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Sad Canadian relics recently dug up on the Battle of Paardeberg site where 31 Canadians fell, leaving behind (left) a pith helmet badge of the Royal Canadian Regiment, and the cap badge (right) of the 43 Regiment, the Ottawa and Carleton Rifles.

Mar. 12, 2003

More International Awards for Our Television Series

We are pleased to announce that our Canadian Television History Series, "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience," has been awarded several coveted "FINALIST NOMINATIONS" at the prestigious Houston "Worldfest" international Television Programming Awards, hosted for the past 36 years in Houston, Texas.

We are honoured that American festival juries have, once again, selected programs from our "low budget cable series" to be among the few selected to advance - along with the best "mega budget" programs from the best producers around the world - to the final "Medal Round." At Worldfest Houston - the world's largest television competition - only Medal Winners are nominated; we are pleased that our "hard-core" Canadian programs have been selected for one of these top awards for each of:


Not Just "Sausage" Thank You: We note with pride that one of our "series" programs (Part 1) has been nominated in an "individual" History program competition category with top "one-of" program specials from around the world.

No Mean Craft: We are pleased that jurors, once again, selected our Canadian History series not only for overall program excellence, but also, nominated it for medals in two of the hotly contested "craft" categories that honour the individual skills and workmanship that go into the making of a program.

Award-Winning Team: The team of Joan Goldi and John Goldi was nominated for a medal for the skill in research and writing for Part 4 of their series, in a competition category that included "top flight" "News and Documentary" writing entries from around the world. (It is the fourth international award for script writing that the team has won for its Boer War series.)

Award-Winning Performance: In the "Individual On-Camera Talent" category, director and historian John Goldi csc was honoured with a medal nomination for the excellence of his numerous battlefield demonstrations. Below, performing his hosting duties at the battlefield of Colenso, which were doubly difficult because he was also the cameraman!!! How did he do it? Read his interview on Page 49 of the Boer War Museum.

Proud: Joan Goldi and John Goldi csc, are most gratified that a series, for which they did all the research and writing, were the entire shooting crew (locations and archivals), and did all the off and online picture, sound, music, and FX editing, has been so honoured at top American international television festival competitions.

We believe our programs have been selected to receive such a wide cross-section of awards because of the many innovative techniques we tried to introduce to make the program subject attractive to a wide cross-section of viewers. (See Innovations Pages 42 to 46.)

Feedback: #77: Calgary, AB - "I really enjoyed your video series. I only managed to catch two episodes but boy did I enjoy them. Even my wife, who has absolutely no interest in military history, enjoyed them."

America the Beautiful!
Feedback: #70: New York, NY, USA - "Superb job! Just a quick line of thanks for the job you did on the Boer War Videos. Poignant ..but not maudlin. Loved the on-site shots and "local experts". The sunrise opening and close with "Last Post" are very evocative. I showed these to several of my friends who were marginally interested in the war. They are now devouring my books related to it. Thanks again for the super job."

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