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Rare Boer War Discoveries

More key items the Canadian Boer War Museum has added to its collections in its ongoing efforts to preserve important Canadian heritage memorabilia from this period.

Wilkinson Carruthers Gould Toby Jugs 1915-1920

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
Carruthers Gould, Haig & Lloyd George, 1917
Orig. ceramic toby jugs - Size - 26 cm
Found -
Ottawa, ON
Signed Carruthers Gould (& initialled FCS), Wilkinson England, Royal Staffordshire Pottery, Soane & Smith
Field Marshall Douglas Haig & Prime Minister David Lloyd George

The two men who were most responsible for directing the Canadian contribution to the war effort in World War I. Probably more than any others - the buck stops here - they shared the responsibility for the loss of the bulk of some 65,000 Canadians - and 750,000 Brits - who died during the conflict..

It is an extremely rare ceramic commemorative that can match the glory of the signed Wilkinson jugs which the famous British cartoonist Francis Carruthers Gould designed in the last years of World War I.

Each toby jug was limited some to 150, others to 350, making them genuine and extremely rare works of art.

Individual jugs are rarely ever encountered, partly because so few were made, but also because no one who has them will ever give them up until death do us part. We know of only one complete set in Canada; only 150 sets were ever possible.

A complete set of 11 is now prohibitively expensive costing some $25,000 US. Their value has almost doubled in the last three years...

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