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More important Canadian antique memorabilia the Museum has recently preserved.
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Gunner William Latimer - Granby, PQ

The Canadian artillery suffered its first battlefield casualty, Gnr. William Latimer, during the same attack at Faber's Put (the farmhouse from which Mackie emerged, guns blazing is in the background). Left, Latimer's statue set up by a grateful people in Granby, PQ, and left below his grave in Kimberley, South Africa.

Above, is the place he died, the remote farm at Faber's Put and the stone kraal alongside which the Canadian guns were parked and in which the Canadian artillery horses were coralled during the night. The gunfire whistled over this site as the Canadians trained their guns on the Boers who attacked from the far left, trying to stampede the horses during the early dawn hours.

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Normand Roberge, Hull, PQ

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