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Trooper Moody's Letters from the Front

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Harry Macdonough (1871-1931): "Shall We Meet Beyond the River" 1902

You are listening to an original recording from 1902 made by one of Canada's very first recording artists, Harry Macdonough singing "Shall We Meet Beyond the River," a religious song popular among the Canadians as the casualty toll started to arrive from South Africa in Feb. 1900.

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The Letters of Trooper Otto Moody
2 Canadian Mounted Rifles
The Horrors of War: The pencil of Otto Moody filled in his mother about the horrible things he saw.

"We came along to a gold mine about five miles from here in a rain we found three horses all saddled and we started to search the kopje and found two Boars hidden among the rocks and .....

..... we took them prisoner. You know the penality of wearing a uniform with a British Badge on it will one had one of our uniforms on and its pretty hard to tell whether we are fighting our own men or not. so he was the first man I ever saw sentanced to death after we had gone a mile or so from there he was called out and court marshaled and sentanced to dye they looked around to find a spade to bury him and they couldent find one so he was saved until the next day We captured about 60 Boears that time and I hear we are off again for a 9 day track. So you see we are very busy. That same day they captured a young Boar about twenty with a canadain uniform and they .....

..... shot him about an hour afterwards everyone that was ther said he dyed the bravest of any they had ever shot We caught he and his chum in a farm house and he had about 100 pounds on him he handed it over to his chum and patted his horse and they showed him him his grave and then shot him."

A line later: "I am very well so far my bowells are in good condition. I have plenty to eat when we are in camp and I want you two not worry at all..."

Below, the end of the war and peace seem close:

"Now Dearie you can rest assured that the war is over it isent a certainty as I know but take it from me straight that there won't be any more fighting only a very few Rebels but you will find they cant fight any more if you get any news about the war not ending don't believe it for if you could be here and see for yourself you or any one else would say the same Block houses and forts all over and the British have every thing hardly a thing but which don't .....

..... belong to the government you look at a train and see the stors piled up and troops and soldiers around and large Hospitals and get on the track and go for days and not see Boars. I tell you the government has got every thing but the Boars the most principal part but rest assurd there wont be any more battles ..."

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