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Rare Boer War Discoveries

Below are some of the key items the Canadian Boer War Museum has added to its collections in its ongoing efforts to preserve important memorabilia from this period.

Boer War "Discoveries of the Summer" ( 2004)

Boer War Fife 1899
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
Boer War Fife, 1899
Orig. 1899 Henry Potter - Size - 15.25"
Found - Dundas, ON
Signed HY Potter & Co. 30 Charing Cross, London, 1899
The fife and drums had been the military band for centuries. During the Boer War fifes were at the end of their life in military bands but were still played on marches and parades.

Henry Potter produced countless bugles for the Victorian Army, which were played in India, Africa, the Sudan, and during the Boer War.

Above is a fife produced by Potter as well and labelled on both sides of the separation ring:
"HY Potter & Co. 30 Charing Cross, London, 1899."

This fife was probably brought to Canada by a British fifer who kept it as a memento of the war.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
Victorian British Army Fifer & Drummer, 1899
Orig. 1899 chromolithograph - Size - 16" x 23"
Found - Toronto, ON
A fabulous Victorian 16 x 23" chromolithograph, which we found at an auction, wonderfully captures the feel of the era, and the excitement of life, for both young and old, in the British Victorian Army.

Victorian Pride: The print commands, "Don't be a street urchin (like in the lower medallion) in slovenly rags on street corners, balefully watching history pass by from the sidelines. Serve the Queen in uniform and play a noble role in helping to preserve her vast Empire!"

The point of entry, into the Victorian army for boys, was commonly the band, where they became buglers, fifers, and drummers. With their musical instruments they entertained the men or led their marches. With their bugles they gave orders in camp, and on the battlefield and allowed a commander to signal to his troops, before the days of radio.

It was a world where boys could play a man's part, among other men.

What better recruiting poster could there ever be than this fabulous print?

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