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More important Canadian antique memorabilia the Museum has preserved.

Boer War Bunting - 1899 - 3

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flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure An absolutely rare item to find is patriotic bunting from the Victorian Age, especially unique Canadian type.

This bunting features the Red Ensign that was popular as a flag, alongside the British Union Jack, at Canadian patriotic parades in the late 19th century.

It uses the Canadian crest of seven provincial arms which was correct according to heraldic rules between 1873, and 1905, when two more provinces, Alberta and Saskatchewan, joined.

The bottom two armorial arms are slipshod affairs as various provincial governments including that of Quebec, kept changing them at different times.

There was no real patriotic need to produce bunting this large until the Boer War started in 1899, and huge parades and public displays were mounted.

We are certain this bunting is Boer War era, displayed on a building balcony, as the boys marched off to war, or came back, or both.

Absolutely guaranteed - this bunting heard "The Maple Leaf Forever" sung by lusty soldiers tramping by...

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Canadian Boer War Bunting - 1899
Orig. cotton printed - Size - 5.3 m x 63 cm
Found - Rockway, ON
Sadly bunting like this is a favourite target for Antique sellers, who love to cut up the flags and get 13 salable items out of one.

You know like the ones who buy McKenney & Hall's fabulous Indian Chief volumes and cut them up...

The provincial crests, from left to right, top row: original provinces of 1867, Ontario, Quebec; middle row: Nova Scotia fish, New Brunswick ship, Manitoba bison - buffalo to you (1870); bot row: British Columbia (1871), Prince Edward Island (1873).










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