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Great Canadian Heritage Discoveries

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More important Canadian antique memorabilia the Museum has preserved.

Pte. Joseph Watson Taylor - Vancouver, BC

My Grandfather Joseph Watson Taylor - was a member of Lord Strathcona's Horse. Here's a clipping from the Victoria Times of 1916, and a photo of him during World War 1.

Contributed by John W. Taylor, North Vancouver, BC

A Canadian During the Countdown to War

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure Editor's Note: It appears that J.W. Taylor was in the thick of things during the countdown to war in South Africa.

The Uitlanders were "the foreign" British workers who had entered the Boer Transvaal Republic, to work in the gold mines in the 1880s, and were eager to have the Republic become British.

To hurry things up, in 1895, Dr. Leander Jameson (left, in a rare antique, Vanity Fair print), led a raid of several hundred armed men into the Transvaal from British Cape Colony.

They hoped this would create an uprising and cause the overthrow of the Boer Republic. Instead they were defeated in battle, and put on trial for treason.

Many were sentenced to death for armed invasion of a sovereign Boer state. (Not too many years later Britain would execute numerous Irishmen who took up arms in Ireland in defence of the "old sod.")

But President Paul Kruger and other Boer leaders commuted all the sentences, as a gesture of good will during explosive times, and ultimately set them all free.

Others, including Taylor above, continued agitating to have Britain move against the Boers.

Canadians in South Africa - and Taylor was one of those - wrote strong letters to Sir Wilfrid Laurier demanding Canadian support against the "dastardly Boers."

Laurier, turned a deaf ear as long as he could.

Vanity Fair Print - Dr Leander Jameson, 1899
Orig. Vanity Fair lithograph - Image size - 8" x 14"
Found - Queenstown, MD
Signed Spy, Pub. Vanity Fair, Apr 9, 1896, "Dr. Jim"
Copyright Goldi Productions Ltd. 1996-1999-2005