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More important Canadian antique memorabilia the Museum has preserved.
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Woodblock Print, A Tolmer, Paris, France, 1915
Orig. woodblock print - Image Size - 21 x 36 cm
Found - Toronto, ON

This fabulous series of 54 rare woodcut prints - in gloriously bright colours - of combat images of World War I, was produced by A Tolmer & Co. of Paris, France, and issued, all tied up, in an art binder below.

WWI was the most illustrated war - with photos, film, and paintings - in history.

But almost all the stills are "inferior" photomechanical repros, produced en masse, by fast presses for the millions who wanted them.

Unlike these wonderful Tolmer woodblock images, which are "original prints," not repros. Each one was individually hand printed on multiple woodblocks by craftsmen, which makes each one a unique art work, not a mass-produced repro.

Tolmer began the heroic series with the war, in August 1914, promising at the foot of the first prints, that they would keep issuing them for the duration of the war.

They stopped in 1915, after 54 prints. The butchery was just too great to find anything heroic anywhere to celebrate with woodblock prints.

Above the German Pacific fleet is sent to the bottom at the Battle of the Falklands early in the war.

The artist took great glee pain in showing German sailors clinging to masts, and taking their last gasps, as the ship sinks, and others being blown to smithereens as their boat explodes, sending them skywards.

Ah, revenge is sweet... which is why men fight wars...

Original Prints (Woodcuts) - Originals & Repros 10

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Wood Block Printing - Many artists were involved in making these "original prints" from wood block masters.

An artist would have painted the original picture on paper. Another artist would then have copied it on to a single piece of wood or wood block.

A different artists who would then "engrave" or cut the image into the block.

This produced a line drawing in black ink outlines.

Woodcuts - You have to separate wood block prints or woodcuts, like those on this page, from wood block engravings.

Wood blocks have been used as a medium for making printing masters for centuries.

But originally soft woods - cut along the grain - were used. This made it easier and faster to cut but did not permit cutting in great detail. Good for pictures - like the one below - with large panels without detail - sides of houses, hills, walls, clothes, bodies, drapery, sky, clouds, etc.

Wood Block Engraving - Wood block engraving was developed in the late 18th century, by Thomas Bewick (1753-1828) who started engraving his images on the polished, very hard end grain of hard wood. This permitted cutting picture detail as good as could be achieved on copper or steel plates.

And by breaking the image up among a group of smaller constituent wood blocks you could have a large picture engraved much faster than on a metal plate on which only one artist could work at one time.

Colouring - The overall colouring on these woodcuts was printed by pressing the black line drawing on to different wood blocks, each containing a different colour.

On wood block engravings often an artist with a brush also applied paint directly on to the print.

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"A Glorious Trophy"

A fabulous original woodcut print of "A Glorious Trophy." It shows French troops seizing the first flag captured from the enemy in the war.

A poilu is throttling a German to death to get the flag as a souvenir.

So men at war are very much like Lucy - you know, who goes to the Bahamas for a vacation, and comes back with something to show off, like maybe a basket, or a nice carving, or, if she was not that fortunate, maybe merely a social disease. Again, so much just like boys who go to war.

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So men who go to war have always liked to bring back souvenirs: American frontiersmen liked to bring back Indian scalps, or native women's breasts, to turn into tobacco pouches that they could show off to admiring family and friends, that they had "been there; done that."

"A German Soldier On Fire"
Great War gloating over what happens to "detestable murderers and scumbags"
(quote referring to Afghan Muslim tribesmen by Canadian General Rick Hillier)

The celebratory woodcut of a German on fire appeals to the glee that those who go to war enjoy from inflicting pain, suffering and death on their enemies. They are programmed by their media and military to not only pursue what normal people consider outrages, but revel in them. The troops listen, learn, and set out to please... Canadian troops knew exactly why they were being sent to Afghanistan...

"The job of the Canadian Forces is
to be able to kill people."
- Canadian General Rick Hillier

"And, hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, if you can't kill them there are other things you can do to them. Do we have to draw you a picture...?" How about "just a little torture..."

Below the eternal proud gloating of US forces Charlie Graner and Sabrina Harman posing with another Muslim the Americans had tortured to death in Iraq, then photographed to show the folks back home that the enemy was suffering and being exterminated. Just like their generals and their President sent them and told them to go do.

Canada's General Hillier is world famous for providing his soldiers with a job description and an appropriate vocabulary for dealing with Muslims he set out to kill in Afghanistan

"the detestable murderers and scumbags... in Afghanistan."
- Canadian General Rick Hillier




Surprise! - Numerous Americans have been found guilty of killing and raping Muslims in the war the Christian NATO forces are waging against the Muslim world..

And Canadians, who are no slouches in this department, need not take a back seat to the Americans, whose military is hugely admired by Canadian General Rick Hillier.

But not the rest of the world...

Canadian troops had done exactly the same thing to non-white Muslims in Somalia, in 1993, and taken trophy pictures that are far more grisly than these, to show the folks back home.

They are so bad we will not show them.

The Canadian Government determined that the scale of racism, and torture of helpless captive prisoners was too widespread and horrifically ingrained among too many officers and men, that, in a stunningly unprecedented move, it disbanded an entire Canadian regiment and redeployed its contaminated officers and men to other units... Some were later sent to Afghanistan...

Emboldened by the public utterances of Canada's top general.

Mindful of the world's outrage at all this, in fact Canadian generals have issued stern warnings to troops not to post any pictures on Youtube, Facebook, etc., that could undermine Canada's war effort.

At least one Canadian - an officer no less - is in jail awaiting trial for committing atrocities against Afghans... OK murder... He had thought it was part of his job description. After all, he had listened to his general... He'll plead innocent... the obvious defence.

As these woodcuts make abundantly clear - for those who take refuge in convenient lapses into escapist amnesia - is that war is all about mass murder, and creating an environment where atrocities flourish, and were torture is a normal part of the everyday cost of doing business...
- and it debases, and in no way ennobles, the people who take part in it...

They become degraded victims. Their jumping suicide rate,
mushrooming PTSD rates, escalating spousal abuse and divorce rates, and rising crime rates, underline it...
- in spades...

Or, as the father of one Canadian reserve officer who returned from his Afghan tour, recently told us
(his son saw no combat and was only briefly outside the wire for a chopper ride)

"Let's just say he's very much suffering from
the 'extremely angry man's syndrome.'"

We wish his wife and young children well...

With military leadership like that, we'll let you guess what the ripple effects are, further down the chain of command... Luckily though, the only victims are Muslim "detestable murderers and scumbags." So nobody, among the NATO Christians, are losing any sleep over it.

No wonder Afghan Member of Parliament Malalai Joya - called the bravest woman in Afghanistan by the BBC - came to tour Canada to urge the Canadian Government to get its soldiers out of Afghanistan.

Something the vast majority of Canadians have been demanding for years.

Sooner, rather than later, she demanded. Their actions are killing her people, many civilians, children, women, and men. As long as they stay there is no end in sight to the killing, she points out. And the development of Afghan democracy, delayed...

The NATO military men say, "Get out of the way, ma'am. Let the men do their work."

And General Hillier - now a highly paid military lobbyist - says, unless we step up the killing in Afghanistan drastically, within the next year, the war will be lost.

As American as Apple Pie...

Trophies of War - How unusual is the torture and abuse of enemy captives, and the taking of trophies (pictures or body parts), in war, such as occurred at Abu Ghraib among the US Army, and in Somalia among the Canadian Forces. Just ask American Indians of their experience with the American army in the 19th century Indian Wars.

Right the witness at an enquiry, who was himself an army officer, reported seeing scenes of atrocities committed by numerous American soldiers, looking for souvenirs, that were reported and recorded by many others after the Sand Creek (Colorado) Massacre in 1864, when White Antelope and some 150 Cheyenne women, children, and men were summarily exterminated.

from - Kurt Kaltreider, PH.D. "American Indian Prophecies." pp. 58-59:

-The report of witnesses at Sand Creek:

"I saw some Indians that had been scalped, and the ears cut off the body of White Antelope," said Captain L. Wilson of the first Colorado Cavalry.

"One Indian who had been scalped had also his skull smashed in, and I heard that the privates of White Antelope had been cut off to make a tobacco bag of. I heard some of the men say that the privates of one of the squaws had been cut out and put on a stick."

Right White Antelope in 1851 thirteen years before he was killed.

Wonder which American family is hoarding all the Indian body parts souvenirs?

Keep watching the American Antiques Roadshow... Sooner or later...

Now Who's the "Detestable Murderer and Scumbag?"

Another "Detestable Murderer and Scumbag" Bites the Dust in a US Prison Complex - An all-American girl-next-door proudly gives a thumbs up to the folks back home, and to her Canadian brothers-and-sisters-in-arms, who are enormously proud of the famous vocalizations of their former commander-in-chief General Rick Hillier.

Again, that's US Army Spc. Sabrina Harman - formerly a Papa Pizza employee in Fairfax County, Virginia - posing in triumph beside Manadel al-Jamadi, who was brought into the US prison in good health, and without injuries, and died with multiple bruises only half an hour after being "questioned" by US soldiers while hanging in a shower in what is known as the "Palestinian Hanging" position.

And in Canada journalists are asking, have the abuses associated with the Somalia affair, resurfaced with a vengeance in Afghanistan....?

"Our Own Little Abu Ghraib? - The truly sickening part is that it provides one more proof, a uniquely Canadian one, that the war on terror has become the chief incubator of terror, and recruitment for it, post-9/11." Rick Salutin, Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada

Surprise! Surprise! - In November 2009 Canada's Parliament and Public were transfixed when a high level Canadian civil servant - and Canada's one-time Number 2 man in Afghanistan - charged that high level Canadian military and Government officials colluded in turning over prisoners - more than any other NATO country - to certain torture by Afghan allies, over a period of eighteen months, in spite of his repeated warnings, and those of countless other foreign agencies and observers. His claims were viscously attacked by senior Government and military officials, as lies. Then other international agencies supported his claims and he produced documents that showed clearly his attackers were the liars.

Curiously, General Hillier protested he never any reason to believe torture of prisoners would happen at the hands of his Afghan allies, in the land of "detestable murderers and scumbags," and among officials and in a culture that his unabashed boosters, Rosie DiManno (Toronto Star) and Christie Blatchford (Globe & Mail) routinely vilify as the least civilized and most rotten on the planet...

European soldiers on these woodcut prints are much more civilized - we'll overlook starting World Wars I and II - and went out to capture flags, pictures of which, people at home found more acceptable to hang in churches, than those horrid Indian things... Hence the "Glorious Trophy" woodblock.

Technology - Each woodblock image was produced by a craftsman, individually pressing the paper on to separate woodblock cut-outs, one for each colour.

Woodblock colour is therefore best applied in blocks of solid colour, with the pen adding variation for shading and expression.

Right a close-up of a woodblock print shows how the woodblock process can lead to smudging, bleeding, colour overshoots, or missed parts, etc.

Many of the prints also have splotches of colour on the back, picked up when the print was handled between block pressings.

And you can find tiny white spots of dust from the woodblocks that were picked up during the pressing, then fell off, taking their colour with them. All fabulous signs of an "original print." Worry if they're not there...

Don't be a dupe... use a loupe...

The Eyes have it... Left the eye from a woodblock above (an original print) hugely magnified, shows no uniform pattern, or grid of rows of dots, like those that entirely cover the Queen Victoria photomechanically reproduced photo right. That's why images made as woodblocks are considered original prints - and valuable - and the Queen Victoria photo copy, a reproduction or repro - and cheap.

Think about it... In the original print of the soldier's eye, you are seeing the actual paint of the print itself magnified - the real print, directly, personally, pressed on by an artist.

In Queen Victoria's eye, you are seeing only a photographic mechanical reproduction of the photo, not the real photo emulsion itself. Recopying the original surface mechanically - either the photo emulsion, or an original painting or print - with a camera and then creating a copy with a machine printer, creates and superimposes the grid of dots on the image.

Strong black outlines absorbed any colour overruns if the block alignment was a bit off. All these give the print character and originality.

It shows why every print is unique unto itself. You can't make a second exactly the same if you wanted to. That is why woodblock prints are called "original prints."

And unlike photomechanical repro calendar art, no matter how much you magnify the image, you will not find the screen of dots found on repros, only solid, hand applied blocks of real - not repro - actual paint on the surface of all these " original woodblock prints."

So if someone tells you he's selling you a woodblock print, and you discover when examining it with your loupe, that a screen of dots covers the close-up, you're being sold a cheap machine run-off repro, not a hand-made "original print" made by a craftsman. One is cheap; the other valuable.

Below two comparable sections from two separate woodblock prints of the same subject show the variations in colouring possible between woodblock prints.

The soldiers are much lighter in the left print. The main haversack has different coloration. The shadow background on the snow varies wildly in outline.

No two prints are exactly the same - ever - unlike the Bateman repros, or postcards, or calendar art, which are pressed out perfectly the same every time, complete with a grid work of dots...






















Copyright Goldi Productions Ltd. 1996-1999-2005

The Legacy... When Will They Ever Learn?

And what - besides wonderful woodblock prints, and a great movie, Gallipoli - did all the death and destruction accomplish?

Right testifying to the generosity of the Muslim religion, is the memorial to the 44,000 British soldiers who died in a disastrous failure to invade Turkey in the Gallipoli fiasco of 1915.

49 Canadians - from Newfoundland - died there and lie here.

The Muslim general - and later President of Turkey - who defeated them, Ataturk, penned this memorial inscription for former Christian foes, who had come half way around the world to rain death and destruction on his fellow Muslims, and who lie today, beside the men they fought in a useless war.

Now where have we heard of a military expedition scenario like this recently?

Above a typical original print in the series, with an explanation of the event under the image, and ragged edges.

Each print has generous margins to allow for matting when you frame it.

So the edges are left rough on most of the prints because the matte is expected to cover most of the print's border area.

The Great War - La Grande Guerre

When the Great War was Grrreat...

Where do wars get their names?

Clearly nobody in 1914 knew they were starting what we now call World War I.

But early on they were calling it the "Great" War.

For several reasons:

Great Territorially - It encompassed the world; it was huge - great - in its compass of people and places it involved.

The war spread across the world. There are entire prints in this series solely devoted to Hindus, Arabs, and Black soldiers in combat.

Great Adventure - But it was also great in its other sense - wonderful, WOW. Isn't it great!

These prints make the double meaning of the word "Great" unequivocal.

Great Cause - But what also comes across in these prints, which were produced in the opening months of the war, was that these feats of arms, of men dying to capture flags, of carpets of dead Belgians, etc., were heroic and exhibiting the best qualities of what the human being should strive for or exhibit. Fight foreign tyrants overseas.

Canadian boys - like those of other countries - were enthusiastic to join the fight and signed up by the thousands. They were every bit as susceptible to patriotic propaganda as young French men were.

Great Fear - All men in the Allied countries had one great fear in common - no not that they might die, but that the war would be over before they got a chance to take part in the "great fun."

People on the home front thought it was fantastic to kill a German and grab his flag. Boys who saw the print wanted to sign up right away, so they too could capture a "Glorious Trophy."

Editor's Credo

Some may say World War I was a silly war. Well it wasn't; an awful lot of people died, directly and indirectly, from the conflict.

More correctly, it was a stupid war. Because it accomplished nothing worthwhile. And because tens of millions were to die as a result of it. All for nothing...

So it was an unforgivable war, for which the generations that caused it, paid dearly. And for which we should hold them all accountable, not praise them, any of them...

We publish these wonderful woodblock prints as the historical expression of a people, a time and place, an episode in history none of us want to go back, or forward to, ever again. Ok, most of us...

They show the clear mind set of the publishing classes, and the values and ideas they were trying to get across, to the great consuming masses.

War, at the best of times, is a non starter. It always occurs as a failing proposition, when men of good will are no longer to be found, when political and industrial leaders fail to solve outstanding quarrels and disagreements over territory or rights.

Or, when they think they can get an edge, for an economic goal, over a weaker enemy, at the cost of only sacrificing a few - hundreds or thousands - of their own lower class soldiers.

It is really man at his lowest. Man the killer, organized into groups of death squads, to "have at it" until a "winner" emerges to impose his worst on the loser.

"The job of the Canadian Forces is to be able to kill people."
- Canadian General Rick Hillier

Can you think of a worse, or more useless, war in history, where more people were killed, for nothing important, than the Great War...? There isn't one.

These prints show how, 100 years ago, French publishers were trying to characterize killing: killing in the air, at sea, mass killing, ridiculous killing, as glorious, and yes, desirable, and the men who were doing it, noble in the extreme... They reflect the sentiment in other countries as well.

These prints are a wonderful testament to a worldwide historical mind set that ultimately led to the deaths of tens of millions of people - and all for nothing.

Well, not exactly...

In fact, the malevolence that the Great War unleashed, led directly, within 20 years - and who is there who can't say it was entirely predictable? - to another Great War, where essentially the same protagonists from the First War took on each other again.

The only switching of sides were a disgruntled couple from the winning team, who were angered about being left out from getting their fair share of the booty from the First War... So they joined their former enemies to "have at" their former allies...

Canadian historian Margaret MacMillan wrote a thick - and highly praised - book to try to disprove this long established and direct link between the First and Second Wars and the line up of contesting partners. And failed miserably...

In a huge and remarkably exhaustive tome, where she got hopelessly mired down in orchestrating the mountains of minutia detailing the fights over spoils from the Great War, she misses the big picture, entirely.

Which was that the same guys had an entirely predictable rematch in World War II...

Like everyone else who dove into the book, she lost her way, totally swamped by detail, trying to prove that World War II, did not come directly from the Treaties of 1919 and the doings of one of her relatives, Lloyd George, and Clemenceau and Wilson, but the acts of other men in later years.

And no one took her to task for it. It can happen. It comes because there isn't a journalist alive who read the entire tome through. (We admit even we skipped - after President Wilson had crossed the Atlantic 12 times.)

The reviewers simply took for granted, that what Margaret concludes, in a couple of paragraphs, must be true. The proof must be in there somewhere. Hey, everything else is...

Great War - Great Cannon!

Wow, what an immense cannon.

What a blast it sends off...

Can you imagine what that would do to an Afghan child or wedding party, at the other end...?

Ah... sorry wrong time and place...

We're getting Canadian gunners, firing distances of 30 kms at Afghan houses they can't see, mixed up with these French gunners from World War I.

These gunners are not firing at women and children, but at the front lines of the German trenches were only men are blown up. They know that; they can guarantee that.

Canadian gunners in Afghanistan haven't got a clue how many civilians, women, and children, they've blown up, with the thousands of shells they've shot off, far beyond where the human eye can see. In fact they know for certain their shells land among the living quarters of Afghan people, most of the time. No use shooting at poppy fields. They're out to pulverize live targets who hide, guess where?

Outta Sight; Outta Mind - Col. Etherly of the Enola Gay, who dropped the Big One on Hiroshima, in 1945, and obliterated 100,000 mostly Japanese women and children, never lost a single night's sleep over it, because he did it from miles away. Hey, and they were only "Japs" - look at any John Wayne war movie - not white and not Christian.

The same thing applies in our day. Non-white and non-Christian civilians are being bombed out of existence. All Muslims...

Technology - including remote-controlled drones - have made long-distance killing of civilians easier than ever before in history. Which is why more of it is going on in Palestine, in Iraq, and Afghanistan. And fewer people are loosing sleep over it. We mean non-Afghans... and non-Palestinians...

And in the hypocrisy to end all hypocrisies, the very people who endlessly quote the horrid excesses against civilians in World War II are the very ones carrying out the worst outrages against civilians of our day...

"Duel in the Skies"

That's Private Quenault, the mechanic for Pilot Sgt. Frantz, who is shooting down a German in flames.

What a tremendous skill to have. Wonder what he'll do with it when the war is over? When the adrenalin starts pumping, reminding himself of the tremendous "high" he got when he was spitting bullets from his Bleriot trainer.

The Great War did leave an unprecedented number of men who were mentally shattered and really unfit to live back in a civil or civilian society.

Luckily the military dealt with the worst cases, which they "Shot at Dawn" for cowardice, running away, desertion, etc...

The Toll - During the Iraq War after one memorable US troop rotation 4 (four) US soldiers shot their wives.

Clearly they had learned a new skill in how to deal with domestic partners who were not as faithful as they might have been. While their husbands were preparing to lay down their lives for their country, their wives were lying down for something else.

Soldiers were able to apply, stateside, the valuable problem-solving training, they had received for use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These were the shootings that came to public notice. Others did not.

Suicide rates of American - and Canadian - soldiers have also risen alarmingly as men are expected to do beastly things to others resulting in the killing of women and children who get in the way.

Sensitive soldiers find the stress is just too great for people raised by decent parents in a decent country to withstand the pressure.

And the ridicule when their willingness to continue the useless carnage just because they're told to "just shut up and do your job." And "shoot first and ask questions later" all of which is the practice - in spades - in Afghanistan.

And why the UN notes that civilians there are dying in larger numbers every year.

This after 8 years of the Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing (CWILLKILL) in its so-called war against terror.

The Russians Capture an Austrian Troop Train

Another "great" picture that would gladden the heart of any industrialist.

Millions, billions, of new contracts coming up. They will need to replace that wrecked train, rebuild that blown up tunnel, replace the telephone poles and restring the wire, and replace the wrecked uniforms, broken rifles, and depleted ammunition stocks.

But, you may sputter... What about human beings...? You see human beings in that picture? Sorry, we only deal in cash items...

A picture that would find an honoured place in the board room of Krupp, or General Motors.

And explains why industrialists and their lobbyists, like Karlheinz Schreiber below left are always pushing for a war some place, any place, to improve their bottom line.

And why they suckle up to politicians, with bags of cash, over and under the table, to get them to see things their way.

Like Schreiber - who said he handed out millions - and his bosom buddy former Prime Minster Brian Mulroney who gladly took hundreds of thousands in cash from him without telling the tax man, until many years later when court filings against his "sponsor" were about to spill the beans in public.

That's Brian on the left, with the worried look that he may end up in the slammer for skipping taxes.

Sorry, no jail time in Canada for sleazy, unethical, or reprehensible behaviour.

Right the legacy of his Prime Ministership frozen in time by his official House of Commons portrait, amended to fit with the times and his chief claim to fame.

"Admirable Resistance of the Belgian Soldiers"

This print shows that the French were not shy about showing bodies, in this case Belgians.

Belgian resistance, to the German invaders, was such that their bodies made a carpet across the Yser River.

Yep, those are Allies not enemy soldiers piled up. Wow!

There probably wasn't a Belgian who saw this print and wasn't moved to sign up to fight to the death against the savage Hun...

And add their body to the carnage that follows all men who go to war.



"The Honour of French Seamen - Rather Die than Flee"

The French destroyer Le Mousquet met the German Cruiser Emden and should have fled from the much more powerfully armed warship to live and fight another day.

But no, honour was more important. It tried to engage and torpedo the warship which promptly blew the smaller ship out of the water taking many to the bottom, with their honour intact, if not their families.

The print doesn't say that the crew of the Emden rushed over and rescued 36 French crewmen from the sinking ship...

That would send the wrong message about an enemy you are trying to get people to hate, so they will want to sign up to go out and kill...

"French Soldiers know how to die."

But do they know how to live?

Published as a patriotic call to arms, is there a more telling portrait of the futility - let's make that stupidity - of war.

And the idiotic mind set of a generation.

A body covered with the Tricoleur, others obviously making a last stand to defend a bombed out house where everything that once mattered to the former inhabitants has been destroyed.

As will shortly, be the lives of these "brave" defenders...






"The Heroism of our Allies"

The woodcut print wonderfully captures the idiocy of war. It shows the heroic British killing dastardly Huns as they fight to possess homes their combat has destroyed.

A blond German is throttling a Brit who is in his death throes. But he will be saved by an approaching buddy who will shortly bayonet the German to death.

Fast forward to 2009. Today international polls show Germans have been voted the most popular people on the planet both as tourists and as a tourist destination.

While around the world, Brits, Americans, and Canadians are far lower down on the scale of popularity for their deadly propensity to make war against men, women, and children of the non-white Muslim persuasion.

"An International War to Make the World Safe for Democracy"

The Allies - you know the Europeans who fought World War I and II, and are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan today - had countless thousands of Black and Brown and non-Christian troops helping them fight the last time "To Make the World Safe for Democracy."

Entire regiments of non-whites and non-Christians, from countries all over the world, marched into battle alongside their white European Christian "brothers."

This print shows Hindus in the British Army praying before an assault on the German lines. Britain had many regiments of ethnic troops, including Sikhs, recruited from India.

Did you know that a lot more Indian troops died in World War I, than Canadians:

74,000 to 66,000.

So when you hear those ethnocentric Canadian authors claim that Canadian participation in the war was crucial, you can remind them, well, the Indian participation was more so... you know, to make the world safe for democracy...

The French had regiments of Blacks from France's African colonies on side, eager to help fight the War to End All Wars by defeating the dastardly Germans.

There were also regiments of Arabs and Muslims on board to fight the good fight, in both British and French armies.

The descendants of these ethnic fighters now have their own countries and have spoken loudly - with their feet - by universally refusing to fight in Afghanistan, alongside the same European partners that they fought with in World War I.


The Real International Conspiracy

Of the 13 most populous countries in the world, all except one - the United States - shun membership in CWILLKILL.

Presumably, with the most people that could suffer from acts of international terrorists, the biggest countries in the world would be most eager to join a legitimate effort to eradicate the supposed threat. Yet they all pointedly refuse to be involved in the race war targetting Muslims.

Russia refuses; China refuses; India refuses; Japan refuses; Indonesia refuses; Brazil refuses; Nigeria refuses; Vietnam refuses; Mexico refuses; the Philippines refuse...

People of every race, creed and religion, all refuse to be part of CWILLKILL.

All have been victims, in the past, of genocidal Imperialist aggression of the same kind now being visited on Muslim countries by the US and its partners, in earlier periods of colonial attacks when it was their turn to be raped and pillaged by ruthless greedy white men.

Most remember their own history, understand the mentality of the freedom fighters, and are not dumb enough to become part of the problem, from which they have themselves suffered in recent memory: heartless military invasions by ruthless foreigners.

They, better than any of the European white Christians, know CWILLKILL operations will do only one thing - it breeds terrorism... and more terrorism... and more killing...

"Our Own Little Abu Ghraib? - The truly sickening part is that it provides one more proof, a uniquely Canadian one, that the war on terror has become the chief incubator of terror, and recruitment for it, post-9/11." Rick Salutin, Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada

But then that is why CWILLKILL is so aptly named.

You have to be prepared to do lots of killing to keep the white industrial military complex in controlling power wherever it wants to muscle in around the world.

Race War in Afghanistan - It is stunningly different in Afghanistan today as the membership in CWILLKILL, the American Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing makes abundantly clear.

There the Americans claim, again, to be fighting an "international war against terrorism."

But only a handful of white European Christian countries are buying it. And only the members of their political elites.

The overwhelming masses of the populations in all the European countries are massively against what they all know is a cheap race war that only the Americans want.

Which explains why the overwhelming mass of the fighting troops in CWILLKILL come from a few white European Christian nations.

No Muslim country - 1.5 billion people - has sent a single fighting soldier.

No Brown, Black, or Far Eastern nation - billions of people - has sent a single fighting soldier.

Of some 40 Christian countries, of all races, in the entire Western Hemisphere, only one - Canada - has sent fighting soldiers to help the Americans kill Muslims.

Of the Islamic Conference (57 nations) or the Arab League (22 nations) only a couple have sent only token numbers of soldiers to help the Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing.

No wonder the Afghan War is vilified, everywhere around the world, as a racist white European war orchestrated to enrich the coffers of American businessmen and their cronies.

No wonder Canada is more vilified around the world today than anytime in its entire history...

A Classic Woodcut

This original woodcut print, like all the others here, started as a black and white pen and ink drawing on paper.

The lines were kept simple. Discreet hatching was added in the gun wheels and under foot to give depth, extra texture, detail and shadow. For variation, pebbling was used.

Solid black patches of ink were used on the horse's rump to add form.

The black and white print was then pressed on to separate woodcuts to apply solid panels of uniform colour. Colour is really used as a pretty decoration.

Compare this use of colour with an original oil below where there is no uniform colour anywhere in the picture. The colour is used to breathe the very life into the picture.

On the March - James Wilson Morrice 1918 - oil on panel 24 x 33 cm

Numerous Canadian painters turned their talent to painting the Great War. But unlike the artists of these woodcuts, they often showed the downside of the carnage and destruction.

Right famed Canadian painter James Wilson Morrice, who loved painting the lyrical subjects beloved by the French impressionist school, was pressured into harnessing his talent to help the floundering war effort in 1917.

It is one of the finest war scenes produced by any Canadian artist. This small 24 x 33 cm sketch sold for $204,000 at Bonham's in November 2009, in Toronto Canada.

Fabulous Set of 54 Woodcut Images

Artists are often reluctantly roped into using their talent to promote war. (In contrast to many journalists who seem pre-programmed and eager to spout venom against other races and creeds, using the patriotic flag as a cover to mask their deep-seated private hostilities against others.)

This is clearly a set of propaganda posters, to get the blood going, and make men keen to fight, as opposed to educational or documentary pictorials, designed to show the normal life of the military.

Most of the prints (we show only 21) show combat, all dealing in death, or dying, and casting it in a heroic light.

No peeling potatoes, digging latrines, shoeing horses, setting up tents, church parades, drilling, building bridges, or lying about in mud and filth waiting for something to happen. You know, all the activities soldiers were mostly involved with most of the time.

But then those are not exactly what will make young people eager to sign up to lay down their lives for the ruling classes - sorry, we mean for their country.