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Great Canadian Heritage Discoveries
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Below are some of the key items the Canadian Boer War Museum has added to its collections in its ongoing efforts to preserve important Canadian heritage memorabilia from this period.
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
Loving Cup, George V & Queen Mary, Silver Jubilee, 1935
Orig. ceramic loving cup - Size - 10.25 x 10"
Found - Toronto, ON
No 383 out of 1,000
Celebrating a 25 Year Reign

Probably the most spectacular ceramic memorabilia item ever produced, that commemorated people associated with the Boer War, was this absolutely rare and fabulous Royal Doulton loving cup.

It was issued in 1935 to mark the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary, who, as a young couple, in 1901, had paid a royal visit to Canada at the height of the Boer War. See below.

(Right is the Silver Jubilee Medal struck in 1935.)

If there is a larger, more opulently painted, ceramic commemorative produced for this period we have not seen it.

It cannot be shown among any other spectacular ceramic pieces because its sheer brilliance and size make everything else around it look shabby by comparison. It is a huge 10.25" high and 10" wide.

It was issued in two versions, completely identical except for the portraits of George and Mary, one cameo featuring them crowned and the other not. Looking at the cups side by side, one can see how the brush strokes of the artists varied, even though they obviously collaborated on the colour scheme and palette. The cups, aside from the portraits look absolutely identical, but the painting is not at all!

Even those who hate Royal Doulton - and there are more than a few - will be absolutely blown away by the magnificent production values in this wonderful ceramic delight.

Only 1,000 of each were produced making these a rare and very seldom encountered item. Anyone who has them will just never let them go - until the estate comes up for probate, and the greedy relatives cackle, "How much do you think we can get for THAT!l"

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
Duke & Duchess of York Canadian Tour Flag - 1901
Orig. cotton flag - Size - 20" x 33"
Found - Ottawa, ON
Cotton printed flag celebrating the Royal Tour of Canada by the future King George V & Queen Mary (to be crowned 1911)
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
Visit of the Duke & Duchess of York to Canada, 1901
Orig. ceramic plate - Size - 8.5"
Found - Burlington, ON

Royal Doulton George V Silver Jubilee Loving Cup - 1935

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