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A Canada Millennium Project
We are honoured that our Anglo-Boer War project was one of the rare television shows selected as a partnership program by the Government of Canada to commemorate the Millennium.
Tonight: The world is in shock as gallant British General Penn-Symons (top right), falls in battle at Talana, and the foolhardy Col. Long (top left), brings shame and disaster to British arms at Colenso. The Canadians miss the massacre at Magersfontein by a whisker, wonderfully commemorated in this London Ontario lithograph (below), where a ghostly daughter gives a Highlander a final kiss. Meanwhile, the Canadians are idle, scratching their names on the rocks below at Belmont. But their turn will come....
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A gripping, highly innovative, four hour, documentary television series
that tells a Canadian History story never before presented on television anywhere.
"The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience"
1899 - 1902

To Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Great Anglo-Boer War, and
Canada's first ever military participation in an overseas war,
told through the eyes of young Canadians who set off on a "Great Adventure" and found themselves enveloped in the horrors of the first "Total War" of modern times.

"The wealth of research and detail is astounding and thorough, with a wonderful breadth of archival sources throughout. Clearly this was a labour of love and it shows." Sydney Suissa,
VP of Factual Programming,
History Television


"I am personally convinced that it will be assessed as one of the decade's great television documentaries." George Milne,
Museum of the Regiments, Calgary, AB

The Narrator
Linden MacIntyre, Canada's most respected voice in broadcasting, and multiple Gemini award-winning anchor journalist of CBC's 5th Estate, narrates this feature Canadian heritage series. "It's just an excellent script! I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't. I started reading and couldn't put it down until I had read the whole thing for all four hours."
The Canadians

Sir Wilfrid Laurier - in a huge and rare colour litho we found in Canfield, ON - facing a bitter split between French and English Canadians over war with the Boers, was determined to follow a "Made in Canada" policy, but, finally decided to send Canada's first ever military force to an overseas war. (Innovation: A Canadian military heritage story never told before on television.)
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"The Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum"

(Innovation: The most extensive and most lavishly illustrated web site ever to accompany a television documentary anywhere in the world.)

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The Technology
Historian Johan Hattingh and the fabled Boer "Long Tom," which British military experts were certain was far too heavy to ever be moved in the field. They were wrong. (Innovation: The impact of the technology of the war (armoured trains, artillery, Mauser rifles, lyddite shells, war balloons, clearly explained in simple laymen's terms.)
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