More Anglo-Boer War Memorabilia featuring Maj. General Robert Baden-Powell.

Can you guess what all these items are? And remember, these items do not celebrate the "Founder of the Boy Scouts"
that was years ahead - but the exploits of perhaps Britain's most celebrated hero of the Great Anglo-Boer War.

Give it a try.... Answers below.

Most items are easy to figure out, and include: ceramic plates, sheet music, medallions, small round lockets hung from chains, or pinbacks pinned to lapels, a parian bust, a pitcher, and a two-handled loving cup.

Of interest are the bookmark, the perfectly awful Staffordshire ceramic statues - though much better than their dogs - of which several versions were produced, and a pin tray which also features Gen. White VC, who was similarly locked up by the Boers, in Ladysmith, for months, until he too was rescued.

More difficult to identify are the tobacco jar with lid, and the scallop-edged jardinaire for growing plants.

Wondrous items indeed are the umbrella stand and the two foot square tapestry.

And yes Virginia, there really was a ........ Mrs. Baden-Powell.

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