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Below are some watchwords on Boer War Fakes

Every few months a tea tin, claiming "Boer War era" provenance, comes on the market. The most common one is the blue, Union Jack, "Best Tea" tin, featuring Lord Roberts, left, General Buller, right, and Baden-Powell on top, below. right.

Many collectors are attracted by the magic words "in great condition for 100 years old."

These seeming marvellous tins, made for holding tea bags, have just the right amount of "age" - rust spots, scuffing, etc. - that one is looking for to give it provenance and still have a showable vintage tea tin from the Boer War era.

We were fortunate to find the one below left, featuring Roberts left, and Lord Methuen, right, in even better condition, in London, ON!

Problem is, it is a fake, as are all the ones above, except the Buller, top right, which really does date from the Boer War.

The others are all reproductions from the 1970s. They are actually easy to tell apart, but Boer War collectors - eager to actually discover a vintage tin in great condition - get duped into paying $100 US or more, for a reproduction that they could buy for a few dollars. And sellers rarely alert you to the difference.

Our Dodo tin is very nice; it"ll do till we find a real old one. But they don't turn up that often.

In the meantime, don't pay as if it was a "vintage antique tin, in great condition for its age."

Better yet, hang in there for a real antique Boer War tin, like the fabulous ones shown here. Then it's worth paying a premium.

And who knows, if you find a good Queen Victoria chocolate tin, like the one in fabulous condition below, you might even get a free meal out of it.

But remember, if it's antiques you want, to insist on it being "in original condition." Or don't bite...

Great Canadian Heritage Fake
Boer War repro tin, c 1970s
Orig. tin - Size - 3.5" x 5.5"
Found - London, ON
Dodo Designs, Made in England on hinge side
A stunning tin, but a fake if you're only after the genuine antique.

SPOT THE FAKE: The key is on the "hinge side," which - on the antique tin - has a "print-free" portrait of Buller on it, top right. The repro tin features Kitchener on the hinge side and says "Dodo Designs Made in England," right. Devious sellers on ebay will usually not show this side. So ask to see the hinge side.

The repro also has raised ridging - bumpers to keep adjoining tins from scratching off the pictures - around the tin. Gotta keep that repro in good condition...

"Very Rare Vintage Boer War Tin"

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