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More important Canadian antique memorabilia the Museum has preserved.

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Best Top "Personal" Choices

People should not forget that family histories and memorabilia are the bedrock of ALL national museums. And named and dated items supported by photos are the cream of the crop. So it is important that family memorabilia be properly kept, and authenticated with proper names, photos, and documentation. Most exhibits in national museums are woefully lacking personalized documentation and authentication.
John Goldi csc, the Honorary Curator Emeritus of the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum, and its longtime Director of Research and Collections, has amassed, researched and curated a personally hand-picked inventory of over 7,500 rare antique (Canada-related) memorabilia items for the Museum over a period of some 17 years.

This page features some of his favourites, which he considers the best of their kind, and illustrate the unique particulars which a museum curator must look for if they/you want to acquire a first class historical memorabilia collectible.

Below as he was in 1950, Hans Göldi, as a 9 year-old Swiss immigrant at the time he started his collection with the Swiss military brooch and Canadian Neutral Indian celt, below.

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flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure I well remember this Swiss military brooch pinned to my tweed jacket. I wore it in the summer of 1950 (above) and in December, during the trip from Dübendorf to Weesen and Romanshorn (CH) to say goodbye to all the relatives, and then aboard the Scythia for the trans Atlantic crossing. It probably heard more emigrant family farewell weeping than any other brooch around...

It was a pin celebrating Christmas for the Swiss soldier, inscribed in German, French and Italian, three common languages of Switzerland.

It perhaps ranks as my first personal (Swiss) acquisition for my historical collection that has been growing ever since.

My father, being Swiss, was in the military - every Swiss was - and trained every year. During the war he was often away on campaign in the mountains, preparing in the event of a Nazi invasion. I well remember his rifle standing in the bedroom closet and his silver pistol in the nightstand drawer where they stayed even after peace returned to the world in 1945.***

First, in 1941 at Basel, CH, and then again in 1942, at Fribourg, CH, he won the Swiss Army national sports combination championships: the Schweizerische Armeemeisterschaften Vierkampf für Manschaften.

This was no small feat, since because ever Swiss male was in the military all were eligible for the national Army sports competition.

Military Brooch, Soldaten Weihnacht, 1940 - P Kramer, Neuchatel, CH
Orig. brooch - Image Size - 23 x 27 mm
Found - Dübendorf, CH
Prov - Suter-Lüchow-Goldi Coll

*** Sociological Footnote: Though the Swiss share, with the Americans, this storage of lethal rifles, ammo, and handguns in every family home, there is a huge difference. Every Swiss citizen stores his military rifle and ammo at home to be instantly able to mobilize in case a foreign enemy threatens the nation. On the other hand, Americans ALL store assault rifles, automatic pistols, handguns, etc. in their homes, cars, and boats, as a defence NOT against a possible foreign foe, but for use against fellow Americans. It explains why the Swiss have an astronomically small violent crime rate especially with guns. While Americans have an astonishing murder rate that far outstrips that of any other "European" nation.

More American Than Apple Pie - This national killing spree of exterminating fellow citizens you hate or don't like has been entrenched in the American psyche for decades through films by sociopathic fanatics like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Arnold, and a whole host of other filmic copycat killers. And exported to Main Street USA with lethal consequences with mass shootings happening virtually every day of the week. It's why Americans also sport an extraordinary roster of teenage killers who learn from their cultural heroes how to deal with people (parents, siblings, fellow students, teachers, racial inferiors, etc) whom they hate, object to, or don't like. Or can kill off to gain insurance money, an inheritance, avoid having to split family assets, or win sole custody of the kids. This is regarded by thousands of Americans, from crazy kids to countless university educated doctors, dentists, and professionals as a legitimate way to deal with parents, rivals, spouses, or business partners.

American Psychopaths at Home (aka Gun Control Idiocy) - Mainstream media and corporatocracy politicians wilfully ignore these most salient American sociological realities, preferring to blame the killing carnage on Main Street to Americans' easy access to guns. Blaming an inanimate object when the human is totally at fault. They loudly demand stricter gun control laws to stem the wild shooting spree on Main Street USA, pointing to the prevalence of guns as the problem.

Which is a total ludicrous fallacy. It is NOT guns that are the problem AT ALL, but the sociopathic fury at the root of the American persona. Until the viciousness that is at the heart of the American psyche is rooted out the blood bath on Main Street will continue unabated regardless of changes in any gun laws or the growing number of gated communities to hide behind.

The NRA is totally right; liberals like the Clintons and the Obamas are seriously and wilfully deluded about the gun issue. In fact most Americans desperately see themselves, increasingly, as needing more - NOT FEWER - guns to protect themselves from the sociopathic rages that animate millions of their fellow citizens. Most Americans see themselves as looking to more guns to save themselves from the growing malicious psycopathy animating more and more of their fellow citicizens.

Remember, in the US Civil War 1861-1865, Americans killed more of their own fellow citizens - by far - than all the dead they suffered in all their other wars combined. And Civil War related hates remains a key domestic source at the heart of much of the killing. However much they hate foreigners, American fear and hate for each other is worse.

NOTE: the worst mass murdering terrorist, boasting the highest per capita kill rate of all time, is not any of the Muslims of 9/11, but home-grown, entirely "Made in America" GI ball of hatred, Timothy McVeigh - the Oklahoma City bomber who killed 168 with a single pop. He was Born and Raised in the USA. Stricter gun control laws would NOT have stopped McVeigh's mass murdering bomb explosion. In typical American fashion, executing him and killing him was - what else is new? - the typical solution Americans saw to still the homegrown sociopathic Made in America rage in his heart.

An All-American Rapist and a Psycho Killer Lies in Wait - the top American cultural exponent of exterminating people you hate, Clint Eastwood in "High Plains Drifter," sits with a loaded gun lett concealed under his barber's cape, just moments before he shoots dead, in cold blood, three completely unarmed men who are giving him lip and "crowding" him. Go check the freeze-frame of each victim in his death throes, if you don't believe me. Not one of them is holding - or dropping - a gun at the moment Clint's bullets kill them. Their guns are - ALL - like in normal western society protocol, politely holstered. And Clint gets no "blowback" for his psychopathic outrage. Hell, he's the movie's hero and US cultural hero figure.

Clint kills three lippy guys with the same ease that in the 21st century US cops on Main Street USA commonly kill unarmed black undesirables, even when they're running away... Guess where they, and teenage Clint wannabe, South Carolina mass-murderer Dylan Roof (9 African Americans praying in church), got the idea?

The American Experience Exposed - "Today, there's a general numbing of the audience. There's too much murder and killing. You make people insensitive by showing it all the time. The body count in pictures is huge. It numbs the audience into thinking it's not so terrible. Back in the '70s, I asked Orson Welles what he thought was happening to pictures, and he said, 'We're brutalizing the audience. We're going to end up like the Roman circus, live at the Coliseum.' The respect for human life seems to be eroding."
- Peter Bogdanovich 2012 (Bogdanovich is famous for a number of things: as a Hollywood director, and for pranging nymphets. He pranged a married woman 21 years his junior - she was 20 year old model, Dorothy Stratten - so her husband killed her in 1980, then himself. No problem for Bogdanovich - he just married her younger sister, who was 29 years his junior - she was 20...

The Fallout - No wonder America is also thriving in dozens of real murder and rape crime TV shows - not programs but SERIES! - like never before, featuring murder and rape as normal American cultural options for whomever and whenever the mood or opportunity strikes a kid, a teen, and countless adults. (The First 48, Dateline NBC, 48 Hours, Kids Who Kill, Stranger in My House, Murder She Solved, Forensic Files, On the Hunt, America's Most Wanted, etc. routinely feature thousands of normal people committing rape and murder, as part of daily life, on Main Street USA.)

And their political betters, with a genocidal rage, export the same deadly US domestic cultural phenomenon overseas in the 21st century. Turning their death-dealing guns and bombs from "Filipinos" and "Latinos" in the 1890s, "Krauts" and "Japs" (1940s), Gooks (1960s), to "Islamist terrorist" women, children, babies, teens, old folks, and men, and countless wedding parties, in numerous Muslim countries (2001 on... to as we speak...)


Deliberate Instant Genocide of Women & Children
- It's wise to remember that the two single worst acts of mass extermination of human beings in history - and civilians at that, mostly women, children, babies, teens, and old folks - were both carried out, NO NOT BY HITLER, but by the United States, when, at the end of World War II, it dropped two atomic bombs designed to exterminate 80,000-100.000 civilian women and children densely packed in urban centres, at a single pop - TWICE...

There was little or less, of anything, left to count... besides generations of maimed, crippled, blinded women, children and babies... So exterminating undesirable people - mostly non-whites - at home and abroad is as American as apple pie...

Oh, and lest you sneer this off, as a piddling trifle of inferior people ("Jap" women and kids) who got what they deserved, remember the two single worst days' work of mass incineration of civilians. in all of History, was also - wait for it - NO NOT BY HITLER, but again by the United States and her Allies, when overnight it firebombed Tokyo, Japan, on Mar 9, 1945, incinerating over 100,000 mostly women, babies, children, and old folks.

The other day's work of mass incineration of some 100,000 plus German civilians, mostly women and children refugees clumped into Dresden, Germany, was on Feb 14, 1945, within weeks only, of the end of the war. IT WAS CLEARLY BORN OF SOCIOPATHIC RAGE TO EXACT REVENGE AND PUNISH THE GERMAN SOLDIER FOR THE WAR HE HAD WAGED... And Canadian fliers proudly took part in incinerating their women, children, and grannies...

In the 1960s-70s the Americans exterminated, mostly with incinerating napalm, a million - by their own bragging account - Vietnamese women, children, babies, old folks, and men...

The 21st century saw the US launch and carry on the longest war in its history, a race war against the Muslim world, by the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama, with glee and relish, rolling up a fearful body count of Muslim women, children, babies, teens, old folks... and men...

And it's wise to remember that Donald Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with any of this mass killing of non-white, non-European populations. Though denounced in the media as a racist by the hypocrites who were taking part in the wholesale slaughter of Muslims - Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Harper, and Trudeau - Donald Trump had no blood on his hands, whatsoever, before Jan 20, 2017.

Not a drop. Now as President he's starting to do what the others at the helm of the world's worst terrorist nation, did for many, many years. It will take time to see if he can match the Muslim body count of the Bush-Clinton-Obama cabal.

I predict he will not, that History will in fact, see him as the real American "liberal" and the Bush-Clinton-Obamas, as the racist, red-neck extremists and genocidal perps terrorizing and killing Muslims in the 21st century. That he will come to be seen by both Muslims and the Nations of the World as the American "saviour doctor" who bound the racist genocidal wounds opened by Britain's Butcher Blair and his French, American and Canadian cronies...

In the 21st century, under Harper and Trudeau, Canada too, desperately wanted to be a part of the Muslim blood-letting... AND IS RAMPING UP THE MUSLIM BODY COUNT AS WE SPEAK... And all funded with tax money collected from hundreds of thousands of Canadian Muslim taxpayers...(Feb. 2017)

Making them pay for the extermination of their co-religionists, their colleagues, their business partners, their family members, and friends, left behind when they came to Canada to seek a better life... How rich and diabolical is all that?

While unctuously denouncing the Quebec city copycat killer for doing, unofficially at home, what the Government of Canada is doing officially, with gusto, in various Muslim nations abroad.

Go ahead, tell me who's the real Sicko?

Great Canadian Copycat Killers - And copycat killers in Canada do the same. In Toronto the Good some dozen cops surrounded and blazed away, into an empty streetcar containing only one person, a mental case, standing inside, holding a knife. They finish him off - taser and bullets - after he goes down.

Their defence: they felt threatened and in fear of their lives, when video shows clearly that far from it, they were ALL standing as a heavily armed group, outside the vehicle and were in NO WAY threatened.

Clint would be proud of their extermination handiwork aka "one undesirable less in the world."

The Canadian government, starting openly, under Harper and following, covertly, under Trudeau, was also one of the very, very few countries in the world that signed up to join George Bush and the US in exterminating undesirables internationally with the US race war against the Muslims in the 21st century.

The overwhelming majority of countries of the world, including the overwhelming majority of European countries, refused to send shooting and killing troops to target Muslims in the US rampage across the Middle East and North Africa. Germany pointedly, utterly refused to join the racist CWILLKILL*** killing spree in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. (***Coalition Willing to do the Killing.)

This then led predictably and directly to outraged local populations starting domestic shooting and bombing protests in their home countries, notably in Spain, the UK, France, the US, and Canada.


It is why, in 2010, the UN General Assembly refused, predictably and pointedly, to give Canada back its customary seat in the Security Council, a totally colossal and embarrassing rebuff by the nations of the world censuring Canada's warmongering against non-white and non-Christian peoples of the world. But it was a rebuff totally unforeseen in Canada and not expected by the mainstream media who bragged uniformly that the seat was "in the bag" only days before the shameful historic rebuff totally stunned Canada and Canadians.

But I had definitively, strongly, and publicly, predicted, TWO FULL YEARS BEFORE IT HAPPENED, THAT CANADA WOULD NEVER BE RE-ELECTED TO A SECURITY COUNCIL SEAT IT HAD COME TO REGARD AS ITS OWN FOR THE ASKING FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS AT THE UN. (Hey, it's not rocket science, of course, except among politicians and the media in Canada.)

So US style extermination of undesirables is catching on north of the border.

Thanks for that Justin! - On Jan 30, 2017 in the worst hate crime in modern Canadian history, two vicious sociopathic gunmen (one apparently of Muslim and North African Moroccan origin, according to the mainstream media***) opened fire on worshippers in a Muslim Mosque in Quebec City, killing six Muslims as they prayed. The way the mainstream media chose to tell it it looked like a coordinated ISIS wave of terrorists was loose on the streets of Quebec.

Triggering the Copycat Syndrome - In a country where former Prime Minister Harper set the racist anti-Muslim public tone, by launching the Canadian Forces in a racist war against Muslim countries overseas, the Prime Minister himself identified and targeted the Islamic "enemy" and so gave heart and public approval it certainly appeared to local psycho-crazies to join the national effort into doing "their part," at home, to erase the "Islamist cancer..."

(***This proved to be typical FAKE NEWS spread by those who originated the concept - the Mainstream Media. Remember, in 2014, it was the glowering and professionally discredited CBC anchor Evan Solomon, who announced there were multiple terrorist gunmen, wildly spraying bullets at three shooting locations in downtown Ottawa. Solomon loudly alarmed Canadians by raising the spectre of a massive ISIS coordinated attack against downtown Ottawa and Parliament Hill, and elevating to heroic status, as well, a parliamentary "sergeant-at-arms saviour" for ending the threat... All of it, totally fictitious - FAKE NEWS - of course, by Canada's own public broadcaster.

There were, IN FACT, NO multiple terrorists spraying bullets everywhere, in fact NO terrorists at all, just one lone perp with mental problems, and carrying an antique rifle, who shot one person...

And Solomon's "local hero," it turns out, came on the scene late, and, shamefully, was one of many who just pumped more bullets into a dead body on the floor that was already riddled with dozens of shots (an unbelievable 31 times)... The walls of Parliament were also riddled with bullet holes which Solomon tried to pass off as sprayed by the "ISIS terrorist," when in fact all were made by wildly trigger happy cops, who were after the fact, over compensating after having wildly and negligently failed to anticipate a security risk on the Hill, failed to stop the openly rifle-brandishing perp from entering Parliament Hill, and then entering the Centre Block, etc. with a rifle...

And shamefully, Solomon, in concert with crass political opportunists and their willing cronies in the mainstream media, chose to make the "Sergeant-at-arms" a hero out of totally "Fake News" in a loudly laughable Solomon hosted CBC news special full of Solomon's unfounded and over-the-top idiotic suppositions.

The shot perp was NOT - as Solomon and the mainstream media tried to tell it - brought down in the midst of a heroic gun battle, and shot down to stop the threat. IN FACT he was EXECUTED OUT OF RAGE by angry cops on the scene, after he had long been put down, shredded and disabled with dozens of bullets... For a brief moment the security RCMP on the scene thought they were Clint or Dirty Harry, and cut loose with everything they had. On a guy who was down, bullet-shredded, disabled, and dying, or dead already...

I believe it's easily the most massive, over-the-top retaliatory fusillade of police bullets against a perp in close quarters in world history. Dirty Harry gone mad, using ultra-modern automatic weapons with huge magazines. The shame is only compounded when one remembers this fusillade was against a guy with a lever action antique rifle with only three or four bullets in it, and also hamstrung by a hopelessly cumbersome rifle cocking mechanism, and a totally impossible reloading mechanism designed in 1894...

The proof is in the pudding. The perp never managed to hit anyone with his firearm, while he and his rifle were shredded by scores of bullets...

It's just another in a long line of damning examples of how Canadian rogue cops - aping their US Dirty Harry counterparts - deal with mentally ill perps when they are "down," or no longer a physical threat. It was utterly clear that the perp, after being shredded by dozens of bullets, and down, was no threat to anyone, when Parliament Hill cops chose to execute him. Because he was a mental threat...

ISIS? I mean what kind of a perp in his right mind would possibly launch an armed assault against numerous armed security guards armed with automatic weapons when he has only three or four bullets left in his antique rifle? It doesn't fit well into Solomon's rant that this perp was a heavily armed shooter charging down the hall supposedly spraying bullets as he went. When IN FACT the opposite was true; he was one scared kid running in panic down the hall, his antique rifle and body both, shredded by many bullets. A mentally distracted perp running from the worst day of his life. They executed a guy who was down, and then AFTER he was more dead, handcuffed him. The myth of the "Muslim terrorist" perp, festering in their minds, put there, and embellished over the years, by the mainstream media, was larger than the mentally distracted kid was in life.

They created a terrorist for political purposes, out of - at best - a nut bar off his rocker... Just to excuse their woeful security negligence and over-the-top response.

The media certainly lied about it all, big time, to Canada. "Making a silk purse out of a sow's ear," aka "Fake News," which the mainstream media do, routinely, for their bread and butter - I should say multi-millions in salary, benefits, & pensions - has for decades, been the principal tool that the corporatocracy, that owns and controls the Canadian media, and funds the pundits and politicians, has used to undermine Canadian democracy.

In the current Quebec Muslim massacre case there was - in spite of what the mainstream media would have you believe - only one shooter, a local, home-grown, university-trained Canadian lad at that. SO, no mental case, but a highly educated thinking political activist, brought up, since 2006, in the fetid swamp of Canada's "Trumpesque" anti-Muslim racist public environment. No Muslim of any kind was involved in the shooting... Muslims were only victims. Including the second alleged "terrorist" who was in fact, only a mosque cleaner and first aid responder, whom the cops didn't like the looks of, vilified to the media - knowing it would repeat any anti-Muslim crap fed to it - and then locked him up for the night - for looking like a Muslim and un-Canadian...

"Fake News by the Canadian Mainstream Media" has racist legs. After a "Moroccan" and "Muslim" was fingered by the Canadian police and mainstream media, as one of the Quebec shooters, it was dutifully repeated by American news networks like Fox News, owned by passionate Israel promoter, Rupert Murdock. In effect turning the actual massacre of Muslims by a non-Muslim Canadian citizen, into a "Fake News" hate crime, by blaming a foreign born Muslim - and who knows how many others; they work in packs don't they? - for authoring their own massacre. And raising the spectre of a possible wave of Muslim attackers... Thanks to Murdock's "Fake News'" scores of millions of Americans now believe Muslims carried out the Quebec massacre, and hate Muslims even more. Which of course, was Murdock's intent. Justin Trudeau had his staff intervene to get Fox to change its Fake News to real news. And was pilloried by Canadian conservative politicians, who have a long and deep racist strain in their politics, accusing Trudeau of doing something unimportant and frivolous in trying to correct a false US racist story that falsely damaged Canadian Muslims as well as the truth and History. The Conservatives of course, love FAKE NEWS when it promotes their racist byline.

This has happened before, many times, in Canada and the US, with "Fake News" by the mainstream media being used to tell lies about Canada for personal political profit by crass and racist politicians. Janet Napolitano, the hopelessly deluded US Director of Homeland Security told American media - which repeated it endlessly - that the 9/11 terrorists had come to the US by way of Canada. (Which was a total lie, of course. In fact they had ALL come in perfectly legally, through America's front door after being legitimately vetted by American immigrant processing procedures.) Angry Americans talked of building a wall on the Canadian border...

In Canada the worst "FAKE NEWS" malfeasance by the mainstream media in modern history was the openly racist vilifying of Canadian First Nations people at Ipperwash, accusing them of possessing firearms and shooting at police in September 1995. All totally false in their entirety but published as truth, for some six months, by the entire Canadian mainstream media press corps, to cover up a murderous and racist shooting attack by police on defenceless and non-threatening Aboriginal women, children, babies, and men, calculatedly at midnight when the journalists were passed out at bars or in bed with hookers.

Copycatting the Racist Civilian Leadership - So, aided and abetted by over a decade of anti-Islamist rants in Canada, in the mainstream media, among TV pundits, among hijab, niqab, chador or burka hating judges, passionate pro-Israeli and pro-US academics and politicians, who all uniformly aided, abetted or promoted the race war against the Muslims, at home and in the Middle East, was the Quebec racist massacre really so unpredictable?

Copycatting Clint - The Canadian racist killings can surely be traced back to all these authoring perps as easily as the carnage on Main Street USA can be traced back to Clint Eastwood's murdering and raping persona in his films, and those of his fellow vicious and malicious celluloid perps. Setting the example of how a cultural hero deals with undesirable elements on Main Street...

From the beginning, ALL Canada's mainstream media (Globe, Star, Postmedia, CBC, CTV, Global etc.) openly and unreservedly supported and promoted the vicious Harper race war against the Muslims, cheering aloud that it was right to send Canadian troops to target Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq etc., and then after the Afghan war ended, justifying the massive Muslim death count of women, children, babies, teens, and old folks, and praising the vile Canadian war as necessary, meritorious, and successful, with an endless stream of FAKE NEWS. WHEN NONE OF IT WAS TRUE IN ANY WAY. It was just a racist anti-Muslim slang fest, at home and abroad by racist elite Canadian media and political perps. The Quebec Muslim massacre of January 2017 was the predictable, normal outcome of it all.

The Canadian war against the Muslims (2006-2014) was, in fact, by far the lowest decade in Canadian history since World War II. And why the United Nations absolutely refused - for the very first time - to grant Canada its customary seat on the Security Council in 2010. The nations of the world saw Canada as engaging in a private sectarian race war just to please the Americans and Israelis. In fact, Canada was one of only a very tiny handful of countries to take a shooting role in the Bush and Obama CWILLKILL Coalition, which was notorious because of the fact that of the 60 plus supposed members of the "Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing" that the US said were backing its race war, well over 95% of even its members absolutely refused to bomb, shoot, or drone any kind of Muslims anywhere with anything. That included Germany and the Muslim countries.

But the same white European countries that already had centuries-long histories of exterminating "inferior non-white, non-Christian savages" - US, Britain - and its customary copy-cat lackey, Canada - Australia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium - had no such human rights or moral reservations.

Canadians under Harper, had no such hesitancy. In his 8 year anti-Muslim war in Afghanistan, he managed to roll up a fearful toll of Muslim dead - women, children, teens, babies, old folks, and men. A genocidal counter which grows day after day under the Trudeau administration, also just not willing to buck the Israeli or the American lobby who both want the massacring to go on, and in fact seek to extend it to include and engulf Iran in the near future.

Harper at least, did his targeting of "Islamist" perps openly. Trudeau carried on the military genocide, but put a typically liberal face on the racism, publicly uttering platitudes about accepting Muslim refugees with open arms, etc., while IN FACT, since his first day in office, covertly bombing and shooting them by the untold thousands in the Middle East using Canadian military aircraft in the sky and Canadian Forces soldiers on the ground.

And like Harper before him, continuing to make the Muslim homelands uninhabitable, their families cannon fodder, and their historic sites rubble.

Continuing to do Harper's racist dirty work for him, after he was gone... with untold hundreds, probably thousands of anti-Muslim military "missions" since he took office. And now buying drones so he can expand the devastation but without leaving a tell-tale "fingerprint" to the genocide. Tellingly Trudeau has shut down public disclosure, or discussion, claiming "national security." When in fact it's a "national shame."

Worse than that it's his own family shame... It's a good thing Pierre is dead... An anti-Muslim war is also something Pierre would never have taken part in, and Prime Minister Chrétien, Pierre's successor, absolutely and specifically refused to do, or to join the US CWILLKILL coalition... Neither were racists or anti-Muslim... They were traditional Canadians at their best.

In fact the vast, overwhelming majority of world nations, thought exactly like them and absolutely refused to join the racist CWILLKILL shooting and bombing, anti-Muslim US race war in the Middle East and North Africa, that Harper gleefully committed the Canadian Forces to and Trudeau keeps perpetuating and expanding.

So, as we speak, the Canadian Forces continue to pile up a truly awesome body count of Muslim women, babies, children, teens, old folks, as well as men.

From the beginning it was a race war the Canadian mainstream media endlessly promoted against the Muslims. Its racist journalists profited personally and professionally from their shameless war-mongering on behalf of the political and corporate elites.

Another stunning example of how the mainstream media manufactures and promotes "Fake News" for fun and profit - whatever their corporate bosses want them to... Eagerly stoking the fires of race hate on the home front.

So, look for more such domestic massacres of Muslims to come, until the Government of Canada publicly disowns its anti-Muslim persona, stops its own racist massacring of Muslims overseas, apologizes for its race war against the Muslims, and brings the Canadian Forces home to Canada where they belong, or puts them under UN jurisdiction for UN-controlled peace-keeping operations.

And stops taking its directions from the Israeli foreign ministry... (Justin Trudeau deliberately arranged to have three - that's three - Canadian Prime Ministers, as well as the PM "in waiting," which makes it four - attend a funeral of an Israeli politician.

It was an elite commemoration party of Canadian Prime Ministers you will never see again attend another such occasion in any other foreign country, let alone to one so tiny and hugely controversial as Israel.

When Fidel Castro. a man admired by Pierre Trudeau, and even an honorary pall bearer at his funeral, died, no Canadian PM, not even Justin Trudeau, thought fit to attend his funeral.

There's just no money in it, or political advantage, in paying homage, or being seen to pay homage, to a family friend and a giant of the 20th century, and in the Hispanic world.

Even though there are far more people of Latin American origin in Canada than there are of Jewish origin...

In Canada, Hispanics just like Muslims - which also far outnumber Jews - these far larger minorities, share something with other groups who also, each hugely outnumber Canadian Jews - Canada's Aboriginal, Black, and South Asian peoples - but also just don't count for a fig, among the corporate and political elites that run Canada and pay out the moolah that greases the wheel, and makes the politicians jump on command...

"After reporting on the nauseating doings
of our national politicians on Parliament Hill,
it's a refreshing relief to be able to get back to
covering a mass-murderer..."

(referring to a genuine Canadian terrorist,
Robert Pickton, who killed some 40 women
& fed them to his pigs)

- Stevie Cameron - Canadian National Affairs Columnist, interviewed on CBC
(approximate quote c 2006)


Now, with Canadian Forces continuing to be engaged in war against Muslim peoples, in 2017 Canada is at its racist worst since Chinese were victimized in the 19th century, Canadian Germans were targeted in World War I, Canadian Japanese were locked up in prison camps in WWII and Canadian Indigenous kids were taken from their families and made vulnerable to institutional sexual predators in the 1930s through the 1960s.

Today Canada has a notoriously racist mainstream media constantly spewing "FAKE NEWS" that benefits its corporate handlers, a military whose officer corps is chronically imploding with murderers and rapists, police forces that routinely target non-whites for "special treatment," and politicians openly toadying, for personal benefit, to tribal corporate and special interests.

It is NOT a good time to be non-white and non-Christian in Canada... And it is a deadly mix for Canadian Democracy.

In the early 1900s it was common to speak of the Ottoman Empire as the "Sick Man of Europe." For countless Canadians - especially non-whites and non-Europeans - Canada is the "Sick Man of America." And it will not change until immigrants throw off their "immigrant inferiority complex,***" and aggressively demand and seize their rights of citizenship and become forcefully and loudly activist and go over-the-top in demanding their full and proper place to be heard and be among the people who decide the destiny of Canada.


*** This was a common immigrant psychosis that both my parents suffered from to the end of their lives, never complaining to any malfeasant bureaucracy about anything for fear they would be considered "un-Canadian." It is NOT something I - who am also an immigrant - suffer from in the slightest. Often to my parents' chagrin, even when I tackled health care bureaucracies that were malfeasant or negligent in their care of parents who were in their 90s...
































Why Justin is Shopping For Anti-Muslim Drones...?

America Notoriously Lost the Racist War Against the Muslims, just like they lost the Racist War against the Vietnamese "Gooks." Even American generals have admitted they "lost."

Still, for over a year, Justin's tried to give it his best shot in Syria, in Iraq, or wherever the Israeli foreign ministry tells him would be a good place to bomb and shoot up next...

Unfortunately, a predictable by-product or blow-back. from his Prime Ministerial directing. is also alerting and emboldening local psycho-crazies who can't afford to travel to the Middle East, join the Canadian Forces, and will therefore be restricted to "do their bit for the government" right here at home, by targeting mosques, bourqas, or anyone who looks different than a real Canadian should...

Muslims lost hundreds of thousands of family lives thanks to the Canadian Forces. And Canadians lost over 300 souls, most to suicide but some to Muslim pajamahadeen defending their homelands against these white Christian invaders from half way around the world.

NO CREDIBILITY AT ALL - And pardon me for mentioning the crocodile tears on the Prime Minister's face while publicly bemoaning the loss of Muslim lives in Quebec.


The answer on why Justin's desperately buying hundreds of millions worth of drones? They leave no fingerprints to the genocide. They come out of the sky and exterminate wedding parties by the score to teach the Muslims the same message that Hitler taught - fight us and we'll exterminate you. Like he did at Lidice, etc.

With one big difference; everyone knows who the Lidice mass murderer is History knows...

But NOT so with a drone attack. Everyone can accuse each other of doing it, which makes the drone the ultimate terror and "Fake News" weapon. There is no blowback and no history accounting for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his targeting of Muslim wedding parties with his drones.

"It wasn't me" may plaint the shuffling Prime Minister. And he may be right.

It could very well be Israeli drones targeting wedding parties to keep the terror pot boiling, and the Middle East destabilized to their advantage...



Reality Check March, 2017 - It's wise to remember, as leading Canadian politicians and their corporate handlers, mumble disingenuous public platitudes about innocent Muslim shooting victims, etc., after the Quebec shootings, the Canadian Forces are - at this very moment, with their approval - involved in promoting the killing of Muslim - and only Muslim - women, babies, children, teens, old folks, and men, in military operations that are not supported by the United Nations and are reviled and shunned by the overwhelming majority of the Nations of the World...

Regardless of how secretive Prime Minister Trudeau tries to hide it from everybody but the Israelis... and tries to oblige them and turn a hapless and hopelessly misguided mentally ill man into a "Muslim terrorist..."

And Justin, you can forget your damn seat for Canada on the Security Council. Just like Stephen Harper before you, you have made Canada a pariah nation, an object of revulsion, not only among the billions of Muslims around the world but among South Asian, Hispanic, and yes, even among many European countries. And just like we correctly predicted the failing outcome for a Security Council seat sought by Stephen Harper, a FULL TWO YEARS BEFORE HE AND CANADA WERE REJECTED FOR SIMILAR REASONS BY THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD - DITTO FOR YOU...

Why? Because you have got the Canadian Forces actively engaged in fighting wars against Muslims in the Middle East and Africa. You pretend they are only "training" locals. YEAH THEY ARE TRAINING LOCALS TO KILL. and furthermore they are doing the killing themselves. They are continuing to take active sides in bloody civil wars and helping one group of local combatants exterminate another. You are NOT involving the Canadian Forces in "Peace-keeping," but filthy bloody and racist sectarian warfare.

And in one of the worst Foreign Policy initiatives ever undertaken by anyone in Canadian history, you are having the Canadian Forces taking an active battlefield part in training Kurds to kill... IT IS NUTS BEYOND BELIEF...

Didn't you ever learn in school, or latterly from your foreign policy wonks, that Kurds have no country? When Kurds fight and kill they are actively attacking either Turkish citizens on sovereign Turkish soil, or Iraqis on sovereign Iraqi soil.

You are teaching, and aiding and abetting, Kurds in doing what they have always done, attack, bomb, shoot Turkish citizens, women, children, babies and men, wherever they can get at them, in their attempts to try to rip off a piece of Turkey to establish their own homeland. Ditto for Kurds now fighting in northern Iraq.

When ISIS locals - a distraction for the moment - will finally be neutralized, guess against whom the Kurds will then - again - turn their guns, their weapons, their bombs and their highly skilled killing machinery - thanks to Canada - next? Why sovereign Turkey and sovereign Iraq...

So you can kiss those two votes for a Security Council seat goodbye... And the Kurds have no vote... Or didn't you know that either, Justin?

By empowering, enabling and having the Canadian Forces involved in this centuries old Kurdish civil war you are attacking the sovereign nation of Turkey which is also Muslim and the new government of Iraq, which will certainly not stand by to let the Kurds dismember their nation any more than Turkey will, just to give the Kurds what they've always fought for for centuries, their own nation state.

If ever there was a total loser of a foreign policy this is it.

In Turkey, in Iraq, in Kurdistan, by example, and among the vast concourse of nations around the world, by reputation, Canada stands for American and Israeli type bloodletting of any Muslim - women, children, babies, and men - around the world who dares stand up for their human rights... It is why those two nations are considered, by the overwhelming majority of nations of the world at the UN, as the two most discredited pariah nations in the world.

It explains why, knowing this, Israeli politicians from Benjamin Netanyahu on down, constantly caustically sneer at and are rudely dismissive of the UN and its 192 member nations. And why his acolytes in the US, like the aggressively right wing racist Sen. Lindsay Graham follow suit like he did, and loudly sneered off the United Nations as "a racist body" (Town hall, Mar. 4, 2017)

Canada continues to pick strange bedfellows. At least it will have two - that's two - votes for a seat at the UN... Not a winning hand, Justin...

BTW is it true? We also hear you're actively considering throwing your hat into the ring at the Conservative Party leadership convention because you believe you are the best candidate to inherit Stephen Harper's mantle...? Especially regarding his notorious and transparently racist, anti-Muslim, pro-Israeli stance...

Hey it pays to be "More pro-Israel than Israel itself" as the Globe called Harper in 2014. And in Dec. 2016 Harper became a member of the "Friends of Israel Initiative." Hey it pays well with beneficial ripple effects down the road from pro-Israeli corporations to a man described as getting a "rock star welcome" in Israel.

After a Harper visit there in Jan. 2014, and strongly bolstered by his support of Canada to back up Israel in whatever it wanted to do to Palestinians, only months later Netanyahu launched a massive strike against Gaza that killed 2,310 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 555 children and 299 women, according to the UN figures. And reduced 20,000 homes to rubble. At the Harper house they were no doubt gloating...

And Trudeau and Canada's other left wing "liberals" were notoriously silent... or damningly supportive of Israel. Official Canada has a terminal sickness... clearly terminal for a hope of a seat on the Security Council and the state of Democracy in Canada.

The Greatest Canadian & the Greatest Liberal - The Hon. Paul Martin, Health Minister
in the Gov't of Louis St. Laurent in 1950.

It is a distressing disgrace to watch the Liberal Party of Canada implode and degenerate into a right wing racist rump just to please tribal and sectarian special interests.

How far it has fallen in recent years can be measured when I recall that a Liberal cabinet minister personally interceded to expedite bringing our family to Canada in Dec. 1950, so we could begin a new life far from the war-mongering states of Europe.

Go to The Greatest Canadian

Not in 67 years since have i ever again experienced a greater emotional high than the overwhelming psychic thrill of the promise of "KANADA" instilled in me as a ten year old by my father. Nothing else since has even come close to matching the all-enveloping thrill of the immigrant adventure to Canada of my childhood. Only an immigrant can possibly even know what I am talking about. So in 2017 the disappointment is colossal as well.

My father had written a personal letter, in French, to Paul Martin, asking him to overcome obstacles put in place by officious and nasty immigration bureaucrats. For decades at Christmases and birthdays my father, who lived to be 100, drank a toast to Paul Martin before our assembled family members, begging for a moment of silence to remember the great Liberal Canadian for personally helping to bring us to Canada.

We all embraced the Canada we found. I joined the Canadian Militia, and attended cadet camps at Ipperwash, and Borden and was selected to attend the National Cadet Camp at Banff. I became commander of our high school cadet corps, and came close to signing up to attend Royal Roads naval college as an officer candidate. Instead I decided to specialize in history towards an Hon. BA. at the University of Toronto, and do graduate work towards my B.Ed and MA in history at Queen's.

When I came of age I cast my first ever vote for Paul Martin's Liberal party and its leader, Prime Minister Lester B Pearson, a passionate advocate for peaceful solutions - not bloodletting - to solve international problems, and the only Canadian ever to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Thanks to outstanding genuine Liberals like Martin and Pearson, everywhere Canadians travelled in the world they were honoured and respected. I even met Americans who told me they posed as Canadians overseas.

In 1967 I visited Canadian Forces officers on peace-keeping duty in Cyprus and was a guest at their mess. They were gentlemen and good ambassadors for Canada overseas, NOT at all the current crop of gun-happy*** perps, drunks, rapists, and murderers who infest and seem to dominate the Canadian Forces officer corps and line troops in the 21st century.

*** General Insubordination - Two top Canadian Forces generals have been disciplined and fined for malfeasantly firing off their weapons by accident and endangering the lives of people around them. In armies around the world a soldier firing off his weapon by mistake is regarded as low as it gets in the "profession of arms."

Drunken privates doing it is not unheard-of; it results in jail time or worse. Officers doing it - drunk or sober - is unthinkable at best. Two generals in an army doing it is nothing short of unheard of in world history, and makes the Canadian Forces the laughing stock of military men around the world. Especially when both officers were found guilty and then still returned to their former positions of command in the field! The reason: the Canadian Forces has no one else available who is more suitable, professional, or disciplined...

The Rank and Vile - Would you want to serve under generals who couldn't even control their own weapon or their own "gun?" I wouldn't... Is that why, with its officer corps imploding, the Canadian Forces rank and vile contains such an over-abundance of misogynists, rapists and murderers?

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World - Now in 2017 we have a so-called Liberal Prime Minister claiming to represent that same party and the beliefs of Wilfrid Laurier, Paul Martin, Louis St. Laurent, and Lester B Pearson, by sending Canadian Forces troops around the world in a mad frenzy to "train" people in other countries how to kill each other more efficiently. By an army where its own generals can't even control their own rifles or their "guns."

Justin Trudeau sent Canadian Forces "training troops" to teach Ukrainian troops how to kill fellow Ukrainians, and any Russians who get too close. He sent "training troops" to teach Kurds how to kill Muslims, Turks, and Iraqis. And is contemplating sending more "training troops" to teach people in Mali how to kill each other more efficiently, the Canadian way...

And this with a disgraced Canadian Forces that is imploding with murderers and rapists. They can't even control their own people at home. And are sending these loose cannons overseas to teach others the fine art of organized murder. It's every bit as surreal as it sounds

And when they return from their frenzy of killing overseas guess who they will turn on next?

First of all - themselves! Under Harper and Trudeau more Canadian Forces personnel committed suicide than were killed by ISIS in combat...

And then many turn on "us." We already know that on January 6, 2017 a mentally destroyed Canadian Forces Sgt. Lionel Desmond killed his wife, mother, and child before shooting himself. He had been trained by the military to do the same thing to Muslims before he was sent to Afghanistan as a member of the Canadian Forces in 2007. He returned "troubled," and like so many other returned soldiers, became a menace to himself and others of us on Main Street.

Or did he become "troubled" after he was trained, and sent that way...?

A mirror event of a year earlier when another equally "troubled" Canadian Forces Sergeant, Robert Giblin, who had been similarly trained by the same people, then done two tours in Afghanistan, and came home terminally disturbed enough to throw his pregnant wife off a Toronto high rise balcony before killing himself.

Then there was the Muslim massacre in Quebec by university student Alexandre Bissonnette, simply copycatting at home - killing Muslims - what his Prime Minister was doing officially overseas in multiple countries.

The Liberal Party of Canada and Prime Minister Trudeau have hugely succeeded in making Main Street Canada unsafe for Canadians, and Canadians unwelcome everywhere in the world except in Israel.

And destroyed a noble domestic political legacy of Great Canadians of the Past: the Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the Hon. Paul Martin, the Rt. Hon. Louis St. Laurent, and destroyed the international reputation of Canada established over many decades by Nobel Laureate, the Rt. Hon. Lester B Pearson and the Rt. Hon. Pierre E. Trudeau...

And to put a fine point on the surrealism, even Donald Trump, considered a right-wing extremist, has, amazingly, co opted the Liberal line we should have been hearing from the war-mongering Justin Trudeau, when the President loudly blustered that the US wars against the Muslims were a huge mistake and a disgrace. Contending that the trillions of dollars wasted by the Bushes, the Clintons and Obamas, on war toys to kill Muslims should have been spent instead on home improvements in the US of A.

It was a line President Trump might very well have borrowed from two other few remaining genuine Canadian human rights activist of the "old school," former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, who is probably the most principled and gifted man ever to practice politics in Canada. By removing him the NDP have destroyed their party for at least the next generation, as well as immeasurably damaging beyond repair the health of Democracy in Canada.

With these two liberal human rights stalwarts departed from the scene, the Canada of Laurier, of Paul Martin, of Lester Pearson, of Pierre Trudeau, is now dead. Dead in the hearts of countless Canadians like me who came here after World War II, expecting a lot better. And dead in the hearts of overwhelming numbers of peoples and nations around the world. Justin, kiss your sweet ass - sorry we meant UN seat goodbye..

Clint the Psycho-Killer Rapist Shows the Way - In his signature movies Clint Eastwood showcased his personal credo that established for American males an American cultural hero model who believes: 1: undesirables can be killed if they crowd you; 2; when a woman takes your fancy, rape her even - especially if she vigorously protests and says "No" - because when they say "No" they mean "Yes," and - "trust me" - will like the rape experience afterwards.

No one will ever know how many American rapes and murders can be traced back to Clint and his fellow screen misogynists and killers. But we can say with certainty that countless rapes and murders can be.

Fraudulent Liberal Canard - Mainstream Media apologists in Canada and the US have loudly tried to excuse Clint and the murdering and raping mayhem he and his clones advocates on film, as irrelevant - by saying that, "Look, we all see the murderous and violent misogyny. and it does no harm; most of us don't kill and rape... So there."

In fact many American murderers and rapists of all ages, have confessed they were copycatting sentiments and actions of movie heroes, song lyrics or music video depictions advocating or condoning psychopathic stalking, rape, torture, and murder fantasies. I consider Michael Jackson's wildly popular "Thriller" stalking video one of the most disgusting films or videos I have ever seen.

The Most Potent Truism in America - There is after all, only overarching truism in America, and that is that "advertising works, big time." Which is why more money is spent on it - trillions annually - than on anything else in America and Canada. So we know with certainty that Clint's "advertising" also works big time and has a motivating role in animating and encouraging all the murderers-in-waiting and misogynists out there to "go for it."

And remember too that it is NOT ordinary people - the many like you and I - who rape and kill, it is the few - Ok thousands - abnormally deviant sociopaths, in fact the very ones that are influenced by film psychopaths like Eastwood, John Wayne, Charles Bronson, etc. aka the Hollywood Dream Factory, aka "I also dream of raping, killing, and torturing, and getting away with it."

Just like all-American hero, Clint who drives off with - for fun and profit - a wagon load of corpses he has exterminated at the end of "For a Few Dollars More."

No Quarter - Now where can I sign up with the Canadian or the US forces to go overseas and rid the world of some more of these undesirable Muslims? And in spite of what the "Liberals" say, Muslim wedding parties are fair game. After all the "nits" grow up to be big...

It was precisely that same sentiment that animated the US army when it set out to exterminate the Red Race from the western plains in the 19th century.

Thanks to Clint and his ilk, if you visit the United States you can expect to be blown away, without warning, practically any day of the week, at a movie theatre, at a school, at a McDonald's, an Arby's, a mall, a church, an airport, etc., by some disturbed Clint wannabe packing and frenetically using lethal force (guns, bombs, knives) on randomly handy women, children, teens, and men.

And Clint goes one better. When he's not killing, he's raping. In "Drifter" he literally, randomly just drags a protesting woman off the street, and violently rapes her. I've never seen a lead actor in a western do that, ever. But Clint Eastwood clearly has issues, and he has shown for generations of Americans, young and old, how you deal with them - women and undesirables - the American way.

Clint, aka Dirty Harry, is a killer at heart and a rapist in waiting, and is why he also produced a film "American Sniper" celebrating a GI renowned for killing Muslim undesirables.

Thanks to Clint's movie publicity a common weapon to blow away fellow citizen undesirables is the .357 Magnum. Self-defence is not an issue, or of concern to Clint. Getting lip from an undesirable is cause enough in his book, for... extermination. ONLY IN AMERICA...

American Psychopath Abroad - Has the world forgotten that in the 1960s American sociopathic fury, by their own count, exterminated and incinerated with napalm some 1 million Vietnamese women, children, teens, babies, old folks, and men. Without even the excuse of a domestic 9/11 trigger. The US corporatocracy just hated "slanty-eyed Gooks," the term widely used at the time by the US military and the population at large.

In our day, the Muslim world - and especially Muslim wedding parties in the 21st century - have suffered a horrific death rate because the American sociopathic rage is exported overseas with US foreign policy, starting with Papa Bush, then Baby Bush, Texans who exported home-grown six gun justice overseas against the pajamahadeen after 9/11. They unleashed the "European" anti-Muslim race wars that will forever be the defining human rights and war crimes blight on the 21st century.

Each of Presidents Bush the Father, Bush the Son, and Obama, has killed far more Muslim women, children, teens, babies, and old folks - not to mention men - than ALL of the other US Presidents combined. It is they and not ISIS who are responsible for all the resulting terror attacks on US soil by angered Muslims living in the US. Truly, they - and their counterparts in Canada and elsewhere - were also - exactly like Timothy McVeigh and Dylann Roof (9 Black kills) - "Made in the USA," and were NOT "radicalized" overseas as the Mainstream Media would have you believe, but at "home," as were virtually all of the "terrorists" in Britain, France, Spain, and Belgium etc.

None of them were ISIS operatives sent from overseas to do ISIS' bidding. Almost all of them in the UK, Spain, France, Canada, Belgium, and the US, were either locally born, local citizens, or locally legal residents. ALL were self and locally radicalized in their own home countries and were striking out at their home governments and their enabling fellow citizens for the death and destruction they were carrying out against fellow Muslims overseas, in killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim women, children, teens, babies, old folks, and men. And using the tax money gathered from local Muslims to buy the weaponry to do it with.

As CNN terrorist expert Peter Bergen has pointed out, after reviewing the backgrounds to these so called "ISIS radicalized terrorists," there is no foreign connection - read radicalized by ISIS overseas - that can be demonstrated for the vast majority of them, even though the Mainstream Media - like CNN - constantly hypes up this non-existent connection for political purposes.

NEVER AGAIN? Violent Racist Sociopaths in High Places - Brazenly flaunting the sociopathic anti-Muslim fanaticism so typical of all the main "European" leaders in the 21st century, President François Hollande of France responded, to shooting attacks committed by France's own angry Muslim citizens against his government and his society, in typical racist fashion by immediately ordering and carrying out more vicious genocidal bombing runs against Muslims in Syria!!!! Killing, no one knows how many Muslim women, teens, children, babies, old folks, and men, in revenge. So responding to terror attacks in Paris carried out by his own citizens!!!. And brazenly and predictably stoking the fires of racial hatred among disaffected Muslim activists across the world...

And who was it that said NEVER AGAIN, to the Hitler sickness aided and abetted by these same white Christian European countries whose bankrupt political acumen and racist policies managed, all by themselves, to make the 20th century the worst in human history with 100 million dead - mostly civilians - by engineering two world wars. They're off to a flying start to make the 21st century even better!!!!

"Radicalized" at Home - These death-dealing "terrorists" - like Timothy McVeigh in the US (killed 168 people) the most successful of them all - Norwegian Breivik (77 kills), Canadians Marc Lépine (killed 14 women), James Roszko (killed four RCMP), Justin Bourque (killed three RCMP), Canadian Forces top Colonel Russell Williams, serial rapist and panty-collector (killed 2 women, one a soldier), Zehaf-Bibeau (killed one soldier) and Couture-Rouleau (killed one soldier) - however deluded they are, they are all home-grown, and home-schooled, and some, if not all, mentally deranged in one way or another.

In other words clearly NOT capable of taking direction from anyone outside the mad world inside their own brains, whether that is social mores, normal rules of conduct, or so-called ISIS directives...

THE BIO of those WHO "SERVE BY EXAMPLE" TO TEACH the Kurds, the Ukrainians, the Malians

Below is a list of some of the leading lights produced and trained by the Canadian Forces, and who are touted by the government as the best in the world and to be eminently suited to export their expertise to others around the world, like the Kurds...

"This is my rifle; this is my gun; this is for shooting; this is for fun"
- from Canada's military handbook for Canadian Forces officers

Those With Single Digit IQs - It is Harper and Trudeau and their wilfully compliant accomplices in the mainstream media who elevated these two last Canadian perps (Couture-Roleau and Zehaf-Bibeau) into being supposed activist agents and handmaidens of ISIS handlers. Nobody with more than single digit IQ believes, for a moment, that they were guilty of anything other than reacting from the same tormenting inner demons that activated Colonel Russell Williams, Lépine, Roszco, Bourque, and Pickton and others.

(Since Lépine killed 14 women in Montreal, other genuine Canadian terrorists and mass-murderers - as opposed to Government-alleged Muslim terrorists Zehaf-Bibeau and Couture-Rouleau with their measly single kill status - at least 16 home-grown Canadian killers have gone on rampages with kill totals of 6, 3, 3. 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 8, 9, 9, 9, 14. Ask yourself, why has the government and the mainstream media propaganda chosen to endlessly promote, to cult status, the two - by far - least successful so-called "Islamist" killers? Could it be that their Muslim affiliation served their anti-Muslim political agenda?
And may we remind you just in case you forgot, they are the "car bumping" guy and the "antique rifle" guy. Compare them to American-Israeli Baruch Goldstein who was a genuine terrorist, shooting 29 Muslims - including numerous children - to death in his mosque attack in Israel in 1994. He was more than successful; in the resulting angry Palestinian protests the Israeli Defence Forces killed another equal number of Muslims to "restore order." And Jewish groups set up a memorial, which was up for years, to celebrate Goldstein and his clearly planned and premeditated racist genocidal acts.)

As it was, true to their mental precondition the two "Muslim" perps were totally inept and haplessly ineffective at whatever they were supposedly trying to do for ISIS. Hell even the mother of one - a respected Canadian professional woman - said her son had severe mental not "terrorist" problems. On the "terrorist" scale in Canadian history, with but a single "kill" each, these straw men for crass political opportunists will be far down at the end of the list of far more successful real terrorist serial murderers, like Canadian Forces top Colonel Russell Williams, whose activities actually really terrorized multiple communities (Ottawa, Tweed, Trenton) for months.

Right a genuine Canadian terrorist, Canadian Forces Trenton Base Commander and top Colonel Russell Williams, who has clearly seen "High Plains Drifter" and decided - like hundreds of other copycat killers - to become a Clint Eastwood wannabe rapist and killer...

(Why wouldn't the celebrated Colonel's colleagues and superiors see that this guy had a problem, instead of fast-tracking him - media reports say - to become the eventual Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces?

On the day the married Williams took this salute he was clearly openly displaying panties, and holding a bra, he stole in Ottawa on a night raid. Apparently his superiors thought he was just returning from a typical Canadian Forces officer's party. So saw nothing alarming or unusual...

And Williams, is laughing all the way to the bank. He only got 25 years for multiple rapes and multiple murders. And the military and government still pay him a pension of $60,000 a year... In the States he would have gotten 200 to 300 years...)

Right - Williams was also a male model and a photographer. These private photos were taken by Canadian Forces Colonel Russell Williams inside some teenage girls' bedrooms that he broke into at night, so he could steal their underwear and pose with it. Clearly he was sick of his regular uniform...
Or was he just modeling how to make this outfit more presentable at the next Remembrance Day ceremonies at Canada's National "War" Museum in Ottawa?

Damning NOTE - It was NOT the Canadian military police or investigators who outed or "discovered" the colonel's private hobby of serial rape and serial murder and serial girly panty collecting. It was Belleville Ontario civilian police... Who apparently saw Colonel Williams dressed like this at a Remembrance Day ceremony and thought, "that's odd. Better investigate this dude..."

So when he gets out in 25 years, do you think he has a future as a male model or as a photographer?

Proudly "Made in Canada" - In the end the government and military burned the Colonel's uniform, hoping to try to expunge all traces of their "rising star top colonel.". But they can't for a minute escape the ultimate historical reality. Hell, he's theirs now, as surely as he was theirs before...

They trained him, made him what he was, and were proud to show him off as star Base Commander of Trenton, the largest Canadian Forces Base in Canada. Was it really so unpredictable that in the end he would prove a disappointment like Somalia killers Matchee, Brown, and Boland?

Not to mention a whole other list of militarily malfeasant and sexually deviant and rapist Canadian Generals, Colonels, Majors, and Captains...

Top Chaplain of the Canadian Forces, General Roger Bazin charged for buggery, sexual assault and gross indecency.

None other than a top Catholc general in the Chaplain Corps of the Canadian Forces faced a battery of sexually related charges.

Since Canada was now in the opening phases of the Harper- orchestrated Canadian war in Afghanistan, publicity was squelched wherever it sneaked out. We could find no evidence that the Globe even published the basics.

The basics were that it was hushed up and secretly disposed of, and the general went into retirement in Manitoba.

Where he lived the quiet life of a Catholic priest administering to his flock.

Until a family sued the diocese claiming the retired general, now only a priest again, had sexually molested a teenage member of the family from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The Winnipeg Catholic diocese hushed this up too, reaching a settlement - make that a financial payout reputed to be in excess of $24,000 - to the family to disappear with their charges. And presumably pay for therapy for the molested teen.

And what's the general aka priest doing as we speak?

Your guess is as good as mine...

Leaving me to ask, just where the hell does the Canadian military manage to find and promote such a roster of sexual predators and sociopaths to key positions of leadership?

More of Canada's Rising Military Stars!!! - Major David Yurczyszyn left another top Canadian Forces officer and - WOW! - another base commander, this one of CFB Wainwright in Alberta, was found guilty of a Remembrance Day sexual assault and jailed (2014).

Also, two of Canada's top generals - no this is NOT a typo; I said generals - serving in Afghanistan were charged and found guilty of malfeasant accidental discharges of their weapons and punished; first, General Daniel Menard below in 2010. Menard, said to be Canada's youngest general was also - like Williams - touted as a rising star clearly slated to rise to the highest levels in the Canadian Forces.

Instead, a clearly adulterous - for starters - General Menard, was then fired after the married general was further found to be wilfully violating military rules by repeatedly pronking a far subordinate - also married - corporal on the side. And then added to his double infamy with a third, trying to get her - a military subordinate - to lie to his military superiors to cover it all up. (The military then sent her back home to Canada for her military and sexual transgression, presumably to be beaten up by her cuckolded husband.)

(In 2016, like Menard before him, another leading Afghan commander, Maj-Gen. Mike Rouleau was fined for also negligently firing off his weapon accidentally.)

After he was fired Menard became an arms dealer and was arrested and thrown in jail by the Afghan government for illegally bringing guns into the country. When you are trained as a murderer it's hard to change your old ways and seek employment as a real estate agent, a librarian, or a teacher. Compared to those boring jobs, killing and targeting people with guns etc., is such a rush.

Then Lt.-Col. Martin Bernier - left commander of the 2nd Canadian Division Training Centre, at 2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier, Quebec, was found guilty of multiple acts of sexual harassment of junior female officers. Clearly the military made a deal with the assaulted junior officers to get some charges dismissed - you know "Hey it will be good for your career!." The convicted predator was removed from his command position but kept on by the military, presumably so he could prowl some more... (2015)

Then Lt.-Col. Mason Stalker, right Commanding Officer of the 1 Bn Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, Edmonton AB, was charged with some 10 sexual offences involving a male cadet. (2016) Under incredibly secret circumstances some of these charges were dropped by the prosecutors who had themselves, with obvious cause, filed them.

Later the rest of the charges were dismissed without any explanation. Was the cadet a minor in his teens - but had given his consent!!! What sleight of hand caused this astounding turn of events? Had the alleged victim been a minor - a victim or consenting? - when the offences occurred, but an adult when the allegations were made? Or did the military pay off someone to shut up and go away? How does a prosecutorial team of educated professionals think the evidence warrants filing so many and various charges, and later start to drop them, one by one. leaving only a damning mystery. And perhaps a teenage victim?

Then Capt. Malcolm Grace, left a staff officer in the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre at CFB Wainwright, AB - you know the base headed by Major David Yurczyszyn above - was charged with 22 criminal charges including numerous counts of sexual assault. (2016)

Many of these charges against Grace are based on civilian victims, proving that when the military runs amok back home, whether they have served in Afghanistan or not, family members and other civilians become the victims of Canadian Forces murderers, rapists, brutalizers, sociopaths, etc.

NOTE: These are the leading lights of the Canadian Forces setting the example for their soldiers... And then it gets worse...

The #2 Canadian Defence Chief & Former Canadian Navy Chief Fired - Jan. 16, 2017

Oh, no, not again!

The Canadian military started 2017 with another "bang." The government mysteriously announced it was "relieving" the number two officer in the Canadian Forces, and former Naval Chief, of his duties as 2ic of the Canadian Forces, effective immediately... The press speculated it was a "security" issue. It was NOT said the Minister to quash the talk...

We all hope it's not the cabin boy...

Does all this leadership malfeasance go on to explain an execrably long list of killer and rapist sergeants, corporals and privates, in the small family that is the Canadian Forces of some 60,000, where raping each other is a pandemic problem?

It may be of interest that in 2014, when he was head of the Canadian Navy, the same Vice-Admiral Norman was involved in another fiasco involving Canadian naval ship HMCS Whitehorse, sent to take part in a huge international naval exercise of 22 nations and 25,000 naval personnel out of San Diego. Right the ship's worried looking commander at the time, Lt. Cmdr. Mike Sorsdahl.

Ashore, multiple Canadian sailors from his ship became involved in either, sexual assault, being drunk and disorderly, and locked up by US authorities, shoplifting, or being AWOL from the ship. Norman believed Sorsdahl had lost control of his ship and crew and in an unprecedented move and "with great disappointment," ordered the captain and his ship to abandon its mission and return home to Esquimalt. Obviously total shame for everyone involved.
Norman was quoted in the Globe as having “lost confidence in the ship’s ability to meet its current mission due to personal misconduct while in port.”

Said the good admiral, “I am troubled that across the (Royal Canadian Navy) a small number of our personnel have fallen short of the timeless expectations of naval service and have failed in their roles as ambassadors of their navy and country.”  And barely two years later he himself was given the boot under mysterious secret circumstances that dared not be publicly disclosed...

NUKE THE BASTARDS! - In fact if any other Canadian community of 60,000 came even close to containing a similar number of murderers, rapists, sociopaths, and criminally sexual deviants, among its leading citizens***, everyone would be aghast, and outraged, and without a doubt, say "Nuke the damn place and throw the ashes in the sea."
*** PS. Don't bother looking for one; there isn't one. Go look up the parallel murder and rape statistics for similar size other communities; they don't even come close...
Granby PQ, Caledon ON, Medicine Hat AB, Port Coquitlam BC, Fredericton NB.

But then this is the Canadian Forces, recently headed up by General "Killer Hillier" left, who proudly and publicly set the tone when he boasted:

"We are the Canadian Forces and our job is to be able to kill people"

especially "detestable (Muslim) murderers and scumbags,"

(Hillier's referring to patriots defending their own homeland, wives, and kids, against white Christian invaders - like him and his American friends - come half way around the world to reign death and destruction on any Muslims they could find. Guess what he would call the Métis and First Nations peoples of Saskatchewan defending their own farms, families, and homelands against the racist John A Macdonald and his scorched-earth British General Middleton?)

Hillier is famous for something else - he's the first general in Canadian history to lose a war...

and to head up a military command where more of its own soldiers committed suicide than were killed by the enemy...
His term of command was also one of the shortest on record. He was given his walking papers before his term was up and - unlike some other top generals - was not asked to stay on...

(But Hillier's potty mouth, anti-Muslim rhetoric, and dismal record as a commander of Canadian soldiers at home and abroad, was enough to qualify him for an "Order of Canada," a much discredited award he shared with criminally convicted and incarcerated felons, lawyer Garth Drabinsky and media mogul Conrad Black. Along with hundreds of others of the rich and super rich Canadian pompositing classes who typically have their lawyers arrange the award behind the scenes.

Most Canadians do not know that the OC is NOT bestowed for merit, magically "out of the blue" for deserving honorees; those who want it have to apply for it with supporting references of important people. That's where high class friends and high-priced lawyers obviously come in very handy...)

Hiss Boo the OC and its Staff - Which is why aggressively self-promoting businessman and billionaire Peter Munk has it, and Sandy MacIntyre, master Canadian fiddling promoter extraordinaire, who for decades taught Celtic fiddle to anyone and everyone playing it in eastern and central Canada, was rudely and brusquely turned down by OC staff, when legions of his Canadian fiddling friends tried to nominate him for the award. The notoriously self-serving Munk did everything for himself; the legendary self-effacing Sandy taught, and spread the Celtic fiddle heritage across generations of Canadians. Munk got it; Sandy was told to go blow... It's all so predictably "Ottawa..."

OK show me the Hillier FART, POOP, and MUFF souvenirs.

So Who's Next ? - On January 6, 2017 Canadian Forces Sgt. Lionel Desmond killed his wife, mother, and child before shooting himself. He had been trained by the military to do the same thing to Muslims before he was sent to Afghanistan as a member of the Canadian Forces in 2007. He returned troubled...Or did he become "troubled" after he was trained, and sent that way...? A mirror event of a year earlier when another Canadian Forces Sergeant, Robert Giblin, who had been similarly trained by the same people, then done two tours in Afghanistan, and came home to throw his pregnant wife off a Toronto high rise balcony before killing himself.

In fact Defence Department statistics show that more Canadian Forces personnel committed suicide (160) between 2004 and March 2014 (roughly the Canadian Afghan War period) than were killed in combat in Afghanistan from 2002 to 2014 (138 killed). The Globe found that at least 54 of the suicides were retuning Afghan vets... Thanks for that Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau. Neither the Taliban, nor ISIS, nor any of the other pajamahadeen, defending their homelands against white European invader types from half way around the world, can be blamed for those casualties... Both Harper and Trudeau were keen to pay to train forces personnel to kill foreigners, etc., but less than reluctant to provide the mental health resources to retrain professional killers to re-enter domestic society at home without blowing up and killing civilians and family members.

So Who's the Real Terrorist?
- It's clear that Canadian political leaders and their political agendas have killed far far more Canadians - men, women, and children, who would otherwise not have died - than the so-called Muslim terrorists fighting off the invaders in their homelands in the Middle East and North Africa.

More Home-Grown Terrorists - To usher in the New Year in 2017 both Canada and the US were transfixed with two psycho-killer mass murderers cutting loose, with the mainstream media and politicians trying to find a way to blame Muslims or ISIS for the massive bloodletting these two perps unleashed on the same day on both sides of the border. All of it of course, is completely predictable: both the violent acts by soldiers trained to kill, and the rationalizing and sophistry by top politicians and mainstream media corporate cheerleaders.

Problem is BOTH psycho-killers were veterans of the Armed Forces of the US (Esteban Santiago killed 5 random victims at Fort Lauderdale airport on Jan 6) and Canada (Lionel Desmond killed his family of three.) And both were trained by the same people who trained Colonel Williams and were then sent overseas to exterminate Muslim women, children, teens, babies, and men... And then returned - surprise! - one to viciously exterminate his own family and the other random strangers.

These two sociopaths can be credited, not so much to Clint, as to the Bushes, Obama (for the US psycho-murderer) and Harper and Trudeau in Canada. And certainly NOT to ISIS or some "Muslim" pajamahadeen.

Genuine terrorists, like Colonel Williams, McVeigh, Lépine, Pickton, etc. prepared, and planned, their dastardly deeds with clearly laid out sophisticated plans to carry out their crimes for maximum effectiveness.

And they succeeded.

Totally the opposite of the so-called "ISIS directed and radicalized Muslim terrorists," who both had no forethought of any kind about what to do or what change they could possibly want to effect with their less than silly "attacks."

One, off the cuff, and clearly in a moment of mental madness, just drove his car into a soldier. The second, in his single moment of mental madness, just selected a ridiculous antique rifle, killed one soldier, and then with a rifle that only had two or three bullets in it, then supposedly launched an ISIS directed "attack" on Parliament Hill.

Out of such stuff Ottawa politicians create "ISIS directed terrorists" and use it as an excuse to retaliate against the Muslim world with billions of Canadian taxpayer dollars spent to wipe out thousands of Muslim women, children, teens, babies, and old folks, in North Africa and the Middle East.

MADD - ening... - So in spite of government and mainstream media cautionaries to beware, Canadians need not live in fear of "Muslim terrorists." But they certainly should live in fear of a far more deadly terrorist, who kills hundreds of Canadians every year. Like rich man's son Marco Muzzo, with a previous record of drinking and driving offences, and full of contempt for the laws of Canada and the lives of other Canadians, who ran a stop sign while hopelessly drunk and killed a family of four - three kids and their grandfather. He got only 10 years for killing four. He'll be out again in no time with parole.

And Quebec habitual drinker and driver, Yves Martin, who killed a family of three with his pickup while intoxicated and was jailed for 14 years. (2017) Clearly life is cheaper in Ontario.

"After reporting on the nauseating doings of our national politicians on Parliament Hill, it's a refreshing relief to be able to get back to covering a mass-murderer..."

(referring to Robert Pickton, a genuine Canadian terrorist, who killed some 40 women & fed them to his pigs)
- Stevie Cameron - Canadian National Affairs Columnist, interviewed on CBC (approximate quote c 2006)

Canadians should and do live in fear of drinking and driving terrorists, NOT the straw men put up by our top politicians to serve the base political, tribal, and financial interests of their corporate cronies. Not some mental case running around with an antique rifle or one randomly ramming a pedestrian...

It's a reminder of what Stevie Cameron said when one remembers that Ottawa politicians - both Conservatives under Harper and Liberals under Trudeau - elevated only the last two (Zehaf-Bibeau & Couture-Rouleau) - let's admit it, total failures and minor league players in the world of "terrorist" assassination - to "terrorist" status and portrayed them to a wilfully pliant media as the real threat to Canada, not any of the others. For one simple reason: they could parlay that threat into funnelling billions of dollars into war expenditure, to their corporate cronies. They couldn't make a buck off Lépine, and the others, or even Robert Pickton, who murdered 40 women.

These perps are ALL ours, and NOT ISIS'. Our country produced them and our domestic politics enraged them and triggered them. As citizens in a democracy, whose domestic and/or foreign policy produced them, we are all complicit and bear guilt for what they did.

Obama Shows the Way - In 2016 Chicago - the Obama's home town, run by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was Obama's chief political advisor in both of his Presidential campaigns - saw killings rise to a new twenty year high, from 468 in 2015, to 762 in 2016, far exceeding the murder totals for New York and Los Angeles combined. Mostly in the poor "Black" south and west sides of the city.

Clearly when the local boy makes good, and counts his assassination squad revenge killing of Osama bin Laden, as a Presidential achievement and legacy (among countless other drone attacks on defenceless and innocent Muslim wedding parties) the home town crowd follows suit in their own private lives. (Just like whites in other communities copycat Clint "Dirty Harry" Eastwood, with their own .357 Magnums.)

A Truly Sickening Experience - If you want a truly sickening experience, and insight into this fundamental, widespread and deep-rooted American psychopathy, watch the hundreds of murders showcased yearly by A&E's "The First 48," which for 16 years has chronicled, in stunning repetitive order, thousands of senseless murders committed in the Black inner cities of Cleveland, Detroit, Dallas, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Houston, Memphis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tulsa, Louisville, Birmingham, Miami, etc., where countless young Black and Hispanic kids routinely murder (mostly other non-whites) for a toke, a ring, a phone, a TV, thirty or forty bucks, a car, a gang member wearing the wrong colour, or just out of hate.

In fact juvenile Clint wannabes are now so common in the US that A&E has given them their own spin-off series "Killer Kids."
Showing how the sickness is spreading - for profit - the series has a Canadian co-producer.

Another Kind of Sick - During the Presidential debates Trump courageously pointed out the sickening toll in Black lives all this was taking (in both perps in prison and victims) and was resoundingly chided and rebuked by Hillary and called a racist by the mainstream media. How rich is that? By the likes of Clinton and Obama who, each, like the previous Presidents Bush, has been directly responsible for killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim women, children, teens, babies and old folks, as well as men, in the Middle East and North Africa, than all other previous US Presidents combined... in history. All proud notches on their guns. Their hands are soaked in the blood of innocent Muslims.

And these sociopathic hypocrites (Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, mainstream media) including the so-called "liberals" have the gall to sneer at Trump as the anti-Muslim racist when - as of January 20, 2017 - he has not been responsible for killing even one single Muslim or non-white person of any kind... Not one. Compared to their Muslim kill rate in the hundreds of thousands..

And furthermore, Trump also bears no responsibility for the thousands of innocent Muslim women, children, teens, babies, old folks, and men, drowned in the Aegean and Mediterranean, desperately trying to escape the bombed out wreck of a world that Obama, Hilary, and the Bush family - NOT TO MENTION HARPER AND TRUDEAU - made, and continue to make, of their homelands...

Then the execrable and mushrooming Chicago murder statistics came out, with the disgraceful death toll, something everybody already knew but the media and knee-jerk liberals want to cover up for political purposes. Advocating and doing the murder of undesirables is Stage 0ne of the American psychopathy; covering up the facts and rationalizing to doing so, is Stage Two of the national sociopathy. All done to preserve the public fiction - endlessy promoted by the cheerleading US mainstream media - that America is the "greatest" when in fact, of all the European countries, in terms of citizens killing each other, it is by far the worst.

You can bet neither the Obamas, when they leave the White House, nor the Clintons, nor the multi-millionaire mainstream media sneering pundits will be moving into Chicago's South and West side anytime soon. They are eyeing safe gated white communities to protect them from other, often non-white, Americans. And keeping their .357 Magnums close and ready to use... Just like Clint taught them to do...

And not of course against ISIS pajamahadeens or "Muslims" but desperate fellow American Sicko Psychos...

LOOK TO OTTAWA FOR THE CAUSE - NOT ISIS AND ITS PAJAMAHADEEN FOLLOWERS - AND LOOK THERE FOR THE SOLUTION to bring the Muslim killing outrage, started brazenly and publicly by Harper and continued just as wilfully, but covertly, by Trudeau, to an end.

Killing people is pure Americana as celebrated big-time in thousands of films and television programs. And in reality too. Remember, President Obama announced a reward for Bin Laden saying, in pure Americanese that he wanted him "Dead or Alive." Which he was soon persuaded for political correctness to amend to "Alive or Dead" for TV news bites.

But everyone knew - and Obama too - that they were going after Bin Laden and only wanted to get him just to kill him outright - like the T-shirt above recognizes. Like Kennedy with Castro. And those are "liberal" Americans. Droning to death thousands of Muslim women, children, babies, teens and old folks, was ratcheted up to new heights of sociopathic fury by the supposed liberal Obama. And laterally Justin Trudeau is hugely shopping for Canadian drones to carry on the more than arm's length extermination. So avoiding moral complicity for the death of innocents, an advantage when deploying remote control devices.

Killing people, you object to outright, without benefit of trial, is of course pure Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Charles Bronson, and Presidents Bushes and Obama. And animates an unending stream of gun-toting, knife-wielding copycat killing kids, teens, and adults on Main Street USA as we speak, not to mention copycat Prime Ministers elsewhere... Emulating the example of their cultural and political heroes.

And piling up the dead on Main Street USA in numbers that even Obama has admitted hasn't even got a close parallel in any other European nation.

A Question of Heart - Till he was 45 and emigrated to Canada, in 1950, Dad - like all Swiss citizens - kept a military rifle, ammo, and a pistol in his bedroom.

Dad became one of Switzerland's most honoured military shooters and athletes during the war years, winning the all-around trophy as the top Swiss soldier in the national army games in 1941 and again in 1942. In a country where every male was in the military... And at a time he was already 35 years old...

After he brought his family to Canada in 1950, he never owned a gun again. In fact in the seven years we lived on a farm in southwestern Ontario we were the only house for miles around which did not have a pellet rifle, a BB gun, a shotgun, a rifle, or all of the above.

Dad did not need gun control laws to keep him in check. His heart was pure and free of bile against his fellow human beings, regardless of race colour or creed.

In fact in all the years I knew him - he died at 100, when I was 64 - I never heard him speak ill of any tribe, race, or country. Speaking fluent English, French, Swiss, and German, he was a true internationalist "Mensch" at heart with no tribal, ideological, or political agenda of any kind to advance or promote.

He truly encapsulated the best in what a citizen soldier means for a country and was recognized for it during the war years in Switzerland when he was heralded, before a crowd of thousands, by top Swiss General Henri Guisan, the legendary World War II Swiss commander-in-chief, for his stalwart example to the nation.
(Guisan was only the fourth general in all of Swiss history; Dad had seen two of them, both much revered by generations of Swiss for keeping them out of two catastrophic World Wars that killed 100 million people all to no purpose.)

Dad stayed married to my mother for 65 years and in all those years I never once heard him raise his voice to her, or speak to her, or about her, with anything but the most profound affection and respect.
This Swiss military man was a tough act to follow...

As Canada looks to commemorate 150 years it should celebrate
people like him,
for trying to make Canada better than it has been, or is...
- NOT the Mulroneys, Harpers, Trudeaus, and Hilliers, and their corporate handlers, and toadies in the mainstream media...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Swiss Army 5th National Championship Trophy - Pvt. Werner Göldi, 1941
Orig. stained glass - Size - 34 x 42 cm
Found - Basel, CH
Prov - Goldi Coll
So much for a DP! - None of Werner Göldi's farm neighbours ever knew that the immigrant who dared move his family into a solid southern Ontario Scotch neighbourhood, had, at the age of 36, won the Olympics of the Swiss army in four sports discipline, in a competition against every male in Switzerland.

After all, people with funny accents couldn't possibly have had accomplishments before coming to Canada...
Go to Switzerland's Top Soldier
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Swiss Army 6th National Championship Trophy - Pvt. Werner Göldi, 1942
Orig. stained glass - Size - 34 x 42 cm
Found - Fribourg, CH
Prov - Goldi Coll
And to show it was no fluke Wiener*** did it again, a year later - at the age of 37, at an age when Wayne Gretzky had grown stale and dreamed of his prowess in one sports discipline, when he was much younger. *** His Anglo neighbours, unfamiliar with the name Werner, thought they heard "Wiener" and called him that. Since my middle name is the same, in high school I became "Wiener" to my chums. He decided to Anglicize it and took my first name John for himself as well.

Werner won another large stained glass trophy by one of Switzerland's top artists. It was awarded to him (steel helmet below) by Switzerland's top General Guisan in front of a national crowd of thousands. Both trophies feature landmark heroes and events in Swiss military history.

The Hero of a Nation - Werner Göldi - 1941, 1942

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure A precious family memento for me is this Swiss Five Franc note - a "funf lieber."

Emmely Niderist Gôldi (1902-1992) She was single all her life and remained a passionate Catholic lay devote at the Maria Zuflucht Monastery in Weesen, CH. Her sister Tante Fridy became a nun as well.

Emmely showed me the first dead person, the first open grave, and took me to the monster monastery at Einsiedeln, CH. I think her pastoral work paid off. In a notoriously bad world - without even a single momentary blip - I have remained a totally faithful husband since I became engaged to my wife in 1964.

Swiss "Fünfliber" Five Franc Banknote

Orig. banknote - Size - 7 x 12.5 cm
Found - Romanshorn, CH

It was squeezed into my hand by my Aunt Emmely at the Romanshorn railway station in December 1950. She was Dad's spinster sister and she had taken me on many outings to tourist sites and religious places and events in the late 1940s. She had even saved me from drowning once in Arbon, CH, when I fell into the harbour off a gondel.

I remember sitting in the railway carriage. She was crying, holding my hands and when it was time to go she squeezed this note into my palms. A farewell gift for all the good times we had shared together. I had been the only kid she would ever have... We all believed we'd never meet again, in this world...

Emmely remained poor all her life and lived an extremely spartan existence for the Lord. A gift of a "fünfliber" from her was truly worth its weight in gold.

It was a good investment. I was the only one who ever made it back to seek out the relatives and family "old country" haunts of yesteryear. Though she never saw any of my family again - neither her brother (Dad) or her sister-in-law (Mom who loaned me out to her for outings), or their other children, she would meet me once more, 18 years later.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Aunt Emmely took me to the monster monastery at Einsiedeln, CH. Until I saw St. Peter's in Rome, in 1968 I had never seen a monster church that was so magnificent.

I was probably seven or eight when we went and still going by my original name, Hans Göldi.

It was still several years before a Canadian public school teacher advised me to change my "foreign" sounding name to a more suitable "Canadian" replacement - John - if I wanted to fit into a new society. And I changed it in a hell of a hurry. No one is more desperate to fit in than a new immigrant.

Pilgrims to Einsiedeln frequently picked up small Pilgrim Medals as a souvenir of the pilgrimage.

The magnificent decorations of the many altars, and the masses of people inside and out, in day and at night, are a memory that will stay with me forever.

Enthusiastic Aunt Emmely made it an experience to treasure. And she bought me a rosary, a pilger medal, and cards to commemorate the occasion.

Pilger Medallion - Einsiedeln c 1948 - John Goldi
Orig. medallion - Image Size - 30 mm
Found - Einsiedeln, CH
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Original Photo Postcard - Einsiedeln CH, c 1928
Orig. postcard - Image Size - 9 x 14 cm
Found - Berlin, DE
Einsiedeln is the site of an ancient Benedictine Monastery originally founded in 835. The present building was completed in 1746. Pilgrims have visited for hundreds of years.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Original Photo Postcards, 1930 & 1921
Orig. postcards - Image Size - 10 x 14 cm
Found - Albbruck & Berlin, DE
Left a 1930 fake zeppelin over Einsiedeln postcard. Right the exact same background photo (postcard) from 1921 - compare people, shadows, trees, buildings - into which the artist later photomontaged his zeppelin. Of course he had to alter the clouds which I am sure were also already faked in the 1921 photo postcard. Fakery in photography started co-terminally with the invention of the camera and producing photographic images for sale.

Right all three postcards offered on ebay, are fakes, of which I have found the original background masters to which the zeppelins were pasted.

My research, in sifting through hundreds of thousands of photo postcards from 1895-1945, has exposed hundreds of totally fake zeppelin photos from this period, by locating earlier original master photo postcards - without zeppelins - into which crafty photo manipulators later pasted separate zeppelin photos.

My conclusion: 99% of zeppelin photos you see are total fakes. Yet ebay and postcard hucksters demand prices up to 100 Euros and more for many of them.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
On his passport picture my 7 year-old brother Fred wears the rare military brooch commemorating the Swiss Army Games in Basel, CH in 1941, where my father won the Combined Championship.

When the war was over he worked as a bureaucrat in the Dübendorf military airbase, the biggest in Switzerland. In the 1940s we lived not 100 yards from its main gate where, as a boy I watched close-up, Mustang and Morane fighters and Vampire jets landing daily. In 1946 Churchill drove waving, past our kitchen window.

In Dec. 1950, Dad brought his family to Canada.

Military Brooch, Schweizerische Armeemeisterschaften, Basel, CH, 1941 - Huguenin Le Locle, CH

Orig. brooch - Image Size - 25 x 35 mm
Found - Dübendorf, CH
Prov - Suter-Lüchow-Goldi Coll

The medallion was hand-crafted by Huguenin, a family that has been established in Le Locle, CH, since 1444 making high precision clocks and watches. The left profile is of a Swiss halberdsman who, as fighters, were the terror of Europe in the Middle Ages.

Below my parents were in the crowd in 1946, when Churchill landed at Dübendorf (Zurich) airport, only a few hundred yards from our house, to rapturous acclaim from the Swiss for winning the war.

Right Churchill in Zurich, the city in which I was born. Only four years later, Dad marched his family through the huge front door of the train station on the right to board a train for Le Havre, France, and aboard the Cunarder RMS Scythia. Next stop Canada, in Dec. 1950.

Go to the Immigrant Passion










Positively, no Canadian who has not experienced the "immigrant passion" can possibly comprehend the totally all-encompassing thrill that completely enveloped me as, late at night, I walked through those train station doors to board the train, bound for a transatlantic liner for KANADA.

Nothing in later life has ever come close to matching it. It's why immigrants - hell they put their lives on the line - always make the best citizens. My father was an unbelievably fanatic coach for KANADA. Nowhere on the planet could Canada have found a more passionate booster. The SHOCK and AWE of the transcendant "Kanada experience" he primed me for as a nine year-old, has never been eclipesd by any other since. The recall of it all, still hugely overwhelms me emotionally, 66 years later...

Below the main station in Zurich. Late at night we left from the furthest left track in the station. We drove all night to Le Havre on the French north coast. The cars were still lit with dim blue light bulbs, a safety precaution installed during the war. In Dec 1950, it was only five years since the war ended. We passed bridges across the Seine that were still bombed out and not repaired.

Go to Immigrants 1950-2016

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Scythia Memorabilia - Dec 7-Dec 15, 1950 - Werner & Ruth Goldi Family
Orig. menu, abstract log & postcard - Image Size - 25 x 35 cm
Found - RMS Scythia, Dec 1950
Dated; Named; Provenance; Photos - Simply the finest possible Canadian ocean liner memorabilia that it's possible to get from the Golden Age of Sail and Steam when ocean liners brought immigrants to Canada from 1860-1960. Both menu and log are authentically dated and named, their provenance links them to a real family, and photos of the people at the time are tied to them. Whereas most similar items are lost, thrown away, or sold off at yard sales, flea markets, or on ebay, and family porovenance lost, these were carefully preserved by Ruth Suter Goldi (1917- 2015) left: then Hans (John); Fred; Heidi; Werner Goldi as shown on their passport photos in Dec. 1950. The menu is of the last meal the Goldi family ate aboard the Scythia as it docked on the evening of Dec. 15, 1950. The folding open menu has the same postcard image of the ship on the cover.

The abstract of the ship log is also authentically dated, and also bears the same postcard image of the ship on the obverse.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Site of the Last Supper: An extremely rare original photo of RMS Scythia at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Only three years before this photo was taken she had parked in this very spot, late at night, and delivered the Göldi family to Canada.

The "last supper" the family ate that evening is detailed in the menu above.

Below is the aerial view of this location.

The Pier 21 sheds are in blue behind the left hand cruise ship. The Scythia was docked where the white cruise ship is tied up.

The railway tracks down which the Goldis and over a million immigrants over the years left for other Canadian destinations to begin new lives, are at the bottom left.

RMS Scythia, at Pier 21, Halifax, NS, Canada - c 1953
Orig. photo - Image Size - 200 x 250 cm
Found - Canning, NS
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure


A discarded railway tie plate and spikes over which hundreds of thousands of immigrants started off to go down the tracks right to their new homes in different parts of Canada. Some 11 parallel tracks at this spot - now mostly abandoned - once were used to ferry off the immigrants.

This is the exact spot where the Goldi family climbed aboard a train, late at night. It's guaranteed that this very tie plate and spikes heard the steam engine chugging and the wheels squeaking, as their train left the harbour and the Scythia far behind.

Railway Spikes, Track Tie Plate, Pier 21, Halifax, NS c 1930
Orig. spikes & tie plate- Image Size - 19 x 28 cm
Found - Halifax, NS
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
RMS Scythia - Original Photo Postcards, 1950 & 1955
Orig. postcards - Image Size - 9 x 14 cm
Found - Scythia
Left a 1930s era Kenneth Shoesmith painting on a postcard that was still issued aboard ship in 1950. In a couple of years the original photo was faked by removing the 1920s looking buildings and the old-style tugs to look more 1950ish. Fakery in photography started co-terminally with the invention of the camera and producing photographic images for sale.

My research, in sifting through hundreds of thousands of photo postcards from 1895-1945, has exposed hundreds of totally faked ship images from this period. Postcard producers in Europe and elsewhere, found it far cheaper and easier to fake photo postcards of ships and lake boats by manipulating old photos, than to photograph them anew. So while there may have been an original photo for the Shoesmith original on the left, there never was an original photo for the fake on the right that was issued during the last years of the Scythia.

My conclusion: 99% of ship and lake boats you see are studio created or manipulated fakes. Yet ebay and postcard hucksters continue to pass them off as real or "echte photos."

The fakery also involved the sister ships of the Scythia - Laconia left and Samaria right below - with exactly the same postcards just simply renamed and later altered the same way.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure A highly prized family memento given to me by Aunt Emmely the one time I returned to visit her in Weesen, CH in 1968.

It is the Goldi family heraldic crest carved by my Uncle Alfred Suter in 1940 (below in his bandsman uniform), when my father Werner Goldi married his sister Ruth Suter.

When we emigrated to Canada in 1950 it was one of the many treasured family items that stayed behind. It remained in my father's parents' care till they died a few years later when their daughter Emmely took it over.

I still remember her soft chortling voice and misty eyes when she took it off the wall in her small room and handed it to me that solemn day in December 1968. To me it's a much cherished memory of her, her parents, and my kindly Uncle Alfred Suter (1903-1977).

It also commemorates the Goldi men of ages past who were celebrated fighting men, contracted to many of the royal houses of Europe to fight for them in the Middle Ages and since.

Family lore says the red roses commemorate service to Britain's House of Lancaster when Goldi men fought for its side in the Wars of the Roses.

The fleur-de-lis commemorates their service in France's famed Garde Suisse.

In 1874 the Swiss Constitution barred Swiss men from serving in foreign armies.

With one exception. Service in the Pontifical Swiss Guard in Rome, where it has guarded generations of popes since 1506. The Swiss Papal Guard is one of the oldest military units in existence.

Goldi Family Heraldic Arms Carving - Alfred Suter 1940
Orig. plaque - Image Size - 26 x 34 cm
Found - Weesen, CH

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Goldi Steamer Trunk Memorabilia, RMS Scythia, Dec. 1950 - from Switzerland to Canada

Orig family carved memorabilia
Prov - Suter-Lüchow-Goldi Coll

I believe this is the finest collection of Canadian immigrant steamer trunk contents - that of the Goldi family aboard the Cunarder RMS Scythia, in 1950 - in existence. All were carved by artists in the family from 1900 to 1949 using some of the tools shown. My Mom packed them into her steamer trunk as memorabilia items from parents and brothers she would never, ever see again...

Right is an early photograph I took when I was given my first camera as a 15 year-old at Christmas 1956.

Shown are Mom - Ruth Suter-Lüchow Goldi (1917-2014) and her three other children Heidi, Henry the baby, and Fred Goldi sitting in the farmhouse at Aberfeldy, ON, at Christmas 1956.

You can see two pieces of family "old country" memorabilia in the photo, both carved by my grandfather Alfred Suter (1879-1950).

- on the table the carved fruit bowl (above bottom left) which for over 65 years of successive Goldi Christmases held nuts, fruit and candy for the family and kids

- on the wall the holy water font (above bottom centre) which Mom used as a receptacle for sprigs of a floral bouquet

Coming Soon - I am preparing another Archival Curatorial First: to showcase an immigrant family's memorabilia items (the Goldi family's above) as they were found in various Goldi family homes from 1950 - 2005.

As well as show many historical family locations from 1900 - 2000 with a Then and Now approach using family photos and postcards.

The theme: ordinary lives of immigrants matter, and are as worthy of recording, in a Nation's historical tapestry, as rich men and rogues. In fact, I believe more so, because they add more, and detract less, from the quality of life of a people, than the sociopathically self-centred conmen and CEO types that dominate the corporatocracy (in politics, law, business & industry) that forever seek to exploit the hoi polloi, constantly sizing it up for some personal advantage to exploit and capitalize on. (Photo by John Goldi csc, at 15.)

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure

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Brownie Hawkeye Camera - 1956

Orig. camera -
Found - Aberfeldy, ON

The camera and the photographer who took the photo (above).

What was is that caused this Mom to detect something in her oldest child to give him a Christmas present, in 1956, that would ultimately trigger a passion in him that saw him rise, in later life, as a photographer and cinematographer, to the top ranks of Canadians engaged in filming, documenting, and broadcasting the historical and cultural life of Canada?.With the Hawkeye he would go on to document Army Cadet life in 1950s Canada, preserved as part of a matchless memorabilia record of this era of Canada's cultural life.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure

Left my Mom's Brownie with which I took my first photo - already showing great posing and compositional skills, above left, in February 1953, and how I looked at the time, at 11, when my Mom used it to snap a catch I made. She lit a spark in me that saw me become a top Canadian photographer and cinematographer, finally being awarded a "CSC" the top honour bestowed by the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, "for outstanding achievement in the art of cinematography."

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Kodak Brownie Target Six-20 - Ruth Goldi's Camera 1951
Orig. camera - Image Size -
Found - Aberfeldy, ON

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure In the immigrant trunk, Ruth Goldi also carried the three banknotes on the left.

They were all that were left of her father's German business fortune that went bankrupt following the social, economic, and political destruction that the Allied Peace of 1919 enforced on Germany, to make sure it would never "rise" again.

These notes - along with boxes of others - were playthings for the Suter kids, after they returned to their father's Swiss homeland in 1923, to start life anew in his home country.

My mother gave me these three last remaining notes in the 1950s.

The large blue 100 Mark one is from 1910 when the German Empire was at its most powerful and successful.

The smaller ones from the Weimar Republic show the destruction that the War and the Peace had inflicted on German society. Each one is for 500,000 marks, and still valueless.

The large Suter house and the Suter business with some eight employees had to be abandoned.

The Allies had succeeded in making sure that the "decent people everywhere" were devastated and wouldn't "rise again," leaving the streets for the NAZIs in which to fester and grow... and take charge of a despondent and devastated population.

That too was a predictable result of the Allied "Peace" to guarantee another war "in our time."

Luckily my grandfather decamped to Switzerland.

Had he not done so I would have been among the 600,000 plus civilians incinerated - along with these three banknotes - by the Allies in the coming war, which their vengeful Peace had brought on.

I would not have survived being a three year old in the Hamburg suburbs during the Allied bombing firestorm to come that killed over 40,000 civilians in the city where my grandparents raised their family.

I believe this is as fine a banknote souvenir as is available - the last of the pre-World War I Suter-Lüchow (Goldi) German fortune.

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Last of the Suter Fortune - 1 German Imperial (1910) and 2 Weimar Republic (1923) Banknotes
Orig. banknotes - Image Size - 9.5 x 17 cm ; 10 x 20 cm
Found - Romanshorn, CH

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure I consider this Canadian Neutral Indian celt the emotional bedrock of my Canadian collection, which it has been for over 60 years.

It was found on the banks of the Sydenham River by old-timer Jack McEwen of Aberfeldy, in southern Ontario, and given to 10 year old Hans Göldi in 1951, for cutting his lawn.

It transports me back over half a century to People, Places, and Events that have mattered to me in my life.

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Below, the exact spot - a remote rural house - where my collecting began in 1951. The lawn, I often cut for him, in front of old Jack McEwen's house is hidden by trees now. He - I believe out of affection - always called me "Jack." Within a year my name went from Hans, to John, to Jack, inset in 1952, reading up on "celts..."

The new shed replaces a wooden shack where he took me and from a wooden shelf handed me the celt. Though it was 65 years ago I remember the moment and the utter thrill of it all, as if it was yesterday... And the road along which my childhood friends and I walked by, for years, to go to the Sydenham River (100 yards to the left) to go fishing in summer, and skating and hockey playing in winter. The laughing voices are long gone... leaving not a trace behind... except this celt...

Alterstone Relic - Celt, Neutral Indians - Aberfeldy, ON

Orig. celt - Size - 15 cm
Found - Aberfeldy, ON

Google views from the maps section, offer fabulous illustrative photo material for personal, family, or national histories, allowing you to see places from your past in the far corners of the world which you can no longer go to.



"People, Places & Events" at the Bridge at Aberfeldy ON - early 1950s

Left the author at at 17 in June 1958, where X marks the spot, right where the new bridge replaced the old steel girder one, just visible on the right. We are just a 100 yards down from the McEwen house.

I still own all the lures in that fishing box, in fact all the lures and reels I bought in the early 1950s... All part of the Suter-Lüchow-Goldi Coll.

In the early 1950s, during the summer, Black Canadians came up from Dresden to fish along the shore to the left, and parked their white Cadillacs along the left shoulder here.

It was where I first remember actually meeting Blacks for the first time.

I often sat with them as a young kid, waiting for suckers and carp to bite, and well remember them sharing their "bolognie" sandwiches with me.

A carp I caught here in 1955.

The reverse angle of the photos above showing the McEwen house on the hill (left), the shoulder on the right where my 1958 photo was taken. On the left, below the McEwen house is all our farmland, stretching along the river for about a mile, and beyond the hill above. Below the bridge is the fence my father had to fix constantly because our pigs rooted through, so wandering across the roadway here. In winter the river was frozen so I would skate for miles up and down by myself. The patch left would be cleared of snow so the dozen or so kids who lived in the houses on the hilltop could play hockey and skate. Now just sad memories of People, and Events long gone...

Jack McEwen told me he found the Indian celt down the river a few hundred yards from here, on the left bank, at the base of a small hill just up from the river bank.

The kids who used to haunt the environs of the bridge in summer and winter, in 1953. Clockwise from top left: Allan Morwood, John Goldi, John Morwood, Richard Johnson, Heidi Goldi, Ralph Morwood, Fred Goldi. Missing are Arthur and Gloria Johnson and Joanne and Ina-Mae Wilcox.

(These Google photos, are a wonderful visual aid for helping illuminate family history, and are only possible because of Google's cameras)

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Shakespear Fishing Reel & Heddon & Helin Lures - c 1953-1957 - John Goldi
Orig. lures - Image Size - fish size
Found - Aberfeldy, ON
Collecting fishing lures and reels is a common hobby. You can find many that are in better shape than this. But these are named to a known and photographed person from the early 1950s, and so much more valuable than the countless anonymous ones out there.
Some of my earliest and favourite lures from my early teens. The three on the bottom left - Heddon Deep-running River Runt, Eager Weaver, and Heddon Pumpkinseed, were my earliest favourites because I liked the look of them. I don't think I ever caught anything with them. The rubber skirts on the Hula Poppers have disintegrated decades ago. The Helin Flatfish top right was the best lure I ever had. All cast and reeled in countless times on the Shakespeare Leader # 1909 Model FD..
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Old Fort Henry Pennants Commemorating the service of Fort Henry Guardsman #584 John Goldi 1964, 1965, 1966
Orig. fabric - Image Size - 61 & 31 cm
Found - Old Fort Henry, Kingston, ON
There are lots of pennants of Old Fort Henry floating about, all interesting enough. But the most valuable by far - like any historical memorabilia - is one that is DATED and NAMED to a person to whom it belonged. These four are simply the best historical memorabilia collection of Fort Henry Guard pennants on the planet, as belonging to, and commemorating the three year service of FHG Guardsman #584, John Goldi, who served in the Guard from 1964-1966 while pursuing his Hon. Ba. in Modern History, at the University of Toronto. The big one features a printed photo of the actual band he (I) was in, with Jolly Jack Slatter, who was bandmaster all three years I was there. We did countless parades for the public in the fort, at historic sites in Ontario, in New York city, and in Washington, DC where we were guests of the Marine Corps Presidential Guard and paraded with them.

Thousands of these postcards of Jolly Jack Slatter's 1964-1966 FHG band, have been sold over the last 50 years and sent to every corner of the globe.

Our FHG band was politically correct for the times. It allowed Jews in; that's David Bergson above on the snare behind Jolly Jack.

Nordy Abramson was another Jewish friend and fellow fifer, nearest right just ahead of me, at a parade in downtown Kingston on Canada Day 1966.

No Asians, Blacks, Browns, Aboriginals or women were allowed in though... Women were all kept in the gift shop, selling trinkets.

So it was in the early 1960s.. Remember this was when they were still routinely lynching Blacks in the southern US states...

Dating Historic Photos
: I had no record of what date this photo was taken or by whom. But some research proved it's the summer of 1966.

The scaffolding on Kingston's historic City Hall gives it away. The Tuscan portico was rebuilt in 1966, in time for Canada's Centennial in 1967. So it's July 1, 1966.

It was one of my very last parades with the Guard after three years of parading, firing 24 pdr canons on the ramparts, Armstrong guns on the square, and giving guided tours at the fort.

Raising Hell in Africa - Only weeks later I was in Africa, teaching high school in remote Northern Uganda with CUSO, in Idi Amin's home area. So I am one of the very few Canadians who saw Idi Amin - then head of the army - in the flesh...

My enthusiasm for history proved infectious. I was informed that my students scored Uganda's top marks in history - I taught African history - at the British Cambridge O level exams all set and sent to be marked in the United Kingdom.

I also taught French, using my banjo to teach French-Canadian folk songs... My all Black students proved to be, by far, the best students I ever had. Both my wife and I were popular in a hide-bound missionary operated residential high school in remote Arua.

We were also responsible for causing a national "riot." When after a year in Idi Amin country we asked for a transfer because of the anti-educational racism of the missionaries at the school, the students - some 300 - staged a protest walk-out, and refused to go back to class, because my wife and I were leaving. It made headlines in the Uganda Argus.

The Minister of Housing - the highest ranking official in the country closest to the protest site - drove 300 miles with a convoy of trucks carrying rifle carrying troops. He interviewed us begging us to stay on so that the students would go back to class and asked what we wanted. We said we wanted an African on staff, Deeson Anecho, to be the interim headmaster - to replace a racist white missionary woman - while the regular headmaster was on vacation in the UK. The minister granted our wish - Deeson became the first Black headmaster at the school. We stayed; the kids went back to school.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Old Fort Henry on the heights above Kingston ON on the far shore.

On the middle point is Royal Military College where Canadian Forces officers are trained. In the old days going back hundreds of years the Canadian Lake Ontario naval dockyards were there.

Old Fort Henry was built in the 1830s to protect them.

Women who are attracted to men in uniform much preferred going out with Guardsmen than RMC cadets. More fun guys and better parties.

Since the 1930s the fort, with its 100 parading soldiers has been the second biggest tourist attracting in Ontario after Niagara Falls. Multi-millions have toured the fort.

Many of the guard, all university students, got picked because they came from elite families in the civil service etc. or the halls of academe.

My years of Canadian Cadet and Militia training and accomplishments and musical skills served me in better stead than my lowly immigrant family connections.

Old Fort Henry, Kingston, ON c 1970
Orig. postcard - Image Size - 9 x 14 cm
Found - Toronto, ON

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure The fort on a slow day in the 1960s when I worked there.


Old Fort Henry, Kingston, ON c 1965
Orig. postcard - Image Size - 9 x 14 cm
Found - Kitchener, ON
flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Inscribed Presentation Family Bible: Father Joe Barfoot to Son Joe (Colclough) Jr. - May 8th, 1933
Orig. bible - Size - 15 x 20 cm
Found - Toronto, ON
Best Canadian Bible - If there is a better documented and more poignant Canadian bible, with a more sad and tragic history, we do not know it. The Barfoot bible has all the hallmarks you should look for in a superior memorabilia item:

- it is a presentation piece;
- it bears the names of presenter and recipient;
- photos exist of both people who owned it;
- it is authentically, and personally inscribed by the hand of the presenter;
- it is authentically hand dated;
- it memorializes a real father and a son;
- it enshrines the hopes of all fathers' wishes for the best for their sons;
- it was an unfulfilled dream that ended tragically with the son - married only a few months - losing his life early in life, to the Dogs of War, unleashed by far lesser men than he was...

Cunning War Profiteers - While Joe was lying in his grave, for selflessly serving his country, Prime Minister-to-be Pierre Elliott Trudeau's wife-to-be, Margaret Sinclair was being raised in patrician style by her father's millions made by ripping off property and ships from Japanese Canadians sent to internment camps on the very same coast where Joe was killed.
A father's fervent wish for his only son would end in tragedy with an early death for his boy who was typical of thousands of civilians who volunteered in World War II.

Joe with his dad and young Colclough (Coal-klee) - called "Young Joe" - a couple of years before he got this bible. In World War II he trained as a navigator on a Canso, doing Pacific patrols.

He was killed when his Canso, returning from a patrol, crashed in Uecluelet Harbour.

(below Joe right, in training at Summerside, PEI in 1943, a few months before he was married and then killed.

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Below, showing how you should analyze a "find," research it to establish its provenance & decide if it's collectible.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure I have not the slightest doubt but that this is Canada's finest historical pipe. And absolutely the equal of any other historical pipe in the world. Here's why:

There are lots of nice pipes about, but the ones named to real people, tied to important places, and events are the cream of the crop.

I don't believe another pipe, anywhere, can match this one on all three levels.

It is clearly marked as having belonged to QMS WC Clifford who was a member of E Battery, Royal Canadian Field Artillery, when it served in South Africa during the Boer War. The paper trail confirms it all.

WC Clifford Pipe, E Battery, RCFA - Anglo-Boer War 1900
Orig. pipe - Size - 13 cm
Found - Southampton, UK

This pipe is matchless in all the features that make a great pipe.

British Boer War soldiers were fanatic smokers, and memorabilia junkies. Which is why there are Boer War pipes like this in the hundreds in collections, carrying carved inscriptions of various kinds.

But this is the best you will ever see, against which all the others must be matched, and why they all fall short in the number of desirable features which this one has including:

1 - the words Boer War.and South Africa.

2 - the dates 1899 and 1900.

3 - a carved portrait of Paul Kruger. The best pipes had a portrait of President Paul Kruger, whom the British had gone to oust from his Transvaal Republic. The first Canadian contingents had joined up on the March to Pretoria to capture his capital city.

4 -wind cap. The best pipes were lidded, to prevent hot ashes from falling out and starting a fire on the dry grass of the Karroo wasteland, or in the case of the mounted artillery, which moved quickly, to prevent ashes from blowing back into the face of the smoker.

5 - the name of a unit: E Bty RCFA. The more specific or exclusive the military unit the better.

6 - the name of the owner: WC Clifford. The very best of all also carried the name of the owner.

7 - Canadian pipe. Because relatively few Canadians served Canadian Boer War pipes are utterly rare, if not non-existent. We know of no other Canadian carved Boer War pipe, though there are scores, perhaps hundreds of British pipes of various levels of inscriptions.

8 - age burn - Is perfect, being well worn, including the stem which is often a replacement in lesser pipes.

As far as connections to People, Places, and Events, historical pipes do not get any better than this one, being the personal property of a Canadian who was part of the first military expedition ever sent by Canada to serve in an overseas war.

Walter Clifford was the #2 non-commissioned officer in E Battery, the Quarter Master Sgt.

In the Karroo campaign of early 1900, E battery campaigned together with Lt. John McCrae's D battery. (McCrae would become Canada's most famous poet of WWI, writing "In Flander's Fields.)

During the Boer War McCrae was an artillery lieutenant and no doubt - in the small Canadian community of artillerymen in the campaign - got to know Clifford, who was a senior noncom in E battery. During the campaign the two units trained together.

Clifford's E battery later fought at the Battle of Faber's Put, on May 30, 1900.

One of Clifford's men, William Latimer was killed there, the only battlefield fatality of E battery of the war.

Clifford would return from South Africa in 1901, but enlist again in May, 2002, the same month that the war ended.

Above and below: the kraal around which the battle raged - the Canadian artillery guns were parked in this space beside the stone enclosure; the house in which the Canadian officers slept just before the Boer attack; the bullet holes in the wall; the grave of William Latimer at Kimberley.










Right, the E Battery wounded after Faber's Put.









Below, showing how prevalent was pipe smoking among the troops in South Africa.

This was not a commercial by a pipe manufacturing or tobacco promotion company, just a couple of candid shots of men relaxing between making war.

In the first one five out of eight soldiers are smoking pipes, and two have cigarettes. Only one is not smoking.

In the second four out of nine are smoking pipes.

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