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The pride & the sorrow of Port Hope, ON, Charlie Evans, the story on "Great Battles, Page 20"

The pride & the sorrow of Selkirk, ON, William Knisley. The complete sad story featuring rare pictures, on our web site on the "Local Heroes Page 41."



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A memorial to William Knisley - still standing in Cayuga, ON - set up by the region's grateful farmers, in a rare postcard found in Woodstock, ON. Right, one of Canada's very first ceramic souvenir plates, honouring the dedication ceremonies of the Soldier's Monument - still standing - in London, ON, in 1908. (Found in Brantford, ON)
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Tonight: The war-weary Canadians look forward to going home. But for them the worst is yet to come - the sacking of the town of Dullstroom, told with rare original photos of the people who saw it happening to them. Lord Roberts turns the mopping up operations over to Lord Kitchener. Both believe it will all be over in a few weeks. But the war drags on for another year and a half and a despairing Kitchener creates the most diabolical measures to try to end the war: the systematic burning of Boer farms, towns, crops, and the killing of millions of animals, then putting children and women into concentration camps. And Canadians were there through it all, and wrote down what they saw. By 1902, the Gentleman's War of 1899 had become the first "total war" of the 20th century. It was an evil dress rehearsal of things to come in the other "Great Wars" that were just around the corner. But in spite of it all, the Boers would never be defeated!

Rare Boer War "Peace Jug" found in Calgary, AB.
Shame on You! If you do not recognize Emily Hobhouse - one of the most remarkable human beings of the 20th century - or know why the Boers gave this English woman pride of place at the foot of their national Woman's Memorial, and placed her ashes beside Boer President Martinus Steyn and General de Wet.
The Magic Formula: Doing What He's Told!

"Couples constantly tell us they could never work together! We can't either, but we don't let that stop us." - Hear John Goldi's candid Interview with "respected television journalist Philippa McCoyne" on Page 53, of the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum, on the partnership of the two people who researched, wrote, shot, edited, and heavily financed, "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience."

Feedback: #21: London, ON - "Thank you very much for your terrific production. I did not have a true understanding of the war. Until, that is, your documentary came on the History channel. It explained the conflict in an informative and entertaining way....As the camera panned over the names of several of the troops still evident on the rocks, there it was - A. Woodward, RCR, London - my great Uncle Albert W. Woodward. Thank you for giving this Canadian a personal experience."

Feedback: #19: Ajax, ON - "Well, another really interesting and I must say, emotional episode. I cannot believe the amount of research that went into this project! How does one get, the accumulation of family descendants, their pictures, and their stories along with all the original film footage? Great job!"

Feedback: #18: Toronto, ON: "I love when I see an e-mail from you....problem is I am at work and can't take the time to go through everything. Would it be possible for you to send to my home as well???? My e-mail address is - - I look forward to hearing from you....please keep sending them to our office....many thanks....."

Feedback: #16: London, ON - "Congratulations on doing such a great job on the documentary!

Feedback: #23: Paris, ON - "Thanks for your emails. They're just amazing!"

Feedback: #24: Winnipeg "I look forward to episode three of your series. I was amazed by the fact presented in part four about the half million horses in the war."

Remarkable Encounter at Dullstroom: The Soldier & the Lady:

"How can you be so cruel?" pleaded Aunt Alida van de Pol (in rare Dullstroom photo, above) as Canadian Artillery Lieutenant Edward Morrison (above), conducted burning operations in Dullstroom, which would destroy her family's home and mill. Replied Morrison, "It is our duty." Our dogged research has unearthed rare photos of the occasion, in Dullstroom, South Africa, showing human beings on both sides consumed by the dogs of war. Right, Aunt Alida's home before, and after, the visit of the Canadians. Morrison's detailed account of the occasion is a featured voice in our program.

When Canadian Boys Went to War
The Teenage Bugler: 14 year old Edwin McCormick served two terms in South Africa. (Innovative Research:  Edwin was featured in an extremely rare, huge, and glorious litho - published by the Globe for Christmas 1901 - and which dogged research by historian John Goldi unearthed in Burlington, ON. His sleuthing also discovered, and saved for posterity, Edwin's bugle, on which he blew the Last Post as they buried the Canadians after the Battle of Hart's River in 1902.
The Narrator

Linden MacIntyre, Canada's most respected voice in broadcasting, and the multiple Gemini award-winning anchor journalist of CBC's 5th Estate, offers a gripping narration for this feature Canadian heritage series. "It's just an excellent script! I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't. I started reading and couldn't put it down until I had read the whole thing for all four hours."

Feedback: #5: Oakville: - "I must say your narrator is absolutely first rate!"

A Canada Millennium Project
We are honoured that our Anglo-Boer War project was one of the rare television shows selected as a partnership program by the Government of Canada to commemorate the Millennium.
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A gripping, highly innovative, four hour, documentary television series
that tells a Canadian History story never before presented on television anywhere.
"The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience"
1899 - 1902

To Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Great Anglo-Boer War, and
Canada's first ever military participation in an overseas war,
told through the eyes of young Canadians who set off on a "Great Adventure" and found themselves enveloped in the horrors of the first "Total War" of modern times.

"The wealth of research and detail is astounding and thorough, with a wonderful breadth of archival sources throughout. Clearly this was a labour of love and it shows." Sydney Suissa,
VP of Factual Programming,
History Television


"I am personally convinced that it will be assessed as one of the decade's great television documentaries." George Milne,
Museum of the Regiments, Calgary, AB

Otto Moody 1902
The Canadian Perspective: 19 year old Canadian Trooper Otto Moody of Montreal. (Innovative Research: Historian John Goldi rescued for posterity Otto's Anglo-Boer War memorabilia, this photo, and 20 letters he wrote to his mother from the Front, which were discovered in a shack in Montana. Otto's descriptions of the horrors of war close up - like what happened after they "found two Boars hidden among the rocks" (below), are published for the first time as a feature "voice" in our program.)
The Singer

Harry Macdonough (1871-1931) sings the theme song for our program.
"Where is My Wandering Boy Tonight" 1900

You are listening to one of Canada's very first recordings, an original gramophone recording from 1900, featuring one of Canada's very first recording artists, Harry Macdonough singing "Where is My Wandering Boy Tonight." This song had special poignancy for Canadians in 1900, as the news of battlefield deaths arrived from South Africa.

(Innovation:  You can hear some 20 these earliest Canadian recordings on our program's sound track. Details on our Music Page)

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Silent Witnesses to the Gallant Last Stand of the Canadians at Hart's River: Shells - including an extremely rare pom pom shell (very likely Canadian) - found on Boschbult Farm where Charlie Evans of Port Hope, ON (top), was shot when he refused to surrender after firing off all his ammo.
Canadian Pom Pom: This Canadian Pom Pom machine gun, photographed only days before the Battle of Boschbult Farm, very likely fired the 1 lb shell above.
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