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Boer War Memorabilia Quiz - "One of Each"

For those who don't like reading, we offer a visual quiz below to test your knowledge of the Boer War era's historical memorabilia.

Quiz 1: Win a 20% reduction on the video copies of "The Great Anglo-Boer War: the Canadian Experience," by naming the 46 different types of memorabilia shown here, and identifying the subject(s) they depict.

Quiz 2: Win another 20% reduction by naming the "Missing Item." Details below.

The Sousa Band: "The Liberty Bell March" c 1904

No, Monty Python did not write this song, John Philip Sousa did, late in the 19th century. You are listening to a very early recording, featuring "The Liberty Bell March" played by the Sousa Band. This march was extremely popular during the Boer War era, though possibly it's even more famous today as the Monty Python theme song for their TV series during the 1960s and 70s.

You can hear these earliest Canadian recordings on our program's soundtrack. Details on our Music Page.

A Blizzard of Boer War Memorabilia

More than any war before or since, the Anglo-Boer War produced a vast celebration of memorabilia at a time when warfare was still viewed as a "gentleman's game," and death came to a gallant few. The mass slaughter of millions of men, only a dozen years later in World War I, was to change all that.... Below, to show the vast variety of items manufactured during the war - to commemorate it, not to fight it - we have picked "one of each" - representative of many other similar items made in the same category - to display the riot of items produced. They are shown mixed in with treasured relics - all memorabilia today - made to fight the war.

But we have deliberately left out one very common memorabilia item that one associates virtually exclusively with the Boer War.... Can you guess what it is?

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