Artists & Journalists at War - Propaganda in Pictures & Words - 1899-2010

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Mute About Massacred Muslim Women & Children - In 2006, when a Canadian Muslim family, visiting relatives in Lebanon when the Israelis carried out ruthless attacks on urban civilian targets, was wiped out in the holocaust, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not moved.

Instead of expressing outrage at the murder of Canadian citizens, condemning human right abuses on Muslim civilians, or offering condolences to surviving family relatives, the Canadian Prime Minister noted, dryly, only that the Israeli attack on civilian areas of Lebanon was "measured."

The signal was loud and clear: he was not going to shed a tear for a Canadian Muslim woman or child: at worst, he approved the holocaust against Muslim civilians, even if innocent Canadians became victims.

No doubt emboldened by loyal Canadian support from Harper, the Israelis attacked Gaza civilian areas, three years later, wiping out another 1,500 mostly (according to the UN) women and children. Again, Canada, ever loyal to anything Israelis do against Muslims, did not condemn the deliberate targetting and massacring of Muslim civilians.

In 2010, when Israelis - in clear and deliberate violation of international law - attacked a Turkish vessel carrying relief supplies for Gaza, in international waters, and killed nine Muslim Turkish aid workers by deliberately opening fire from a helicopter on unarmed people on the ship, to make them go below decks so they could rappel down ropes on to the boat, the world was outraged at murder and hi-jacking ships in international waters.

Like when Somali bandits board ships - but unlike the Israelis, without murdering anyone - in the Indian Ocean and hold them for ransom. Then outraged nations send helicopters and warships to stop the illegality.

But not when Israelis are the bandits...

And from Canada's political leadership; not a peep; not a tear for innocents deliberately slaughtered on the high seas. Hey, they're only Muslims...

No wonder the vast majority of Canadians are outraged at what passes for Canada's foreign policy in the 21st century, with more than one observer agreeing with the Toronto Star's James Travers that the Harper minority government seems to be constantly preoccupied only "with locking down the Jewish vote" in Canada where all the Jewish organizations loudly praise Harper for his loyal support of Israel and his "even-handed" approach to Canada's foreign policy in dealing with the so-called international Muslim threat.

The astounding heights of hypocrisy that afflict the NATO countries media is only understandable when one realizes that not one Muslim government has launched any attack on Israel in the past thirty years. Not one. So much for the Muslim threat, that the western media - without a shred of evidence - harp on incessantly, hoping that if you repeat a lie often enough people will thing it's true...

The real story is that during the same period the Israeli Government has launched illegal military attacks and invasions on Lebanon, Iraq, Gaza, Syria, and Sudan.

Producing, need one add, an unending mound of Muslim corpses, mostly women and children. And the white European Judao-Christian NATO governments are OK with that view of reality, hypocrisy and all...

So who's the real threat to world peace, to human and civil rights, to international stability?

Small wonder, that Canada, which in the 20th century was revered around the world by people of all races and creeds as a decent arbiter of human relations and international affairs, is now increasingly reviled in most capitals of the world as following a clearly racist agenda, especially among the 1.5 billion Muslims.

Canada in the 21st century does not deserve a seat at the United Nations Security Council, and it may very well not get elected to one, even if the Harper Government is spending billions in electioneering moolah to try to secure one.

In the new century Canada has firmly established herself, internationally, as pursuing a fanatic Judao-Christian worldview, an extremist rump that is far outnumbered by the vast concourse of non-white peoples whom
God placed in the greatest abundance on the planet.

Freedom Fighters: Then and Now - By any definition, the Taliban etc., are classical freedom fighters.

They are in their own country fighting to rid themselves of foreign, white, Judao-Christian invaders (NATO), allied to a local puppet regime (Karzai boys) whose leading figures, even committed journalistic war-monger (sic - it's spelled right, though the pronunciation may be off) the Toronto Star's "Raging" Rosie DiManno, is scathing in denouncing as crooked, criminal, and immoral.

In fact the Taliban and their associates are in exactly the same historical position, as the French Maquis freedom fighters of the Second World War, fighting the Nazi invaders of France who, too, were allied to a local puppet government - that of Vichy France run by Marshall Pétain and Pierre Laval.

Still the Nazis killed thousands of French civilians of their host nation, men women, and children; NATO troops have done the same in Afghanistan, over the past nine years, with one strong exception - NATO troops have probably killed more Afghan civilians than the Nazis killed French ones...

The Maquis also executed French women and teenagers accused of collaborating with the Nazi invaders, just like the Taliban do... We could go on...

The Vichy French puppet regime and its leaders came to a bad end in France. It's just a matter of time for the Karzai boys and their regime.

The Nazi invaders were thrown out of France; it's just a matter of time for NATO in Afghanistan.

Statues are up in France to celebrate the martyred heroes of the Maquis; it's just a matter of time till the statues go up in Afghanistan, for Bin Laden, and all the Taliban leaders that have been droned to death.

You can, absolutely, bet on it.

Among the 1.5 billion Muslims of the world, and billions of others, the white Judao-Christians of NATO, who have killed tens of thousands of Muslim men, women, and children, are as beloved today as the Nazis are in the rest of the world. For exactly the same reason.

The historical parallel is stunning, but hidden by journalist hacks in NATO countries.

You will never, ever, see the word "freedom fighter" used to describe the Taliban and their Muslim colleagues, in any Canadian or American media report.

(In fact when we entered "freedom fighter" in the search engines of Canada's top two newspapers, the Globe and Toronto Star, it brought up the French Maquis - whose wartime exploits were honoured in London in June 2010, by President Sarkozy - but not a single, even oblique reference, to the Taliban and the longest running fight for freedom of our generation - going on nine years now, against NATO, second only to that of the Palestinian fight for freedom against the illegal, decades-long, Israeli occupation.)

Instead you will see the Taliban referred to, by journalists and top military leaders - like Canada's former top general - as "detestable murderers and scumbags" and "ragheads."

The current parallel to Vietnam is startling, where US generals and journalists called the Vietnamese "Gooks" and worse... (Including carpet burning (napalm) and just plain butchering (Lt. Calley and his Gung Ho marines), women and children, without the slightest remorse, let alone, consequence...)

The initial media spin and the follow through on the ground, always go hand in hand.

It's called the Freedom of the Press in the democracies...

The freedom to join any propaganda war your employer wants you to...

We note with intriguing interest that when Canada's National Newspaper Awards were announced, with great fanfare, in June 2010, with many leading Canadian journalists honoured for their work, conspicuously absent from any kudos of any kind was the voluminous Afghan propaganda produced by Rosie DiManno and Christie Blatchford, the most vocal pro-war jingoists (one for the Globe, the other for the Toronto Star) of any Canadian journalists.

Both are given prime time real estate on the best pages of their respective newspapers, whenever they want to launch a new diatribe against those creepy crooked Afghan leaders, the Taliban freedom fighters, or dire warnings of doomsday coming for Canada if we don't keep the war going...

Muslims, and serious intellectuals can be forgiven for seeing their work as being in the same one-sided, passionate, patriotic boosterish journalist tradition as Lord Ha-Ha, and Tokyo Rose of World War II.

So while the NNA Awards Committee is, clearly, not proud of the work these gals do, some are, including George Bush, for them so feverishly promoting the war against the Muslims he started.

And the Americans at CNN would be more than glad to offer both gals a front seat on Warrior One...

"Locking down the Jewish vote" (James Travers, The Star). - Both papers keep them on to maintain the loyalty of Canada's powerful Jewish organizations who are pulling all the strings to keep the Afghan war going... and going... and going...

Press barons are as eager as the politicians are, of "locking down the Jewish vote," to use James Travers' phrase. They are deathly afraid of being even tangentially smeared as being anti-Semitic. The fear was so great at the height of Canada's initial deployment of fighting troops that the Toronto Star board, as a result of being accused of being anti-Jewish and too pro-Palestinian in its coverage of the news, fired their top man at the paper, a highly respected Canadian newspaper man, and replaced him with - I kid you not - two passionate "improve" the paper.

With the result that at the height of the debate on whether Canada should send troops to fight the Muslims - 99% of Canadian Jews said yes; most Canadians said no - all three top Canadian newspapers were run by passionate Jews interested in mindless approval for anything Israeli. (Star - Goldbloom and Gherson; Globe - Greenspon; Post - the Aspers.)

It was Gerry Schwartz's proudest achievement for a group he had only founded in 2004, The Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy.

He is, easily, Canada's most powerful man, more so than any politician, because he works behind the scenes pulling their strings. He turned a supposed liberal, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, into a hawk, agreeing to send Canadian troops to fight and kill in Afghanistan.

A remarkable picture from the time shows a close up of two people with Prime Minister Martin at a baseball game, his eyes like a deer caught in the headlights. On his right, with the smile of a Cheshire cat, sits Gerry Schwartz; on his left a triumphant Heather Reisman, Jerry's Zionist wife. Martin's look of panic - they left him no room to manoeuvre; he never knew what hit him. It launched the Liberal Party into Fascist territory, in foreign affairs, against the wishes of the vast majority of Canadian voters. It is the picture that will forever define the short-lived Martin Prime Ministership.

Schwartz single handedly, turned the Liberal Party of Canada into a train wreck, then, the damage done, announced he and his wife were leaving it, to become supporters of the Conservative Party of Stephen Harper, the most Right Wing government in Canadian history.

More than any other man Schwartz is responsible for Canada's violent swing in foreign policy in the 21st century. It is a truly astonishing achievement for a political lobbyist, but totally unpublished anywhere. Journalists fear him and so do not cover how he and his group operate the levers of Canadian power. (Though Oakland Ross covered the founding of the group, in 2004, with what he called then, a "secret agenda" that its members refused to divulge.)

Need we add that all the papers became strongly pro-war, with editorials and leading calumnists let loose to become strident anti-Islamists, seeing a terrorist behind every turban, and boostering the war in every way they could. In total opposition to the views of the vast majority of Canadians.

Now is that good journalistic practice, or is it Propaganda Management 101? Does Canadian journalism have any credibility left at all? Just what kind of a Democracy do we have left when corporate tribal groups completely control the media and use it like a sledge hammer to advance their own ends...?

What is utterly remarkable is that in spite of the unprecedented Machiavellian efforts of Gerry Schwartz to control politicians and the media, and despite the constant hammering by the editorialists and the calumnists, who insist that the war against the Muslims is good for Canada and Canadians, a majority of Canadians have, from the very beginning, steadfastly opposed the Canadian Forces being used to make war on Muslims in Afghanistan.

We spoke to soon - Update Sep. 2010

Prime Minister Harper has announced his Chief of Staff will be given the heave-ho since the Conservative minority government has been sliding badly on many fronts. He will be replaced by, guess whom?

None other than Nigel Wright who has been a highly paid Managing Director of Gerry Schwartz's own company,
Onex Corporation, since 1997.
He won't endanger the whopping big pay package Gerry pays him, yearly, by advising the Prime Minister to do anything which Gerry doesn't approve. If Gerry hates a new Government initiative, or wants something done, whatever, it's pick up the phone to Nigel. And, a done deal...

So look to the Canadian Government's tone deafness to the world's 1.5 billion Muslims to step up, the anti-Palestinian rantings to increase, and the Canadian shooting war against Afghanistan (suitably disguised) to hot up. And the frequent anti-United Nations sneering to start up again, big time, just as soon as the UN members vote down Canada's attempt to get a seat on the Security Council in October.

It's, oh so predictable, since Canada has made it known, internationally, it wants only one set of friends in the world, Gerry Schwartz and his fellow tribesmen...

So back to business as usual, with a vengeance,
Gerry Schwartz syle...

Brains, Brawn, & Balls

It is men - especially Redneck males from the rural areas of Canada and the power elites - who constantly get the three mixed up and remain the biggest supporters
of conflict (on the domestic front too) and war.

Canadian women, who are not hidebound with these macho male basics, and often bear the brunt of confused men who "act out," have no trouble keeping their brains free of mindless distractions. From the beginning, overwhelmingly, women have remained the biggest group opposing the war.

And like during the Boer War of 1899, when French-Canadians overwhelmingly opposes Canadians making war for political and commercial gain against people overseas, they stand firm on the same principle. 73% strongly oppose the war; the rest are employees of the Canadian Forces.

That leaves Canada's TV and press outlets speaking only for the political and corporate elites, who, after all, pull the levers of what passes for Canadian democracy.

No wonder so many Canadians have cancelled their newspaper subscriptions... (And is why the Toronto Star, which once had only news in its main front section, now has cut that back, outsourced many of its stories to stringer journalists working in far-off India for peanuts, and filling it with huge domineering ads. An astonishing 50% of the front section is now ads, most of them full page. The beloved old Star is unrecognisable; readers who once paid for news are now mostly paying for ads...

Paying for Propaganda - So now subscribers are faced with having to pay for these huge, high priced ads for rich corporations, as well as the jingoistic pro-war trash Rosie writes on behalf of her corporate and pro-Israeli friends who love the war in Afghanistan, and the years of waffling Star editorials boostering a war against Muslims on what was once Canada's liberal newspaper, on the regular pages. All propaganda for the rich and powerful classes and their world view of other places and races. Pierre Berton wouldn't recognize the conservative rag his old paper has become, especially in foreign affairs.

The Stink is Widespread - So they throw up, and "off" the paper that fails to reflect their world, their ideas, their concerns...

And that's Canada's "good" newspaper.

The Globe is beneath contempt for the name of newspaper; good only for wrapping fish - dead fish. The giant corporation that owns it uses the paper quite transparently, merely as a blatant propaganda vehicle, to promote the strident Right Wing agenda of the government so they will get favourable treatment in broadcast policy permitting them to flout Canadian content rules to make their television empire richer and richer at the expense of Canadian viewers. They've reaped hundreds of millions in favourable rulings and legislation.

The reek is worst from the National Post, which is merely a personal promotional family flyer for the Aspers, so awful a propaganda rag that even "gefilte fish" would refuse to be wrapped in soiled pages - containing crappy columns by creepy criminal and close family friend, Canadian Upper Crust felon, Conrad Black, serving time in a US jail for fraud and obstruction of justice. But then he's rich, fundamentally undemocratic, and pro-war. A clear shoo-in, at once, for jail and blathering space at the Post. (Above two who were contaminated by being wrapped in the awful stuff the Aspers put in their propaganda rag...)

One may well ask, what do politically passionate people, who for some reason believe in democracy, do when the media and politicians are no longer responsive to ordinary people.

It is no accident that the first bombing of a Canadian Forces recruitment centre to protest the war, was in Quebec, in July 2010.

Kids, it's not rocket science...

Propaganda Pictures & Calumnists - Then and Now - A hundred years later, in 2010, after the supposed march of Democracy in countries like Canada, war is worse, much worse, and censorship is worse, much worse.

At the Battle of Colenso, professional soldiers were attacking fighting men on the other side. Soldiers against soldiers. There was a moral code in place, in what was often referred to as "The Last Gentleman's War."

In fact it all ended, as British generals put in place policies to win the war that would end up killing some 26,000 mostly women and children in concentration camps. When one considers that in some two and a half years of war only 4,000 Boer fighting men died, the tragedy of what befell the civilians, is unforgivable.

In the 21st century the moral code that once governed warfare, has been ruthlessly replaced with media hypocrisy and journalistic spin - solidly based on the principle that if you deny something, it hasn't happened.

And women and children, not men, have become the preferred target for men making war. And that is quite OK with political leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as long as it's only Muslims who are the victims...

In the annals of history, this will become the eternal shame of the 21st century, how Judao-Christian white "European" fanatics unleashed a medieval Crusade, a Holocaust, on innocent Muslim civilians, mostly women and children. "With God on their side," and without losing a night's sleep over it...

In the new century, Israelis are the master practitioners, with their political elites routinely, deliberately, targetting Muslim women and children. In the 2006 attack on Lebanon they killed over 1,000 civilians, mostly women and children (UN count) and lost not a moment's sleep over it.

In 2009, they did it again, killing, by the United Nations estimate, over 1,000 more Muslim women and children, in their horrific massacre of Gaza citizens. (During the same event Israelis lost only 3 civilians of their own. In fact Israelis and their supporters actually loudly claim the massacre as "justified retribution" and proper collective punishment to atone for a few Israeli victims of rockets fired by some local Gaza freedom fighters.)

Likewise, Canadians and their NATO friends have routinely killed untold tens of thousands of Afghan women and children, with artillery shells, bombs, guns, and drones, as an acceptable cost - just collateral damage they call it - of their imperial war against Afghan freedom fighters.

They have created ghastly mounds of bodies - men, women, and children - yet the Canadian media have not published pictures of any of them when it happens. None. Nor shed hardly a tear...

The media are totally unified on this, all with the absolutely same herd instinct and mind set. If there are decent journalists out there, they keep their heads down. They don't want to lose their jobs, crying out for a stop to killing Muslim women and children, because that would clearly violate the policies of the political elites, who pay their wages, and keep them employed, or not...

Sick...Sick...Sick - It is a systemic and profound sickness which has enveloped the Canadian media on all this. Three dead Israelis - killed by some randomly fired rockets, are more bemoaned by the Canadian media than 1,500 Muslim women, children, and men, whom the Israelis deliberately massacred in retribution.

Now Why Should That Be? - In fact the biggest photo we've ever seen published on the front page of the Toronto Globe - admittedly by its passionately partisan Jewish editor (later fired, one hopes for similar self-serving tribal excesses) - was a picture of an Israeli dragging pieces of a rocket (the overwhelming majority never hit anyone) fired from someone in Gaza.

And this during the very days that Israelis were deliberately targetting and killing hundreds and hundreds of women and children (according to UN tallies.) Unabashedly and openly encouraged in their genocide by a silent Canada and America. (Very much like Condoleeza Rice, in 2006, during the Israeli massacre of the Lebanese, when she famously, and deliberately, kept her "head down" to give the Israelis all the time they wanted to "finish the job." Condy has the blood of hundreds of Lebanese Muslim women and children on her hands, but clearly not on her conscience.)

That in a nutshell is the state of the "even-handedness" of Canadian journalism in 2010 - a huge front page picture of a rocket that rarely hits anyone, and representing, without a doubt, 3 dead Israeli civilians, is given unparalleled exposure on Canada's only "National" newspaper. It was the defining picture that top Canadian Globe journalists chose to represent ten days of horror that saw 1,500 Muslim women, children, and men, deliberately targetted and massacred by the Israeli Forces.

If that is not a classic example of "systemic racism," in its baldest form, you can can the term.

Nothing could be clearer than that dead Muslims count for nothing in Canada. Well at least not among the politicians, and media barons who control the press and television. And want the war against the Muslims to continue, women and children be damned.

Showing dead Muslim women and children, that NATO warring has caused, would undermine the war for plunder that their corporate elites and tribal fanatics want to pursue for years to come against hapless Muslims sitting on top of oil and natural resource reserves that they covet with a passion.

While pictorial censorship in Canada is absolutely complete, and carefully managed to assist Canada's war aims against the Muslims, so is that of written propaganda, the pro-war articles produced on contract by countless calumnists like Rosie DiManno, and Christie Blatchford - when they're given time off from their usual jock talk, local crime, and gal gossip beats, where they cut their intellectual teeth.

Canadian media spin is overwhelmingly along tribal lines, with those who are anti-Muslim by persuasion, writing and publishing to keep the Canadian war against the Muslims going in one way or another.

Their main preoccupation is coming up with new labels for the war, to make the continued bloodletting of innocent Muslim civilians palatable for the Canadian masses, who have always opposed the war their politicians and their media cronies have slavered for.

How about "training activity" for the Canadian Forces, after 2011, Michael Ignatieff?

It is an absolutely shocking truism, that never in Canada's entire history has the Canadian media, and the political and corporate elites whom it serves, been less reflective of the wishes and viewpoints of the vast majority of its citizens.

In 2010 Canadians not only feel, but are totally alienated from the politicians that claim to represent them, and their calumnist cronies, who are trying to bring the reluctant citizens into line for their corporate bosses.

To keep the war against the Muslims going... and going... and going...

It's exactly why, on every opinion poll taken to discover society's most respected professions, journalists are consistently shown to be fighting the universally reviled lawyers for the bottom spot.

Because of what they write, and what they fail to write, journalists are openly, and with clear conscience if you can believe, encouraging one group of people to kill another. That is entirely unacceptable in any society that calls itself civilized. Clearly Canada is not there yet...

It is why journalists have become legitimate targets in war zones.

After all it was CNN itself, which famously painted the official Hummer their guys and gals used in Iraq, as Warrior One in the race war against the Muslims.

They made no bones about it; journalism would not be even-handed; they were embed with the American Forces. Just like Rosie and Christie were later embed with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.

Sorry! They say; this is war. The white guys must win. And no one is going to say journalists didn't do their part to help the Right side win.

It simply goes to show that when a new low is reached in sectarian propaganda, patriotic journalists have no trouble going one lower.

There is no doubt that, in the history of Canadian journalism, posterity will hold, in visceral contempt, many of this generation of hack, war profiteering journalists, revile them for their anti-Muslim war boostering, and note their columns as calumny, and marking the absolute nadir of a craft which once had pretensions of noble service to Democracy, instead of as clear and malevolent subverters of the process...

Decline of the Press in Canada

By 2010 it has become shriekingly obvious, that Canada's newspapers, which sprang out of the community, and reflected the views of the people they once served in the 19th century, had all died a miserable death. As have the decent journalists who once slaved in their community offices in a thousand towns across Canada.

William Lyon Mackenzie was typical of editors across Canada and the US, who started small town papers. A decent, honest, public spirited man who sought to represent the political rights of the early citizens of York (Toronto today) against the corporate elites who pillaged their way through pre-democratic Ontario and made themselves rich at the expense of the ordinary people.

He railed against the privileged and corrupt classes and actually led a popular armed revolt of ordinary citizens against establishment political and economic corruption. He lost the battle but remains the bedrock of what decency, honesty, and purpose once was in Canadian journalism.

There has been a complete reversal since his day. The political elites, whose anti-democratic excesses he railed against, as a journalist, have taken over all the papers and stocked them with dutiful, paid hacks (dubbed media whores by some) who are in sync with the political purposes of their upper class, far Right conservative owners.

The press, that once spoke from the heart and heartland of the people, today speaks only for the rich upper class Conservative corporate bosses, who alone decide what is good for the people to know.

"All the news you need to know" is a common American and Canadian media promo gimmick, that tells viewers exactly what news anchors have to offer them - corporately packaged propaganda to advance the private agendas of the rich and powerful who own the media - but instead, gives the game away.

When journalists do a really good job of pandering to the power elites - like the appalling political journalists at CTV Globe Media - they get promoted to the Senate, like Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin. The Canadian Senate, the retirement pasture for CTV "propagandists."

"And the next Senate Appointees are the worthy... - Their CTV cohorts, the strident and hysterical Lisa "Flame-out" La Flamme, and the utterly awful Jacqueline Milczarek, spent endless hours pumping up the "horrific street violence" in Toronto during the G-20 Conference in June 2010. Giving out the Right Wing Government line, non-stop.

This hysterical twaddle of this ditzy duo of females, with loyal supporters, focused non-stop, on the couple of dozen vandals on the street, and somehow missed entirely, the tens of thousands of decent people peacefully protesting and promoting worthy causes. Even though CTV's own cameras showed exactly that.

The Flaming Duo were among those universally condemned by Canadians of all persuasions as giving the worst journalistic coverage of an event in Canadian history. It was so far off the mark, so far from the truth. It could only be propaganda.

Canadians watched the same television pictures these women saw and were left to marvel at the total disconnect between what they were seeing and what they were hearing from CTV's hysterically off, star reporters.

They - mouths that never stop to think - is what passes for journalists these days. Well at CTV anyway. They're virtually certain of Senate seats, beside the other CTV Right Wing propagandists, for not giving a single line of coverage for those pinko left wing demonstrators so despised by corporate HQ and the Prime Minister's circle of friends.

Old time journalists turn over in their grave at the goof balls and media whores who have taken over what was once a noble profession.

And explains why Canadians, in every poll taken, repeatedly place journalists at the bottom of a list of admired professions, fighting for the bottom rung with the universally loathed lawyers.

Only four people have been removed in disgrace from Canada's highest honour, the Order of Canada. Almost all are lawyers: Eagleson, Singh, Drabinsky (pending), all guilty of multiple acts of gross criminal activity.)

Though Drabinsky may hang in there. He has friends in high places, who think crimes by the rich and powerful, are "business as usual" and should be forgiven.

Compare that with esteemed, but hapless, Canadian Indian leader David Ahenakew, who was disbarred for mouthing off vile stuff, once, in an unguarded moment, against Jews, who mounted a concerted and successful effort to have him removed from the Order, for "inciting hatred." (Ahenakew said he was not opposed to Jews personally, but to how they manipulate power.)

In fact, on appeal, two courts found the charge of "inciting hatred" bogus, and he was acquitted of the the very charge for which he was originally disbarred.

So making his removal unfounded, illegal, illegitimate, creepy, just bigotry, what have you... But he was not reinstated in the Order... Go figure...

It's how the rich and powerful play games with the less well connected...

Canada's Indians just have no friends anywhere...

Why they're just like lawyers, except they have far less money to console their rejection with...

Above William Lyon Mackenzie another decent Canadian journalist, famous for bucking the power elites of his day who were ripping off the common people.

A modern Canadian Journalist.
He stepped up to the trough...
and took a big trowel...

He was highly respected as a journalist and a man, and unlike Mike Duffy and the CTV crowd of propagandists, did not take payola or kickbacks from the rich and powerful, in exchange for lending his voice as their spokesman.

He chose to put his life on the line for his beliefs, and also ran for public office. He was wildly elected as the first mayor of Toronto, and its citizens gave him a house in appreciation.

Unlike Mike Duffy who just eagerly stepped up to the trough and accepted a trowel...

Well at least he won't go hungry...

For which he got blown a raspberry from the Fruit Growers of Ontario and a Bronx cheer from his envious colleagues in the media. They've since recanted and decided to work overtime to promote the Upper Class penchant for war and just basically undemocratic stuff generally, to be next in line for a Senate seat.

It explains why, in every popular Canadian poll, journalists are on the bottom rung of professions admired by Canadians.

One of the most celebrated and famous pictures in Canadian history, by CW Jefferys, of hundreds of rebels marching against the tyranny and undemocratic excesses of the ruling elites of early Toronto in 1837.

What many Canadians don't know is that they are actually marching behind a journalist who is leading their campaign for democratic rights against the depredations of the ruling elites.

William Lyon Mackenzie, a founding rock for early Canadian democracy, organized the protest.

Hundreds of men responded to his call. And put their lives, not just their mouths, on the line.

Ultimately they lost - as ordinary folks always do, even in modern democracies - and a dozen were executed.

Mackenzie had to flee for his life across southern Ontario, sheltered all the way by common folk who helped him evade the dragnet set up to catch him so he too could be hanged.

A stunning portrait of the esteem ordinary Canadians once had for a journalist. Hundreds putting their lives at his disposal, and many others risking being charged with treason, and possible execution, for sheltering a traitor.

It is just as stunning a reminder of how far this profession has sunk in modern Canada.

With all its members widely seen as having become merely panderers and propagandists for the same very rich and powerful classes that Mackenzie railed against. They now own all the media.

Mackenzie's press, which came from the grass roots and the concerns of the salt-of-the-earth people, is today allied to the concerns of the wealthy in economics and politics.

The Afghan War offers a clear example. All the media were pro-war and used the "power of the press" to try to convince - unsuccessfully - the vast majority of Canadians that the war against the Muslims was good for them and the country.

It's not rocket science that, today, no Canadian would even consider marching behind Mike Duffy, if he called, even if he offered you all the free donuts you could eat, on his daily hike to Tim Hortons...


































































































































































Canada's Last Decent Journalist - Frank Oliver of Alberta

Right the Edmonton Bulletin building, home base of the last decent Canadian journalist, Frank Oliver.

He started the first newspaper in the wilds of Alberta in 1880 in this building.

He was self-employed; he paid the bills for the house he built; he owed no man any favours; he worked for his community and the public good.

He was a newspaper man when that term was a badge of courage, of integrity, of real public service.

No lap dog of the rich and powerful, like the awful CTV Ottawa Press Gallery, he did not pander for personal advantage.

And unlike the shriekingly toadying Mike Duffy, took no self-serving payola with sweetheart deal appointments to high paying government sinecures as reward money.

Frank chose to bank on personal integrity, instead.

He ran for public office on his merits, and was rewarded with a seat in Parliament by the votes of the common people he served as a journalist.

He was honoured by being elected as a legislator for 38 years.

He was so esteemed by Sir Wilfrid Laurier that he made him a cabinet minister.

Frank Oliver created Banff National Park for all Canadians. It was Canada's first national park.

A journalist whose life was well, and honourably lived.

Canadians miss his kind today, among thousands of "practicing journalists..."

There are only two like him, and Mackenzie, left...

The rest... merely propagandists for the values of their upper crust and Right Wing owners.

But hey, in times that try men's souls, when moral courage is called for, can we really blame them for looking to their bosses for guidance for the direction they should go with their calumny? Gotta keep that job and pension intact...

It is after all the prime concern of a propagandist.

It never was a consideration for decent newspaper men like Mackenzie, or Frank Oliver, before they put pen to paper...










































Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

British .303 Cartridges, Battle of Spion Kop, Jan. 1900
Orig. shells - Size - 55mm
Found - London, UK
Prov: Raymond Stocker 1959

Fired by the men who now lie here in the mass grave...
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

The most famous of the Boer propaganda photos.

The trench in which a Canadian, Lt. Osborne from Brantford, Ontario, died.

He was an officer in a British unit and is one of the men lying here.

It was later found that some 75 of the men in this trench were shot through the right side of the head by Boer sharpshooters who were lying on Aloe Knoll, a height of land rising just below and back of this position.

Since the hill angled down, quite obviously here, the Boers could just shoot up into it.

After the battle other men were just dragged in here as well and then covered with the same rocks the men had earlier excavated to protect themselves from Boer rifle and gun fire.

They did not know it, but they were digging their own grave.

Below the same viewpoint taken in 2000.

British Dead, Battlefield of Spion Kop, Jan. 24, 1900
Orig. photo - Size - 17 x 22 cm
Found - Washington, CT
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A Boer propaganda photo of the British corpses piled up on Spion Kop showing why governments, politicians, and the political elites in democracies go all out to censor pictures and information of all sorts, to prevent having them undermine their objectives in achieving what they want for themselves and their corporate cronies.

A British Red Cross worker has been allowed up to render first aid to any British Tommies that are still alive.

Everywhere else the Boers are scavenging, gathering arms and ammunition they need to carry on their fight for freedom. Others are taking boots from the dead, since the British blockade has made it impossible to import equipment, ammunition, clothing etc. into the Boer Republics.

In the foreground a Boer has liberated a bayonet he will keep as a souvenir of the most spectacular defeat of British arms during the Boer War.

This photograph actually belonged to a British Tommy who had glued it into his personal Boer War photo album. He may have been at Spion Kop and was not going to hide the most horrific experience of his life from family and friends even if his government was...

British Dead, Battlefield of Spion Kop, Jan. 24, 1900
Orig. photo - Size - 17 x 22 cm
Found - Washington, CT
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

After the British retreated from the Spion Kop after losing hundreds killed, the Boers took several photos that became famous, all destined to show the world that simple farmer guerillas, fighting with their hearts for their homeland, could wreak horrific defeats on the world's most powerful army.

The mounds of British dead impressed the world and shocked the British Empire.

This was the fourth major defeat the British Army had suffered in a row.

To the world it looked like the Boer insurgents could defeat the British and send them running.

Which is exactly why the British political elites, who owned the press, refused to publish these pictures.

It's a salutary example why artists, photographers, and other media calumnists, continue to be, in 2010, the front line in any war that a country's political elites want to fight. They are hired to prepare the population for war; to make killing of women and children, and invasions, palatable; to justify abuses; turn defeats into victory; vilify the enemy; blame them for human rights abuses while scrupulously looking the other way when their own side commits them.

Wow! No wonder they are so highly paid. CNN's Christiane Amanpour, gets a cool $2 million a year for her anti-Muslim sneers. (Yasr Arafat, the Palestinian leader, once famously walked away from her during a live, on-camera interview, when he wouldn't take her racist hectoring anti-Muslim tirade anymore. Christiane got a raise; America, more enemies around the world...)

British Dead, Battlefield of Spion Kop, Jan. 24, 1900
Orig. photo - Size - 17 x 22 cm
Found - Washington, CT

This picture actually captures the real horror of the battle at Colenso, and war generally. Men and horses get slaughtered.

Hayman's pen and ink sketch has wonderfully captured the look of panic in the horse's eye as it surveys the ghastly scene in front of it.

No dumb animal, it knows this is no place for man or beast, though the political leaders of the day, who orchestrated this event, feel otherwise.

It is not a horror they want shared with their electorate, who might just be as appalled as the horse at what is unfolding and refuse to support a war which is ghastly beyond belief.

Below on the left one horse watches as two of his mates are down. One is spurting blood from its mouth; another is going down on the right.

And men are down: a driver is pinned and probably dead under the dead horse, his hand under its neck; another is crawling in anguish in the back; a third is being trampled by a team in the rear.

The real horror of what is going on cannot be appreciated until one notes that the white clouds along the ridges, are, in fact, solid walls of gun smoke from a deadly rifle fire, at close range from hundreds of Boers firing non- stop into the helplessly exposed men and horses.

Very few survived.

(In fact it is probably the worst massacre of a British artillery unit in history. The Boers captured 10 of the 12 British guns. Losing any gun is the worst disgrace an army could suffer in Victorian times.)

Broken limbs, bodies, blood gushing... horrible. But it's what men do to each other in war...

A fine realistic picture, but no press baron would publish it in 1900 lest it undermine the war effort.

Hundreds of thousands of horses were killed in the Boer War, and thousands of British soldiers, in the most photographed war in history.

Yet it is virtually impossible to find any photo of a dead horse, or a dead British soldier, published in any British publication, during the most "pictured" war in history, with tens of thousands of war images published from October 1899 till December 1900.

We have seen one photo showing one or two dead horses at Colenso (out of scores that were killed.) And one at Elandslaagte. That's it pretty well, for the whole war.

Sometimes British artists sketched one "tastefully dead" horse in a picture.

The Boer parallel to Afghanistan is unmistakable.

The Boers, like the Taliban, were fighting desperately to defend their homeland against foreign invaders who hugely outnumbered their fighting men.

The Boers had to use their brains, their passion, born of defending their homes and family, knowledge of the land, and superior tactics, to try to defeat and throw out a ruthless and vastly numerically superior foreign invading army.

In the end there were only some 12,000 Boers in the field, against 500,000 British occupying troops. But the Boers held them off for almost three years, a truly stupendous Fight for Freedom. They lost 4,000 men in the struggle; the British some 22,000.

The Boers finally gave up, not because they were defeated on the battlefield, but because some 26,000 of their women and children died in British concentration camps. They feared extermination as a people...

It was a lesson in how to defeat fighting men that the Israelis have learned with a passion. And NATO. As NATO commander and top Canadian General Rick Hillier, famously spouted: "We are the Canadian Forces and our job is to be able to kill people" specifically the "detestable murderers and scumbags" in Afghanistan. He was - proudly - on a mission of extermination in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan the Taliban are trying to repeat the Boer fight for freedom, but with vastly different results. After nine years of brutal war - it's going to be far longer than World War II, if you can believe - in which tens of thousands of Muslim women, children, and men have been killed by ruthless, white, Judao-Christian NATO invaders, with the same mind set as General Hillier, the Taliban and their allies are winning...

June 2010, was the worst month of fatalities suffered by the NATO invaders in NINE YEARS, and this despite the 30,000 troop surge by President Bush in Blackface - sorry we mean Obama.

Just like the colossal NAZI human rights abuses are the towering disgrace of the 20th century, so will the Judao-Christian Holocaust against Muslims - women, children, and men - in the opening decade of the new century, forever be the leading disgrace of the 21st century. Nothing that can follow will ever, possibly overshadow this horrific racist Crusade against Muslim peoples in the Middle East, with its principal victims being women and children, in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and Iran, coming up... (You can see how the journalists and media in the US and Canada are preparing the ground...)

There is only one saving grace - universally, with the exception of Israel and the US, these excesses were carried out by the political elites of the invading countries, against the clearly expressed opposition of the vast majority of their own citizens, who had voted these renegade leaders into power, hoping that they would do good works on their behalf... Not make war on Muslim women, children, and men...

No blood; no gore; no twisted limbs: no horrid death throes like those shown in the Hayman sketch.

Though the British did publish a few pictures showing Boer fighters blown apart in their trenches.

The Boers retaliated by publishing numerous large and famous photos of the British dead, grotesquely distorted after the Battle of Spion Kop, from which the British retreated in January 1900, after losing hundreds killed.

These famous propaganda photos are collectors items today.


Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Another fabulous pen and ink sketch of the same event, the loss of the guns at Colenso, by W Hayman, which he drew only weeks after the event.

But what a difference; same event but totally different images. Will the real historic event please stand up...!

We now know this is the picture of what really happened; the John Innes picture is what the press barons at the time wanted people to see.

Innes - probably paid by a newspaper publisher, "John, give us a heroic, patriotic spin" - took pay to tart up a picture that would win popular support for the war so the public would continue to fund the conflict, and young men more eager to sign up to fight and die for their political elites country.

Hayman gave us a picture no newspaper baron at the time would publish. But it would have undermined public support for a war the political elites wanted.

Colouring the news is what media calumnists in any country are paid to do, which is why there is such a feverish, ongoing clamour by the rich, especially in "democracies," to get total control of all media outlets so they can impose their views on what "news" citizens will be allowed to get. You got it; exactly like in the Fascist dictatorships, for the same reason.

Loss of the Guns at Colenso - W Hayman, Feb. 1900

Orig. pen and ink - Image Size - 30 x 46 cm
Found - London, ON

Superb Creative Artist - Another look at how John Innes used a pen to create form and shadow in an action picture.

Not to mention depth, perspective, dust, atmosphere...

And the coiled body mass of a leaping horse, and a straining driver inside his uniform...

Oh, and don't forget the noise John Innes gets you to hear - horses whinnying as they leap and come crashing down, harness leather creaking, chains clinking, hoofs pounding, whip cracking, driver yelling... and overall the buzzing of bullets cutting the air, and slapping into horse flesh...

Some may feel the stirring of emotion, from the killing of helpless horses...

All done with black ink only, and one thin pen, but the enormous talent of a truly creative artist - John Innes.

Now go find any of this below in this - is it any wonder? - "untitled" work by Canadian modernist artist Riopelle.

Actually we may be confused here. Perhaps this was actually done by famed Canadian painter Emily Carr's pet monkey, Woo... OK, admittedly, perhaps on a bad day. We're not sure.

But we are sure it is not capturing a fine Canadian heritage moment, or a stirring human drama documenting the people, places, and events of a major conflict and battlefield tragedy which saw scores of horses and scores of men cut down.

We actually believe that Riopelle has "lost it" - the chance to create a Great Canadian Heritage Moment... choosing instead to merely waste his time doing "decorator" art for some corporate executive washroom wall...

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A fabulous Victorian pen and ink drawing from master artist, Canadian John Innes, who drew this in the patriotic frenzy in the opening months of the Boer War, when everyone in the British Empire was transfixed with the celebrated Loss of the Guns at Colenso, in December, 1899.

It was one of the three huge British defeats at the hands of the Boers, during Black Week, but British and Canadian artists snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by concentrating on the heroics, instead of the awful losses, and the actual retreat of the British Army from the site.

Refashioning the truth to fool the masses, in effect, turning defeats into victory, is still, in 2010, the main job of journalists and media calumnists, who are working overtime for their rich bosses to make it look like the Canadian Forces and their NATO partners are actually winning a war against those dastardly Muslims in Afghanistan, when, in fact, they have lost more men, territory, and hearts and minds, with every passing year.

Journalists go overboard - hell it's why their bosses pay them well - to hide the fact that the enormous expenditure of Canadian men and treasure, spent to exterminate the "detestable murderers and scumbags," as the Muslims were called by Canadian General Rick Hillier, was a total waste and failure. And to hide the fact that the Taliban, far from being exterminated, will be part of the Government of Afghanistan long after NATO is sent packing in dismal defeat and disgrace.

But saying that is not how the media columnists will earn their pay... Those crafty calumnists, are staying up late, these days, figuring out how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat...

Pen and Ink Drawing, The Loss of the Guns (at Colenso) - John Innes

Orig. drawing - Image Size - 33 x 49 cm
Found - London, ON

Hallowed Ground - Canadian historian John Goldi stands in exactly the spot where the driver in the sketch is trying to control the horses on the battlefield at Colenso, South Africa.

The stone blocks mark where each gun team of horses was shot down during the battle.

Eight Victoria Crosses were won on this battlefield, the second biggest haul on one spot in British history.

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