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Myths of Isandlwana
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
The Battlefield at Isandlwana, Jan. 22, 1879
The Zulus swept in from the right, backing up the defending British soldiers towards the tents that were along the base of the mountain, and drove them here to where the wagon park was and the biggest slaughter took place. Stone piles cover mass graves of British soldiers.
Isandlwana: On this spot, on Jan. 22, 1979, below the brooding Isandlwana, a British army of 1,400 men was annihilated by a Zulu force of 24,000 men, carrying spears, and shields like that above.

More British soldiers were killed on this spot by spears, than fell - 20 years later - during any battle against the Boers, using the most modern weapons, in almost three years of war.

Canadian Boer War volunteers would have heard stories of these terrifying battles and looked for souvenirs to remember them by. What could be a more fitting memento for a Canadian soldier, than a war shield from a Zulu warrior who might have used that very shield in battle during the Anglo-Zulu War. So for generations, Trooper Bays no doubt enthralled family and friends with this wondrous Boer War souvenir from South Africa.

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