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More important Canadian antique memorabilia the Museum has preserved.
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Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Chromolithograph 1897 - The later Victorian period saw the production of ever increasingly lavish colour prints to satisfy the cravings of royalty mad populations.

This is without doubt, the most fabulous portrait print ever produced in British history.

It is by far the largest portrait print have ever seen, and dwarfs other antique portrait prints made of Queen Victoria. It is the largest Victorian ladder frame we have seen.

It was specially commissioned, as a chromolithograph made from a painting of a photograph taken to celebrate her 60th year on the throne in 1897.

Victoria was destined to sit on the British throne longer than any other monarch - 64 years - till she died in the middle of the Boer War in January 1901.

This chromolithograph is in very fine unfaded condition, quite remarkable after 113 years.

This print with its original very wavy glass, was originally framed in the UK and glued over on the back with old British newspaper, then brought across the Atlantic by ship. It was found in an old rural Ontario estate auction.

It is an artistic tour-de-force from the high period of the chromolithograph.

The gauzy veil is a spectacular achievement for an artist, both for the original painter who executed the original oil on which it is based, but also of the copy artist who duplicated the painting by repainting it with waxy lithograph crayons on to a litho stone.

The face and the veil show the painstakingly detailed work that had to be done to carry off this magnificent work. It is an artistic triumph for another reason. The artist has successfully distracted us from the bloated subject: Victoria's belly extended beyond her breasts, her thighs were thunderous, her posterior extended into Hertfordshire...

Chromolithograph, Queen Victoria - 1897
Orig. chromolithograph - Size - oa 90 x 1.08 m
Found - Paris, ON

Great Canadian Portrait Gallery 2 - Early Dominion Period - 1867 - 1914

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