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That "Sissy Lester" - LB Pearson, Nobel Laureate, PM of Canada - 1917

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flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure A fabulous discovery, that happened while our curator was just browsing about in an antique mall, and flipped over a typically long panoramic photo of WWI soldiers lined up before shipping out to go fight overseas.

Like he's done scores, hundreds of times, now hoping to see if he recognizes anyone in this 1917 photo. Through the years he's scanned hundreds of faces and rarely connected...

And then, you do a double take - it can't possibly be...? Right there in the front row... Why it can't be anyone else except...

... that Sissy Lester; you know, the one famously sneered at, and dissed, by the Harper Government as as some kind of chicken shit Liberal and Patsy Peacemaker...

The antique seller didn't know it, nor all the people who had walked by and passed on buying it.

Till our crafty curator, with an eagle eye for faces out of the past, spotted Lester B Pearson, the future Prime Minister of Canada (1963-1968), and Canada's only Nobel Peace Prize Winner (1957).

But hey, what's that "Sissy Lester" doing, all duded up like he's some kind of war hero...?

Must be part of some high school play...

Panoramic Photo - Cadet Wing RFC (Toronto) - May 31, 1917
Orig. photo - Image Size - 24 x 78 cm
Found - Cambridge, ON

Turns out that "Sissy Lester," whom the Harperite cabinet ministers, famously dissed as a patsy peacemaker and chicken shit Liberal, signed up to serve in war when he was a teenager in World War I.

At 17 he was refused, as too young to win a place in the ranks of the shooting soldiers, so he signed up as a stretcher bearer with the Canadian Army Medical Corps instead. Which was an extremely dangerous job. You have to go out into No-Man's Land, often during an attack, to pick up the wounded, while the enemy's still shooting at you, and all you have is a stretcher for protection. It takes nerves of steel. Which Lester had in spades. He made lieutenant and served two years with the Allied armies fighting in Egypt and Greece.

Sneering at that "Sissy Lester" is just another example how the public life of Canada has reached now lows under Steve Harper and his Right-wing cabinet colleagues, not one of whom has ever put their lives on the line, to serve Canada in war, but who are notorious for sending others to die in their place, and then, famously, dismissing their sacrifice with repeated negligence when they return in coffins, or sickened, broken, and maimed...

And then breaking another promise to those who dared to serve and sending them back to the war zone to get more of the same for another three years..

Then in 1917 he decided to join the Royal Flying Corps - the Royal Canadian Air Force had not been formed - which had an even higher death rate than other fighting groups.

That's when this photo was taken, when he was in Toronto with a new group of recruits.

In 1917, the Royal Flying Corps had set up pilot training depots in southern Ontario, most near Toronto, and this was one of the first crop of Cadets, wearing the white flashes that denoted their special status.

Mike Who?

Turns out that when Lester joined the RFC an instructor howled that "Lester" was no name for a fighting pilot and recommended a name change to better reflect the warrior types he wanted for his protégés. He suggested "Mike."

From then on his friends, who knew that Lester's personal courage knew no bounds, called him "Mike."

But Lester's self-confidence, too, knew no bounds. He was quite comfortable, in any crowd, with the name his parents gave him.

As Prime Minister he always signed all his official documents, proudly, with that "sissy name" Lester...

They then went to England for further training. Lester somehow survived a crash on his first flight. Then he was hit by a bus during a blackout in London. His injuries were now so severe, he was sent home to recuperate.

For the last few months of the war he served as an instructor.

That Sissy Lester has a sterling war record,
of laying his life on the line, for his fellow countrymen, that neither Harper nor any of his cabinet colleagues, can come close to matching...

This is an ultra rare photo of many of the founding members of the Royal Canadian Air Force which would fight for Canada in World War II.

Go to Air Force Hero of WWII

Can you help us identify any other faces from the front rank of officers for posterity?
They did their bit for Canada, will you do yours?

An interesting sidelight into attestation forms is that they were not filled in by the recruit. Even when they were university students like Lester was, and probably more educated and literate than the recruiting officer.

Comparing Lester's signature, where he is required to sign, several times, it is clear he did not fill in the details of his bio himself.

This was clearly filled in by the witness, Mr. Cates, as letters in his signature match the writing in the entries.































The public life of Canada reached its nadir in February 2007 when Bushite Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was destined to make a rare visit to Ottawa to encourage Canada to keep sending more troops to help George Bush's Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing (CWILLKILL) in his race war against the Muslims in Afghanistan.

She being a top diplomat was hosted in Canada's top diplomatic building, famously and proudly named the Canadian Foreign Affairs HQ, the Lester B Pearson Building.

Members of the Harperite cabal were angry that a large seated statue of that Sissy Lester was in the foyer, where they wanted to do the photo ops.

What to do? Roll me over...

Why cover up that Sissy Lester who the Harperite war-mongers hate with a passion for being the architect of Canada's 20th century internationally renowned reputation as Peacekeepers for the United Nations.


If you must know, everyone is beaming because Pete has just assured the American rep that the Canadians had turned over countless Taliban juveniles - some as young as 11, 12 and 13 - captured by the Canadian Forces, for "processing" - read torture, and worse - to the Afghan prison authorities. Canada's top general had just branded them as "detestable murderers and scumbags," and was glad to turn them over to experts in "remedial re-education," by people they know are notorious for sexually victimizing defenceless young boys.

This clear and gross human rights violation - what is that in Harper's Canada? - was well covered up by the Harperites, and would not become public knowledge, along with other alleged Canadian military war crimes involving its elite JTF2 unit, until November 2010, .


So they arranged it so that not only would an obstructing wall cover Lester's face, but their butts would all signal to him what he could do, if he didn't like it...

A journalist placed a light behind the curtain to see what the Harperites thought of Canada's only Nobel Peace Laureate. It was an act truly worthy of the Mafia at its best...

Nothing in Canadian history shows more clearly the nasty meanness, and the base, lowlife mentality behind every policy the Harper Government has imposed on Canada, Canadians, and the World, since it seized control of the government with only 37% of the vote.

Who's Who - That's Condy, of course, the American Black who has killed more Muslims - in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan - than any other Black in US history. Obama's famously trying to beat her record, launching more troops and drone strikes into Afghanistan than even George Bush did.

American Blacks are famously unlucky with their politicians, who always start out as some kind of liberals - stands to reason from their history - then when they see what power and wealth can do for them, privately, if they only follow the right line, they veer sharply Right, towards fame and fortune.

But then, hey, life is short; isn't it better to be part of the oppressing classes than the oppressed...?

On Condy's left, is Elmer - sorry, we mean Peter; Elmer is his dad, a long-time Canadian conservative bagman and fixer who paved the way for his son's success as an inheritor of political power in the Canadian banana republic - MacKay.

Pete*** is even more famous for all the women he's been involved with. The media made a big deal of Condy and Pete mooning over each other for some time...

Before that there was the Conservative MP who famously dumped Pete, and switched parties and partners to get a cabinet seat with the Liberal government. Leaving Pete to bemoan his sad state as a jilted castaway - he had no idea it was going to happen - with his dog...

Oh yeah, and then there's Pete's romp, for several years, with CTV's Ottawa - and ultra Right-wing - news network's Bureau Chief. Now do you know why two top CTV reporters got cushy Senate appointments from his cabinet colleagues?

On the left is Canada's famous Minister of Defence, Max Bernier, shortly afterwards dismissed because he left secret government papers at the apartment of a high class hooker, whom he had famously squired in a skimpy dress to his swearing-in ceremony as minister on Parliament Hill.

Go to Gal Pal on Parliament Hill

Want a peek?

She later pouted in a bio, "He never loved me!" What a cad...!

But in spite of Max's complete disgrace nationally, he remained a home-town hero to his constituents in Quebec, who re-elected him...

Go figure?

It's actually quite straight forward. A 2010 poll showed that Quebeckers by over 72% believe that "all politicians are corrupt." (The other 28% were away when the pollsters dropped by.)

They're behind the belief of most Canadians as a whole...

Max's constituents figured - who can blame them? - that, since all politicians are greedy, self-serving crooks, why criticise our own Max when he misbehaves?

At least he's ours, and entitled to take his fair share of the the bribes, babes, and booze, everyone else helps themselves to...

*** Did we mention, besides squiring around the girls, big time, Pete is sometimes also Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Not just, ahem, domestic ones...

No Canada! - This rollover illustrates why politicians are held in almost unanimous contempt by Canadians, and more so all the time, according to polling results.

Wherever one travels in Canada, no matter which language, race, creed, or colour you encounter, one comment always elicits a welcome recognition of common ground and shared experiences: anything disparaging about any politician.

(Question Period in the House of Commons reminds Canadians, daily, that there is nothing so beneath contempt that it cannot issue from the mouth of a politician.)

And Canadians watch angrily and helplessly knowing that they pay their salaries, expense accounts, pensions, with their hard earned tax dollars...

The treatment of Lester Pearson above is typical politics. Politicians, even - especially - at the highest level, appear mean, nasty, malevolent, mendacious (Globe & Mail editorials - Canada's only national newspaper - openly say the Prime Minister is lying and dishonest), and utterly self-serving, always ready to put down the achievements of any Canadian not part of their partisan clique.

And in foreign affairs kill, rather than talk to, people they have differences with - make that non-white, non-Judeo-Christians, making virtually the entire world a possible candidate for attack to advance the secret and not-so-secret political agendas of the special interests that fund them.

Read the universally despised xenophobic foreign policy of the United States, which Canadian politicians seem hell-bent to follow.

But not the Canadian public. A BBC poll (May 2008) shows that only 27% of Canadians have a positive view of the United States, while a whopping 62% of Canadians view the US negatively, which is a jump of 6% over the past year. Another Environcs poll shows over half of Canadians consider the USA a negative force in world politics; and only 21% think Iran is a similar threat to world peace.

"These are stunning figures," sputters a clearly agitated Jack Granatstein in the Globe and Mail, showing that in spite of his pro-war lobbying - and that of fellow sputterer David Bercuson - the Canadian public is not buying what this dynamic duo is selling even though they are given prime editorial real estate on the op ed page to sell their wares.

No wonder these two professors are mad. These old guys can be forgiven; they have spent their entire lives preaching to impressionable young kids cornered in classrooms; so they like to think of themselves - like the Pope - as infallible. They're completely thrown off to have their highly partisan arguments rejected by the most educated and most highly schooled electorate in Canadian - if not world - history.

But we'll see these pouting pro-war profs back on the op ed page again, spouting the usual reactionary rot because, like in the best Banana Republics, in Canada the ruling class follows its own interests in promoting a disgraced foreign policy disapproved of by the vast majority of the citizens of the country.

Bercuson is among many pro-war lobbyists that the Canadian Forces actually funds, with Canadian taxpayer dollars, to go to Afghanistan to gather his propaganda material, and then in a side deal, have it published on the op ed page of the Globe. Another reason why those who practice journalism are considered by most Canadians to be on a respect level somewhere lower than that of lawyers.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure A fabulous memento of a Canadian civilian Officer Cadet J Bowes, who volunteered to serve his country in a time of need, as a member of the Royal Flying Corps during World War I.

Peaked forage caps notwithstanding, wedge caps were still common during World War I, especially among pilots of the RFC, badge below.

The white flash on Cadet Bowes' wedge cap signifies a cadet pilot, either one who was in training, until he reached the age he could legally enlist, or a rating who was seeking to move up to officer status.

Judging from his teenage looks, Bowes had not enlisted previously as anything else and was seeking to start his military career as a trainee pilot in the RFC.

Support for this is that, on the back, his mother Mrs. Bowes is noted as paying to have his picture framed this way.

Hopefully it was not in his memory, as RFC pilots did not last very long.

Canada had no Air Force at the time so Canadians who wanted to fly had to join the British Royal Flying Corps. Below a Canadian RFC recruiting poster.

Prime Minister Lester B Pearson (1897-1972)

One who joined the RFC, during World War I, was later Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Lester B Pearson, who had already volunteered, and served three years in various theatres of war (since the age of 17), when he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps.

His flying instructor told him his name, Lester, was too sissy for an airman and insisted on calling him "Mike" instead, probably in homage - and jest - to famous British air ace Mike Mannock. ("Mike" was injured in a crash during his first flight after which he was sensibly relegated to being a flying instructor...)

For the rest of his life his friends called him Mike, but the self-confident future Canadian Prime Minister stuck to using Lester.

Lester Pearson, better than any other Prime Minister, exemplified the best of the Canadian persona during the 20th century.

He was tough enough to sign up for active war service as a teenager, when his country called - unlike the notorious American war service shirkers John Wayne and Presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush, and all their daughters...

But later in life Lester was equally resolute in being a sissy to take a principled stand for international peacekeeping - not war mongering - as the central role for Canada in the world during the 20th century, which a predecessor, Liberal Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier had already hailed as "Canada's Century."

Unlike leading pop cult figures Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Bruce Willis, and top Canadian General Hillier, all of whom subscribe to Chairman Mao's dictum that power comes from the end of a gun, Lester believed civilized debate is infinitely more preferable, and more successful most of the time, to solve social and political problems between men of different races, colours, and creeds. Quite the opposite to these men all of whom have careers that are defined by using violence to make social change and wipe out undesirables.

Their legacies are the piles of corpses they leave behind, make-believe for the actors (though they have inspired countless schoolyard and college executioners in the US), but for the General, real bodies of men, women, and children in Afghanistan, and scores of wasted lives of young Canadian Forces personnel.

No Canadian young service personnel died on Mike's watch. Quite the contrary, Mike helped found the United Nations and NATO as stabilizing forces, and brokered the peace that ended the Suez War of 1956.

It's a good thing Mike is dead.

He would have been appalled to see NATO, which he saw as a countervailing force for peace in Europe - white Christian European soldiers standing guard over their home turf - actively exporting violence - for the first time in history - by sending shooting soldiers to conduct war outside Europe, specifically targetting non-white, non-Christian peoples.

(The Suez War, incidentally, was the precursor of things to come, with the white Judeo-Christian alliance - Britain, France, Israel - attacking the non-white Muslim "hordes" of the Middle East - Egypt that time - because they controlled economic assets (the Suez Canal Zone that time) which the whites wanted. It should be clear to non-white peoples of the world that the so-called civilized and Christian nations don't have the slightest compunction from attacking any of them to get any economic advantages their industrial elites want. Though, in future, these would learn to spin their greed better, loudly bilboarding their war machines, instead, of being in a fight against terrorists, veils, burqas, Muslim religious extremists etc. But mind you, only in countries close to those oil reserves...)

Lester was the finest international statesman Canada ever produced.

Lester Pearson's role in ending the Suez conflict would win him Canada's only Nobel Peace Prize, and the respect of the World, a hallowed honour no present or waiting-in-the-wings Prime Minister of Canada has a hope of achieving.

Hell, OK we admit it, they're not even interested... Pleasing the American military industrial complex offers far too many benefits.

Besides the United Nations has become widely reviled, by the same group, as just too full of Black, Brown, and Yellow faces who vote the wrong way all the time - not at all like the good old days of the 1940s and 50s when the white guys ran the world the way they liked... and the non-whites were too cowed to protest...

Thanks to these regressive interests, Canada, in the 21st century, is well on the way to entrenching the same kind of xenophobic foreign policy - targeting non-white, non-Christian Muslim peoples of the world - that has animated US overseas initiatives since the collapse of the Cold War, and the loss of the countervailing influence of the USSR against American military aggression around the world.

Other Canadian Prime Ministers - All are too frightened - or too greedy? - to risk alienating the power of high finance, and the international lobbying influence of the American armament manufacturers, to continue Lester Pearson's peacekeeping foreign policy that gained Canada unrivalled respect from peoples around the world in the 20th century.

Promoting war and armaments expenditure offers so much better payback, as Canadians discovered recently by the disclosure that former Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in sacks of $1,000 bills (the favoured currency for underground mafia and drug lord transactions) in various hotel rooms from an unsavoury international arms dealer. (In fact $1,000 bills have been withdrawn from circulation exactly because only crooks and creeps used them to conduct illicit financial transactions that they did not want to see the light of day or the probing nose of the taxing authorities.)

To a Parliamentary Committee, in December, 2007, Prime Minister Mulroney admitted taking cash was an error... He erred in counting too...

Hardly one error; it was compounded more than once, on many levels, and multiple occasions...

The jump from one mindless mistake, to a clear pattern of cover-up, possible illegality and immorality seems hard to avoid: Prime Minister. Mulroney accepted sacks of cash three different times, in different hotel rooms in Canada and the US, and each time, he admitted, he departed from standard practice, and he did not, for some curious but unknown reason: submit a written invoice, submit a written report for work done under the contract, offer a written receipt, deposit the money in a regular bank account, so it could earn huge amounts of interest - but where also a paper trail would start - did not declare it for taxes, and could not produce, on any level, private records logging its expenditure... And all, he admitted, clear departures from the way he usually did business!!! He would have us believe he treated hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash with no more seriousness than random coins in a child's piggy bank...

The Prime Minister said he kept hundreds of thousands of dollars in various safety deposit boxes. He confessed that there is absolutely no paper trace of any kind that these payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash ever passed through the hands of Prime Minister Mulroney.

The Prime Minister only declared the payments, finally for taxes, many years later, as government investigators were closing in, and threatened to uncover the payments while investigating the activities of the armaments dealer who had handed over the sacks of cash. Even here the Prime Minister refused to make his tax records available to Parliament as a possible check to verify what seems to be the only existing documentation that could support his statements. But no deal...

Instead, the clearly evasive Mulroney asked the Parliamentary Committee, and the Canadian public, to accept at face value, solely the word of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, known, for decades, to most Canadians as "Lyin' Brian."

In 1994 a heavily researched book "On the Take" analyzed his tenure as Prime Minister of Canada. Though he has sued others for libel he has never sued the author of the heavily documented book or its sequels.

Former Prime Minister Mulroney remains the most reviled politician in Canadian history. Though he had won back to back majorities - name any politician who wouldn't go for a third? - he inexplicably resigned early, refusing to fight the next election, as publicity about his dealings became known, and opted to gallantly pass the baton to a woman who would take the fall for him. Kim Campbell was the unelected Prime Minister for only a few months, and remains the only woman ever to hold that office in Canada. Thanks to the old boy's club which runs Canadian politics...

Canada falls woefully short of accepting women for the top office behind several Muslim countries who have already elected women Prime Ministers, years ago... Maybe someone should invade Canada and free our womenfolk like the Canadian Army - that bastion of feminism - is apparently hard at work doing in Afghanistan.

The next election, a few months after Mulroney resigned, destroyed Canada's most venerable political institution, the Conservative Party of Canada, which had created Canada, and produced many of its leading statesmen, reducing it to two seats - TWO SEATS IN ALL OF CANADA. The party disappeared, being absorbed into the Reform Party of Canada, a western Canadian rump of anti-central Canada Conservatives and religious extremists, allied to entrenched American military and oil lobbyists.

During the present Conservative Government's administration, Canada's armaments budgets have ballooned astronomically as it acquired billions of dollars of military hardware from international armaments manufacturers - mostly Americans.

In their wake the Canadian Auditor-General has earmarked hundreds of millions of cost overruns in military service contracts - catching companies routinely doubling, or more, the original cost estimates. No one gets fired for this; no contractor is taken to court or asked to fulfil the original contract; no civil servant is shot or hauled on to the carpet for being asleep on the job, over and over again. OK, OK we agree you can't shoot them all...

The military industrial complex just sends in its bills - hey any amount will get by - and the Conservative Government orders them to be paid, no questions asked, no accountability or contract compliance demanded. And the military lobbyists take their millions in success fees, the practice widely followed today in Canada, according to the one man who should know, military arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber, who paid off both a Premier and a Prime Minister of Canada.

He told the Parliamentary Committee bluntly, on national television, that the same bribery that he conducted was taking place "as we speak" and involved, in 2008, the same people he had paid millions to earlier, to shepherd lucrative armaments contracts to the Federal Government.

Hey the Liberals made off with millions before. Now it's our turn after a long drought. Besides it's only Canadian taxpayers who get fleeced and they're a bottomless pit...

Those military lobbyists sure know how to earn their "success fees" with their former pals in government and the Civil Service, raking off millions to make it all happen.

A Great Canadian economic model; rape and pillage the public purse, with impunity. Not for education; not for health care; not for social services; not for for environmental projects. Oh, c'mon, how naive can you be?

Just for guns and bullets and bombs to kill people with. But, thank God, not white people or Jews or Christians... We'll grant you that; those military lobbyists do have standards...

They just target non-white, Muslims in the Third World in Afghanistan, and ultimately Iran.

The "pretend" threat to world peace, which Canadians are now fighting and dying for, is the pajama-clad Taliban, and their insistence that Afghan Muslim women cover their faces...

In fact, as everyone knows, the real deal is to set up Afghanistan as a launch pad for the coming American invasion of Iran, allowing US Forces to invade in the classic encircling "pincer" movement, simultaneously through the front and back doors, with their armies from Iraq and Afghanistan, and so forcing the Iranians to fight a two-front war in order to protect their homeland from the inevitable American attack...

(So don't look for US troops ever to leave Iraq... It ain' t gonna happen; the US has built the world's largest embassy complex in Baghdad; it's like Vatican City in Rome. It's a certainty: the US army will sit on the Iraqi oil fields during the lifetime of anyone alive today.)

And another message is coming in loud and clear, as Canada piles up a horrific arsenal of military weapons and delivery systems.

All the US, British, and Canadian military planners already have coordinated invasion plans for Iran ready to put into practice at a moment's notice...

When the Iran invasion comes, Canadians will be in the front lines shooting their way into another Muslim country... That's why we need for the Canadian Forces to stay till 2011 and beyond, as General Hillier unabashedly projects. Ignore the canard about training the Afghan army; they need to be there when Bush or his successor orders the inevitable invasion...

It will take a century before Canada will ever recover from this damage to Canada's reputation, and loss of face and credibility among the vast concourse of non-Christian, Brown, Black and Yellow peoples of the world, whom God placed in the greatest abundance on the Earth.

It's a good thing Lester is dead.

His legacy for the Nation has been debased by lesser men, with meaner motives...

He would be pleased about one thing though...

Canada is only being debased by the politicians and their Schreiber-subservient armaments lobbyists, with their bags of $1000 bills...

The people of Canada are firmly on Lester's side... but powerless...

Ah, they say, if only Canada were a Democracy, instead of a Banana Republic run by a General and his military lobbyists...

All will end their days, deservingly, raking it in, in Directorship Heaven, on the boards of the military industrial complex to whom they provided such loyal service...

Thanks to them, Canada has dropped to her lowest level, ever, during the entire 20th and 21st century, in the esteem of the world - the vast concourse of non-white, non-Christian Black, Brown, and South Asian Peoples, whom God placed in the greatest abundance on the planet.

(Two years after we penned this article, Canada was put on notice, as we had predicted.)

Go to Shunned by the World

Propeller Tip Frame, RFC Cadet Bowes, World War I

Orig. oak - Size - 29 cm
Found - Hamilton, ON

A highly unique and most evocative frame to set off a portrait of the flyer in the family, is this tip from an old oak propeller.

The back of the photo bears the writing: "J Bowes RFC," and "Mrs. Bowes 35 Brige St." with the amount for "98 cents on Delivery," and is clearly of a Canadian flier. In fact it is very likely a misspelling of Birge St. in downtown Hamilton, an area of urban blight that has been razed and built over. The house of Mrs. Bowes is long gone... and the place from where her son set out to join the Royal Air Force.

Unfortunately Canadians who enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps did this directly, sidestepping the Canadian Government completely, and so leaving no paper trail that one can follow in the Canadian Archives, to narrow down his identity.

SHAME ! - Unfortunately though the Canadian Archives has wonderfully posted all Canadian servicemen and women's papers online in downloadable format FOR FREE, the British Archives is back in the stone age and publishes nothing free online whatsoever on the 5 million Brits who served and or died in its wars.

To even see any name, let alone records - forget downloading anything - you have to hand over credit card details, online, for starters, and then pay a private agency $150 a year to search for anything at all. And then they may not even have what you paid all that money for. Over 60% of British service personnel records was destroyed in bombing in WWII.

It is abominable, beyond belief, that a supposedly civilized Government can find billions of dollars to bomb and shoot Muslim men, women, and children, in Iraq and Afghanistan, but can't fund the basic publicizing of its veterans' records for their family, friends, and fellow citizens.

Instead, no doubt for a very large cash settlement, the British Government has turned its personnel records of the millions who served and hundreds of thousands who died, into a tawdry money making operation for a ruthless contractor,, who demands credit card details just to make basic inquiries, wants $150 to release even the most elementary information, and bills automatically for additional $150 yearly increments if you forget to end the contract.

How many hundreds or thousands of people - how forgetful we all are - who have failed to terminate the contract will find themselves docked, automatically, another whopping amount which they won't be able to get back?

To get the printed out records of one veteran, which in Canada you can get instantly in high resolution format for FREE, you will end up having to pay a minimum of $200 to $300 US in the UK... or more...

No wonder the glory that once was Britain is as tatty, these days, as the tacky reputation of the tawdry Royals and the disgraced and deposed George Bush sidekick, war-monger, and human rights violator, Tony Blair.


Below a world class standard setter of diplomatic behaviour that Britain has long abandoned, the Canadian example of what personified the best in international leadership during the 20th century: the career of Nobel Laureate, and Canadian Liberal Prime Minister, Lester B Pearson.

He gave -

- The Liberal Party Principled and Moral Leadership

- Canada an Honest World Class Diplomat and a Thoroughly Decent Prime Minister

- The Canadian Public its Own National Maple Leaf Flag

- The People of the World a Nobel Laureate

- The Congress of Nations a Gold Standard of Leadership from a Multi-cultural Canada, in a World where Black, Brown, and Yellow Peoples outnumber, by far, the old boy's club of white Judeo-Christian males who have always wanted to continue ruling the world and controlling the destiny of other peoples, by rolling over, with their vast military industrial juggernaut, anyone who disagrees with them.

Lester was fifty years ahead of his time; when Canada was ruled and run by white Christian Anglo-Saxons, he dared to break the mold, and dedicate Canada to a multi-cultural model when most Canadians could not foresee a time, when hundreds of thousands of brown, yellow, and black immigrants would swell Canada's population with a rich variety of religions and peoples.

So it's a good thing Lester is dead...

He would be appalled to see how regressive Canada has become in its foreign and military policy.

At a time when the non-white, non-Judeo- Christian, and especially Muslim populations, have mushroomed in Canada, the racism that drove nineteenth century slavery and Imperial conquest has resurfaced with a vengeance, as the same club of white Judeo-Christians are once more turning their death dealing military might on non-white, non-Christian peoples in Third World countries who control something they covet, access and control over their oil-rich territories.

As the Muslim world stands aside, enraged, but powerless to prevent the wars against its countries and peoples.

Would that other Canadian Prime Ministers had the personal, moral, and political courage of that "Sissy Lester."

Don't count on it...

The Toronto Globe pointed out that when Prime Minister Stephen Harper set up a press conference to welcome US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to Ottawa in February, 2007, it was organized in the foyer of the Canadian Foreign Affairs Lester B Pearson Building, where the pride of the place was displayed, a statue of Nobel Laureate Lester B Pearson, a long-time star of its diplomatic service, in which he had spent most of his life.

As a deliberate slap in the face of this great man, and to signal to one and all that Pearson's "peace-keeping" model was out of favour, that henceforth, making war "US style" was in, a huge wall was set up to cover the display area that noted the accomplishments of this great Canadian. (Yes they could have set it up on the other side but they deliberately did not want to showcase the highlight of the foyer.)

The Globe published a picture that showed the Pearson statue in total shadow - the photographer supplied the light for the photo - nosed up against a gigantic obliterating wall, on the other side of which Condy would feel comfortable, with real Canadian warriors, instead of being exposed to, and offended by, a Canadian sissy and peace-monger like Lester...

Condy, you may remember, is the pretend shuttle diplomat who, following strict orders, went back and forth during the late Israeli/Lebanese War, in a brazen mock effort - what an actress! - to broker a cease fire (which the Lebanese, the UN, Mankind, and the Muslim World were desperate to get), just to give the Israelis the extra time they had asked the US for in order to obliterate over 1,200 "insurgents," who turned out to be, as the entire world knew beforehand, overwhelmingly Lebanese civilians, and mostly women and children.

The Israelis had convinced the Bushites that this was a "one-time deal," that this was the "Final Solution" to the Muslim Problem in the Middle East. Sound familiar?

The point of the exercise had not been to wipe out grass roots insurgents, which even the village idiot knows is an impossibility, but to send a deadly message to the Muslim world.

How many women and children are you willing to lose until you bend to the white Judeo-Christian order of the universe?

The same tactic worked well during the Boer War.

The Boers sued for peace after three deadly years not because they were defeated - the commandos were still having successes in the field - or because 4,000 Boer fighters had been killed, but because some 28,000 women and children had died, corralled in cramped and unhygienic British concentration camps where they inevitably died of sickness, malnutrition, and lack of health care and proper food.

There is no getting around the fact that Lord Kitchener "won" the Boer War for the British by killing women and children...

Israeli Professor Tom Segev is only one of many observers, Jewish and non-Jewish, who testify that targetting and killing the civilian Muslim population - not the insurgents, but their families - is the master plan of the Israeli political and miltiary elites.

That Condy clearly revels in using the same tactics is why she is so reviled in Human Rights circles, as well as by leading Black US civil rights activists, like Harry Belafonte.

She is an accomplished pianist and has played for President Bush at White House receptions.

Like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, Condy played piano while Lebanese women and children burned...

What an indictment of what passes for Democracy in the Great Republic, that in the 21st century a black woman can aspire to top political offices only if she is as comfortable with racism, and racist killing, as her white masters...

So who says slavery was abolished in the USA?

The lowly field hands have just been educated more and dressed up better to fit the changing times.

And the banjo has been replaced by the piano.

The mind set of Blacks like Condy who want to "succeed" is still Plantation and doing Massa's bidding...