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Heartfelt Thanks

We are eternally grateful to all those people and organizations who made possible this Canadian Millennium Project, so that we could tell a story never told before on Canadian television.

Our Most Grateful Thanks To:


We wish to offer our most sincere thanks to the team
at History Television:

Sydney Suissa, Senior Vice-President, Factual Programming


Norm Bolen, Executive Vice-President, Programming,
Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting, Canada

Sydney, along with Norm, originally commissioned our feature length documentary, "The Great Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902: the Canadian Experience", as a two-hour limited series for History Television.

In May, 2001 we approached Sydney about our problem with fitting the story we had uncovered into this time length, and showed him our rough cuts. His response was most generous:

"I want to compliment you on what you've assembled. The wealth of research and detail is astounding and thorough, with a wonderful breadth of archival sources throughout. Clearly this was a labour of love for the both of you and it shows."

In a gesture as grand as it is rare in the television world, Sydney offered to extend the series to three hours.

In December, 2001, after he saw our last rough cut Sydney - in a magnanimous gesture, for which we will remain eternally grateful - agreed to extend the series again, to four hours, to accommodate our concerns about having to lose so much great Canadian material. Every television producer knows that there are few if any in the business anywhere who would ever stretch that far for any producer, regardless of the material.

We, involved in one of the biggest television projects in our lives - and one whose personalities and events have become especially close to our hearts - have been singularly blessed to have found a person flexible enough and generous enough, to accommodate our telling of a unique Canadian historic experience, and one that has never been told on television before.

Our most heartfelt thanks to Sydney and Norm for making it all possible to allow us to continue:


Picture: courtesy of History Television. Fashions: courtesy of Harry Rosen.

Why we said NO to:

David McCullough, Walter Cronkite, and Jack Nicholson....

Because we would not settle for second best !
We want to extend our most heartfelt thanks to Linden Macintyre, winner of multiple Geminis for excellence in television journalism, for having so generously given of his best in consenting to narrate:

"The Great Anglo-Boer War:
The Canadian Experience."

It brings back warm memories of the first time that Linden narrated a film for us, "My Land is My Life," our first one-hour television program, in 1985, when his superlative narration helped us win a Golden Sheaf at Yorkton, one of our very first film awards.

Feedback: #5: Oakville: -
"I must say your narrator is absolutely first rate!" \

Simply the Best: The Voice of Canada! Many viewers have commented on the warm sincerity - yet still authoritative - manner, that Linden brought to his unique rendering of the narration of "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience". Viewers everywhere grasped, that this was a story of people and events, that mattered in the mind and heart of this eminent Canadian.

Simply no one, anywhere, could have done it better.

Our Most Grateful Thanks to:

The Millennium Bureau of Canada

For honouring our team to be one of the very few television producers it selected as a partner to help commemorate Canada at the turn of a new Millennium.

Your participation made a huge difference to the quality of the finished production.

Our Most Grateful Thanks to:

The Saskatchewan Communications Network

For repeatedly supporting a small independent, out-of-province producer seeking to tell Canadian stories, and so helping us to pursue our primary passion:


We salute your efforts to reach far beyond your prairie base in "expanding horizons" for all Canadians.

Our Most Grateful Thanks to:

The Canadian Television Fund

For your steadfast support for a small, independent producer seeking to tell Canadian stories for Canadian audiences, and so helping us to pursue our primary passion:


You have made a difference. We are eternally grateful.

c Goldi Productions Ltd. 1996 & 2000