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More important Canadian antique memorabilia the Museum has preserved.

Royal Doulton Commemorative Jugs - 1885 - 1935

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flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Of all ceramic ware, commemoratives are the finest on many levels.

Decorative bowls, plates, cups, and lamps are nice, but that's all you can say about them. Or perhaps, very nice, or very, very nice...

Commemorative ware is vastly superior because it celebrates high water marks in civilization, when people, places, and events, come together to create a consensus of national idealism that transcends the merely pretty, the merely personal, and glorifies a group experience that brings people of a nation together, often in jubilation, to pay tribute to the proud accomplishments of the past, and affirm a rededication for improvements in the future.

In front of a Gallé lamp you can say, pretty, very, very pretty. And nothing else. It's pretty awful, actually, pretty boring, really... Compared to commemorative ware like that produced by Doulton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In front of Doulton Lambeth's glorious 1885 General Gordon "Hero of Heroes" commemorative jug you can discuss for hours - mind you, you need intelligence and knowledge, not necessary to behold a Gallé lamp - the people, places, and events that it commemorates. And the fiery debates it overheard among families discussing the fate of Gordon and other imperial adventurers in far off Asia and Africa.

So commemorative ware is not only a product of history, it is part of history.

These fabulous Doulton pieces were in homes of people whose relatives took part in those historic events. Many left their blood and bones behind in wretched wilderness areas of Asia and Africa.

Which is why these jugs are in such fabulous shape. They were loved because a century ago they were personal family mementoes of a beloved father, brother, or son, who served the national will, Queen and Empire, in some far distant clime, and often paid the ultimate price.

Commemorative ware celebrates, pays tribute to, and remembers, real people at their times of triumph or trial. And a succession of jugs notes the high water marks in the national - and often also the personal - life of a people.

And not less than Gallé lamps these pieces are fabulous works of art, created by the best artists of the age. None were repeatable patterns; all were individually designed as a stand alone creation. They were considered so classy they were often personally signed off on by the artists who worked on them.

Royal Doulton and Doulton Lambeth are considered the pinnacle of ceramic ware production in the UK.

Of all its product lines, Doulton's commemorative ware featured the finest in design, size, colour, and finish.

Its run of commemorative jugs from the 1880s to 1935, have never been surpassed for the sheer exuberant glory with which they celebrated the high water marks of British civilization.

Now let's look at a small part of what lies behind just one of these fabulous Doulton commemorative jugs, the one created to celebrate the hapless General Gordon who sought to thwart Muslim nationalism in the Sudan in 1884.

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Commemorative Jug, General Gordon, Doulton Lambeth, 1885

Orig. jug - Size - 19 cm
Found - Salisbury, UK

In March 1884, Britons around the world were transfixed by the plight of General Gordon (of the British controlled Egyptian army) trapped inside Khartoum, in the Sudan, by a cordon of angry Muslims who resented Europeans marching about and shooting up their homelands. In July a rescue column under General Wolseley was organized to save the popular hero but patently "renegade" general.

But it all took a beastly long time. British hearts beat faster as the rescue expedition finally approached Khartoum in January, 1885.

This fabulous jug, memorializing the "Hero of Heroes," was struck to celebrate this huge national effort which arrived just two days too late to save Gordon. But no doubt sales for the jug skyrocketed. Though few remain 125 years later.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure

In 1870, General Wolseley had been a colonel, and led the Red River Expedition into the wilds of the Canadian West, to put down the Métis resistance that was spreading around Fort Garry (today's downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba).

The hardest part of the wilderness trek, by far, was the overland crossing from the western end of Lake Superior to the Red River.

To transport his army across this rugged and wild terrain Wolseley hired French-Canadian voyageurs. With hundreds of years of wilderness canoeing experience coursing through their veins, he knew there were no better boat handlers in the world. He expressed undying respect for the way these Canadian boatmen could transport impossible loads over impassable rapids, and formidable water falls, and still have boundless energy left for laughing, singing, dancing and smoking all the way...

The Wolseley Expedition, Kaministiqua River, 1870 - William Armstrong
Orig. water colour - Size - 9.5" x 13.5"
Found - Toronto, ON

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, Prime Minister Gladstone, Doulton Burslem, 1898
Orig. jug - Size - 18 cm
Found - Odessa, ON
British Liberal Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone died just weeks before the culmination of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Victoria's reign, an era in which he was a major player for decades.

Neither the "Great Liberal" - do Britons have any left in 2010? - nor his Secretary for War, wanted Britain to become involved militarily in the Sudan, a poor and remote Muslim region, now rebelling under the jackboot of Egypt.

Gladstone once stated "Yes, those people are struggling to be free, and they are rightly struggling to be free."

He was reluctantly pushed to send British arms to rescue Gordon, by the upper class owned media creating a frenzy of popular expectation.

Progress 2001 - Astoundingly, if you can believe, both Labour British Prime Minister Tony Blair - Labour is classically to the Left of the Liberals in human rights - and his Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, a passionate Jew, ordered British attacks on Muslim states: Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). In fact Tony Blair in his first six years in office ordered British troops into battle five times, more than any other British Prime Minister.

Sir Oswald Mosley meet Tony Blair and Jack Straw, of the British Labour Party...

(Sir Oswald, leader of the British Union of Fascists, 1932-1940, whose considerable accomplishments included, repeatedly shagging his wife's younger sister, as well as their step-mother, all titled British Upper Class Ladies, of course. It is not known if Sir Oswald was in bed with all three Ladies at the same time, but all being members of the British Upper Classes, anything is obviously possible.)

Canadians to the Rescue...

The desperate Gordon sent out a final plea for help, in Arabic, on the above tiny postage stamp sized note . It was hidden in the hair of a native who sneaked out of the besieged city. That's Gordon's signature at the bottom.

General Wolseley, who, in 1869, as a colonel in Canada, had mounted the expedition to suppress the first Riel uprising in Manitoba, led the rescue mission to save General Gordon in the Sudan.

And because of his fond memories of Canadians as boatmen, he recruited hundreds of them to help ferry his men up the Nile River. It was the first time Canada ever sent an expeditionary force (but non-military) overseas.

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The rescue forces arrived two days too late. Gordon was dead.

Britons were aghast at the Muslims - "savages" as they were routinely called, in Parliament, the Press, and so in the streets - who would do this to a Briton and a Christian at that.

In fact this was a nationalist uprising of Sudanese Muslims, under the Mahdi, considered the founder of modern Sudan, who were rising up against their Egyptian overrulers, with whom the British had allied themselves to suppress the Sudanese.

The British Press - even then, toadies of the ruling elites - and even Queen Victoria blamed Liberal Prime Minister Gladstone for being too slow at sending help.

Gladstone whose popular acronym was the GOM - for Grand Old Man - soon saw this reversed in the press as MOG - Murderer of Gordon.

(A classic case of how the press massages the masses away from liberal and Liberal ideas, people, and policies, which its right wing owners hate.)

Gladstone was already unpopular among patriotic fanatics for previously having made peace with the Boers after the First Boer War, when the British army under General Colley was resoundingly defeated at Majuba Hill, and the general killed, in 1881.

The second Boer War was all about avenging "Majuba."

That hue and cry also resulted another fabulous memorabilia jug.

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In 2009, the small Gordon note sold at auction at Mullock's in the UK for $1,725 US.

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Alas, we have to report that Canadians are not great contract employees for making war.

In spite of all the entreaties of Lord Wolseley, in the middle of the campaign the Canadian boatmen insisted on going home. Their six month term was up - Wolseley was being blamed in Britain for his tardiness - and they didn't want to continue with this warring business regardless of anyone's entreaties.

During the Boer War it was the same. When their one year term was up, in spite of pleas from Colonel Otter, their commander, and Lord Roberts himself, the RCRs - all volunteer members of the Royal Canadian Regiment - insisted on going home.

Go to Deal Edwin McCormick signed in the Boer War
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Finally the military got smart - OK, Ok, we know... - and in recruiting contracts the volunteers had to sign to take part in World War I, the term limits of the past were done away with. The government now had you sign up till you were dead...

During WWI 66,000 Canadians were trapped by their limitless contract and died, all, in the most useless war in History. The lesson: always read the fine print before you sign, otherwise...

The Sudanese Presidential Palace (rebuilt in 1899, on the site of Gordon's original, destroyed by Lord Kitchener in 1898) on the shore at Khartoum, from where Gordon looked, in vain, into the distance for relief ships to come up the Blue Nile to rescue him.

Instead he saw 40,000 of the Mahdi's Dervish followers attacking along the left shoreline.

Gordon's garrison and some 4,000 civilians were massacred, perhaps 10,000 in all, in the large compound around the palace.

On January 26, 1885, Gordon's head was cut off and displayed on a pike outside the palace walls.

Queen Victoria was not amused...



flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Spelter Bust, General Gordon, 1898
Orig. spelter - Size - 17 cm
Found - Sarnia, ON

(She should not have been so judgmental. Poorly educated, like all the members of her clan - in fact the oafish Prince Charles, who was parachuted into university under an "affirmative action" program in 1967, was the first member of the Royal Family to "earn" a degree - Victoria likely didn't know the Sudanese probably got this "head on a pike" idea by reading British history.

They may very well have remembered that the British Royal Family and government had conspired to dig up Oliver Cromwell's decaying corpse, cut off his head, and put it on a pike for public display in 1661. Now that is not only gruesome, but ghoulish... But then the Mahdi probably reasoned, it's the British way; let's do it; it's something they can understand...

A number of Cromwell death masks were made when he died in 1658. Then he was buried.

So his face didn't look nearly as nice, when he was dug up by the Royalists, three years later, to retrieve his head for mounting on a pike, where history says his skull, picked clean by the Kings's ravens, was displayed for some thirty years. This was the British Upper Class way of "getting even," for Cromwell having been involved in ordering the beheading of King Charles I in 1649, and displaying his head for the crowd to cheer.)








No one really knows Gordon's final moments, or how he met his end. Reporting becomes a problem when all the reliable witnesses are killed off.

Some say he died fleeing in the streets, trying to make for the Austrian mission, but the preferred story that entrenched itself in the Victorian media was that, in full dress uniform this Christian hero accosted his Muslim assailants at the palace (at the far, north western corner aerial above) and was speared to death by wild Fuzzy Wuzzies.

The picture Gordon's Last Stand, by George William Joy above was proudly displayed in classrooms across Britain to imbue the values of personal dedication and Christian sacrifice in young Britons.

The imperial armies - British, Egyptian, Indian - needed future recruits because the freedom fighters in Asia and Africa were decimating their ranks at an alarming rate.

The press - run by the wealthy classes - created a frenzy for revenge.

(Like over Afghanistan, a century later; except this time, the majority of Britons - far better educated than those of a century ago - didn't buy the bogus bill of goods the media and Blair, and Straw, were trying to con them with.)

The Grudge...

A young Captain Kitchener, who was fluent in Arabic, was popular with officers under him, and revered General Gordon, was in the advance column of the relief force that arrived too late.

He was crushed by the failure to save Gordon and planned revenge.

A dozen years later, in 1898, Kitchener returned, now as the Sirdar, top general of the Egyptian army, and recaptured this area, with enormous blood-letting, at the stupendous battle of Omdurman, fought where the white buildings rise in the middle right horizon aerial photo above.

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In the palace, rebuilt in 1899 after Kitchener destroyed the old one, a corner room, which was the spot in the old palace where Gordon was reputedly killed, was dedicated in his honour right in a photo from 1936. Note the Gordon plaque and the picture of Joy's Last Stand on the wall.

Grudges in 2001 - Grudges have gotten even more lethal in the 21st century, of white "European" Christians against Muslims. Many foretold that George Bush would seek revenge against Saddam Hussein whom he accused of "trying to kill my Daddy," who was President before him. So for a personal vendetta Dubbya and a Judeo-Christian tribal cabal trumped up the most ludicrous arguments for invading and obliterating Iraq, and unleashed a Holocaust that resulted in the deaths of as many as a million Muslim women, children, and men. Just to settle a family feud.... A Crusade as lethal as that of the Middle Ages...

Below Khartoum in 1885: 1 - the north west corner of Gordon's palace, where he made his reputed Last Stand or 2 - the Austrian Mission he was trying to reach for safety. 3 - Two kms to the right, and off the picture, is Omdurman where the battle was fought and the Mahdi's Tomb is located.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure

For those who could not afford the fabulous Doulton jug, or a print of the Last Stand, to commemorate this British "Hero of Heroes," the Illustrated London News published - while he was still alive - a wonderful chromolithograph of the general, ready to frame and hang in the living room, place of business, office, or local hotel, or pub.

It was published on Mar. 22, 1884, immediately when Gordon's 10 month plight began.

Its job: to get the people roiled up behind the media classes, and support the huge tax expenditure it would cost to make war on Muslims so they could exploit their economies.

Everywhere the portraits were put up they sparked, of course, heated debate about what the government should do about those "dastardly murdering Muslims."

"Whoi, oi'd... if I only kud git me hands on the those Dervish devils. Bleedin' savages, they be.."

Eager recruits signed up for the British army and the Egyptian, which was really a British mercenary army using a lot of locals with a backbone of British generals and regulars.

Commemorative Chromolithograph, General Gordon,
Illustrated London News, Mar. 22, 1884
Orig. chromolithograph - Size - 41 x 51 cm
Found - Salisbury,UK

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Parian Bust, General Gordon, 1885
Orig. parian - Size - 21 cm
Found - New York, NY
Requiring less wall space, but more expensive, was this fine parian bust - with its awesomely sad and reproachable eyes - that once sat on a mantel in a Victorian parlour.

What fiery conversations it must have overheard, over the many years the Christian war against the Muslims raged on - no we don't mean lately, in Iraq and Afghanistan, but in the Sudan from 1884-1898...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Leaders of the Sudan Campaign - 1885
Orig. chromolithographs - Image Size - 41 x 57 cm
Found - Hamilton, ON
Not as long as you live will you find two more spectacular chromolithographs from the 19th century British Empire.

The colours are stunningly vibrant, far more brilliant and glorious than anything you will ever find in the very best modern colour print.

Featured are Lord Wolseley the Commander of the Gordon Relief Expedition right Generals Graham and Wilson, and Lord Beresford who led the armed ships which tried to ferry an advance party to break through to Gordon.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Heroes of the Sudan - 1885
Orig. chromolithographs - Image Size - 41 x 57 cm
Found - Hamilton, ON
Here are the martyred heroes, including Gordon at the centre, Colonel Burnaby and Generals Earle and Stewart, all killed in battles, during the expedition.

These stunning chromolithographs, in original glass and frame were much loved by a Canadian Boer War veteran, and so are mint, and have been in the same family since the Sudan campaign.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Creamer - The Sirdar, 1898
Orig. creamer - Size - 9 cm
Found - Montreal, PQ
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Plaque, Lord Kitchener - 1898
Orig. plaque - Size - 20 x 22 cm
Found - Victoria, BC
This plaque and transfer commemorates the Sudan campaign and victory at Omdurman.

In 2010, over 110 years after the event, it is still possible to find "Sirdar" plaques, creamers, match strikers, and plates in Canada, where British immigrants - now Canadians - were following Kitchener's expedition with passionate interest.

And then celebrated the victory over the "savages" by buying commemorative ceramic ware.

The Sirdar's Revenge 1898

Finally, a dozen years after Gordon was killed, and the Sudan was largely independent and being ruled by passionate Muslim religious leaders - considered today, the Founders of Modern Sudan - retribution came in the form of an avenging Lord Kitchener, the bearer of the most exalted title in the British military, " Sirdar," the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian (and Sudanese) Armies.

Winston Churchill gives us a wonderfully readable account of the scene as the British and Egyptian armies arrive at Omdurman just outside Khartoum, and the battle that followed.

He repeatedly refers to the Muslims as "savages," and expresses no editorial comments as one of the first things that the Sirdar does, is mount a howitzer barrage to destroy the biggest landmark, and most revered Muslim holy site, in the region, the domed tomb of the Mahdi, the Muslim leader who had defeated and killed the "Hero of Heroes," but died not long after.

(Before you become too judgmental, about a fine Christian general who willfully destroys hallowed Muslim tombs with artillery, measure his assault against bricks and mortar with the record of Blair and Straw, and of US President Obama, who have killed countless Muslim women and children, and wedding parties, with their missiles, and drone strikes operated by computer geeks in California, and never lose a moment's sleep over it. And just like the Energizer Bunny, Obama keeps going, and going, and going... Who said a Black Man can't turn out to be a disappointment of Presidential proportions, and to be little more than a modern Stepin Fetchit for European Judeo-Christian racist cabals?)

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Match Striker - The Sirdar, 1898
Orig. match striker - Size - 8 cm
Found - Montreal, PQ

But K of Chaos - as he became known - almost came to grief and might very well have been annihilated like his revered predecessor, had it not been for the tactical brilliance of an underling, General Hector Macdonald.

The Anglo-Egyptian Armies of the Sirdar prevailed.

Two days after the lop-sided victory at Omdurman, a memorial service to General Gordon was held on the ruins of his palace below. It is not known whether the commemoration room to Gordon, when the palace was rebuilt on this site, the following year, remained plaqued to Gordon after Sudan's independence in 1954.

The Khalifa, successor to the Mahdi, fled. Payback time in the British Empire.

K now ordered the Mahdi's body dug up, his bones cast into the Nile, and his skull turned into a drinking cup. Churchill on site, and Brits back home, were scandalized that K carried about the Mahdi's skull in a kerosene can as a trophy.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Spelter Bust, Lord Kitchener, 1898
Orig. spelter - Size - 17 cm
Found - Caledon, ON

K had carried out his barbarism against the Mahdi's tomb, and body, and had turned the wretchedly poor but protesting and rebellious Sudan into a war zone, killing some 20,000 of the local Muslims at virtually no cost (48) to his forces, and totally destabilizing the local region with his hi-tech imported warfare. (it was the first time high-explosive lyddite shells had been used in the Sudan and so the Mahdi's tomb was such a tempting target...)

And then called the locals savages - read Churchill - and uncivilized...

Does this sound familiar...?

From Winston Churchill - The River War

"After a short halt the advance was resumed, and, turning the shoulder of the hill, I saw in the distance a yellow-brown pointed dome rising above the blurred horizon. It was the Mahdi's Tomb, standing in the very heart of Omdurman...

The village being captured, and the enemy on the East bank killed or dispersed, the gunboats proceeded to engage the batteries higher up the river.

The howitzer battery was now landed, and at 1.30 began to bombard the Mahdi's Tomb.

This part of the proceedings was plainly visible to us, waiting and watching on the ridge, and its interest even distracted my attention from the Dervish army.

The dome of the tomb rose tall and prominent above the mud houses of the city.

A Lyddite shell burst over it---a great flash, a white ball of smoke, and, after a pause, the dull thud of the distant explosion.

Another followed.

At the third shot, instead of the white smoke, there was a prodigious cloud of red dust, in which the whole tomb disappeared.

When this cleared away we saw that, instead of being pointed, it was now flat-topped.

Other shells continued to strike it with like effect, some breaking holes in the dome, others smashing off the cupolas, all enveloping it in dust, until I marveled alike at the admirable precision and the wasteful folly of the practice...

When the gunboats had completed their bombardment, had sunk a Dervish steamer, had silenced all the hostile batteries, and had sorely battered the Mahdi's Tomb, they returned leisurely to the camp, and lay moored close to the bank to lend the assistance of their guns in case of attack. "

Right the Mahdi's tomb photographed just after the bombardment Churchill describes and after the victory at Omdurman.

A modern European Christian university professor, who published Churchill's account, felt it necessary to editorialize below on behalf of the desecration of a sacred site, to try to exonerate past European Christian heroes. The lame explanation - a little less bombarding of the tomb next time please, but... - does not wash. It was a clearly polarized time, when white Europeans clearly divided human being into "we Christians" and "the other savages," who didn't count.

"Editor: There is plenty of evidence to show that the bombardment of the tomb produced a discouraging effect upon the Dervishes, who had believed it indestructible. This result could, no doubt, have been obtained without the long and continued shelling to which it was subjected, but it must be also remembered that the Arsenal, the Khalifa's house, and other important buildings, which it was necessary to bombard, were known to be near the Mahdi's Tomb."

In 2010, the same ancient racism is rearing its ugly head again - but covered with a new patina of sophistry and media spin - in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in the clear, and constant warning that the Judeo-Christians may very well drop the Bomb on Iranian women, children, and men, in the near future. See Hillary Clinton's electioneering threat to Iran, to gain US Jewish votes, "I want Iranians to know, that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran... we would be able to totally obliterate you." (Apr. 22, 2006). Less you miss the parallel, this is exactly how Hitler talked about the Jews. This is Hilary's Final Solution for Iranians. The world should be scared; the world is...

None of us doubt Hilary is looking for any excuse, as US Foreign Secretary, to follow through on her racist threats. Her earlier rant was against an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel.

Everyone knows she's going to use a far smaller trigger to drop the Big One, as an excuse to curry favour with the powerful US pro-Israeli lobby without whom Obama could never get re-elected.

And that lobby is pushing strongly to allow Israel to drop the Big One on Iran. And it's urging her, constantly, that sooner is better...

In fact Churchill - reflecting the white European Christian mind set of the times, and with clearly, no thought aimed at the possibly changing values of Posterity - makes it very clear the intention all along was to deliberately target the sacred tomb itself and not the military objectives around it.

And Caton-Woodville, another contemporary observer, grandly drew one of his heroic pictures with K of Chaos proudly pointing to the damage he had inflicted on the main holy site of Sudanese Muslims. Which no doubt, drew universal cheers back in Britain.

But it is not known if the Mahdi's skull at the time was already defleshed and is safe inside K's saddle bags.

Or if he had left it in his tent on the supper table...

The Mahdi's tomb as it looked when Churchill first saw it through his binoculars. How much is original, and when and by whom it was rebuilt is unknown to us, as distorted accounts figure largely in the propaganda war by Christians desperately trying to square awful deeds with Posterity...

The current spin suggests inferentially that the British merely damaged the tomb then rebuilt it once the Mahdists were defeated.

Above Captain Stanton's photograph of the Mahdi's tomb just after the bombardment Churchill describes and after the victory at Omdurman. Note the lopped off cupola and the numerous shell holes. In fact, after reading Churchill's account one mostly wonders how ineffective all the shelling he describes really was, and how solidly built the tomb was to withstand so much punishment.


"Ms. Clinton, how could you even think of obliterating us...?"

Enjoy these pictures of Iranian schoolgirls and the glories of Iranian civilization.

They may well be gone before Hillary exits the world stage...

Coming soon, to a Muslim neighbourhood near you, Fat Boy 2... Read on...

"...the realisation came home with awful force that war, disguise it as you may, is but a dirty, shoddy business, which only a fool would undertake." - Winston Churchill

Below Iran after Hilary Clinton and friends...

Reports are evasive, but reading between the lines it appears certain that the Mahdi's tomb (photographed in 1908) was not knocked down by the fearsome, but long distance, British lyddite shelling during the combat phase of the fight described by Churchill.

Captain Stanton's photograph above Kitchener of British troops in front of the tomb, and a contemporary drawing by Rene Bull below shows British troops walking by a largely undamaged structure (compared to later World War I shelling.)

But another photograph top published in a book only eight years later, shows the Mahdi's tomb in total ruins, with an account that holds Kitchener firmly responsible for the desecration. Contemporary accounts suggest strongly, that, not only was the Mahdi's body scattered to the four winds, but the building that symbolized his power was razed as well.

Modern British accounts lamely say the Mahdi's tomb was "damaged" and "rebuilt," with the understated inference that the British did both, when in fact neither is really true.

Spin is an old, old, word... Our best guess: the tomb was, not merely damaged during the battle, but deliberately razed to the ground in 1898, after the fighting stopped, and after the artists and photographers had departed, resulting in a further, hands-on desecration of a Muslim holy site, which was therefore hidden from the British public, and it was only rebuilt by the Muslims themselves after Sudan's independence in the 1950s.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Plate, The Sirdar - 1898
Orig. plate - Size - 24 cm
Found - London, ON
Kitchener was Sirdar, or Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Army, from 1892-1899, so this transfer denotes this as a pre-Boer War plate, as it the next one, once both proudly displayed on a mantel by patriotic Canadian families following K's campaigns in Sudan and then South Africa. He was also a Major-General in the British Army.
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Plate, General Lord Kitchener of Khartoum - 1898
Orig. plate - Size - 24 cm
Found - Kitchener, ON
This plate pattern was used for other British generals in the Boer War, just by changing the transfer. These were mass produced and cheap, but the breakage through time has made ones in good condition hard to find.
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A fabulous commemorative print that was issued just one year after Lord Kitchener's lop-sided victory at Omdurman in 1898.

It was the battle in which Winston Churchill fought as a young officer, and later famously wrote about how exhilarating it was to be shot at without effect, while charging at the enemy.

Go to Winston describes the battle

It was not a sentiment shared by his Muslim opponents, some 20,000 of whom were exterminated - literally - by British maxim machine guns, while the British lost 48.

The print features, at the top, Lord Wolseley who led the failed invasion of Sudan to rescue Gordon in 1885, but was now, thirteen years later, Britain's top general.

On the right is Lord Kitchener who recaptured Khartoum and the Sudan with his victory at Omdurman.

His barbarism against the Mahdi, was repeated with his extremist policies against the Boers, a year after this chromolithograph was made, resulting in the deaths of some 26,000 Boer women and children, compared to only 4,000 of their fighting men.

This fabulous Boer War commemorative print and frame was once the pride and joy of one of Canada's top World War I officers, Gen. Victor Arthur Williams of Port Hope, Ontario.

As a young officer he had fought in the Boer War. On his return, he acquired this print commemorating the British commanders under whom he had served.

He had it framed and put it in a place of honour in his home till the day he died in 1949.

Go to General Williams

British Heroes, The Toronto Lithographing Co - 1900 (War souvenir of Gen. VAS Williams)
Orig. frame - Image Size - 41 x 51 cm
Found - Rockway, ON

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Parian Bust, Lord Kitchener - GS Chadwick, 1914
Orig. parian - Image Size - 17 cm
Found - Ottawa, ON
A parian bust dated September 11, 1914, was completed to promote war heroes just after the Guns of August ushered in World War I. Kitchener was given the task of mobilizing the British Empire for war against the Germanic people.
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Oil Portrait, Lord Kitchener - c 1915
Orig. oil - Image Size - 41 x 51 cm
Found - Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
A patriotic Canadian had this painted from a famous portrait of the famous British general who enthralled Canadians who followed his career in the Sudan, the Boer War, and as Secretary of War in World War I, till he drowned in the sinking of HMS Hampshire in 1916 off the north of Scotland when she hit a mine.
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, Lord Kitchener
Orig. ceramic - Size - 13 cm
Found - Ashington, UK
Other manufacturers made Toby jugs along cheaper assembly lines than Doulton. So there was not really anyone who had an excuse for not having a ceramic commemorative of Lord Kitchener in their home.

Many different toby jugs were produced of popular leaders. And Doulton did not produce the finest.

Go to More Commemorative Jugs
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, Lord Kitchener
Orig. ceramic - Size - 17 cm
Found - Bristol, UK
Another affordable commemorative jug which features Lord Kitchener wearing the forage cap he favoured wearing during the Boer War.

Shortly after Kitchener "pacified" the Sudan, in 1898, the heroic statue of Gordon on a camel (photo in 1936) was set up in Khartoum, to show the local Muslims who their Christian saviour was. It was to be a permanent reminder of who was writing their history, and controlling the destiny of their country.

In 1954, when Sudan gained its independence, the statue was ordered out. It now is in Britain.

Below preserved in a museum in Britain, from a photo taken in 1899, is the very spear that is supposed to have killed Gordon a few years before. (The provenance - not "providence" please - would be most interesting for this, when everyone was killed off who was there...)

But clearly William Joy used this spear to feature in his Last Stand painting. The cap belonged to Gordon.

Match that Mr. Gallé...!

Now Mr. Gallé, isn't it truly amazing all the passion, people, places, press propaganda, power plays, and parians, photos, and prints that lie behind a single Doulton commemorative jug. And this is only a tiny tip of the iceberg.

But we do get your point, Mr. Gallé, that the rich and powerful would much rather have people preoccupy themselves with your flowers and frilly things on ceramics.

As you say, commemorative ware, needlessly, awakens people to the stark reality that nothing really ever seems to change. That regardless of the supposed progress in education, politicians, military leaders, and the wealthy media-owning classes, remain as hell-bent as ever, on lining up the next conflagration for mankind.

Just the victims change; the perpetrators are eternal...











flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Trash Sure...
Gallé Lamp, c 1890-2010
Orig. or style of - Size - any size
Found - ebay, anywhere, by the thousands
Now, Mr. Gallé, tell us of the famous people, places, and events, that lie behind this lamp, and the personal tales of triumph or trial that the families that owned it experienced...

What? Nothing to say...? That's what we thought...

Which is why most thinking people prefer the rare lamps below and on the right, that have plenty to say...

Go to Colonel Burnaby's Sudan Lamp
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Ultra rare - you'll never see another - is this fabulous lamp of Queen Alexandra, long-suffering wife of King Edward VII.

And the stories it can tell...

Did you know that Alexandra was imported from the royal house in Denmark because she was an international beauty, to improve the tepid bloodline of the British Royal Family. (Recently, you may recall, an extremely scientific international poll found that the "the British are the ugliest people on earth."

Did you know that Alexandra's husband, Edward VII, as Prince of Wales was a notorious, serial adulterer, especially with married women, often of men who were eager to lay down their wives for the good of the country (the rich do that), while Alexandra was one of the most admired and beloved Queens in British history?

Did you know that the present main squeeze of the current Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles (typically, British looking, and someone else's wife) - and known to Princess Di as "the Rottweiller," for having destroyed her marriage - had introduced herself to Prince Charles with, "My great great grandmother (Mrs. Alice Keppel) regularly boinked your great grandfather (Edward VII) so how about it?"

So serial adultery is well established on all sides of the family...

Lamp, Queen Alexandra, c 1902
Orig. lamp - Size - 64 cm
Found - Trenton, NJ
Etymology Lesson - Boinking anyone within reach has always been one of the very first privileges that rich men - presidents, golfers, singers, politicians, lawyers, movie & TV moguls, actors, bankers, stock brokers, corporate CEOs, etc.; you fill in the names - take advantage of, and that their wives have had to - the vast majority knowingly - accept, in exchange for having it all... and gaining acceptance as a member of the elite Upper Classes.

"Rich Bitch" - Understandably, it doesn't make their wives or life partners nice people, at all, constantly having to worry about how to deal with, God knows, how many STDs he brings back from his frequent trips away from home. So have a heart, before you bandy about the term loosely... But do remember that Hillary Clinton, seething with more unresolved resentments than most members of the group, has her finger on the nuclear trigger... Just be glad you're not a Muslim... because the RB is looking for a target...

Now, isn't it truly amazing -
what all a commemorative lamp, or jug, can tell you...?

A typical dining room display of Christmas dinner at a British sailor's home in 1899.

Note how heavily memorabilia laden it is, with flags and pictures of people and ships.

Souvenir ware from tourist sites is on the corner whatnot and vases of all kinds are on the mantel.

The Doulton jugs featured on our page would have been displayed there.

Perhaps the next Christmas Dad wasn't at this table, and was one of the sailors killed pulling the guns of HMS Terrible across the veldt in South Africa. And maybe Mom bought the Handyman jug below to display in his memory...

A soldier's Christmas dinner where the mantel serves as the chief display area.

It features an array of typical Staffordshire figures.

Perhaps after the war it would feature a Boer War general or two there.

Go to

Probably most, if not all, of the five boys in these military families, joined up to fight in World War I, fifteen years later. Most, if not all, were likely killed, leaving both mothers, perhaps widows as well, with only their daughters, and commemorative jugs of their loved ones, to remember these better Christmases of the past...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, Emin Pasha Relief Expedition, Doulton Lambeth, 1889
Orig. jug - Size - 20 cm
Found - Victoria, BC
Only two years after the Gordon debacle, further west in the southern Sudan, another Christian hero, the German Emin Pasha, was trapped by Muslim zealots. (Gordon had appointed him Governor of Equatoria.)

Henry Morton Stanley, who had famously found Livingston in Africa a decade before, was sent out to find Emin Pasha, rescue him from Muslim clutches, and bring him back alive, to Christian civilization.

In fact, a Canadian, Bill Stairs from Halifax, NS, was second in command of the expedition and has his name on the jug.

Emin had a surprise answer when Stanley, after a horrendous trek, during which many expedition members died, found him...

Go to the Emin Pasha Expedition
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, Queen Victoria's Jubilee - Doulton Lambeth, 1897
Orig. jug - Size - 24 cm
Found - Toronto, ON
This fabulous Doulton salt glazed stoneware jug was produced for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 60 years on the throne.

It was produced in various sizes, this being the largest. Fanny Sayers, whose cypher is on the base, did the decorative artwork.

Queen Victoria was the figure head for the huge British Empire that covered enormous areas of the world globe at the end of the 19th century.

By 1898 its imperial armies seemed to scatter its enemies in Africa and Asia. So there was much to celebrate with commemorative jugs of the most glorious kind.

Doulton Artist's Marks - The bottom of the Emin Pasha jug shows the typical marks that can be found on Doulton Lambeth commemorative jugs.

b = b is the mark used by Emily Baker, the factory artist who was part of the team that created this jug in the 1880s.

CCO is the mark used by her co-worker Alice Cooke.

On the Gordon jug left the only artist mark we know is hO= which was used by Annie Horton.

Double OOs were used by several women, but always combined with another symbol.

Mp is unknown, though the p is exactly as used by D. Painter.

A catalogue of other marks used by Doulton workers can be found on the internet.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, The Handy Man - Doulton Lambeth, 1900
Orig. jug - Size - 21 cm
Found - Calgary, AB

The most famous exploit during the Boer War was probably how British sailors - the Handy Man - dismounted huge guns from war ships, put them on wheeled carriages, designed by Captain Scott, and pulled them around South Africa to bombard the Boers into submission.

Go to the Naval Brigades
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, South Africa 1900 - Doulton Lambeth, 1900
Orig. jug - Size - 21 cm
Found - Liverpool, UK

Lord Roberts and some of his famous commanders were honoured with this fabulous jug which also recognized Aussies with the kangaroo, New Zealanders with the Kiwi bird, and Canadians with a beaver.

Go to South Africa Jug
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, Celebration of the Hoisting of the Flag at Pretoria
- Doulton Lambeth, June, 5, 1900
Orig. jug - Size - 8.25"h x 5.5"w
Found - Toronto, ON

Celebrating the British victory over the Boers when Lord Roberts hoisted the flag on top of the Boer Parliament in Pretoria, in June 1905, Doulton went back to glorious colour and raised medallions and decorations. It was the high point for Doulton commemorative ware in Victorian times. But of course, the celebration was two years premature as the Boers switched to guerrilla warfare.

Below the flag being raised on the dome of the Transvaal Parliament, in Pretoria, on June 5. The Canadians are standing at the far right.

Go to Hoisting the Flag at Pretoria

The celebration in Canada was just as huge.

Go to Pretoria Day in Toronto
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Bust, Edward VII In Memoriam - Doulton Lambeth, 1910
Orig. ceramic bust - Size - 26 cm
Found - London, UK
Signed Doulton Lambeth, L Harradine Sc

This fabulous and totally unique bust of Edward VII was designed and signed by Doulton's most eminent sculptor of figurines Leslie Harradine (1887-1965), whose many creations, from the 1920s to the 1950s, are among Royal Doulton's all time most popular pieces including: the Balloon Seller, Autumn Breezes, Top o' the Hill, and Polly Peacham.

The bust is fine earthenware, mounted on a glowing ceramic base.

Leslie was only 23 when he designed this fine piece, then quit Doulton, two years later, to emigrate to Canada.

In 1912, with brother Percy, he bought a farm in Saskatchewan. Both signed up with Lord Strathcona's Horse, Leslie in 1917, to fight in World War I, as Canadians, putting their lives on the line for their adopted country. Leslie was wounded and sent home.

He married a wife in the UK who was not a fan of Canada, so he never returned. Leslie went back to work for Doulton. He sold his land in Saskatchewan to Percy who did come back.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, Coronation of Edward VII - Royal Doulton, 1902
Orig. jug - Size - 21 cm
Found - Ottawa, ON

In the middle of the Boer War Queen Victoria died (in 1901) so the coronation of Edward VII was delayed till peace returned in 1902.

In line with its other fabulous Boer War era "khaki" jugs Doulton produced this heavy masterpiece.

The British military had gradually switched to khaki uniforms in the 1880s. By the Boer War in 1899 khaki became all the rage as the ultimate fashion colour especially among patriotic Brits - were there any others? The jug design hoped to tie into this popularity.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, Coronation of Edward VII - Royal Doulton, 1902
Orig. jug - Size - 19 cm
Found - Brighton, ON

Doulton also produced this fabulous jug with wondrous and gleaming colours and raised medallions, featuring Edward, the beauteous Alexandra - hey she was Danish not British - and young Edward, who was to place American divorcees before his duty to the nation and consorted with Nazis.

But that was in the future. 1902 was a time when the Royal Family was widely revered as an integral part of what made the British Empire great. This was the first coronation that most Britons had ever seen, the last being 1837, 65 years before. Doulton offered two stunning jugs for the celebrants.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, Nelson and His Captains - Royal Doulton, 1905
Orig. jug - Size - 21 cm
Found - Toronto, ON
In 1905 Doulton produced a stunning jug finished with a mix of khaki and deep cobalt blue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lord Nelson and his great victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

It features HMS Victory in battle, and medallions of his four captains: Troubridge, Collingwood, Hardy, and Miller.

There was a huge celebration, and his flagship was extensively renovated at her location in Portsmouth, where she remains a huge tourist attraction today.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Presentation Plaque, HMS Victory - Lord Strathcona, 1907
Orig. plaque and copper - Size - 29 x 39 cm
Found - Kitchener, ON
A large and fabulous HMS Victory memento featuring a huge piece of the ship's copper hull sheathing, removed in the 1905 renovation and sold as souvenirs. This plaque was presented to Loretto Abbey by Lord Strathcona who had paid to send Lord Strathcona's Horse to fight in the Boer War.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Creamer, Queen Mary - Royal Doulton, 1911
Orig. creamer - Size - 14 cm
Found - Bradford, ON

Royal Doulton also produced quality memorabilia for the "poor folks," smaller, more affordable items made to patterns, that still sported the Doulton quality. Or at least allowed Fanny to say proudly "Oh, oive the latest Doulton in me parlor, I do."

This creamer is only 14 cms high.

Jug, Pitcher, Creamer - Classically this is a pitcher, a pouring vessel with a spout and handle, mostly uniform in shape to the top. If it's small - you decide - it's a creamer for pouring cream. If the neck is pinched in or narrowed - you decide - sometimes only small enough to hold a cork, it's a jug.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Beaker, Queen Victoria's Jubilee - Royal Doulton, 1897
Orig. beaker - Size - 10 cm
Found - Toronto, ON

Beakers were also small commemoratives featuring quality transfers

This one was specially made by Doulton for the Canadian market.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Jug, Coronation of George V - Royal Doulton, 1911
Orig. jug - Size - 20 cm
Found - Kingston, ON
In 1911 George V (& Queen Mary, named after the famous ocean liner) succeeded Edward VII as king.

The celebration produced another fabulous jug totally unique in design.


"Our Bobs" - The third figure in the souvenir portrait print above is Lord Roberts of Kandahar, the most popular general in British and Canadian history.

He is the only general in history to make war successfully in Afghanistan.

That's because he realized, in 1881, that white European Christian domination there would never work, and he got his army out, after his famous and victorious March from Kabul to Kandahar, leaving Afghanistan to the Afghans.

He said, proudly, in his autobiography - the biggest publishing phenomenon of the Victorian Age - that not a single Afghan woman was raped by his men during the campaign.

No NATO general can say that...

Bobs would be shocked at that...

He would also be shocked that American and Canadian generals talked like lowlife and racist thugs, at their press conferences. Is it any wonder their men heard, and got the clear signal that "anything goes" against "detestable murderers and scumbags?"

Bobs would also be shocked - though not those who heard the generals talk - of the tens of thousands of killed women and children, of the wholesale torturing to death of numerous Muslim prisoners-of-war at Baghram and Abu Ghraib, of the many rapes and murders by NATO soldiers.

In September 2010, as a result of crimes committed in early 2010, no fewer than a dozen US soldiers, all members of a "thrill kill team," were charged with randomly killing (blowing up) Afghan civilians and cutting off souvenirs from their bodies, including fingers, leg bones, and a tooth, to take home to show the folks...

And of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg, a small portion of which is published in the western press, lest it makes Brits, Canadians, and Americans "look bad."

A sampling of comments by US bloggers you won't read in the Establishment Press, in the US or Canada

A - "The most dangerous terrorists in the world are in the US military. They make Al-Qaeda look like school boys. After all they never claimed to kill for FUN."

B - "I hope that most US soldiers are decent. But ITS WAY MORE THAN 7 OR EVEN 20 OR 30 BAD SOLDIERS. This is not the 1st time nor will be the last. I'd think this is just the tip of ice of THE HORRIBLE THINGS going on in Afghanistan And Iraq. Similar incidents were reported in Iraq before. WIKILEAK videos showing US soldiesr in iraq KILLING CHILDREN FOR FUN.

C - "KILLING FOR FUN is the sickest and most disgusting behavior you can imagine."

D - "...its more bad news than you think. JUST FROM WAHT it was reported since the beginning of the wars more than 15 soldiers WERE involved in rape, torture, and killing civilians. from the article, one of the soldier was bragging about how he got away with doing the same thing in iraq. If Wikileak didnt release those videos we would have never known about the deliberate killing of the children in iraq."

E - "Common, just kids having fun..."

Unlike the NATO fanatics of the 21st century, Bobs knew how to win "hearts and minds" as well as military campaigns.

You were so right Bobs...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Stein - Lord Roberts, 1900
Orig. ceramic - Size - 31 cm
Found - Aberfoyle, ON
The biggest commemorative ceramic of a general ever made was this fabulous stein for Bobs, and it was produced by Canadians in 1900.

After 10 years of making war on the "detestable murderers and scumbag" Muslims - note the mind set - in Afghanistan, and killing scores of thousands of innocent civilians, mostly women and children - "our job is to be able to kill people" - Judeo-Christian European NATO zealots are further from victory than they were when they started.

It's tempting to say Blair and Straw, Bush and Cheney, Harper and Hillier, and Obama (who has killed more Muslim innocents with drone attacks than Bush) - all supposedly the cream of white Judeo-Christian civilization and all highly university trained - are more stupid than this wise British general a century ago.

There is a much more plausible explanation.

Racist zealotry for corporate and tribal cronies...

Bobs would have been shocked at the racism among the highest officials in the land.

He had lived his entire life among Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists, in India, and proudly had a Nepalese soldier designed into his family crest.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Like Father, Like Son (Lord Roberts & Frederick, dual VCs) - 1899
Orig. chromolithograph - Size - 48 x 63 cm
Found - Whycocomagh, NS

And unlike modern contract Canadian generals who never put their own lives, or the lives of their sons, on the line, Bobs did both, many times.

He lost his only son at Colenso, a year after Omdurman.

So Bobs, a lifelong career soldier, better than any short-term civil service general today - putting in enough time to draw a pension - knew the awful cost of war, and would clearly be dismayed by the loudmouth and uncouth war mongering statements uttered by today's generals, none of whom have colleagues killed in war.

Unlike these modern day braggarts, Bobs had numerous friends and colleagues - all generals and colonels - killed in the line of duty.

Within the few opening months of the Boer War, three British Major-Generals would die in the face of the enemy, leading their troops from the front.

Go to Brave Generals

In nine years in Afghanistan Canada has lost not a single general or colonel. Thank God, almost all the dying has been done by privates, corporals and sergeants.

And that is just how Canadian generals and colonels like it. So they can retire safely to collect their fat pensions and have another twenty years as highly paid media and military consultants and lobbyists for more guns, bullets, and bombs, to kill Muslims with...

Money-grubbing generals is not something Bobs would have understood, or put up with.

He died at 82, near a battlefront in France, visiting - get this - Indian troops.

To the end he was a general in harness to his country's needs, not a greedy self-promoter, and would never stoop so low as to be a toady for cash, for military hardware lobbyists or media honchos.

Go to Lord Roberts of Kandahar
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Loving Cup, Coronation of George V, 1911 - Royal Doulton, 1935
Orig. ceramic - Size - 26 cm h
Found - Toronto, ON
In 1935, in honour of George V's Silver Jubilee, Doulton issued absolutely stunning commemorative ware for his coronation 25 years earlier.

These fantastic commemorative loving cups have never been equalled in size, or artistic splendour. They are fabulous beyond compare. They also celebrate the absolute high point in British civilization, when it was the nation of record on the planet.

Behind the scenes its politicians - with the help of other white European Christians*** - were busy orchestrating the worst war civilization has ever seen, that would kill some 70 million people of all races and creeds.

Doulton did not produce a commemorative jug for that.

*** Who's the Savage?; Who's the "Scumbag**?" - Within a short period of 20 years the "superior white Judeo-Christian European civilization" at the absolute peak of its power, influence, and self-praise, had produced World Wars I and II, the worst massacres of people, and mass genocide, (totalling some 100 million) that the world has ever seen.

On August 6, 1945, in just 10 seconds America fried 70,000 "Japs," mostly women and children at Hiroshima, then repeated the triumph with like results at Nagasaki, three days later.

Chutzpah! - This is the same Judeo-Christian crowd that is busy orchestrating the Holocaust against the Muslims in the 21st century, and readying their atomic bombs to drop on Muslim women and children in Iran.

And this is the same crowd that, sneeringly, calls Muslims "backwards," "terrorists" and "ragheads," and Africans "uncivilized" and "savages."

Truly they make Saddam Hussein look like an ineffectual schoolyard bully.

They should stick to what they're good at - making commemorative jugs.

Clearly, they have no talent for human relations...

** Canadian top General Rick Hillier, who also became top NATO commander in Afghanistan, called the Muslims he was trying to exterminate ("our job is to be able to kill people"), "detestable murderers and scumbags."


flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Commemorative Photo - Fat Boy, Nagasaki, August 9, 1945
Orig. print - Image Size - 41 x 51 cm
Found - General Rick Hillier's House, Newfoundland

A European Judeo-Christian Commemorative Photo

The Biggest Single Act of Mass Genocide in History...

No, no, not by Adolf Hitler, by America the Beautiful and Land of the Free.

"Fat Boy" who instantly incinerated 70,000 "Jap" women and kids, in Nagasaki, down below.

Coming Soon... to a Muslim neighbourhood near you...

When supreme champions of Judeo-Christian values, America and/or Israel, will eagerly set out to better the record they established, the last time out...

Lord Kitchener is smiling, down below...

And General Hillier, short-lived Canadian Chief of the Defence Staff (Canada's top general) can hardly wait...

As a Newfie university chancellor, he is no longer in a position where he can kill people ("our job"); he can now only kill by proxy...

But he can still dress up when he takes his wife out... putting in time, while he waits for the Big One to drop...

Neither Doulton, nor Canadians, are planning commemorative ware for this general...

But someone, who felt sorry for him, when the government fired him prematurely, has stepped in...

"Once the most powerful man in Canada, now he doesn't have a pot to piss in... NOT!"

The most popular general, among the military rank and file in recent memory, says, no he wasn't fired; he claims he just suddenly decided to quit, after less than three years at a job he professed to love, in the midst of a war he said we must win...

But Hillier doesn't say why he served decidely fewer years at the helm of the Canadian Military than his three - less popular - immediate predecessors: General Henault (four years); General Baril (four years); General de Chastelain (five years.)

The media had actually announced his imminent departure - and that he had been given time to quit - after fewer than 2 1/2 years on the job.

Timeline - In early October, 2007, CTV announced Hillier had been given his walking papers to be "out" early in the New Year of 2008. A month later Prime Minister Harper and Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Hillier, all loudly and publicly denied that Hillier's contract would be terminated. As CTV had correctly predicted, Hillier announced his departure in April 2008, to be gone by July, 2008.

So much for honesty at the top of the Canadian Government and Military. But then, that's no surprise for the vast majority of Canadians.

The Taliban gave Hillier a rousing send-off, on his last few days in office, by staging a spectacular jail break among troops in Hillier's sector, when thousands of "terrorists" that had cost Canadians billions to round up, just walked out past his men in Kandahar after someone blew a huge hole in the prison wall.

It turned out that Hillier and his fabled "Intelligence Service" were the only people in Kandahar who didn't know about the imminent prison break. The escapees went back to targetting and killing Canadian troops. Thanks general, for your fine service...

The Shame Continues - Look for Canada's former top general to get the Order of Canada, the country's top award, any day now, even though Posterity will forever remember him as the only Canadian general ever to lose a war.

The Government has been looking for a "disengage with honour" scenario for General Hillier's War. It has to combine a loud trumpeting of "bringing the fighting boys home," which it has promised Canadians for years, while leaving a "Boy Scout" troop of "helpers and trainers" behind, who will go on killing Muslims - secretly of course - as before, which is what the Government wants to continue doing. The Government will get to eat its cake and keep it too, and hopes Canadians will not catch on that they've been had, again, by their politicians.

Call it a leaf from Obama's playbook. Announce to the world that all the American combat troops have now left Iraq, while you leave 50,000 fully armed combat veterans behind as "consultants, helpers, trainees, etc. That, boys and girls, is just about the same number as are in the entire Canadian Forces. Except they are far better armed. Relabeled as "Santa's little helpers" they will go on, secretly of course, killing Muslims just as much as before. So Canadians are copycatting Obama's spinning his campaign promise to "end the war," and pull US troops out of Iraq.

Of course the OC is notoriously degraded of late, since it is now routinely left for keeps, in the grimy hands of thoroughly discredited and convicted felons of the rich and super-rich variety, like eminent Canadian criminals Garth Drabinsky (fraud and forgery for some $500 million) and Conrad Black (who also stole multi-millions) who both proudly continue to sport their OCs at Upper Class functions - no riffraff from the Lower Orders allowed.

Lest you loose faith completely, in a system which is overwhelmingly tailored to give awards to the rich who can "buy" them, the OCs were quickly and unceremoniously yanked out of the hands of poor folk members of non-favoured ethnic groups - a Sikh and an Aboriginal - for comparatively minor infractions, the former "misappropriating" whatever a few thousand, the latter, briefly, saying something stupid.

Clearly First Nations Chief David Ahenakew was dumb, dumb, dumb; he should have been born Anglo or Jewish, and stolen tens or hundreds of millions, instead of just shoot off his mouth privately to a journalist.

Then, like Black and Drabinsky, he'd still have Canada's top medal, originally awarded to him for his lifetime of meritorious service to Canada's Aboriginal People, as well as the affection of the Upper Classes, who love guys who can rip off the system for gazillions, then use millions of the misappropriated loot to pay lawyers to thwart public prosecutors and twist the legal system into making it look like instead of lowlife thugs, their clients were actually performing a public service.

If you can believe, two courts threw out the charges for which Ahenakew's medal was revoked. But no sirree, no apology to Ahenakew from the upper class OC administrators, and no medal returned even though the reason for pulling it was called bogus by Canadian courts.

It doesn't pay to be an Aboriginal in Canada where the ruling classes continue to victimize Indians, in sundry ways, as they always have.

And Ahenakew - a veteran who also had laid his life on the line for Canada in World War II, when he didn't have to - went to his grave without his OC, but knowing, in spite of his lifetime of work for Canada's Aboriginal people, and despite their protestations to the contrary, little has really changed among the power brokers in Ottawa, since they stole the land from the Indians and turned their kids over to the priests for "processing."

Go to Commemorating General Hillier

Doulton Announces
"No Jugs for Blair or Straw"

The patent racism that motivated Blair and Straw becomes more and more apparent with every comment they have made in 2010, both saying they regretted, but could never have foretold, the disaster that unfolded for Muslim civilians etc., after their invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are pleading good faith, noble motives, ignorance and bad intelligence...

Sorry, but the vast majority of Britons were smarter, and from the beginning, far better informed, and opposed their patently racist adventure from the beginning.

And every high school student of history was smarter too, than these two university graduates, and easily predicted the eventual awful outcome of a patently racist and murderous European Judeo-Christian jihad against the Muslims in their own homelands.

But this conniving duo had a murky private agenda they are now trying to cover up, from God and Posterity... It won't wash, for a minute.

It was all clearly racist, and from the start, unforgivably stupid, as well.

They say they are fighting the Taliban but they are killing thousands of Muslims of all complexions. They say they are fighting terrorists but have killed untold thousands of civilians, mostly women and children.

And they think saying sorry, over and over again absolves them of deliberate and clearly barbaric human rights abuses and war crimes, in the eyes of God and before Mankind and Posterity...

Everyone knows, including themselves, that they don't really give a damn; it's just spin for the media.


The war they and their cronies say they are "winning" against the Muslims - they've been saying it for 10 years -
- is the longest war in American history, and has lasted,
- longer than World War I
- longer than World War II
and has killed 125,000 to 1 million Muslims to date, including record numbers of women and children.

And during their supposedly "winning campaign" in Afghanistan, the worst month of deaths in nine years, for the NATO Christian side, was June 2010, and July was the second worst month.

And in nine years, US casualties were highest in June, and higher still in July, 2010.

Clearly God is seeing to it that the Judeo-Christian fanatics are losing, big time.

So much for Blair and Straw, who were the Best of Britain in 2001...

These two loathsome men have killed more Muslim women, children, and men than any other Britons in history. More than Generals Gordon, Roberts, and Kitchener combined. And so God and Posterity will remember them. Are they worried? Not at all. They've been richly rewarded by the corporate cronies whose policies they implemented.

How abysmally low the British Labour Party - of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Arthur Henderson and Philip Noel-Baker, and of Clement Attlee and Aneurin Bevan - has sunk, when it produced the two biggest human rights violators and war crime criminals in modern British history...

It is, an ill omen, indeed, for the 21st century...

Not only for Muslims, but for us all...

Remember, the Judeo-Christian back up plan - the Bomb...

Below God's plan...

By August 2010, NATO fatalities already made 2010 the worst year for white European Christian Coalition deaths since the war began nine years earlier... And Americans who oppose the Bush War in Afghanistan, massively stepped up by "Change You Can Believe In" Obama, are at an all-time high of 62%...

Our prediction - Obama will approve Fat Boy 2, in its first use since World War II...

Right President Obama, the first Black President in US history.