with scores of his men were buried where they fell.

It marked the end of the First Boer War, and set the stage for the starting of the Second in 1899, when British troops invaded two sovereign Boer Republics to advance the economic gain of its rich and super-rich elites.

It is something British political elites would not do again till the ruthless invasion of Afghanistan 2001 and Iraq in 2003.

With one huge difference.

General Colley and his soldiers, killed not a single Boer women, child, or baby during the First Boer War. Not one.

British generals and soldiers from 2001 to 2012 have killed untold thousands of Muslim women children, babies, and civilian men in their ruthless brand of warfare and have carried out human rights abuses, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, on a grand scale.

Boers in 1881 can be grateful that their opponent was General Colley and Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone and not "Butcher" Blair and his pack of NATO CWILLKILL generals.

Today's Muslim women, children, babies, and men were not so lucky.

Bystoneder Relic - Battle of Majuba Hill, 1881
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 5 X 8 cm
Found - Majuba Hill, RSA

British General Colley and his soldiers walked up the left spur which is actually less steep than the one on the other side, up which the Boers unexpectedly attacked.

Up top a stone relic collector's nirvana. The entire mountain top was the battlefield, and ultimately covered with scores of dead and dying Tommies. They are still buried there beside their general.

Notice how the memorials have been hacked about by 130 years of souvenir hunters chopping off bits here and there.

A practice we utterly frown on because it has destroyed countless historic markers all over the world.

Note how any bystoneders that are portable are long gone. Only ultra heavy stones remain.

Stone Relic Review - The the hill is covered with the simplest stone relics, bystoneders, just waiting for someone to souvenir them, for having been witnesses to a bloody battle that won the Boers their independence, and freedom to set up their republics. If you found a bystoneder with a Boer's fingerprints on it, British DNA, or a bullet hole, then they were thrown or blasted in the fight and would be shiftstones.The enclosure is made of utilistones - just stones requisitioned from nearby - while all the monuments are alterstones the most sophisticated type of stone relic.

The Boer War was largely fought to reverse history and wipe out the stain of Majuba.

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flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Bystoneder - Aviation Heroics

Bystoneders can also commemorate civilian people, places, and events in history.

This bystoneder from the old airfield at Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, comes from the exact spot where Amelia Earhart parked her Lockheed Vega before taking flight to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic on May, 20, 1932.

Bystoneder Relic - Amelia Earhart, Harbour Grace Airport - 1932
Orig. bystoneder - Size - 2 x 11 cm
Found - Harbour Grace, NF

It heard her being wildly greeted by locals and her thank yous for their bouquet pf flowers and for their kindness to her while her plane was being refueled.

But the stone witnessed tragedy as well, having a last view of other planes and pilots who parked on the same spot before attempting transatlantic flights between 1927 and 1932, and were never heard from again, including:

"Sir John Carling" with two pilots, "Golden Hind" with one pilot, "Green Mountain Boy" with two pilots, "Old Glory," and "Sir Randolph."

Below Amelia parked her plane at "A" for refueling, its nose aimed down the runway.

That's her hatless tousled hair over the man's shoulder chatting it up with the local ladies. Amelia is inside the roped off area.

She also posed against the bottom of the cliff face immediately below us right.


In 1927, five years before Amelia came, Terrence Tully and James Medcalf parked their "City of London" plane immediately below the cliff above right just before taking off for their transatlantic part of their flight, from London, Ontario to London, UK.

Here they are the day before leaving London, Ontario, before the first hop to Harbour Grace.

After roaring off down the runway, there, a week later, they were never seen again.

They disappeared somewhere in the Atlantic.

Our bystoneder saw, and heard it all, and felt the throb of powerful engines as these pioneer aviators roared off on their appointments with destiny.


Souveniring: A Common Passion - Picking souvenirs has got to be a human passion as old as eating, drinking, whatever...

To preserve the memory of a visit to a special place, people have souvenired signs, artifacts, flowers, sand, fossils, sea shells, etc. In fact the souvenir trade is a huge money maker near all historic or tourist sites because of it. Dinosaur bone fossils became all the rage for kid collectors for a spell, sending dealers to rape and pillage park sites for relics.

Countless households count a stone relic or two among their possessions.

This can be a fossil, a gem stone, or an Indian arrow head or axe.

Our oldest rock relic, an Indian celt, was acquired in 1951 and is the anchor for a stone relic collection that numbers in the hundreds.

Rock relics have always been considered as "finders keepers." You see a rock lying around you like; you pick it up.

It was common in the 1960s for tourists to pick up stones at historic sites. We picked up marble "stone relics" at Ephesus, Troy, Bergama (Turkey), the Parthenon, Olympia, Delphi (Greece), and the Coliseum, the Forum Romanum (Italy).

It was inevitable that in high traffic areas like the Parthenon, this would have an impact and strip the area of assets that go to make up the historic site. So in recent years, laws were passed in some top tier historic sites that made it illegal for people to pick up stone relics.

The Limits of Souveniring - Picking wildflowers, or digging them up for transplanting them elsewhere, is a common human passion that is not illegal.

Though it is increasingly "discouraged" in some high traffic parks. It is illegal in some.

In the vast majority of places picking up rocks is perfectly legal. Hell, they're not worth anything to anybody and are just lying around, in the millions, billions actually.

So collecting rocks, especially bystoneders, is perfectly OK, within reason, of course. We don't condone chopping off a piece of someone's grave marker, or hacking out a rock from someone's house, or wall.

Utilistones - because they have been utilized - and especially alterstones - because they have been altered and improved by human agents - are the most valuable stone relics..

In fact an entire wall of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre site in Chicago was sold off to rock relic collectors, brick by brick, some for $3,000.

And tons of stone from the British Parliament buildings, bombed in World War II, were sold off to make money.

Rock collecting is self-regulating to a great extent. Many people don't consider them attractive as souvenirs. Most rocks are just too huge and heavy to collect, or carry, or display. Our typical souvenirs are the size of paperweights.

But we see the day coming when even picking up rocks will be prohibited too, when keen kids, and passionate collectors, will be prosecuted and sent to jail for picking them up.

Like can happen at the Parthenon in Athens when a school kid wanted to pick up a small piece of marble.

Colonel Robert McCormick of the Chicago Tribune was a rabid alterstone collector, grabbing up architectural pieces of stone from the Parthenon, the Alamo, the GPO Dublin, the Pyramids, etc., and installing them on the facade of the Tribune Tower.

But soldiers, everywhere, are notorious for wanting far more graphic, gruesome trophies of the the trade they are in...


"The January 18th (1997) New York Times reported that 47 Canadian UN troops who served in Bosnia were accused of 'drunkenness, sex, black marketeering and patient abuse at a mental hospital they were guarding.'

"The soldiers had been assigned the "humanitarian" chore of guarding a mental hospital at Bakovici in order to secure it for the staff’s return.

"'The hospital instead became the setting for heavy drinking; sex between soldiers, nurses and interpreters that violated regulations; black-market sales; and harassment of the patients....'"

(entire quote copied, published 1997)

Canada's Military Best...
In 2010 Canada's top general in Afghanistan - a married man - had to be dismissed when it got out to the public that, in spite of stringent military rules forbidding it, he was regularly boinking a corporal under him - we couldn't resist - who also was married with children... And then, and then...
Canada's top colonel turned out to be a serial rapist, children's panty collector, and multiple murderer...

SOUVENIRING PEOPLE 3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Canada's Modern Military Culture - Canadian soldiers from an elite paratroop unit, no less, in Somalia, took trophy photos of themselves with a bloody local civilian teen that they gloated over just after beating him to death, for trying to steal some food rations from their military compound.

The complicity in human rights abuses that existed, from top officers on down, was so bad the government of the day disbanded the entire regiment - a first in Canadian history - and scattered its contaminated officers and men to other units...

If you can believe this was a solution...

That's like taking away the smallpox contaminated blankets, that were handed out by racist traders to infect Indians, and instead of burning them, giving them to orphanages to use...

In the 21st century, the Canadian Conservative government of the day, in its corporate war against Muslims in Afghanistan, promoted the most Americanized generals who publicly bragged of wanting to bag as many dead Muslims as they could - "scumbags" they were referred to - an openly boasted that "our job (the Canadian Forces) is to be able to kill people."

Single handedly Hillier appropriated - a Canadian first - the infamous "body count" purpose of US General William Westmoreland of Vietnam infamy, who "bagged" over 1 million "Gook" women, children, babies, and men.

"Look, you can't have top generals like Hillier publicly defaming Muslims as "detestable murderers" and "scumbags" in the media, and then pretend to be surprised when the boys want to stage bloody trophy pictures, and bag body parts, as souvenirs to bring back home.."

Walter Natynczuk, Hillier's successor had actually commanded a US "kill squad" - OK an army corps - in Iraq, in day to day killing operations for 15 months, in a war that Canada had refused to participate in. But still allowed its top generals to dip their hands in Muslim blood. To develop a feel for it; to get experience...

In Afghanistan, the Canadians, sporting the first professional army it ever sent to war - triumphantly went on, as part of NATO, to bag more Muslim women, children, babies, and men, than any other Canadian army in history.

And of course, they brought back home the ever desirable souvenirs of their handiwork as trophies of all the "scumbags" they dispatched for their general.

But it would be wrong to suggest that only the military, only lowlifes, and only men behave badly, overseas, far from the probing eyes of family, friends, and community.

Perspective: Judicial Balance

The media has, for years, tried to picture Canada's Somalia disgrace as an isolated incident, involving only a couple of renegade soldiers. In fact, as the New York Times disclosed it was carried out in the midst of a totally libertine corporate culture model run amok.

But behaving badly overseas involves civilians too. Witness the hordes of modern Canadian women going to the Caribbean for a break from, you know, the workload.... Well, if you must know, it's really all about sex tourism, actually, private time with a Black Man, far from the seeing eyes of home. It's an unpublicized, but very important, Canadian foreign aid contribution that supports a huge cottage industry, providing a steady stream of welcome income to hundreds of uneducated beach boys in the Caribbean and South Pacific.

Sort of like Canada's own "Judge Lori." You know, the family court judge, from the wastes of Winnipeg.

America has Judge Judy; Canada, Judge Lori...

Her Porkship from Winnipeg - Judge Lori Douglas is a Family Court Judge in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her husband, also a lawyer, conducted a talent hunt for a big Black Man to have sex with his wife, and introduced Alex to her. Judge Lori - can you believe this? - actually auditioned Alex Chapman, also a lawyer, twice, in a restaurant, to see if he would "measure up," to her low expectations, and to hopefully entice him for a torrid tryst in the hot zones of the Caribbean, as she had apparently done previously. It is not known if Judge Lori carried a tape measure, though it would have caused a scandal, for a judge to use it in a public place, even a Tim Hortons in Winnipeg. Though Alex was shown lots of dirty pictures of her porkship in utterly revealing but, as it turned out, injudicious poses. He put them in his computer for consideration.

After finding other advertising postings of tons of dirty pictures of Judge Lori, in unladylike, suggestive poses, without judge's robes on, of course, on porn sites, and for her injudicious habit of apparently walking around the streets of Winnipeg with her tape measure, auditioning big Blacks for sex, a judicial review panel of her peers - called that because there were so many Winnipeg lawyers eager to get appointed to peer at her revealing photos - was summoned to judge her ethical suitability as a family judge. Seriously, they needed an enquiry about that. Hell they're lawyers...

Oh, and her husband, Jack King, he's a lawyer too, and protested that his wife knew nothing at all about all the dirty pics of her he had put on dirty porn sites, trolling for Big Blacks to service "Her Porkship."

And that he was not himself when he did it, suffering the turmoil of the death of a family member. A typical lawyer's excuse. Untold thousands of Canadians are in that situation every day but don't react by sending dirty pictures of their wives, naked and tied up, hither and yon, or turn to pimping to try to palm them off on the nearest handy Black man.

Is there ever a lawyer whom you can trust to tell the truth? Just what was she interviewing Alex for? Jack seems to forget that Alex - to whom he gave tons of dirty pictures of her porkship - knew, and spilled the beans...

In a totally unrelated incident, the owners of the notorious website advocating adultery and other illicit sexual escapades for betraying married or partnered couples, released data that claimed - wait for it - that the majority of its members were women... And so are responsible, we may add, for importing social diseases into the family unit.

Just more stuff our proselytizing womenfolk - in NGO's, the media, Civil Service - can mentor the Afghan women in to bring them into the 21st century, and show them all the rights they are missing.

Judge Lori's peers took forever, someone always delaying things by asking "I'd better have another look at those photos. The ones with her porkship draped over the banister."

Clearly they're just waiting for things to, ah... blow over... sorry.... when they'll allow Her Porkship to get dressed again, get off the coffee table, and in future, hopefully find less publicly oriented sex boy toys, when she next goes to the Caribbean to audition horny Black boinkers to see if they measure up to Canadian judicial standards...

Damn, Winnipeg must be a boring town...

Give three points to Judge Lori, though, for at least trying to do something - and multicultural, at that - about it...

Postscript: In the end all the Winnipeg lawyers got together and made Alex give back all the dirty pictures of Her Porkship in various lewd and suggestive nude poses, that he got from the "King" wife-shopper in Winnipeg. They had the police swoop in unannounced - hell they all wanted to see Her Porkship in the raw too, and before Alex had a warning to hide them - to seize his computer. Luckily Alex, like any computer literate guy, had protected himself by having back-ups, in a safety deposit box.

Ask the lawyers, what about the thousands of other guys across Canada and and the US, who still have their millions of downloads of Her Porkship without her judicial robes on, in multiple lewd poses?

Perspective: Journalistic Balance

Below a wonderful souvenir ribbon from the glory days when there were only a dozen women or so in the Canadian Press Club, and everyone held out such promise for them...


Where the hell did it all go so wrong?

In the Taliban Shuffle longtime Afghan US journalist Kim Barker exposed all about sluttish journalist behaviour in Afghanistan. How - she says, nudge, nudge, wink, wink - the male journalists, who are all married, and the females who never are - or are only loosely connected - all constantly party - drink to excess and behave badly, completely separate from the Afghans, of course - habitually hang out in brothels every night, and do what one does there, smoke pot, snort cocaine, and drunkenly "watch" other people - of course, she says - act out sexually.

And on the side, seriously, they send home the requisite "patriotic, pro-war against the Muslims," copy that their bosses then feed into the tube, the press, and the radio.

We have to thank Kim for her tell-all book. At least we now know how Maggie Wente, Rosie diManno ALWAYS ON THE RIGHT and Christie Blatchford spend their down time - sorry - in Afghanistan, and why they beg their bosses to let them go back every chance they get.

Of course Kim - she quickly dumps her boyfriend early in the book so she can participate in it all, with her morality intact - points the finger at others and doesn't rat on all her married male friends from CNN, ABC, CBC, CTV, NBC, CBS, etc., by name, directly, just by association. Now we know why male journalists are such big boosters of sending female correspondents into the field.

In one telling passage Kim seems perplexed that one of her numerous boyfriends was aghast at the very thought of her suggestion that he return with her to Chicago in the US. It's pretty clear to the reader that he recoiled at the very thought of returning with her to a city where he knew she had lived for years, and judging from his observation of her in Kabul, she must have slept with half the town. Clearly - as he told her - he dreaded the thought of constantly running into all her previous boyfriends. She acts perplexed at the obvious. Hell, she was OK to hang around with in Kabul, but not in decent company, in a decent town. He clearly believed he could easily find a better quality woman, anywhere, than what was available from the passing parade of media babes in Kabul.

There may be lots of "lay offs" in Canada, but Kim says, lots of "lay on" work, apparently, for legions of young hookers specially imported from China, etc. for those clients - like the media types - with fat expense accounts, and continents away from adult supervision.

Just back from getting her hair painted, her face lifted - probably to coax her dog back to bed - and her mind set primed with typical journalistic dispassion, and ready for another tourist outing in Afghanistan for her right wing, redneck publishers.

You know the excuse pompositing "war correspondents" cook up: "Hell, I could die tomorrow. So contracting a social disease - or ten - doesn't seem such a high price to pay for serving your country in a time of war."

Guess how many wives of TV talking heads have come down with a "Taliban surprise" after hubby has come home - stateside - for a break from the round of nightly drunk-ups at the brothels with Kim and all her drugged and boozed up journalist sisters...?

A frequent Afghan tourist journalist, Canadian pro-war against the Muslim, right wing extremist scribe, Christie Blatchford of the Globe and Post, has written movingly, in one confessional article, about how even her dog won't sleep with her...

Now how can you possibly believe that? So look for her to return - again - to Afghanistan, where the foreign press corps is so drunked and drugged up they don't seem to care what anyone looks like. Or whether they bark...

And this is the best crowd Canada and the US can send to "teach" ethics and morality about the modern woman to Afghans? Something they pontificate about endlessly, as one of the big beneficial results of CWILLKILL war against the Muslims there.

Don't look to Afghanistan to recover for 100 years from this decade plus of western debauchery and degeneracy.

All these journalist gals - Wente, Blatchford, diManno, McLaren, Zerbisias, etc. - have more than a bit of history - which they write about, in embarrassing personal dear diary exposés, if you can believe, in between pro-war, anti-Muslim columns - and it ain' t good...

None of the serious male columnists ever do it, though, of course, they stop to leer, when the gal scribes let it all hang out...

It is, of course, nothing short of pornography for the genteel journalist classes. It attracts readers which is why the editors encourage the babes - hell they have lots of history to talk about - to do it. Because the men - like Thomas Walkom, Jeffrey Simpson, Richard Gwyn, Haroon Siddiqui; David Olive; make your own damn list - simply refuse to do it.

Hey, among journalists it's the men who have all the class...

Sleeping With the Enemy - Best describes the journalistic ethics of Canadian journalists and reporters. And yes, of course they are far worse than those of other countries.

Journalists in Russia are regularly killed for doing their traditional job, and tackling their traditional enemies, those who use political office to enrich themselves and their cronies. Journalists in Afghanistan die doing the same thing. Journalists in Mexico die every day of the week following in the traditional steps of Canadian trailblazing journalist William Lyon Mackenzie who tackled the overwheening greed of the anti-democratic super-rich.

As completely loathsome polar opposites, are Canada's top journalists who totally suck up, big time to the right-wing reactionary political bosses who can give them plum appointments and sinecures. Public service be damned.

As utterly fawning top CBC anchor Rosemary Barton giggled on air, "I'm just a sucker for Prime Ministers." This embarrassing celebrity groupie, would be no use in Russia, Afghanistan, or Mexico, or in Canada in the days of Mackenzie. But perfect today, for following in the footsteps of others of her toadying colleagues. Giggle gals like Barton totally dominate TV anchoring. As everyone knows women will do anything for powerful and super-rich men, and do it for less, which is why they abound and pollute the airwaves.

Krista Erickson, left a CBC anchor, after sleeping for a couple of years, with a super-rich, right wing and Conservative MP, accompanied him on numerous trips at tax-payer's expense. Her sex partner MP - she is not married so it frees her up to move on to another "sponsor" more easily when the opportunity arises - put her on his federal govenment expense account. How's that for journalistic, arm's length distance from a political party she is supposed to cover as a reporter. She ultimately left CBC to become a founding anchor of the ultra-right wing Sun Media channel in which her partner was a founding creator. She was quickly set up as the main anchor and swung into action immediatly showing years of pent up anti-left wing and liberal hate in her new on-camera performances.

Legendary loathsome types of journalists who pandered to the rich and powerful political and media types were Mike Duffy who set new standards of sucking up to the conservative politicians he interviewed. His on camera performances were unbelievably toadying, as one might only see in Castro's Cuba, Stalin's Russia, and Hitler's Germany. It worked; the bosses rewarded him by giving him a fat seat - sorry - in the Senate where he quickly established new records for spending expense account money on himself.

The Mouth that Roared - Among Canadian journalists, not known at all as a class, for being associated with great human rights causes, but more commonly how extreme they are in sucking up for personal advantage to the rich and super-rich, none can rival Mark Steyn. He is another leading journalist who is a close personal friend of Conrad Black, with whom he and the CBC's Stewart cosy up with in the Big House below.

Steyn easily comes out on top as the rudest, raging, right wing extremist promoter of the ideas beloved by the super-rich Establishment classes, beating out ultra-fascist proselytizer Michael Coren by a football field.

Steyn doesn't even pretend to be a journalist, examining issues for the public, but says openly and baldly with no caveats whatsoever, to Evan Solomon, that "I represent a very small group of Canadians."

He's a prime example of how the rich and super-rich use journalists as mouth-pieces to put their ideas front and centre to try to propagandize the masses into believing that whatever the super-rich - like Conrad want, like to get into Canada where he doesn't have citizenship, and to keep his Order of Canada though he is a multiply convicted felon - is good for everybody.

Extremely pit bull rude journalists with his manner and convictions have no trouble getting and keeping top jobs on the media owned by the super-rich.

There are, understandably, no parallel raging lefties of any kind, who exude his and Coren's pit bull rude mannerisms, who can find employment anywhere in Canada, putting equal passion on behalf of left-wing, libertarian, or human-rights causes.

It is a situation parallel to the US where ultra-racist right-wing freaks find top paying jobs on radio and TV.

The US and Canadian airwaves sound more like those of Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s. It's what happens whenever, and wherever, the rich and the super-rich set their mind to subvert democracy.

The vile rhetoric is the same; just the targets have changed.

Pamela Wallin above another former CTV anchor was also rewarded for loyal work for right wing reactionary politicos, and quickly established new lows in unbelievably vicious, hectoring performances against liberal and left wing causes and those who championed them, in her TV interviews as a Senator. it stunned the millions who had watched her anchor over the years. How much hate she had stored up inside...

In fact during the very time that Duffy and Wallin (both former CTV hosts) were rewarded for their loyal pro-Establishment journalistic efforts, and appointed to their sinecures - you won't believe this - the head of CTV's news department, Jana Juginovic, regularly slept with Conservative Defence Minister Peter Mackay. Tit for tat... The motto of Canadian journalism. (The lusty couple soon moved on to other partners.)

SSSS - Sound of Steyn & Stewart Sucking up to Mr. Black - The poster child, for sucking up Canadian journalists, has got to be the public broadcaster's (the CBC's) own Brian Stewart right who established new lows by actually writing - while a CBC anchor - a public support letter praising Canadian arch criminal and multiple convicted felon, super wealthy Conrad Black, who was twice sent to US jails for 42 months for stealing tens of millions, and separately, for obstructing justice, after no less an authority than the US Supreme Court ordered him sent to the Big House to do his time.

For those who know nothing about Brian Stewart, his bio's biggest achievement, noted whenever you type in his name and Black's on Google, is that he is a life long friend of Mr. Black, one of Canada's creepiest criminals of all time.

Like Father Like Son

Please, do not confuse Conrad, with his son Jonathan Black, who has also been before the courts, and done jail time, while charged with multiple counts of separate criminal harassment of a man and a woman. These two were so scared by the younger Black, they called police and Conrad's son was thrown into jail and charged for that, and also for breaking previous parole conditions. So he's no common thief like his dad.

He's more in line with the old style Mafioso street thug, who just threaten to beat people up. He texted to one, "My life's work will be settling this score," and to the other, "This is total war."

Conrad's own dad, George Montegu Black, left must be proud of his offspring. This large corporate oil was dumped into a Toronto auction, with other of Conrad's paintings which he had paid for with money he had illegally siphoned off the company and its investors. Lawyers for Hollinger were trying to recoup some of the money that Conrad had looted from their company and so were selling off its assets. Which is how proud George's large oil ended up as a dump item at a lowlife Toronto auction.

Conrad himself, would end up spending tens of millions in legal fees to pare down his many criminal charges. (Reminder here for another Order of Canada recipient, who lost his medal for stealing only a few thousand - if you steal enough, you can massage the system to help you minimize your theft, and keep your medal at the same time. OK he had another problem; he was a non-white too, not an upper class Anglo like Conrad.)

Thousands walked by papa George's portrait wondering how some fathers just end up with creepy offspring, and privately saying, "I'm glad, for his sake, that he's dead, and never lived to see his proud family name so blackened, by successive generations of his offspring, with lowlife behaviour on so many levels."

Or had to live to see Conrad Black and Jonathan Black, father and son, achieve a new Canadian first. They are the first father and son, in Canadian history. to do time in (separate) jails at the very same time. Now do you see why the US Supreme Court ordered Conrad deported. It wanted nothing to do with Stewart and Steyn's bosom buddy.

In fact the US subsequently deported Conrad, so instantly, the moment the jail door opened to let him out, by driving him directly to the airplane door, that his feet actually didn't touch US soil for more than a minute total. It didn't want his kind defiling the soil of the United States for more than the seconds needed to get rid of him.

He returned to his monster house in Toronto where chief CBC sycophant and former Senior Correspondent Brian Stewart is a regular guest. A reward for his unwavering loyalty to a loathsome multiple convicted felon. But a member of the rich and pompositing classes. Too vile to be able to stay or visit the United States; perfect for Canada, where he is not even a citizen but endlessly feted by top toadying Canadian journalists, like Stewart and Wente.

On his retirement from CBC Stewart was immediately rewarded for his loyal support of ultra-right wing reactionary people and causes of the rich and super-rich, by super-rich Peter Munk, with a fat teaching sinecure to - get this - teach journalistic ethics to a new crop of Canadian journalism students.

It doesn't get any more loathsome than this. Tit for tat.

In Canadian journalism...

Below portraits of the super-rich that once adorned Ex -Con-rad's Office at 1 Toronto Street - you know the one where he was captured by the security cameras making off with boxes of incriminating evidence - in spite of a court order not to : (George Black, JAD McDougald, EP Taylor, Nelson Davis, Senator McCutcheon, etc.) These, which had cost stock holders tens of thousands to make, were dumped by liquidation lawyers, to try to recoup a few hundred dollars for ripped off investors after Conrad took them to the cleaners.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Souveniring Canada's Greatest Arctic Disaster: In 1845 British explorer Sir John Franklin, in two ships, the Erebus and the Terror, and some 130 men, set out to find a way through the ice-bound channels around the north end of the Canadian arctic.

They never returned, and within a couple of years, search parties set out by land and sea to try to reach the spot in the arctic where they might possibly be. But all that was ever found were relics and bones.

It turned out that the ships had frozen in and the men abandoned them and tried to walk out, south to Hudson's Bay posts. None of them made it. Relics were gathered from Inuit people who salvaged what the men abandoned, or dropped, as they died of starvation.

During a seal hunting expedition, in Canada's high arctic, Canadian school teacher and historian John Goldi (right with lynx from his trap line) trekked along the southern shore of King William Island, an area where only a handful of white men have ever been.

He followed the exact trail of Franklin's men, by snowmobile during April, the same month the men died along the shore, when the land was snow-free, but the ice was still thick on the sea.

He found several cairns containing bones, set up in the 1930s by Hudson's Bay Manager Paddy Gibson FRC.

The jaw bone, left, probably from a cabin boy who was on the expedition, was found by itself, along the shore by Johnny Anguttitauruq, a hunter who was accompanying John Goldi, and brought it to him.

"Kabloonak! Not Eskimo!" said Joseph Nahalolik, another hunter who looked it over. "Yes" eagerly nodded his wide-eyed wife Bessie, a renowned Inuit artist. They both knew all the bone remains of all the Inuit people in the area.

There are no teeth, indicating scurvy had ravaged through the gums of the dying men as they trekked along the shoreline.

It was an emotional moment, to be so in intimate contact with one of Canada's great historic tragedies in a spot which was still exactly as it was when Franklin's men stumbled to their deaths along the barren coast.

Both Inuit hunters, friends who accompanied John Goldi on this hunt, in 1975, died young, a few years later, in tragic accidents: Joseph Nahalolik, by falling off his snowmobile, and hitting his head on jagged ice, and Johnny Anguttitauruq, who shot himself accidentally when unleashing his rifle from his sled.

The Canadian north has by far the highest accidental death rate of any place in Canada. These are only two of many friends and colleagues who died there in tragic mishaps, in boat sinkings, freezing to death, accidental shootings, going through the ice, or from snowmobile crashes. He had many close calls himself.

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Sir John Franklin's Jawbone, 1847
Lower jaw - Size - 10 cm d
Found - Peffer Point, King William Is, NU

A Decent Interval - Unlike soldiers in Afghanistan, and Americans souveniring body parts off Indians after massacres, and Blacks after lynchings while they are still quite warm to the touch, and bloody, most of us wait a decent length of time before we collect human body parts. And we don't kill people to get them, just so we have something to take back home to show the folks or to lord over the other guys in the mess.

In fact, finding human bones, in the remote areas of Canada's high arctic - where few humans, let alone white men ever go - is not uncommon. On one occasion John Goldi found a human skull, with a bullet hole in it.

Alarmed, he collected it (1974) and brought it to one of Canada's top archaeologists, Dr. Walter Kenyon (1917-1986) at the Royal Ontario Museum - the Toronto Police Forensic Lab was not remotely interested, that someone was carrying around a human skull in downtown Toronto.

Kindly Walter explained the life history of the person - an Inuit woman with many maladies - and that the "bullet hole," was not, but a hole made long after the skull was on the ground.

Then he informed me that our "good intentions notwithstanding," we had broken several laws regarding human remains...

He kindly refused to accept the skull for research saying, "I have lots already." Getting rid of a human skull in Toronto proved to be a major problem, and an adventure in itself.

Later, Dr. Kenyon was himself, charged with numerous violations of the Cemeteries Act, by First Nations groups, whose burial sites he was fond of digging up...

Famous Bystoneders

Fabulous bystoneders from the Boer War, are these fabulous specimens which overheard General Buller, to the right of the pointed finger, standing close by and discussing the progress of the Battle of Colenso on Dec. 15, 1899.

Alas, but good for history, is that these bystoneders are too huge for anyone to souvenir them for their personal collection.

But they are fabulous. They saw it hall, they heard it all, and they felt the concussion of the nearby naval guns as they blasted the Boer positions.

Alas, it turned into a huge British defeat as the Boers captured most of Colonel Long's advanced artillery guns and hugely threw back Buller's other units forcing him to withdraw.

It was the third and final defeat of Black Week, for top British general Buller.

Freddy Roberts was being killed as Buller looks out, in a Victoria Cross effort, trying to recapture the guns from the Boers.

In the morning, his dad, Lord Roberts, replaced Buller as commander-in-chief in South Africa.

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At the left might very well be René Bull with his camera taking a shot, showing where Boer War artists and cameramen preferred to do their photography, safely out of harm's way among staff officers watching the murder and mayhem far away. Bull, Ernest Prater, and Reinhold Thiele used their cameras to help them capture detail to so they could sketch their "action" pictures for the major publications. None of them came close to risking their lives to take anything like a real action or combat photo.

Shiftstones - displaced by a historic actor or event

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Shiftstone, Type 1 - Fossilized Animal Remains

Among the most fascinating stones for most people are the fossilized bones of animals that once lived.

This dinosaur bone is very rare to find in the field and had to be bought in a geology store in Drumheller, near the Badlands of Alberta and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Besides being rare, it is extremely heavy, with the original animal tissue being displaced over millions of years with chemical elements turning it into a rock.

So this is a per-historic rock souvenir connected to animals that once lived, fought, and died in North America before humans appeared on the scene.

Perhaps it died in battle with a T-Rex.

Some people restrict their rock collecting to just focusing on fossils like this.

They were originally shifted by some kind of animate life force within them and range in size from mites less than two-tens of a mm long to giant mastodons and dinosaurs.

Through the millennia these bones are chemically altered. Are they now bones or rocks.

We consider them the most elemental shiftstone type in our classification system.

Shiftstone Relic - (Fossil) Dinosaur Relic, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Drumheller AB
Orig. shiftstone - Size - 4 x 15 cm
Found - Drumheller, AB

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Shiftstone, Type 2 - Kicked, Budged

Very hard to prove conclusively, but we believe the prow of the first Viking boats to land settlers in North America, rammed this stone, on the small beach at L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, right beside where Viking houses from about 1000 AD, were excavated in the 1960s. (Exact spot below.)

That's hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus, and Basque fishermen landed in North America.

By being inadvertently scraped by a Viking ship - an interaction with humans - this stone relic was accidentally catapulted into history, as a shiftstone.

This makes this the very first rock type that you can verify as having a historic connection to the first Europeans that settled in North America.

Shiftstones like this have played major roles in history. A famous case involved how "kicked accidental stones" exposed what a Fake Crimean war photographer Roger Fenton was.

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Shiftstone Relic - Viking Beach, L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada c 1000 AD
Orig. shiftstone - Size - 5 x 14 cm
Found - L'Anse Aux Meadows, NF
The chance that Viking boats and Viking feet kicked this stone are highly probable since they stayed in this tiny settlement for several years before disappearing back to whence they had come.

As well as this shiftstone, the Vikings left many other artifacts behind, housed in a nearby museum.

Just asking... What is it that causes reenactors to shriek "authenticity, authenticity, authenticity" with such feverish partisan passion, and makes them sneer at anyone who fails that acid test of having the right number of thread holes in a button?

And yet they routinely totally ignore the most visible test of authenticity: their weight.

Reenactors have more than their fair share of 20th century corn-fed, Timbit stuffed, burger bulging, French-fried fed, and beer swilling butts, guts, and boobs.

Let's face it, Norsemen would never have made it to Canada, or pioneers cut civilization out of the wilderness, if they were all carrying as much weight as the wheezing whales on the reenactor circuit.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Shiftstone, Type 3 - Rammed

This stone came from the exact spot on the beach where the SS Imo was bodily deposited after the world's biggest non-atomic explosion in the harbour of Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1917.

By correlating maps and photos it is possible to find the exact spot where the ship was beached and retrieve a rock which betrays not the slightest sign of having received a colossal headache from having a huge ship dumped on it.

Shiftstone Relic - SS Imo, Halifax Explosion, Dec 6, 1917
Orig. shiftstone - Size - 3 X 10 cm
Found - Halifax, NS
However nice a shiftstone of the Imo is it does not compare to this belaying pin which was blown over a mile in the explosion.

Below the very spot on the shore where the Imo was blown by the explosion of which the epicentre was in the middle of the channel from here.

The Halifax Explosion killed some 2,000 people, and blinded and wounded 9,000 more, many of them women and children.

All because silly boys couldn't manage their war toys properly, to fight the stupidest, and the most deadly to that time, war in history...




flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Shiftstone, Type 4 - Carried Away

Up from the accidentally kicked stone, is the stone that was deliberately moved by a historic actor.

We know this stone was moved from a field where it had lain for millions of years, to clear the land for planting grain in early 1830s Ontario.

We even know the man whose hands touched it, carried it to the fence row, and piled it up - David Fife. It came from his fence row on his remote homestead near Peterborough Ontario.

Here he developed a unique strain of Red Fife wheat which was named after him. All Canadian grain from 1860 to 1900 came from the variety of grain he developed on the very soil this rock came from, after he carried it personally, to the fence row.

There are millions of shiftstones like this all over Ontario, but none with as fabulous a provenance as this stone relic.

All grain grown in Canada today has ties back to the strain developed by the man who carried this rock to the fence row so he could play his role in history.

Below David Fife and his original cabin in which he lived at the time he carried this very rock to the fence row.

Shiftstone Relic - David Fife's Homestead Fence Row, Peterborough, ON c 1830
Orig. shiftstone - Size - 5 x 8 cm
Found - David Fife Homestead, Peterborough, ON



Below, a typical Niagara Ontario fence row where rocks and stumps cleared from the land nearby, were dumped, creating a cache of historic shiftstones. Alas, unlike our shiftstone, which was carried by David Fife to the fence row, no one knows the pioneers who carried these stones off the fields.

Right, Like Canadian pioneer farmers for hundreds of years, John and Fred Goldi in the early 1950s, spent many hours carrying rocks from fields to the edge of fence rows, and excavating stumps on their father's farm. This was a huge tree, all alone in the middle of a field before the Goldi boys came along.

John would grow up to become a historian, educator, and film and television producer and Fred would operate his own Toronto Bay Street head hunter firm.





flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Shiftstone, Type 5 - Blown Away by Man

An example of the most violently displaced shiftstone by human agents is this jagged specimen from Bergendal battlefield.

During one of the most horrific cannonadings during the Boer War, British artillery pounded a small group of Boer ZARP policemen to pieces on a small hill.

This shard of rock with its obvious breaks and sharp edges and corners, clearly shows the power of British lyddite high explosives.

What it did to the Boer men who were defending hearth and home there, is beyond comprehension.

Bergendal is considered the last "set piece" battle of the Boer War, after which the Boers shifted to guerrilla warfare for another two years.


Shiftstone Relic - Battle of Bergendal, 1900
Orig. shiftstone - Size - 2 x 11 cm
Found - Bergendal, RSA
In 2000, when we visited Bergendal cemetery, which stands on the hill where some 60 Boers were blown up, then buried, we found that huge granite slabs over the dead in the sarcophagus - far end under the tower - had been slid aside to steal militaria relics or bones for pagan ceremonies. The broken table right shows that vandalism at South Africa's Boer War historic sites - without doubt worse than any other country in the world - continues on with a vengeance.

Famous Shiftstones

Among the most famous shiftstones in history are:

- Frank Slide in BC, in April 1903, which covered an entire town and buried at least 76 people alive. By falling off a mountain, in historic times, and impacting humans - sorry - the rocks have all become shiftstones.

- Fred, Oswald, George, Marmaduke, and Lionel, on the Valley of Death battlefield from the the Crimean War of 1855.

The stone quintet are shown before and after two similar exposures were made by supposed "combat" photographer Roger Fenton, within only minutes of each other, and prove, conclusively, that Fenton faked his photos just like all the other supposed war and battle photographers of his day, and for decades to come.

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Because rocks were all kicked downhill between the exposures, we know the "uphill" photo was taken first, and that in between Fenton and his assistant carried cannon balls on to the road, tripping over stones, as they did the work. It proved the road had been clear of cannon balls when Fenton arrived. He put them back on to fake the scene to make it look like he arrived in the midst of combat...

Utilistone - put to use, as is, by a historic actor

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type1: Aboriginal Tent Ring

A step up from randomly found and collected stones on historic sites are "utilized" stones, those picked up by the historic actors at the time who put them - unaltered - to some provable use.

No work was done on them; they were just used, in their natural state, as they were found, in effect turning a bystoneder from being a mere witness, into an active participant in history.

Like this mellon-sized utilistone, which was used in an Indian tent ring of rocks to hold down the flaps of a tent, hundreds of years ago, in a remote part of southern Alberta.

When a Blackfoot family decided to set up their tent on a small hill by a creek, women and children were sent to retrieve rocks to weigh down the tent bottoms so the wind wouldn't blow it over. A child probably carried this one back.

It did its job, maybe for weeks, or months, before the family moved on, after they rolled it off the tent skins, leaving behind a telltale circle of stones that marked where an Indian family once had its dwelling place.

The lichen growth is on the side that became gradually buried in the prairie, protected from the elements, after the stone had been rolled off the tent for the last time.

Today there are no houses, or people for miles and miles, from the location where this tent ring rock once overheard laughter and chatter as the Blackfoot family set up their home, and settled down to discuss their plans for the future, 100 or 200 years ago...

Hundreds of these tent circles can be found in remote sites all over the prairies, mostly marked by stones that are far too big to ever be carried off by anyone except museum archaeologists.

Utilistone Relic - Blackfoot Tent Ring Rock - near Etzikom, AB
Orig. utilistone - Size - 18 cm w
Found - Etzikom, AB
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 2: Domestic Stone Wall/Corral

Stone walls for corrals to pen in livestock have been used for centuries. There are thousands of these stone kraals all over South Africa from the days when herding and protecting livestock was common. These walls often played major roles during the Boer War as defensive or ambush locations.

The opening battle of the Boer War at Talana Hill started out with the British fanning out across the Smith farm which had such stone walls.

When the attack faltered because of the withering Boer fire from the top of Talana Hill it is said that General Penn-Symons leaped his charger across a wall to rally his men and was almost immediately shot down.

Below the tumbling down wall he jumped over is still there next to the cairn marking where he fell.

He was buried a few kms away in Dundee.


Utilistone Relic - Rubble Stone Wall Talana Hill, October 1899
Orig. utilistone - Size - 4 x 8 cm
Found - Talana Hill, RSA
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 3: Battlefield Defensive Wall/Sangar

Stone wall or sangar construction made use of many local stones, most of them a lot bigger than the small one we souvenired.

Large stones were used to stop bullets and give speed and bulk to building big walls that would stretch for miles. Small stones like this one would be used to act as wedges for bigger rocks, or fill holes in between.

When the war ended these miles of walls were just left and can be seen today as they were then.

The wall this came from stretches for miles along the Tugela River. This stone looked down on Colenso from the wall where Boer sharpshooters decimated Colonel Long and his gunners and the British lost more guns in a few minutes than at any other battle in history.

Utilistone Relic - Stone Wall, Battle of Colenso, Dec 1899
Orig. utilistone - Size - 6 x 10 cm
Found - Colenso, RSA
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 4: Battlefield Grave - Trench 1900

And Acre of Massacre was the battlefield at Spion Kop in January 1900. It had the highest concentration of dead in a small space of any battle in British history.

This small utilistone comes from the top of Spion Kop where mass graves of hundreds of British Tommies were just covered with rocks where they died.

The .303 cartridges were fired there by Tommies who probably were killed. The Martini-Henry bullets were fired by Boers and failed to hit a target and were just buried in the dirt.

Bullets and cartridges from battlefields are the souvenir of choice, not little stones. But it's illegal to dig for them anymore. (These are all with provenance from UK collections gathered in the 1950s and 60s, when people routinely dug things up on historic sites.)

Below the same shot - but different lenses - of the burial site from 1900 and 2010 with South African historian John Sneyman pointing out where British General Woodgate was fatally shot.

Where sites are remote, like Isandlwana and Spion Kop, and don't interfere with economic development, graves are left as they were originally made in the theatre of war.

This was still the universal practice among Canadian armies overseas in World Wars I and II, by creating special cemeteries.

With the coming of cheap air transport, dead soldiers are now always flown back home to their folks, accompanied with a "Thanks Ma" letter from some general.

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Utilistone Relic - Battle of Spion Kop, Jan 1900
Orig. utilistone - Size - 5 x 8 cm
Found - Spion Kop, RSA

An interesting example of dual purpose utilistones, first gathered by Tommies to make defensive walls, and which, after the battle were then re-used by Boers and Red Cross workers to become covering grave stones. Since the outside grave stones have also been whitewashed, these have become alterstones, altered, to make them more useful like those at Isandlwana below.


flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 5: Battlefield Grave Decorative 1899

Isandlwana and Spion Kop are two of the biggest mass graves of the Victoria British army in Africa. The bodies are still in the same place they were buried in the days after the massacres.

For many individuals from the Boer War this is not the case. In the months after their deaths family members disinterred bodies and gave them a final rest in a christian burial plot in a town somewhere.

For example after General Wauchope was killed at the Battle of Magersfontein, he was buried immediately behind the train station of Modder River. His burial scene was an iconic painting as hundreds of Highlanders cried as they covered him with dirt and rocks.

But months later his wife had him removed and buried at Matijesfontein The original dirt and rocks that covered the highland chief were left behind. Now only a sign remains on a plot of empty ground where he once lay.

We like to think this decorative stone once was placed there by a grieving Highlander a hundred years ago. (Since it has not been altered by white-washing, or crushed like other grave decorative stones, it is a utilistone, not an alterstone.)

There are stories of mothers travelling to Africa after the war and secretly disinterring their sons' bodies and taking them back to England.

Utilistone Relic - Modder River, Former Grave, General Wauchope - Dec. 1899
Orig. utilistone - Size - 4 x 8 cm
Found - Modder River, RSA













Right two celebrated images of General Wauchope's original burial site.



Wauchope's original grave looking towards the railway tracks and Modder River, and beyond a few kms to the battlefield at Magersfontein where he died.

It shows a great example of utilistone grave decorations.

Shortly after, his body was moved south, to Matijesfontein by family where his former makeshift wooden cross, hacked together in the hours after he was killed, was replaced by a magnificent carved alterstone.

The carved gravestone is the highest form of alterstone relic, in that it combines altering an original stone in the most numerous ways: by cutting, drilling, carving, shaping, and inscribing, to make it useful to mankind.




flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 5b: Grave Marker 1995

The stone as a grave marker of choice comes in many forms. This is the simplest using a found stone. This was common during colonial wars when white European soldiers fought against Aboriginal peoples in Asia, Africa, and America. Soldiers were buried where they fell and a suitable stone taken from nearby to mark the spot.

Poor people still use plain stones because they can't afford a fancy cut and polished tombstone favoured by middle and upper class European types.

Here at Ipperwash, at a site inaccessible to the public, Stoney Pointers buried Dudley George murdered during an Ontario Provincial Police night attack on Indian families on Sept. 6, 1995.

Dudley was the only Canadian Aboriginal killed by police in a land claims dispute in the 20th century. And it was no accident. He was targetted for his irreverent teasing of OPP officers from behind the safety of the fence at Ipperwash Provincial Park - where they could not grab him - and deliberately eliminated by the OPP sniper team lead by Sgt. Ken Deane.

To underline the systemic white European racism against Canada's Aboriginal peoples that resulted in the assault on Indian people on their own property, this funeral was declared off limits to white European mainstream media and provincial and federal government bureaucrats, and police authorities.

They had all conspired to murder him, to misrepresent his death, and to cover up wrong-doing by top political and police bosses.

But then Canadian Indians had known for a long time that history is what the ruling classes - of European whites who own the media who publish it - make it to be.

Canadian history is overwhelmingly written by whites, from a white perspective, and in the mainstream media, always slanted towards the ever watchful eyes of the white rich and super-rich owners who own and control what gets printed and what does not.

In the case of the killing of Dudley George in 1995 it meant that for almost a year after it happened this huge OPP hate crime, and enormous human rights violation went uninvestigated and unreported by Canada's mainstream media. It was circle the wagons against the Indians, big time, by all Canada's journalist employees of the European moguls who own and control the newspapers, television, and radio outlets, which form and massage public opinion, and write the first draft of history.

Utilistone Grave Marker, Dudley George, Sept. 1995
Orig. stone - Size - 1.5 x 2'
Found - Ipperwash, ON

Note how the eagle feather, the proud Indian symbol of Dudley's life that is painted on his tombstone, is the very symbol that OPP officers used in all of their various racist trophies after the killing, showing it broken and bent, to symbolize how they had crushed the "fucking Indians"

The trouble with history is it depends on who writes it...

Note how the violent racist assault by OPP cruisers on picnicking Indian families we reported above is nowhere in the written record by the mainstream media.

When it was nothing if not a clear, preliminary demonstration of the degree of race hatred that existed in the OPP, for grown men to ram cruisers into peaceful Indian women and children. It's targetted racism that is every bit as vile as skinheads defacing synagogues with Nazi symbols, or racist thugs beating up Muslims in downtown Toronto. Just because the thugs are wearing Establishment uniforms and are acting on orders from political and police leaders make the human rights violation any less vile and despicable.

Wickedpedia - Note how all the violence Wikipedia reports -clearly written by a dude of the European persuasion - is also laid totally at the hands of people labeled "protesters," making it appear - completely erroneously in history - that it was the protesters - the specter of hockey rioters is brought to mind - that brought on the death of Dudley George. When in fact it was a deliberate police attack on Indians who were not even "protesting," in the media sense that word is used, that brought on the violence.

Dudley lies here because he and Indians at Ipperwash did not believe that racism at the OPP and in the Premier's office was severe enough that they would launch an unprovoked, violent armed police attack against Indian women, children, babies, and men sitting on picnic tables, both on Sept 4 or Sept 6, 1995.

Hell the Indians were only peaceful "occupiers" of a safe zone behind a fence from which they refused to come out, from a place they had been for days, and knew the police could not enter. So the cops had to provoke them... OPP officers verbally challenged them repeatedly to "come out an fight." All because the Indians had not the slightest interest in a European style big city confrontational engagement of any kind with the police. The Indians never attacked the police in any way. Which enraged the police because they could not find a reason to attack people who used this Gandhian technique safely behind their fence. The police only managed to get a reaction by unleashing violence on them at midnight.

The Wikipedia article paints the police as interested in peaceful solutions - totally false - and the protesters in violent resolution - totally false.

And the article uses veiled language that intimates the protesters were violent and male, when in fact at all the venues where the police launched deliberate attacks, women, teens, children, and babies were commonly present. It is ludicrous beyond belief, and racist, to intimate that Indians would put their wives and kids in harms way if they were planning violence of any kind or expected any.

The ever presence of families proved Indians were completely interested in peaceful bureaucratic resolution. Hell they already had everything they wanted. They were occupying Camp Ipperwash and Ipperwash Provincial Park where the OPP could not get at them.

It was the whites, from racist Premier Mad Mike Harris on down, who preached violence to remove the "fucking Indians" (Premier Harris), and "do these fuckers big time," (OPP Sgt. Korosec.) And acted on it. Deliberately bringing terror, violence, death, and injury to Indians of all ages and sexes, both at the picnic table crashing and the killing of Dudley a day later.

If Indians are guilty of one thing it is in believing that whites would never shoot up Indian women, children, babies, and men. They were wrong to believe in the good will of white people in a political system were racism is systemic and goes to the very top...

Afghans could have set them straight, and pointed out to them that during the many years the Canadian Forces shot up their country, Canadian military men had no trouble at all in shooting, shelling, and bombing, targets where Afghan women, children, babies where known or suspected to be. With the result that the present Canadian Forces have killed more Muslim women, children, babies, and men, than all previous Canadian Forces in history combined. And they have received military and civilian (Orders of Canada) medals for doing it... After all, snorted a proud General Rick "the Killer" Hillier, that's "the job of the Canadians Forces..." "to be able to kill people."

The British criminal, Conrad Black, now seeking refuge in Canada, where he is not even a citizen, is typical of those whites who rewrite self-serving history. Though he spent tens of millions on lawyers to impose his spin on the facts, trying to use the legal system the rich use to get out of crimes they commit, the US Supreme Court said, "No Conrad, you are trying to rewrite history to suit yourself. You are guilty of the crimes you committed and we are sending you back to the Big House, for the second time, not setting you free."

He was sent to jail, twice, for multiple criminal acts, that even his multi-millionaire lawyers couldn't get him out of. Then the US expeditiously deported him because they didn't want his type in the US.

Similarly the Ipperwash story on Wikipedia is reported by white boys who do not know the history but give overwhelming balance to the white people who reported events.

Right off the top the Wiki article is wrong. There was not a "violent confrontation," which to white people commonly means that civilians - like at Montreal hockey riots - were responsible for instigating violence against the police. This is a loaded, bigoted, and totally false mischaracterization.

The killing of Dudley George was the result of a direct and deliberate police attack. The protesters stayed behind the fence of Ipperwash Park where they knew they were safe. Besides not having a reason to, they weren't stupid enough to attack, with bare hands, a huge force of heavily armed police officers advancing against them while beating their batons and brandishing automatic weapons.

They were provoked into coming over the fence only when the OPP started clubbing the Kettle Point councilor to the point of death, and beating up one of the protester's dogs.

Ken Deane led a sniper team that specifically targetted Dudley George. He had told Dudley he was going to get him the day before. Indians were told this ahead of time. Deane clearly discussed this before hand with his team.

There was lots of similar racist and hatefully aggressive and demeaning talk about Indians by OPP officers recorded on police radios at the time.

The OPP corporate culture, like that of the racist Premier Harris' office, clearly loathed Indians, especially this group.

Judge Linden is only one of two judges who said the OPP repeatedly lied to cover their conspiracy against Indians.

The Harris testimony as reported here is totally false, making it appear that Harnick is the sole source for the Premier's racist remarks, saying that other witnesses denied that Harris said it.

Totally and absolutely preposterous. We heard about the Premier's racist remarks ten years before Harnick said it, from the local chief who had it reported to him from Queen's Park just hours after the Premier's racist outburst.

We have met upper echelon staffers at Queen's Park who said they too had heard about Harris' remarks the same day he made them. Hell everyone at Queen's Park knew in September 1995, including white journalists like Peter Edwards, all of whom covered up for the Premier and his racist outburst so as not to damage access to his office and the police whom they needed to get source material for their stories and columns.

Harnick's silly outburst - and Wikipedia - was old hat, ten long years too late - for the Indians; hell for all Canadians - and irrelevant to history

SOUVENIRING PEOPLE 4 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Fuck the Indians - White journalists covered up for powerful white Establishment guys... big time...

The fact that Harnick is "the news" on this story shows, only, the horrid degree to which the media suck up to the Establishment to bury stories it doesn't want aired. The facts were there in 1995. The mainstream media of Good Old European white boys and girls refused to publish for ten long years.

His Royal Souveniring Vileness, Prince Harry of Afghanistan

The utterly loathsome Prince Harry, not sporting a Nazi armband this time, but smiling in triumph just after he bagged a Muslim child marched in front of his machine gun to indulge "his Royal pleasure." Prime Minister Tony "Butcher" Blair and the UK media, almost entirely controlled by Rupert Murdoch, knew, and applauded, when they heard the Royal Family wanted the Prince to be sent to Afghanistan to collect a trophy Muslim or two, and were completely alright with keeping silent about the fact that he had gone there to hunt for a specimen or two for the wall of the family den.

It is not known how many Muslims Prince Harry bagged, but judging by his smile he's happy with the body count. It is known that immediately after word leaked out that he was in Afghanistan to hunt Muslims, he quickly returned to London, and went back to his usual quarry, bagging an endless supply of tittering English "birds," flushed up by his beaters, to await "his Royal pleasure" in seedy nightclubs and bars. Only then the media reported about his hunting exploit. It's a great example of how the media and the rich and super-rich, work hand in glove, to promote and protect each other's interests in the UK, the US and Canada and the other so-called Western European Democracies.

His Royal Vileness has been overheard, when overly lubricated, raucously joining any nearby journalists in chanting and acting out the old World War II charade: "This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for shooting; this is for fun."

Exactly like journalists hid John Kennedy's numerous and loathsome adulterous affairs with White House interns. among scores - probably hundreds - of other women.

And the way the UK media played along with the Royals by conspiring to hide Prince Harry's tour of military service in Afghanistan, so this Establishment white boy could have a chance to bag a non-white Afghan Muslim child or two with his machine gun, with less than minimal risk to himself.

His tunic now sports a spiffy, sanitized Afghan medal - an upper class Establishment stand-in for the common souvenirs poor folks have to make do with: ears from a lynched Black man, teeth a US grunt extracted from an eliminated Afghan, or US cavalry souvenir breasts of an Indian woman.

The Racist Heart of Darkness in Ontario - Race hate in Ontario - like in all European countries - is systemic and growing, and existed at the top levels of the Premier's office, and the OPP, which kept the convicted criminal, Sgt. Deane, on the payroll for over five years, before being forced by repeating negative court findings, to fire him.

He was the only OPP officer ever punished for what were found to be many levels of racist behaviour, lying, and cover-up, by numerous OPP officers found by different judges in different proceedings. Seen from the Indian perspective - hell from any fair-minded independent point of view - the OPP acted before, during, and after the killing of Dudley George, exactly like Nazi storm troopers in Germany in the 1930s, first brutally victimizing a minority population to the point of exterminating a target, and then banding together, officially, in support groups attending courts, and by enforcing a code of silence, as well as overt lying, to cover up acts of racism and criminality committed by numerous of its members.

In the Premier's office and at the OPP, Indians, including Aboriginal women, children, babies, and men, sitting peacefully on picnic benches, on land they own to this very day (2012), were routinely referred to as "fuckers," the lowest and most demeaning word in the English dictionary.

Deb Hutton, the loathsome Premier's aide "couldn't recall," some 134 times during the Ipperwash Inquiry, when questioned about the conversations and actions of her racist boss, that she overheard or witnessed.

And this was not Mississippi in 1930 but Ontario in 2004 when she retreated into amnesia rather than outing the vile words and actions of her racist boss.

Today Deb Hutton is the wife of the Leader of the Conservative Party of Ontario, who came close to becoming Premier at the last election. Maybe next time.

Well, at least his wife's beliefs about Aboriginal peoples is well known to Ontarians.

Now do you know why such a huge proportion - over 40% and growing - of people in Canada, and not just Indians, refuse to vote anymore in a political system so rotted through with so many absolutely loathsome and lowlife Establishment people?

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 6: Stone Wall, Domestic Utility

Walls for privacy and for corrals for livestock have been used for centuries.

This was a rubble stone used to build a large stone wall around the rear of the house of famed Canadian artist Horatio Walker on the Isle d'Orléans.

No, souveniring a small rubble stone fallen from the wall is not vandalism.

Rubble stone walls and foundations are notoriously attacked by the extremes of the Canadian climate as moisture seeps in with the passing years, and the ruthless winter temperatures create frost heave that breaks them apart.

A homeowner has two choices: repair or demolish. Most such walls and foundations in Canada have been demolished because of the expense at trying to maintain them. Those who prefer to keep them up bring in crews who clear away all the loose little stones - like this one - replace them with larger stones, or cement over the holes.

This stone would have been scooped up as landfill at the next wall repair perhaps twenty or thirty years down the road.

Instead the little stone that watched Horatio paint in his back yard has been preserved for history.

Utilistone Relic - Rubble Stone Wall, Horatio Walker home
Orig. utilistone - Size - 4 x 7 cm
Found - Isle d'Orléans, PQ
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 7: House Foundation - Rebellion 1837

This utilistone was once incorporated into the foundation of a log cabin which is long gone. Pioneers had picked it randomly from a field and with mortar, cemented it into a foundation to support their wilderness home.

For one night in December 1837, it heard the worried voice of William Lyon Mackenzie as the owners sheltered him inside for a few hours as he fled the gallows towards safety in the US. They could have all been hanged for doing so.

This site, now just a weed-covered pile of rubble stones, is unknown to most people and only marked by an obscure sign that was put up in the 1930s and is impossible to see from the road.

But it came from a foundation that once supported a house like the Fairchild cabin at nearby Ball's Falls park.

Utilistone Relic - William Lyon Mackenzie Stop-over Log Cabin 1837
Orig. utilistone - Size - 5 x 15 cm
Found - Jordan, ON













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flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 7: House Foundation

The sad fate of many Canadian pioneer houses. All that remains is a few utilistones of a foundation that once supported a family home for 150 years of more.

This is the former home of Calixa Lavallée (1842-1891) the man who composed "Oh Canada."

And no, since you asked, we did not remove a utilistone from this historic site, and despoil a heritage treasure which is already awfully depleted by the careless and dismissive acts of governments in the past.

Utilistones, Former Home of Calixa Lavallée, Calixa Lavallée, PQ

Orig. home - Image Size - 23 cm
Found - Calixa Lavallée, PQ

Some four kms north, beyond the trees on the horizon flows the mighty St. Lawrence River beside the small town of Verchères, where Madeleine "de," won undying fame as the teenage girl who defended her community against an attack by Iroquois Indians in 1692. And has been commemorated with Canada's biggest bronze statue by one of Canada's finest artists, Louis-Philippe Hébert.

On the right, the tents where the Chants de Vielle music festival - quite possibly the best in Canada - is held every September, when men and women join in rousing group "answer back" early Canadian folk music in French, non-stop, all day and night for several days. All of Quebec's top fiddlers attend.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 7: House Foundation - War Crime 1900

A half a world away, in Dullstroom, South Africa, this foundation stone was part of a building in a peaceful and remote town.

Until November 1900, when a troop of Canadians showed up, and sacked the town, burning all its buildings to the ground, but not before stealing choice personal effects from the Boers before starting the torching.

This stone heard it all: gunshots going off, crackling of flames, and nearby, the laughter and exuberant voices of young Canadian soldier boys, doing what soldiers do, and the loud cries and pleadings of women, children, and old men to please spare their houses and mill below.


Utilistone Relic - Rubble Stone, Dullstroom House burned by Canadians Nov 1900
Orig. utilistone - Size - 3 x 8 cm
Found - Dullstroom, RSA

In vain... Below Dullstroom after the Canadians...

Canadian VC Heroes...

Only days after three Canadians won Victoria Crosses near Belfast, they were off, on a burning trek, laughingly pillaging Boer women and children out of home and hearth as they burned the town of Dullstroom to the ground.

Note how well the war artist has specifically captured the Canadians at work doing the "nation building" they would become famous for doing in Afghanistan from 2005 till 2012, and the hill behind the town, shown in the modern view of the street down which the Canadians galloped past rows of houses they put to the torch..





Good practice... Canadians were doing exactly the same thing, a century later - and would do so for years - in Afghanistan, in the 21st century.

With one big difference. In 1900 the Boer women, children, and babies were only left crying. It's instructive to remember that the Boer War Canadian soldiers were NOT career military soldiers, BUT civilians, on a one year contract from civvy street. Civilian morality and ethics restrained them from excesses to a great extent.

One who was victimized was Aunt Alida van de Poll below who pleaded with the Canadians to spare her family mill top.

In spite of her entreaties, with their VC's jangling on their chests, they not only burned her mill but her family home above as well.

As a Canadian who was there wrote later, as they torched it anyway, she asked "How can you be so cruel?"

In Afghanistan thousands of Muslim women, children, and babies were left permanently dead in the destruction of their homes mostly done by shells and bombs launched from miles away so the men who did it could be spared hearing the crying women or seeing the blown apart children. And so had no problem doing it over, and over, and over again.

After 100 years the people of Dullstroom still remember the day the Canadians came, galloping down the street... These photos are shared from family albums.

Yet no Boer women or children were killed during this Canadian war crime.

Go to the Dullstroom Pillage

How many hundreds of years will the world's 1.5 billion Muslims remember the predations of the Canadian Judeo-Christian Forces in Afghanistan and the thousands of civilian Muslim women, children, babies, and men they killed with their brand of modern warfare? Where they coldly dismiss them only as "collateral damage."

So much for the march of civilization and the steady downgrading of lives that are not born into favoured tribes, and into the rich and the super-rich and their political cronies.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Utilistone, Windmill, Verchères, PQ
Orig. windmill -
Found - Verchères, PQ
Utilistone, Type 9: Windmill

Pioneer windmills in 17th century Canada were built with rubble stone - utilistone to you - walls.

This one still stands preserved at Verchères right beside the statue to Madeleine right.

Unlike the mill of Alida van de Poll, at Dullstroom, which was burned to the ground by Canadians, this one withstood attacks by Iroquois.

It is a historical experience that has made Québécois, who opposed the Boer War and Canada's war against the Muslims of Afghanistan, earn their unrivalled laurels, in our estimation, as "the Conscience of Canada."

It is, in fact, the profound humanitarian decency of French-Canadians that have been the main force in why Canadians developed such an unrivaled reputation in the 20th century as one of the most trusted and decent peoples on the planet, everywhere you travelled on the globe.

NO CANADA - In the 21st century that reputation has been destroyed wholesale, everywhere around the globe, as the racist Anglo corporate group of old, that once bedeviled Canadian history, resurrected and won dominance with a Prime Minister elected by a scant 23.7% of the voters, to engineer race wars against the Muslims for a start, and to pull out all the stops to bring arch-criminal - and non-citizen - Conrad Black back home to his super-rich friends in Canada after he was found and fully certified as completely guilty of crimes by the US Supreme Court itself, and ordered deported as unfit to live on US soil.

Disorder of Canada - His Anglo friends in high places, in spite of his heinous crimes, that would bar any man without special connections, also engineered to let him keep his Order of Canada - a stunning act of racism - when they yanked it from a Canadian Indian for just saying all perfectly legal vile stuff, and from an Indo-Canadian for stealing a few grand. But the super-rich Anglo, who stole tens of millions, and dumped his Canadian citizenship for purely personally advantage, gets to keep his because of his Anglo rich and super-rich friends in high places. Systemic racism in Canada, hugely resurrected in the 21st century, alive and well in Ottawa, Canada.

Anti-Aboriginal Racism - The racism persists on the provincial level too where a former Attorney General of Ontario, going home after a late night party, smashed into a bicyclist, and in a rage, dragged him several hundred yards without stopping, killing him. then he left him to die as he drove from the scene of the killing - hell it was only an Aboriginal and the Attorney-General a privileged Anglo.

After killing him he drove hundreds of yards from the scene, enough for normal citizens to be charged for hit and run. But not for the Anglo elitist for whom the media and politicians went into overdrive to ensure that he would get off scot free on all counts.

And the Indian; he's dead and vilified as having committed suicide.

Systemic racism is alive, big time in Ontario.

And that bicyclists - especially if driven by an Aboriginal - should stay clear of raging BMW drivers with elite lawyers behind the wheel.

"Don't mention that woman's name..." - When ultra-reactionary fellow Globe columnist Christie Blatchford was asked if she had any words of sympathy for Jan Wong, for having been hounded into unemployment, and then pursued and persecuted when she tried to get work elsewhere till she was stressed into mental and physical disability, she barked above and refused comment.

She soon moved over to the ultra-right wing Aspertame media chain who love her pro-war against the Muslims rants and super-rich elitist promotional columns.
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Utilistone, Monument, Madeleine de Verchères, Verchères, PQ
Orig. statue -
Found - Verchères, PQ
Utilistone, Type 10: Statue Pedestal

Canada's largest bronze statue, by famed sculptor Philippe Hébert at Verchères, is supported on a pedestal adorned with bystoneders gathered from where Madeleine defended her community from annihilation in 1692.

Not bad for a 14 year old, and a girl...

The figure beside the monument gives an idea of scale.

The utilistones are framed by concrete alterstones.

The statue, for our money - and we've seen them all - is simply the finest, the most emotive, the most artistic, of any in all of Canada.

The stance is truly Canadian, not threatening, not warlike, not aggressive, not macho, but vibrantly alert, and the rifle, not up to give offense, but perfectly placed "at the ready" to defend hearth and home.

Madeleine would be proud. It is a statue every Canadian should take a side trip to see.

From a distant past when leading women worked for the good of the community, instead of like today, where many of them - like female media types - just pander grovelingly at the feet of the rich and super-rich corporate men to help them manipulate the masses and subvert the democracy for their own selfish purposes.

Maggie Wente, with her numerous promotional columns on behalf of a thoroughly revolting multiple convicted Conrad Black who served 42 months in US prisons, is at the top of a heap of servile women at the service of multi-millionaire moguls who control the Canadian media, lock, stock, and barrel.

It shows how far Canadian journalism has fallen since the days of William Lyon Mackenzie, who founded a newspaper to tackle the anti-democratic elites of his day.

In the 21st century the media world has turned completely upside down, with the descendants of Mackenzie's old and honoured profession, now fully and completely in the pocket of the same ruthless rich and super rich classes that Little Mac had tackled for being the major saboteurs of democracy 175 years ago.

The Most Servile Profession - As Pierre Karl Péladeau, who "owns" the biggest media chain in Quebec, snarkily pointed out, to a Parliamentary committee, speaking up for the independence of journalists, "Hey, what gives here? Have you forgotten that journalists are only "employees." Or some such reminder. Something Canadian journalists are all keenly aware of, even before the Jan Wong Globe and Mail persecution, and is their guiding credo before putting their wary pen to paper.

Pointedly he made the salutary observation to remind everyone, that if employees don't "perform" to the employer's - from the super-rich classes - expectation, they are gone, instantly. And if fired in his chain will be jobless in Quebec.

Jan Wong is Maggie Wente's polar opposite, on the same newspaper, a poster child of a top Canadian intellectual, journalist, as well as a major accomplished writer, who tried to do her job conscientiously à la Mackenzie, while working for the Globe and Mail and be an independent researcher and columnist, and not just be a media whore like others around her.

Her employer - remember what Péladeau said - the Globe and Mail hounded her into unemployment. Then after she was fired, when she tried to publish her own work, to earn a living, at Chatelaine magazine and at Doubleday, the Globe and Mail viscously threatened the owners till they both refused to publish her columns and book. Luckily she is supported by her husband otherwise she would be just another independent journalist who drives taxi or works in a fast food restaurant in this Canadian democracy.

Aspertame - Then other journalists - notably Paul Gessell - of the Aspertame Ottawa Citizen scathingly reviewed the book Jan self published, when many others had praised it. Gessell is one of a huge stable of journalists across Canada, tamed by the super-rich Aspers, who own them - remember what Péladeau said? - body and soul. The Aspers are sending out a big warning to any of their own employees that they had better toe the line or else it's the unemployment line, right behind Jan Wong, for you.

Media Whore - It's why journalism, as practiced by the likes of Maggie Wente, Christie Blatchford, Rosie diManno, and their Aspertame colleagues, has become the biggest whoring profession in Canada.

It is also why in every poll taken of the public pulse, on people that are most respected in society, journalists always come in at the bottom, where the snakes slither, the grime and grunge coagulate, and the groveling is done.

Canadastan - And it is why over 40% of Canadians - and growing - refuse to vote in federal elections in what passes for Democracy in Canada, a totally discredited political system, which is so feverishly promoted by a whole stable of servile media "employees."

And hugely snubbed in spite of the best stridently unctuous efforts of the Toronto Star's Martin Regg Cohn's public lambasting non-voters, on behalf of his super-rich employers, for not playing along, in a system everyone knows is totally rigged by the rich and super-rich political, corporate, and media classes..

Go to Madeleine
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flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 8a: House

A house built entirely of rubble stones (utilistones) as found in Quebec dating from the 18th and 19th century.

Rubble stones used to build houses are a high order of utilistones.

Unlike many other utilistones, they were in intimate contact with people, in the case of this house, for over 200 years.

This house is built on the old French model, but adapted for Canada - with its heavy winter snowfall - by adding the overhaning eaves that shelters doorways.

Utilistone, Stone House, Batiscan, PQ - c 1800
Orig. rubble stone -
Found - Batiscan, PQ

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 8b: House

This is actually a transitional house, from utilistone to alterstone in construction.

It is a level up from the above house, as it has only the side walls constructed of rubble stone.

The front wall, which faces the public, is more stylish with cut stones, so there it is actually of a higher level alterstone construction since the stones were dressed before being used.

It exemplifies, in a stone house, of what was said, a century later, of the Queen Anne style wooden house, to have a Queen Anne front and a Mary Anne back, because fancy detail work and adornment were often completely missing on the sides and rear of the house.

This house is closer to the earliest style of French-Canadian stone house and more faithful to the original style imported from Normandy in France.

Utilistone & Alterstone, Stone House, Deschambault, PQ - 1790
Orig. rubble stone
Found - Deschambault, PQ

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 8a: House

in Anglo parts of the Canadian colony of Great Britain, the Georgian house was common, also built entirely of utilistone rubble stone.


Utilistone, Ermatinger Stone House, Sault Ste Marie, On - 1814
Orig. rubble stone -
Found - Sault Ste Marie
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Utilistone, Type 8c: House

In Scottish parts of Ontario where skilled stone masons were common, an even higher level of alterstone cut and fitted blocks were used for the public facing side of the house.

The old rubble stone wall - cheaper and faster to build - persisted on the sides of even stately private homes like here in Perth, Ontario.

This home sheltered the Mathesons for 100 years.

Utilistone & Alterstone, Matheson Stone House, Perth, ON - 1840

Orig. sandstone -
Found - Perth, ON

Famous Utilistones

- Ballast stones from the San Pedro which sank off Florida in 1733 during a hurricane, rest on the ocean bottom.

- Cobble stone streets in Nantucket are actually made from reused ballast stones.

So ballast stones which are first used, as found, as ballast stones, to hold down a ship in heavy winds, are then used again, when a ship is sent to the breakers, as second tier utilistones by being imbedded in the ground to make cobbled streets. They are therefore double tier utilistones.

- Catapult stones used in Roman times to pound walls and fortifications down.

- David's sling stone with which he slew Goliath.






Alterstones - altered to improve their usability

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Alterstone Relics - Stone Axes & Celts, Canadian Indian
Orig. alterstone axes - Size - life size
Found - Canada
Alterstone, Type 6 - Shaped: Axes & Celts

Processed stones - which are altered to make them more useful - from historic sites, are a step up from randomly collected utilistones which are just used as found. Alterstones are the most advanced form of stone relics.

Canada's Indian people were masters at "processing" found stone and rock into a wide variety of useful instruments, tools, and weapons.

A fabulous collection of Canadian Indian stone axes and clubs, once used by Aboriginal peoples, to give you an idea of what shapes and sizes you can expect to find when collecting antique items.

The stone axes are grooved, to make them easier to tie to wooden hafts.

The two 19th century Plains Indian war clubs are not grooved.

Nor are the two hand axes or celts at the bottom.

The four mauls at the top from left to right are:from the former Blake McKendry Collection, in Kingston, ON; a granite maul from Kettle Point, ON; two mauls collected from Blackfoot territory, near Hawarden, SK.

The largest two mauls are from southern Ontario, as are the two hand axes, or celts.

The Plains Indian war clubs come from an old London Ontario estate collection.

A quarter, a normal arrowhead, and two bird points are included for scale.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 1 - Prehistoric Paintings

The earliest alterstones known to man are those that came into being when primitive man stopped and decided he wanted to leave his mark on some rock or stone.

The earliest alterstones might very well be at urination sites, where primitive man relieved himself on a rock wall. If one could do chemical analysis of suspected cave man pissoirs, urine covered alterstones might be found.

It is easier to find places where cave man started to paint on rock walls resulting in pictographs.

These pictographs are among the simplest form of alterstone, merely being changed by painting images on them.

These are from a famous complex of caves in Lascaux, in southwestern France, and are estimated to be 17,300 years old.

Historic Painted - Canadian pictographs at most, only 300 years old, in other words within the time frame that white men have lived here. Since they are on exposed outdoor rock walls most are badly weathered and growing fainter by the year.

Below some good examples from the north shore of Lake Superior.

Alterstones, Pictographs, Lascaux, France
Orig. alterstone - Size - huge
Found - Lascaux, France
These are genuine stone relics, but are just too huge to cart home as souvenirs, though probably more than a few have tried to hammer off pieces. Which is grossly unethical and illegal.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 2 - Aboriginal Carvings

The oldest alterstones are petroglyphs showing pictorials hammered out of the limestone rock by Aboriginal peoples long before the white man came to North America.

These from Peterborough, Ontario are about 1,000 years old and were carved by Algonkian people between 600 to 1400 AD. The oldest known Canadian petroglyphs are about 5,000 years old.

There are some 900 carvings at Peterborough. These were not discovered until 1954, by a white prospector, Everett Davis, in what was then a remote and inaccessible wilderness area. Today a paved highway goes by the spot and the huge limestone rock on which the carvings were made is covered by a building and is a National Historic Site.

It is the most significant discovery of Aboriginal art in Canada.


Alterstone Petroglyphs, Peterborough, ON
Orig. alterstone - Size - huge
Found - Peterborough, ON

A supremely insightful piece of journalism published by the Toronto Star's late Randy Starkman, notes the most destructive thing the white man has done to North American Indians: colonize their minds into believing they think they are worthless and have nothing to offer. It exposes the biggest enemy the Canadian Indian has today - himself... his colonial, colonized mind set.

The destructive result, observed by those who have lived cheek to jowl in Indian communities for long periods of time, is "cultural arrogation" - a hostile position of cultural appropriation that builds hostile barriers between peoples, and undermines true education. It has no further validity than to give the practitioner a touchstone of self-confidence through some cultural exclusivity that he denies - usually in a hostile manner and tone - to others, especially white men. In doing so the practitioner is himself, actually, acting as the unwitting puppet of the colonialism he is trying to overcome.

A good example of this retrograde mental attitude - in individuals and communities too - is a common Aboriginal demand that people - read non-Indians - not be allowed to photograph or video tape at sites like sacred rocks at Peterborough, saying that by taking pictures they are insulting Aboriginal religious beliefs. It's a variation on the old, "you will steal my face" by taking my picture.

Of course Indians are allowed to do this, as cameras in their hands does not seem to anger the "gods" like when a white man does it.

We've encountered this ethnocentric hostility - that's what it's really all about - at Alert Bay, BC, where many Indians present were taking photos and videos to their heart's content, during a pole raising to which we had been invited by Don Svanvik, Chief of the Whonnock family, who directed operations. Photo flashes were going off constantly amid the loud chatter and hubbub.

When I - the only white man there - tried to take a still photo, unobtrusively, without flash, from far back, I was loudly, angrily, and very demonstratively, shouted at to "NO! Stop it!" by a visibly angry Chief Don Svanvik, who was himself at least half white, his father being a full-blooded Swede.

xHis angry face and stabbing finger caused a hush in the crowd and took me aback, big time. Especially one like me, who had spent many years living in remote small Indian towns and had spent many more making educational TV films with top Canadian Aboriginal leaders and educators. And so was used to staying unobtrusive and hanging back so as not to interfere or intrude on things...

Go to Scared Shitless at Ipperwash

After all, I had also already been talking, in a most friendly manner, with Don, and his wife, socially, at various times over the past two days, including in his house, and his place of business. In private I had let him pour his heart out to my TV video camera. Don knew we were in town to film material for an educational film on First Nations which would become a landmark program "Unfinished Business: Treaties With the First Nations," told entirely by First Nations people. Though I had not brought my video camera to the pole raising because I thought it would be a distraction. Now, the only white guy there, I was rewarded with this huge public humiliation...

Self-validation is common sociological phenomenon you run into in these situations, especially with people of mixed parentage in authority positions. Probably Don was just trying to prove himself, publicly, as a "real Indian" by denouncing and humiliating, in front of everybody, the only white man in the crowd. And getting status by publicly embarrassing him and putting him in his place. I put my small rangefinder camera away, and continued to watch from behind the crowd as Indians continued to videotape and shoot with flashes all over the area.

When it was all over I walked over to Don, standing amid a group of his laughing friends, and firmly reached out my hand to thank him for inviting us to the pole raising. Don was thunderstruck. There was total silence and not a few embarrassed averted eyes, from other men I had also filmed and socialized with in previous days, as I paid my respects to the Chief, and took my leave.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 3 - Graffiti Scratched 1899

The most primitive kind of alterstone is that covered in graffiti. These stones are totally indistinguishable from all the other ones around except that a human being passed by at some time and left his calling card.

Here on the hills above Belmont, South Africa, Canadian members of the First Contingent RCR, scratched their names on many rocks when they were camped here, from November 1899 to February 1900, during the Boer War.

These were found, and publicized, after a lengthy search by Canadian historian John Goldi in 2000, based on seeing a small untitled photo of three small letters on rock, on a tourist brochure. The existence of these possible alterstones was not mentioned in the literature, not even the chief books of the Boer War. Neither Canadian historians nor the Royal Canadian Regiment whose men had made the inscriptions were aware of the existence of these remarkable inscriptions.

John Goldi found them by accident while hiking the hills above the Belmont railway station. Like the Canadian hospital he also located, and the Canadian Guard Room, he identified, the stone inscriptions were totally unmarked without any signage of any kind, and this after the 100th anniversary of the Boer War had come and gone...

When he returned to Canada he brought these remarkable discoveries to the attention of the Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Hon. Sheila Cox, and to Major-General T.F. de Faye CMM, CD, of the Royal Canadian Regiment in London, Ontario.

He submitted a substantial report, to them, outlining the total lack of any Canadian government signage of any kind on Canadian Boer War sites in South Africa, and demanding that Canada put up markers and end "A Hundred Years of Neglect."

Alterstone Graffiti, Canadian RCR Contingent, Belmont, RSA, 1899
Orig. alterstone - Size - many all over the place
Found - Belmont, RSA

On Sep. 15, 2005 the Hon. Stéphane Dion Dion, Minister for Canadian Heritage and the Historic Sites and Monuments Board, wrote him to say that "I am pleased to advise you that I have recently designated Canada and the South African War an event of national historic significance."

And that as a result he would order the setting up of the first Canadian Historic Sites and Monuments Board plaques on the African continent.

These inscriptions - carved by occupying enemy soldiers - were reviled by generations of South Africans. One reason they were never publicized, posted, or marked in South Africa. And no one could offer assistance of where there might be inscriptions by Canadians we were searching for.

Other Afrikaners took it a step further, smashing many of the inscriptions with rocks to try to expunge the history of that awful time of death and destruction which these foreign men had brought by invading their country.

Taking revenge in their turn, Black Africans now desecrate with stunning malevolence, the historic markers and monuments set up by white South Africans, to commemorate a war which wiped out some 10% of their population, mostly women, teens, children, babies, and old people.

Heads, arms, and rifles are broken off marble statues. Bronze statues, and rifles are ripped off to be melted down for quick cash. It's a desecration of historic monuments on a scale without parallel in any other country.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 4 - Artistic Carving 1820

In Lucerne, Switzerland, the home town of John Goldi's maternal grandfather, is the famous sculpture, the Lion of Lucerne carved in 1820-21. It was already old when his grandfather was born in the 1870s.

The Lion of Lucerne was commissioned by a survivor of the Gardes Suisses massacre of 1792, to commemorate his comrades who had died defending the Royal Family of France. It was designed by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. The American writer Mark Twain (1835–1910) praised the sculpture of the mortally wounded lion as "the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world."

This artistic tour-de-force is gigantic - compare it to the two blackbirds up front - and carved into the wall of an old quarry.

The dying lion is portrayed impaled by a spear, with his paws still protecting a shield bearing the fleur-de-lis of the French monarchy.

Beside him is another shield bearing the coat of arms of Switzerland. The inscription below the sculpture lists the names of the officers, and approximate numbers of the soldiers who died.

Alterstone, The Lion of Lucerne (Switzerland), Bertel Thorvaldsen, 1820-21
Orig. carving - Image Size - huge
Found - Lucerne, SU
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 5 - Painted: Battlefield Grave - Pit

Another kind of alterstone was gathered to bury people, to cover them up, and mostly to keep wild animals from digging.

This was common in the 19th century when graves of dead soldiers in the different parts of the British Empire were mostly in remote places, and they were just buried where they fell.

If the rocks were just piled up they were utilistones; if painted, or altered, with whitewash as many were, they are alterstones.

This small stone was probably added as an afterthought to the many big rocks used to cover the bodies in the mass graves a day or so after the battle.

It still has faded whitewash which was used to cover all the rocks on numerous mass graves on the site.

This stone heard the roar of 25,000 Zulus, as they closed in and annihilated some 1,300 British troops who had not a prayer of escaping from being clubbed or stabbed to death.

No doubt hundreds of British infantrymen ran over it and thousands of Zulus who literally swarmed all over this small spot at the foot of towering Isandlwana. And heard the throbbing chant of thousands calling "uSuthu" and the final shrieks of countless terror stricken soldiers.


Alterstone Relic - Battle of Isandlwana, Zululand, 1879
Orig. alterstone - Size - 4 x 8 cm
Found - Isandlwana, RSA













flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure A Zulu group that shows how some 1,800 British soldiers died at Isandlwana, stuck through with the short stabbing spear. The burial party reported finding soldiers pinned to the ground with this spear stuck through their mouths.

This spear, though accurate in every detail, is a repro from Isandlwana itself, forged, and decorated with fur and beads, by actual descendants of the victors at the battle.

But the shield and the antelope horn fly whisk are original antique Zulu relics brought back to Canada by Boer War veterans as souvenirs a century ago.

Zulu Fly Whisk & Shield (1900) & Stabbing Spear, Isandlwana Repro (2000)
Orig. artifacts - Size - lifesize
Found - Toronto, ON - Campbellville, ON - spear, Isandlwana
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 6 - Painted: Battle of Boschbult Farm

Left another kind of type 1 alterstone - changed by just painting a found stone slab, and right the same spot where it originally stood. It and the bodies it marked have long been removed from this site.

During the Boer War hundreds of bodies were just buried on the spot they fell, leaving the landscape littered with graves. And random rocks bearing inscriptions identifying the dead. Left is a typical original marker of the Canadian dead on Boschbult Farm (Mar 1902).

Alterstone, Grave Marker
Orig. alterstone - Size - big
Found - Boschbult Farm, RSA, but long ago disappeared

Then, as settlement spread, these became an encumbrance and hundreds of bodies were excavated and placed in centralized cemeteries, some adjacent to battlefields like at Paardeberg, and others to nearby town cemeteries.

The men originally buried where John Goldi is standing and marked by a painted slab were removed to the nearby town of Ottosdal and received new carved alterstones. Most were buried under the typical Canadian grave marker raised by subscription for the Canadian dead of the Boer War.

William Knisley, a farm boy who just couldn't get enough excitement around Dunnville Ontario signed up again, for second tour, after he had already tempted fate by sticking his head out enough to win a Distinguished Conduct Medal.

This time he "bought the farm" only a few weeks before the war ended. Just a few feet from the group grave he has his own marker since he won the DCM, second only to the Victoria Cross.

Clearly Bill was a brave man, if not an intelligent one. He got himself killed. Now he was no longer of any use to himself, his family, his community, or his country.

Go to Bill Knisley DCM

Had Bill lived, who knows what he might have been able to contribute to his country, like AY Jackson or Lawren Harris did.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Alterstone, Grave Marker - AY Jackson
Orig. alterstone - Size - .8 m
Found - Kleinberg, ON
Alterstone Type 7 - Inscribed, unshaped

AY Jackson's grave marker is a simple wilderness stone altered only with an inscription. One of Canada's top artists, and member of the Group of Seven.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Alterstone, Grave Marker - Lawren & Bess Harris
Orig. alterstone - Size - 1 m
Found - Kleinberg, ON
Alterstone Type 8 - Inscribed, shaped

Lawren and Bess Harris' tombstone altered further by being shaped into one of Lawren's iconic mountains. One of Canada's top artists, and member of the Group of Seven.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 8 - Inscribed, shaped - Tombstone

Tombstones are the highest form of "alterstones" stone relics you can find, starting out as a block of native limestone, which is then dressed into a smooth slab, on which a carver then inscribes his designs.

Few tombstones can match this one as a historical memento.

Even in weight. It weighs a very heavy, back-breaking 100 lbs.

It is ancient, very early Canadian, from a period when very few in good condition survive.

It is well decorated when many are not.

It is in very fine condition, when many others are broken, stained, buried, or dumped in landfill.

It is legible, when most inscriptions from those days are worn off.

It memorialized two young people, not just one.

It testifies to a terrible tragedy for a pioneer family in early Ontario. Death was a constant companion in the wilds of Canada.

Finally, the tombstone is accessible; it was not stolen. It was remaindered from a church and cemetery which were closed on the Niagara peninsula near De Cew house. It was for many years in a house basement, and then put up for auction.

Moses who died in 1886, had four children with Caroline, at least two of whom died young..

Right a typical Ontario tombstone from Lakefield cemetery which is some 10 years newer than the Theal one.

Alterstone Relic - Theal Brothers Tombstone, Niagara, 1849
Orig. limestone - Size - 36 x 98 x 45 mm, wt 100 lbs
Found - Rockway, ON
Clearly Caroline and Moses had been too poor to buy a memorial stone for their infant son who had died 15 years before. They had probably just buried him behind the house till their economic conditions improved. When James died in 1849 they brought the two bodies together and spent the huge amounts of money it would have cost for a memorial stone of this complexity.

A cemetery very close to the one that the Theal tombstone once stood up in.

The sad end for many of Canada's earliest tombstones, and the history they preserve, falling, fracturing, fading...

The near tombstones show clearly, the fate that the Theal memorial stone would have suffered where it not saved from the trash heap of history by the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 9 - Inscribed, shaped - Commemorative

In Quebec many people use stone commemoratives to pay hommage to the original people who settled the land.

Here on the Isle d'Orléans the Leclerc family has put up a memorial to their forbears who first settled this plot of land, overlooking the St. Lawrence River, in 1662.

Sheet Music, Siege of Ladysmith - 1900
Orig. alterstone - Size - 1.2 m
Found - Isle d'Orléans, PQ
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 10 - Inscribed, shaped, drilled - Mill Stone

Of course the "stone age" did not stop when Europeans came to Canada.

Here is a fabulous and ultra-rare Ontario pioneer household millstone.

When the original settlers headed into the wilderness to cut out their lot and put up their first log house, they were far from mills where they could have their grain ground into flour.

During the decades it took for civilization to spread, and local industrial mills to be set up, this small stone hand mill served the lady of the household quite well.

The stone was cut from a granite slab, and a central hole was drilled out to take a forged metal hub bracket, to hold the around which the millstone could rotate. Forged iron hoops around the outside protected the stone from unwanted blows.

The wooden hand grip was used to rotate the stone and grind the grain on top of a larger rock, which is long gone now.

While industrial sized mill stones can be found at pioneer museums all over, householder mill stones like this are impossible to find, anywhere, at any price.

Alterstone Relic - Pioneer Householder Mill Stone, Upper Canada (Ontario) c 1830
Orig. granite - Image Size - 9 x 45 cm; wt 78 lbs
Found - Dundas, ON
Probably the earliest millstone in Canada is at Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia. It was brought from France in 1610 and ground some of the first grain ground in Canada.

The grooves cut into industrial sized stones are not found on the small householder model. On them, the surface pitting - very rough, not smooth - serves the same purpose of abrasion to reduce the tough kernels to flour.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 11 - Drilled - Boiling Stone

A rare set of Indian boiling stones from the Appalachian area of Eastern North America.

Before the coming of Europeans, and their metal technology, Indians boiled water in skins, and adding hot boiling stones that were heated in the fire and dumped into the skin, repeatedly till the water boiled.

One stone still shows the sooty remnants from the last time it was put in the fire.

These stones have been pierced to make it easy to handle them with sticks.

The larger one shows it was drilled for two holes, to make it easier to retrieve from a fire.

Below a woman shows how two sticks are used to handle a boiling stone from fire to pot.

Alterstone Relic - Boiling Stone
Orig. boiling stone - Size - c 2 x 4 and 7 cm
Found - Wheeling, WV
A detailed painting of how Indian women traditionally used two sticks to handle boiling stones to heat water in skin bags or in fragile pottery vessels, neither of which could be put into a fire to heat liquids directly.

So stones were heated to transfer the heat.

Big round stones would have been more efficient - bigger carries more heat - and rounder stones much easier to find. But they are difficult to handle with tools the women had.

How many women, in a hurry to heat water, tried to use a big rock to heat her bowl, fumbled it in the transfer, and broke her precious pottery bowl? Or had her children break the bowl...?

Flat stones are easier to drill with holes, making them much easier to hold with gripping sticks.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 12 - Cut - Building Block & Souvenir

A fabulous souvenir of a terrible time. Enshrined forever in these crevices are the shrieking wails of sirens, the cries of crushed and burning victims, the crashing of timbers, the roar of flames, and over it all the drone of bombers as their ruthless pilots drop their deadly cargo into a sea of helpless humanity below...

It's unforgivable, really...

This is the third level of stone relic - the transformed stone at its most primitive. This was originally just a dressed building stone, used to construct the British House of Commons, then bombed into rubble, in World War II.

Alterstone Relic - Rock Debris, British House of Commons, World War II

Orig. stone debris - Size - 9 x 10 x 3 cm
Found - Toronto, ON

A good example of a multi-level stone relic, originally a type 5 cut construction alterstone, then picked up as a bystoneder lying among the rubble, or a shiftstone from being blasted by the explosion that blew up Parliament, and repackaged as a stone relic souvenir.

It's unbelievable but true, that the descendants of these very victims ended up doing exactly the same thing
to innocent civilian Muslim babies, children, women, and men in Afghanistan... and have been for years...
Killing thousands, and bombing, burning, shelling, shooting, eviscerating, wounding hundreds, week after week...

"One person's collateral damage, is another's fiancée." Linda McQuaig, Toronto Star

But then, they're not white or Judeo-Christian, so I suppose it's forgivable...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 12 - Cut - Building Block

The Farmer's Bank at Rustico, Prince Edward island was built of cut wonderful red sandstones famous on the island.

These alterstones have all been inscribed with decorative marks, so they rise a level above plain cut building blocks. Each is, if you will, an artistic creation by a single man.

The lintel stone is a level above the other plain wall stones.

The building block with the date inscribed is a higher level alterstone yet.

When the building us ever demolished, that will be the one alterstone that will be preserved as a souvenir of a fantastic Canadian heritage building.

Alterstone, Farmer's Bank, Rustico, PEI - 1861
Orig. sandstone - Size - 40 x 60 feet
Found - Rustico, PEI

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 12 - Cut - Building Block

Red sandstone was also used in PEI to build private homes.

A unique alterstone treasure on this house are the deeply indented marks beside the door, where generations of farmers and the ladies of the house, in the 19th century, sharpened their knives. This is the most treasured alterstone of this house.

Alterstone, Stone House, Stanley Bridge, PEI - c 1850
Orig. sandstone - Image - life size
Found - Stanley Bridge, PEI

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 12 - Cut - Building Block

A fabulous heritage treasure is this PEI house from the 1850s built of famous red PEI sandstone.

Note how the highest class alterstones, biggest and best dressed, face on the street side. And the mix and match stones are on the side.

What other house can claim as this one can, that seven generations of the same family have raised their families in it?

Alterstone, Stone House, Montague, PEI - c 1850
Orig. sandstone - Image - life size
Found - Montague, PEI
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 13 - Shaped: Celt

A fabulous example of the earliest type of stone axe, actually a "celt," or hand axe, ergonomically shaped to fit the hand, rounded at one end, bevelled, sharpened, and polished at the other.

Since the arm was the haft, a celt was not grooved. It was used to chop skins from a carcass, or gristle and fat from a hide pulled taught over a stretcher.

It was found on the banks of the Sydenham River by old-timer Jack McEwen of Aberfeldy, in southern Ontario, and given to 10 year old Hans in 1951, for cutting his lawn.

Hans, as he looked at the time, in Grade 3, has had it in his Canadiana collection for 60 years.

It would ultimately inspire him to create Great Canadian heritage TV programs and websites like the following:

Go to Canada's First Peoples
Go to Canada's Fab Five Artists
Go to the Shooting of Dudley George
Alterstone Relic - Celt, Neutral Indians - Aberfeldy, ON

Orig. celt - Size - 15 cm
Found - Aberfeldy, ON

In 1995 Hans started filming, behind the barricades of Camp Ipperwash, after the Ontario Provincial Police attacked the occupiers and shot Dudley George, the only Canadian Indian killed by government forces in a First Nations land dispute in the 20th century.

Hans was motivated to shoot the story because he and his family, for years, in the 1950s, swam and picnicked on the exact spot - literally - where Dudley George had been killed.

In 2003, IPPERWASH: A CANADIAN TRAGEDY premiered on CBC TV, as the season opener on THE PASSIONATE EYE. The one-and-a-half hour program won the PLATINUM AWARD, the top award given by Houston Texas WORLDFEST, the biggest film and television festival in the world, in competition with the top productions from around the globe.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 13 - Shaped: Grinding Stone

A fabulous grinding stone once used for years, by an Arkansas Indian family to grind up berries and nuts, or perhaps ochre for making paints.

It shows the telltale hollow produced by thousands of hours of rubbing and grinding.

The stone on top is a sample stone from the same location where the grinding stone was found. The Indian women would have used a very similar sized and shaped rock to do the grinding on the big rock.

Alas, you will not find such portable grinding stones in Canada, where Iroquoian people in Ontario were more agriculturally sedentary, and so could make use of local grinding stones that were huge, and were used by successive generations.

This came from Arkansas, where plains people moved across the prairies following the buffalo. They had to carry portable grinding stones and this alterstone was no doubt a treasured family tool for generations.

Alterstone Relic - Grinding Stone
Orig. grinding stone - Image Size - 12 x 27 cm
Found - Texarkana, TX
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 14 - Carved: Inuit Soapstone

Aboriginal artists have discovered that by carving stone - soapstone in this case - they can turn a low value block of stone into a high value work of art.

This seal is typical of those soapstone carvings ground out be almost every able-bodied Inuit man, woman, and teenager in the Canadian arctic.

Since the "primitive" nature of their art is prized by southern urban sophisticates, everybody in town who can handle a chisel, a saw, a file and a hammer, bangs, chops, and saws away merrily.

Alterstone Relic - Inuit Soapstone Carving, Cambridge Bay, NT
Orig. soapstone - Image Size - 5 X 12 cm
Found - Cambridge Bay, NT
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 14 - Carved: Meerschaum pipe

In 1900 pipes were all the rage. Thousands of Boer War soldiers smoked and thousands of pipes were collected to send as gifts from the folks back home. But all briars, not fragile, high-end Meerschaums like this.

This Sir Wilfrid Laurier pipe was never smoked but has seen a few drawer knocks over the last hundred years.

Like almost all the memorabilia on this page, it was made in the UK, this one in Scotland by White's Allsorbo.

Alterstone Relic - Meershaum Pipe, Sir Wilfrid Laurier - c 1907
Orig. Meerschaum - Size - 16 cm
Found - Montreal, PQ
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 15 - Crushed: Cemetery Grave Stones

Stones crushed commercially and added to graves are an elevated type of alterstone.

Now stones became symbolic and decorative like these from Lt. Freddy Robert's grave in Chieveley. He, posthumously, and his father, Lord Roberts, were the first father and son to win the Victoria Cross.

A great advantage of these is that they distract tourists from hacking off a piece of the monument and are content with picking up a pebble or two, which can easily be replaced.

There is not that much traffic to Freddy's grave, which is in a small town, compared to that of the executed Aussie war celebrity, Breaker Morant, in Pretoria, which, thanks to books and movies has a substantial traffic and predations by souvenir hunters.

Note the concrete alterstone that was used to frame Freddy's grave, years after he died.

Cemeteries are the best place to see a bewildering variety of alterstones, of every size, type, and shape imaginable.

Alterstone Relic - Grave Decoration
Orig. alterstone - Size - 2 x 4 cm
Found - Chievely, RSA
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 16 - Reconstituted: Concrete

Left on the battlefield at Colenso, cement block alterstones have been set up where Colonel Long had his guns positioned.

Concrete is an artificial stone, if you will, created from a mix of various mineral compounds bonded with cement for a huge variety of uses, as signage, models, or in construction.

Modern concrete became all the rage as a building element around the time of the Boer War.

Concrete alterstone relics cannot be found on Boer War battlefields, but can be found, in enormous quantities, starting just a dozen years later, on European World War I and II sites where cement was used to build thousands of bunkers, anti-tank obstacles, etc.

On civvy street countless bridges, locks, dams, buildings etc., were clad in the material.

Alterstone Relic - Concrete Markers, Colenso Gun Positions
Orig. alterstone - Size -
Found - Colenso, RSA
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Alterstone Relic - Concrete Dinosaur, Drumheller
Orig. alterstone - Size - 1.5 m h
Found - Drumheller, AB
Alterstone Type 11 - Reconstituted:Concrete

Dinosaur in Drumheller, AB.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 17 - Reconstituted: Brick

This brick started life as clay and was mixed with stones to form simple building bricks.

This piece of red brick was once part of the Oland Brewery standing on the edge of Halifax harbour, when the world's biggest non-atomic explosion leveled it in December 1917.

Now only brick rubble mark the spot.

Indians use adobe bricks in the US south.




Alterstone Relic - Oland Brewery Wall Brick
Orig. alterstone - Size - 7 x 11 cm
Found - Halifax, AB
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 17 - Reconstituted: Construction Brick

The first house built entirely out of brick, in Canada, was this chapel, constructed in 1674, at L'Ancienne-Lorette, and which served the Indian and French communities alike, after the Hurons fled from central Ontario, for refuge to Quebec, to escape the warring Iroquois.

Below, shot from the same vantage point as the model above, is the same site as it looks today.

The front of the chapel is outlined in yellow in the parking lot.

The commemorative stone - behind the car - sits in the same location as on the model left.

Go to L'Ancienne-Lorette


La Chapelle Notre Dame de Lorette (model), L'Ancienne-Lorette, PQ - 1674
Orig. Quebec style, brick house
Found - L'Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 21 - Reconstituted: very high temp fired porcelain

L'Ancienne-Lorette is one of the oldest towns in Canada, and its falls famous as a tourist destination.

Francis T Thomas of Quebec started a china importing business in 1874.

About 1880 he commissioned ivory toned table ware and toilet services, featuring views of Quebec taken from photographs, from the Britannia Pottery in Glasgow, Scotland.

He would remain the only Canadian china merchant, in the 19th century, to commission china with Canadian topographical views. The views bore the names on the front, in two official languages.

The FT Thomas service was decorated by a border of maple leaves, shamrocks, roses and thistles, as well as a lurking beaver.

Alterstone, "Quebec Views" Pattern, Lorett Falls, by FT Thomas, c 1880
Orig. plate - Size - 23 and 18 cm
Found - Napanee, ON
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Alterstone, Stoneware Jug, General Gordon, Doulton Lambeth, 1885
Orig. alterstone - Size - 19 cm
Found - Salisbury, UK
Alterstone Type 20 - Reconstituted: Stoneware (high temp fired)

A clay that is medium fired and glazed to make it harder, and less absorbing of liquids.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Alterstone, Parianware Bust & Earthenware Bust, Edward VII, 1902
Orig. alterstones - Size - 23 cm
Found - Vancouver, BC - Chicago, IL
Alterstone Type 18 - Reconstituted: Parian ware (low temp fired & unglazed)

Alterstone Type 19 - Reconstituted: Earthenware (low temp fired)

Ceramics are really man-made stone, resulting when various kinds of clay are combined and fired at different temperatures to harden into "stone" items of various hardnesses and porosity.

Parian ware is white clay paste that is moulded, low fired and not glazed. Earthenware is low fired clay that is rough textured, not very hard, and very absorbing of liquids.
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 21 - Reconstituted: very high temp fired porcelain

High quality clays were reconstituted to create high end chinaware for house ware, dinner services, or souvenirs.

This chinaware combination creamer souvenir dates from very early in the 20th century. It features the famous lift lock at Peterborough which was completed in 1904.

It remains the first and biggest lift lock ever built out of concrete.

It is the world's highest operating hydraulic lift lock.

It continues a brisk trade in ferrying thousands of cabin cruisers up and down the Trent Canal every summer. If it is ever replaced it will offer a wonderful treasure trove of alterstone relics of a great world class engineering achievement.

Alterstone, Porcelain, Souvenir Ware, Liftlock, Peterborough, ON, c 1910
Orig. alterstone - Size - 9 cm
Found - Port Hope, ON
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 22 - Reconstituted: Ivorex (plaster)

One of the largest and most spectacular of the Osborne ivorex plaques produced in England from 1899 till 1965.

Arthur Osborne (1855-1943) carved the original in exquisitely fine detail in clay, then made a gelatin mould from it. Very fine white plaster of paris would be sifted to remove lumps, and sometimes mixed with ochre colouring. Water would be added to make a cream-like paste which was poured into the mould.

The plaques were not fired, just air dried, then hand-painted by girls. they were then dipped in hot paraffin wax to give them their ivory like sheen and buffed to shine.

During peak years 45,000 pieces were made by 50 workers.

Subjects produced in declining frequency were English and Welsh, American, Scottish, Canadian, Irish, and Australian.

Alterstone, Osborne Ivorex Plaque, The Death of Wolfe, 1908
Orig. ivorex - Size - 20 x 28 cm
Found - Paris, ON
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 23 - Reconstituted: Glassware

Canadian Ceramic Ware Treasures

Strictly speaking, there's no such thing...

English and Scottish potters, produced virtually all of the dinnerware, toilet ware, and glass ware, used in Canada in the nineteenth century, including the portrait plates of the main political celebrities. (Plaster busts, and statues excepted.)

Canadian potters, lacking high end skills, and the proper types of clay, in the amounts necessary for chinaware, restricted themselves to making heavy and clunky earthenware jugs and spittoons, to cater to the needs of the local worthies of the time, who spent an inordinate amount of their time drinking and spitting...

You would too if you had to live in the Canada of those days: cold, remote, desolate, culturally bereft...

Now hand me that whisky jug... Eh!

Come to think of it, this sounds a lot like Canada in the 20th century, too... Just ask Michael Ignatieff, who spent over 30 years absenting himself from that arid cultural wasteland, returning only late in life, to collect a fat government pension...

Makes me so mad I could... Now where's that Canadian-made spittoon...?

Alterstone, Commemorative Butter Dish, Marquis of Lorne, Arrival in Halifax, 1878
Orig. glass - Size - 30 x 40 cm
Found - Rockway, ON
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 24 - Reconstituted: Earthenware

Among the most popular low-end ceramics made in Canada in the 19th century were spittoons. Cause Canadians jawed a lot of tobacco, and so spat in the middle of conversations, well, just generally, a lot.

An inventive Canadian, tired of slipping and sliding on the gummy bar room floors, came up with the idea of creating a gobbing into vessel towards which they tried to steer spitting patrons. Not an easy task when they were half-cut.

One of my earliest and strongest boyhood memories from 1951 was at our supper table as we were feeding Mr. Bailey who had spent the day combining our soya beans.

As we were all at the dinner table watching him having a coffee after a big dinner, he suddenly leaned sideways, lifted the lid off the kitchen stove and directed a big slurp of brown spit accurately into the open hole.

All of us, nice middle class people, just immigrated from Europe, had never seen anything like this. We were just too dumb not to offer our Canadian guest a spittoon for his spitting pleasure.

The way spittoons work, you aim at the top, more or less at the center, what is caught dribbles down in, what misses goes on the floor or rug. When it gets full, or starts to leak out the drain hole at the side, you make one of the kids take it out and tilt it, being careful not to let it splash on their shoes.

Canada, such a fascinating country...

And for the ladies, there were smaller sizes, as they were much more careful when they spat while making supper or breast-feeding the baby.

Alterstone, Earthenware Spittoons, 19th century
Orig. alterstone - Size - 21 cm w
Found - Napanee, ON - Dundas, ON

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 25 - Consumable: Coal

A genuine coal alterstone from the historic Atlas coal mine in Drumheller, AB.

Drumheller coal heated much of western Canada from 1911 till 1979 when the last shipment out was made.

The switch to natural gas heating in the 1940s after the discovery of oil ended the need for this dirty fossil fuel.

Alterstone Relic - Coal
Orig. alterstone - Size - 3 x 12 cm
Found - Drumheller, AB
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 26 - Refining: High Value Ore - Gold

This piece of quartz is from King Solomon's Dome, the mountain from which all the gold that started the Yukon Gold Rush of 1898 came from. Thousands tramped in from all over the world.

Over the next few years untold millions in gold were taken from it and the stream tributaries, like fabled Bonanza Creek below that flowed from it.

Some struck it rich; most did not. And many died accidentally, in pursuing the mad dream.

Alterstone Relic - Quartz from Solomon's Dome, Yukon Gold Rush 1898
Orig. alterstone - Size - 4 x 8 cm
Found - Solomon's Dome, YT
A repro tombstone, put up by Parks Canada, because a lot of the originals had deteriorated, or had been hacked apart by souvenir hunters.

Which is why we prefer bystoneders from the creek bed where hundreds of men sloshed, picked, shoveled, cursed, and fought.

Many young, and not so young, Canadian and American women joined the Gold Rush and started their first businesses there catering to the various needs of the miners who struck it rich.

Of course women, young and old, still do the same thing today, catering for the wishes of rich men, except now they prefer to call themselves journalists or columnists...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Alterstone Type 26 - Refining: High Value Ore - Gold

A genuine piece of hard rock gold bearing ore from Yellowknife's deep underground Con Mine that produced from 1938-2003.

Flecks of real gold can be seen in the rock.

Obviously tremendous amounts of rock have to be blasted apart and pulverized to get at small flecks of gold like this.

Theft of ore carrying only trace elements of gold is not seen to be a problem as it is in other mines where miners are frisked and disrobed before leaving the job site to go home.

With this last rock we have come full circle and are back to the top where discoveries of enormous amounts of gold in the Boer Transvaal Republic started the Boer War.

British industrialists and politicians thought this treasure was just too good to be left in the hands of a bunch of primitive Boer farmers.

And so they dreamed up a cassus belli they could sell to the people whom they needed for two reasons: to bear the tax burden it would cost to fight, and to gladly give up their sons to "Die for Queen and Country."

Go back to the top and see the story writ in stone...

This is exactly the modus operandi used by American big business to engineer the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Now those countries are burdened forever which a huge American corporate superstructure which will exploit them for American economic advantage for oil and pipelines etc. exploitation.

Alterstone Relic - Gold Bearing Quartz, Con Mine, Yellowknife, NT
Orig. alterstone - Size - 6 x 8 cm
Found - Yellowknife, NT

Famous Alterstones

The seven most famous alterstones in the world, running the gamut from the most simple, to the most complex, are probably:

- Stonehenge (UK) - huge megaliths shaped, transported, and shunted into place in Wessex by ancient Britons.

- King Agamemnon Palace Gate, Mycenae (Greece) - two more advanced alterstone types, one where stones were carefully dressed, to form a very tight defensive wall, and others delicately carved to decorate the lintel.

- Hilary Weston's Monstrous Memorial Megalith Altarstone (Canada) Ten separate - go count em - gigantic altarstones installed all over the walls, inside and out, of Toronto's fabled Royal Ontario Museum, in honour of an uneducated Irish model who married well and early on, to a Sugar Daddy with deep pockets from the sale of oreo cookies. Which resulted in his wife becoming the Cookie Monster and committing the ultimate societal gaucherie in Canadian history, which only a working class Irish girl could possibly dream up.

These monumental stone megaliths which she erected in her honour and to her eternal memory, are noted by the editors of the Guinness Book of World Records, who, clearly, quite overcome by their truly heroic scale, breathlessly pronounce as::

"Without a serious challenger, the largest, heaviest, and most colossally monumental massif of heroic, carved stone, honouring the names of rich and powerful people, anywhere on record in the Occident or Orient, as ever erected to a deity, or installed on any Public or Private Edifice, Temple Obelisk, Memorial Monument, Commemorative Stele, or Triumphal Arch, in the Ancient, Medieval, or Modern World."

- The Pyramids at Giza (Egypt) - Only slightly larger than the Hilary Megaliths they are still a fine sight, and just as much deserving of a visit.

- The Great Wall of China (China) - Also more self-effacing, as a great achievement in monumental alterstones, than Hilary's gauche and gloating megaliths, is the Great Wall. The wall, some 6,200 kms long, was built starting in the 5th century BC and extended and maintained over the centuries.

(Hilary's Horrors - Historical point of interest: at the rate Hilary is putting up her monstrous memorial megaliths at the ROM, she will not achieve parity, in mass, to the Great Wall of China, until 2065.

She's thinking of trying to put on a night shift to speed up the process, and close the gap, but friends who should know, have reliably reported - when promised anonymity - that her husband has told her privately to

"Get a life Hilary! i made you the richest woman in Ireland. I gave you Holt Renfrew; then I gave you the Lieutenant-Governorship of Ontario, and made millions in donations to get you all those Honourary Doctorates you couldn't earn the way everyone else does. I mean really, aren't ten of those monstrous things enough for you? These are hard times in Canada. Really, we must all cut back a little bit. Pretty please? I mean you are getting almost as embarrassing as my son..."

In 2012, Hilary, for the second year in a row, was listed as the wealthiest woman in Ireland. Trying to say something intelligent to fawning journalists, this Irish appliance salesman's daughter tried, "I really don't know all this good fortune has come my way." Well everyone else knows - try shacking up with one of the richest men in Canada for a start... and then see where that take you....










- Rapa Nui (Chile) The fabled statues on Easter Island sit behind Maria Xspositzio right whose family lore has long held that one of her ancestors, and namesake, Maria, posed as the model for the carvers of the original statues.

Hmmmh.... the resemblance is striking...

There is a rumour afoot, that Hilary, also a former model, posed for the carver of her own megaliths.

Take a look, but we believe the resemblance there seems to be a stretch, when compared to this picture of Hilary just retuning from a rough party... or is it a make-over that didn't quite come off...?

Ok we admit she doesn't really look 82... It must have cost a lot. Everything about Hilary does.

You decide how well Hilary's sags, bags, and bulges match up, to her megalith... or to Maria, for that matter...

Right in front, a trio of inheriting super- rich people no one would ever have heard of - the old guy who inherited a fortune his grandfather had made; the uneducated, one-time Irish model smart enough to marry him quick, and their son, the third generation inheritor - all of whose fortunes and social advantages were only made possible, entirely, thanks to Sugar Grand Daddy who left millions, now worth billions, so they could install numerous huge altarstones to themselves all over the damn place.

Her son is the guy, whom pop made Chairman of Loblaws - the rich and super-rich do that sort of merit-less idiocy. In 2012 the kid accused Canadian domestic farmers of lack of quality control - "eating their stuff could kill you" - when he buys a lot of his food for Loblaws from China, famous for its lethal food additives like melamine, and over 150 dangerous others, etc.

But he hides all that by rebranding his Chinese produce as "Farmer's Market," to fool consumers into thinking it comes from Canadian farmers instead of lowlife Chinese food factories, whose produce has killed countless Chinese and not a few Canadians, but where he gets his stuff much cheaper.

Well he didn't get his job because he had brains.

- St. Valentine's Day Massacre Brick - (Chicago) - The most expensive brick in history, from the wall of the Chicago garage where seven mobsters were machine gunned to death in Feb. 1929.

Some 414 bricks were salvaged and offered for sale. One went for $3,000.

"That much for just a little bitty brick" Hilary is reported to have exclaimed. "Goodness, think of how much I could get for one of my big blocks! Why they're huge in comparison. OOOOH! I could break them up in smaller pieces, put a Holt Renfrew sticker on them and put them in an oreo cookie box too. To make them look more valuable and attractive."

We didn't have the heart to tell one gives a flying ffff...fig for her altarstone ideas. And neither do the Ages...

OZYMANDIAS - Percy Bysshe Shelley

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

Which is why we collect stone relics... when all the silly and pompositing people and their personal foibles have, mercifully, passed us by, only alterstones, and the sands of time will remain. Thank God...

Luckily we have collected lots... And will leave a considerable inheritance of them... to our undeserving children...

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