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Boer War Books

The main books dealing with the Boer War.

Henry Burr (1885-1941): "Where is My Wandering Boy Tonight" 1918 - Verse 1

You are listening to an original recording from the early 1900s featuring one of Canada's very first recording artists, Henry Burr, singing our television program's theme song, "Where is My Wandering Boy Tonight." Henry Burr from New Brunswick, started recording in 1902 while in his teens, and, with some 12,000 recordings to his credit, was the most prolific recording artist of his generation. (Verse 1 Page 6, Verse 2 Page 7, Verse 3 Page 8)

(You can hear these earliest Canadian recordings on our program's soundtrack. Details on our Music Page)


Great Canadian Boer War Books now available at leading bookstores:

** In all books published in 1900 - 1902, "thrilling" is the most commonly used word to describe the military actions in which Canadians and other British soldiers participated. 

OUR LITTLE ARMY IN THE FIELD: The Canadians in South Africa 1899 - 1902

by Brian A. Reid

Col. Brian A. Reid offers a timely update, of the 7,000 Canadians who served in South Africa in a war that, for three years at the turn of the last century, completely entranced Canada and Canadians.

Copies of this book are also available from: Vanwell Publishing at: 1 - 800 - 661 - 6136.


McGill Professor Carman Miller's Book (available now as a 541 page paperback) is the definitive and most detailed book that covers all aspects of Canada's participation in the Boer War and summarizes all the research currently available.

Canada and the South African War 1899 - 1902

By Carman Miller

Rare Canadian Boer War Books 

(Modern Reprints of Three Rare Canadian Books first published in 1899-1900)

If you can only afford one, buy Morrison's "With the Guns" which is a Canadian classic by a sensitive man experiencing the highs and lows of being caught up in what proved to be a very difficult war for many Canadian volunteers.

  • "The Canadian Contingents" by W. Sanford Evans.

    Originally published in 1901. 352 pages! A classic account of Canada's participation in the Boer War. This very scarce book is of interest to the collector of Boer War medals as well as the history student. Because of its scarcity, and desirability to the Boer War enthusiast, we reprinted it so the information could be available at a reasonable price.

    "With the Guns," by E.W.B. Morrison  
    "D" Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery.

    Originally printed in 1901. 307 pages! A detailed account of the activities, battles and observations of the Royal Canadian Artillery in the Boer War. Morrison won the D.S.O. in South Africa and rose to become Major General commanding the Canadian Artillery during WWI. Great reading and essential to the Boer War and artillery enthusiast. A difficult and expensive book to find in the original.

    "Canadians in Khaki," (The Boer War 1899-1902)  

    130 pages, card bound, laminated cover. We discovered this little treasure and decided to reprint it for the benefit of everyone. This book contains a listing, by unit, of all Canadians who went to South Africa. It also lists the parent unit, and where there is no previous service, lists the address. All casualties are listed including those killed in action, wounded, missing and those who died of disease.

  • Other Great Boer War Books
    These are widely available, new or used, at your local bookstores. Or go to , the biggest and best online bookstore in the world (from Vancouver no less) which lists all the names, addresses and phone/emails of the bookstores all over the world where these books can be bought, and describes their condition and the price.

    Many hundreds of books have been written on the Boer War. But among the very best, because they are the personal experiences of people actually involved in the campaigns are the following:

    Modern General Overviews

    The Boer War - Thomas Packenham
    The Great Anglo-Boer War -
    Byron Farwell
    Goodbye Dolly Gray -
    Rayne Kruger

    Canadian Personal Memoirs

    With the Guns - EWB Morrison
    I Remember -
    WA Griesbach
    I'm Alone -
    Jack Randal
    From Quebec to Pretoria -
    Hart McHarg
    Canada's Sons on Kopje & Veldt -
    TG Marquis 

    "For Queen & Country: One Man's War" - being the brand new diary of Luke Gormley of the Royal Scots, who certainly saw a lot of the war, published with glorious colour inserts and war photos, by John Gormley a descendant. Contact him in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK at:
    Boer Personal Memoirs

    Three Year's War - Christiaan de Wet
    Commando -
    Deneys Reitz
    Commando Courageous -
    Roland Schikkerling
    My Reminiscences - Ben Viljoen

    British Personal Memoirs

    With Rimington - March Phillipps
    A Yeoman's Letters -
    PA Ross
    The Boer Fight for Freedom-
    Michael Davitt
    A Tale of a Field Hospital -
    Frederick Treves

    Best Pictorial Books

    South Africa & the Transvaal War (8 vol 1902)
    Louis Creswicke (1902)
    War With the Boers (5 vol 1902)
    - Harold Brown
    With the Flag/After the Flag to Pretoria (4 vol 1902)
    - HW Wilson
    To the Bitter End -
    Emanoel Lee

    US Personal Memoirs

    With Bobs and Kruger - FW Unger
    Scouting on Two Continents -
    Frederick       Burnham  
    John Bull's Crime -
    Webster Davis

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