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The Last Decent Canadian Journalist - William Lyon Mackenzie (1795-1861) - 2

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flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure In Canada, the most notable patron saint of democracy, and the founding father of Canadian journalistic integrity, is William Lyon Mackenzie, who was so highly thought of, by the citizens, that he was elected the first mayor of the city of Toronto (York) in 1834.

Looking dour, today, wondering where the hell did it all go, in 2010, after all the work he did in the 1820s to get the democratic ball rolling, in a country then dominated by greedy, self-serving politicians, and grasping private and corporate sectarian interests, and the privileged rich elites.

A chromolithograph of Mackenzie from 1880, is ringed by pieces of the actual type he himself inked and used on his printing presses in the 1820s, in York (Toronto) Ontario to send out the clarion call for Democracy.

He, and they, have been stilled for over 170 years.


Because journalists like him have been missing in Canada in the 21st century, Canada has reverted back to the same regressive state of political affairs that existed in the 1830s, when the Family Compact ran everything to its own liking regardless of the wishes of the vast majority of the citizens.

Then - exactly like today - the citizenry loathed the political elites, for their private greed with public monies, and for peopling public offices with their friends and cronies, and drafting policy that favoured them and their fellow elitists.

Using the type left in his newspapers, Mackenzie loudly denounced this corrupt state of affairs, mobilizing the masses to demand political change. People took up arms...

The situation in Canada, in 2010, is exactly as it was in 1837 - with some glaring exceptions.

There is no longer any William Lyon Mackenzie; there is no longer a free press, like in his day; the people have been reduced to putty in the hands of the corporate-owned media and its corral of toadying subservient scribes.

Learning from history, to make sure that the popular revolt mobilized by Mackenzie would never happen again, the rich elites bought up all the media outlets, so no journalist types could ever again rail against their pilfering of the public purse, and bending public policy for their own ends.

Then they staffed them all with so-called journalists, hiring only the most fawning, slavishly toadying, sickophants to man - and woman - the type once fitted into newspaper columns by principled and self-employed publishers like Mackenzie.

Before being hired they were carefully interviewed and vetted to make sure they had the proper puppeteering penchant for publishing pleasingly puerile propaganda for the preening pompositing classes. If any dared to show the slightest streak of independent thought, they were unceremoniously rejected, and are today, driving taxi, selling real estate, or running massage parlours. But not penning columns on behalf of the rich and powerful.

Chromolithograph (1880) and Type Face (1830s) - William Lyon Mackenzie
Orig. chromolithograph & type face - Image Size - 18 x 24 cm
The Canadian Portrait Gallery - John Charles Dent - 1880
Found - Toronto, ON

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It's no accident that women - famously raised by society to please men - are the most rabid members of this new class of subservient propagandists.

Witness the strident war-mongering columns of those lowly, long-time "crime, court, and sports" reporters" Christie Blatchford (Globe) and Rosie DiManno (Toronto Star) who've been famously detailed to leading "tourist reporter" status to become the most notable calumnists promoting corporate Canada's race war against Muslims in Afghanistan.

Little Mac would never, ever, have allowed his type to be used to do the bidding of the pompositing, preening, possessing classes, to subvert the democratic rights of the broad masses of the citizens he felt journalists and journalism should serve.

It is a measure of how far Canadian democracy has degenerated, that in 2010 a bloated, right wing multi-millionaire became mayor of Toronto, and had his chain of office bestowed on him by another multi-millionaire (he earned all his money from the CBC, Canada's public broadcaster) who unleashed a torrent of vile invective about "left-wing pinko kooks" as he performed the task, blaring that "People are sick of the elites and artsy people running the show. It’s time for some lunch pail, blue-collar people.”

Need one add, both are passionate Harperites and hate that Sissy Lester...

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With a firm grip on their lunch pails, both multi-millionaires mouthed the requisite platitudes about returning the mayor's office to the values of the "little guy." The mayor even invoked the spirit and name of William Lyon Mackenzie...

Little Mac would have thrown up...