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Canadian "To Do" List for 2017 - "Inevitability is, always, just around the corner..." Poet Laurier

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Retrofitting - Everywhere in the 21st century people are taking corrective action at renaming venerable institutions because the names just no longer fit the tenor of the times. Removing Cecil Rhodes' statue is being discussed in the UK, after over 100 years... Bill Cosby's name and busts are being dumped by one institution after another...

The venerable Hudson's Bay Company "Beaver Magazine," Canada's second oldest magazine, founded in 1920 - and so predating the National War Memorial - unceremoniously and shockingly dumped its name in 2010 - after 90 years - and renamed itself "Canada's History Magazine."

In 2013 Stephen Harper orchestrated The Canadian Museum of Civilization - Canada's anchoring museum since 1986 - into dumping the "civilization" pretence and restriction, which it had imprinted on the Canadian psyche and the world, for 27 years, and ordered it to start calling itself a more all-encompassing "Canadian Museum of History." Harper - facing imminent defeat at the next election - was preparing for the after life. He knew that if the museum was restricted to showcasing only "civilized" subject matter, his term in office would be completely unrepresented for Posterity...

What's next?

We have suggestions, for modern Canadians, that are more important than any of the forgoing...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure

Retro Choice #1 - "Canada's National War Memorial"

- A Gloating, Jingoistic & Misogynistic Celebration of
a Triumphal Victory Arch & of Men and Gods at War

Unacceptable "Dirty Dozen" Memorial - Leaving untouched a truly embarrassing monument showing that Canadians are incapable of personal intellectual and emotional growth...
Orig. monument - denigrating life size
Found - Ottawa, ON
A national embarrassment in 2016, saddling future generations with the jingoistic baggage of angry members of the World War I generation, who are no longer with us. But their lamentable cultural war detritus is...

It's high time for Canadians to take corrective action, to save their national soul, and self-respect... And remove the feature items that make this monument so offensive to thinking and genuinely patriotic Canadians.

- de-emphasize the "Dirty Dozen" gunmen glorified at the front, as those, "the men" who count...
- the gloating "Triumphal Victory in War Arch" celebrating how you beat and wiped out "the Hun"
- the gloating, overweening "Winged Goddess of Victory in War" statue that brags only about the superior bloodletting success of Canadian military men
- the jingoistic, gloating triumphal March through a Triumphant Victory Arch
- the misogynist hiding of the women - and the other "services," buried alive behind acres of concrete and men "who count"

Canadians should show they are a cut above the few others who have the same kind of retro "war" memorial: the North Koreans, the "drug cartel" Mexicans, and the ever politically incorrect Aussies...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure

Superior Choice #2 - "Canada's National Veterans Monument"

- A National Response Emanating from a Canadian Hearth & Home
- Suitable for an alternative - a "Hearts & Minds Memorial #1"

Proposed Meaningful Retrofitting of Canada's "War" Memorial for Modern Canadians
Orig. monument - celebratory life size
Found - Ottawa, ON
On so many levels, in so many ways, for so many Canadians, this retrofit would be a huge liberating transformation that should have been made 75 years ago, but was not. Luckily we can do it, cheaply, in 2016...

For the sake of:

- generations yet unborn
- modern Canadian self-respect
- basic and obvious women's (& human) rights conventions
- long overdue redressing of a gross past creative distortion
- bringing it into conformity with the original artist's intention
- removing silly sophist explanations for ludicrous pretences of meaning (gods & arch)
- removing interfering and outdated jingoistic gloating war claptrap
- bringing it into artistic and thematic conformity and unity
- allowing Canadians to see, and feel, all the statues & the message, for the first time
- removing the denigrating first, second, and third class compartmentalization at to who counts
- restoring equality of importance to all the figures
- doing the right thing
- restore public integrity to a monument that, as presently configured, is only a jingoistic military war memorial from a bygone era that makes no artistic or thematic sense at all

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure

Alternate Choice #3 - "Canadian Veterans Monument"

- The Quiet, Dignified "Great Response" of All Canadians
Suitable as a "Hearts & Minds Memorial #2"

Clearly a great alternative choice
Orig. monument - celebratory life size
Found - Ottawa, ON
This retrofit clearly echoes the fabulous Marine Corps Iwo Jima Monument in Washington, DC, which is wondrous to behold... and to feel, from all sides.

Something you can't do at Canada's National War Memorial because of that huge interfering granite Triumphal Victory Arch which the World War I generals wanted to use to brag about their bloody victories against the Hun on the battlefield...

Except that the Canadian retrofit would hugely trump the American monument.

The Canadian monument, after its grossly distracting and interfering gloating Victory Arch is removed, could, with its 22 large, diverse, and wondrously expressive bronze figures, blow the US memorial, with only four copy-cat males, right out of the water.

Why don't Canadians, for once...
copy something worthwhile from the Americans...?

Then you can always offer them the Victory Arch, and see it they would be willing to drape it over their bronze figures...?

Or over their Vietnam Wall, Martin Luther King statue, etc.

One can guess the answer.

Only Canadians, isolated from world realities at the top of the cold and barren parts of the North American continent, do something so ludicrous...

With the possible exception of the North Koreans, and the Mexicans... They're the only other ones who have built modern gloating triumphal victory arches...

We won't mention the notoriously politically incorrect Aussies...

Will Canadians Never Get It? The leading two US military figures in the Iwo Jima Memorial are not even gunmen; neither carries a weapon.

They are not advancing aggressively on any gun-related task; they are planting a flag, not advancing intending to do mayhem or kill someone.

The other two figures have slung their weapons - the war and bloodletting is shelved - as everyone concentrates on a simple patriotic task. They are completely oblivious to any "enemy."

This is NOT a gloating military monument, but a quietly celebratory spiritual Hearts and Minds memorial.

That's why its creators did not put up a "Triumphal Victory Arch" or "Nike Victory in War" statue over top of it, like the Canadian generals insisted on doing in the 1920s.

The US Marine Corps has a tough reputation for being more bloody-minded and military fanatic, than anyone in the Canadian military - other than possibly the disbanded and disgraced Canadian Airborne Regiment.

But the monument it chose to erect to its corps reflects none of this; it's a very sensitive, forward-looking monument, saying we can be better, we can do better...

Anyone looking at it would be moved with a sense of pride.

The Canadian War Memorial could be this good, with a simple fix...

But it won't happen until Canadians get over their shrieking inferiority complex - loudly displayed with their need to gloat and brag with a totally inappropriate militaristic monument configuration that jingoistically celebrated the Canadian macho male's accomplishments at bloodletting, with the gun, the bomb, and the bayonet - and plastering that symbolism all over their national public memorial.

It's one thing you can't accuse the Americans of, of doing on their monuments...

This complaint could be totally fixed by adopting this configuration of the "Canadian Veterans Monument."

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure

Done Deal Choice #4 - "Canadian Veterans Museum"

- Remove the retro "Canadian War Museum"

Drop a jingoistic banner and replace it with a more proper and politically correct name...
Orig. plate - Image Size - 23 cm
Found - Eugene, OR
To see the work done by historians at the Museum:
Go to 46 Research Howlers from the Canadian War Museum:
"Laugh, I thought my pants would never dry..."
Donate the Arch - Better yet the donate the monstrously gloating "Triumphal Victory Arch," and the surmounting - and horribly mischaracterized - "Greek Winged Goddess of Victory in War," to the military types to set up in Petawawa. After all, both these misplaced, over-the-top military trophies, have been used for thousands of years only to honour military heroes for their bloody exploits on some field of mayhem or other and will be right at home there...

To put up alongside those of their numerous other military officer notables:

- General "Killer" Hillier, General Daniel Menard, Chief Chaplain General Roger Bazin, Col. Russell Williams, Col. Mason Stalker, Col. Martin Bernier, Col. Bernard Ouellette, Col. Deborah Miller, Commander Joshua Yanchus, Major David Yurczyszyn, Capt. Semrau, RMC Officer Cadet Alexander Whitehead, RMC Officer Cadet JC Scott, Petty Officer James Wilks, etc.

We won't list all the NCOs and Privates who, on some pretext or other, have raped women or killed their wives or others, including: Chaulk, Lake, Lough, LeBlanc, Martel, Hardy, Hall, Deganis, Richmond, Giblin, etc.

This also does not include the rampant sexual exploitation of teenage military cadets by their instructors like Cadet Capt. Brandon Ernest, Lt. D Maheney, Cadet Maj. Collin Scott, and Cadet Capt. Joe Horvath. The Department of Defence has already secretly settled with 81 former cadets for some 10 (that's 10) million dollars. And counting...

It's a truly shocking list for any organization, let alone one so small as the Canadian military "family," as former top General Walt Natynczyk, liked to call it - the equivalent of a small town anywhere in Canada, of some 60,000.

Christie Blatchford - one of Canada's right-wing extremist rednecks, calls this sociopathic, over-the-top butcher's bill, normal where she comes from, in any organization she's familiar with, that one just needs to have "enormous nuts" to hold your ground against anything that would change the status quo, that there is no need for "a big fix" in the Canadian Forces, and warns to not "grossly overreact and make desexualization the cultural the issue of the decade."

Clearly one may ask, is Blatchford just that hard up for male attention? One look should tell you...

One additional insight - she likes to chat with fellow cookie-cutter rednecks Rosie DiManno, and Lisa LaFlamme. Another couple of mainstream media establishment propagandists also known to have "enormous nuts," and lamentably little else... (DiManno in fact was publicly censured for making totally unacceptable racist comments, by the Toronto Star's own public editor. DiManno showed how nutsy she is by first making racist anti-immigrant comments, and then by never apologizing.

(LaFlamme is mostly famous for her shriekingly delivered reports attacking the overwhelmingly, extremely well-behaved marchers during the execrable and widely video documented G20 police riots conducted by some 100 officers who had thoughtfully removed their police ID from the uniforms before cutting loose against peacefully onlooking women, girls, and men.)

Nuff said...

In short, get rid of the overly aggressive "military" association, of the monument as currently configured, and refocus on the Canadian civilian volunteerism that this monument was originally contracted to honour in the 1920s...

After all it was Canadian civilians - NOT THE PROFESSIONAL CANADIAN MILITARY SUITS - who patriotically and bravely, volunteered, signed up, fought, and died in World War I and II.

That's the kind pf patriotism that the national "war" memorial should celebrate.

NOT that of the few guys who - surrounded by an ocean of life choices unknown to any previous civilization - chose to make blood sports a life career.

Below the real Canadian "heroes," three ordinary guys off civvy street who left wives and family behind to serve. Not a flashy medal, not a braggart among them. Joe Barfoot on the right gave his life, and never got to see his daughter. (The others I do not know at Summerside, PEI c June 1943.

Let's dedicate the memorial to them, NOT the professional military suits like Hillier, Menard, Bazin, Williams, Stalker, Bernier, etc., who could all be found, in the past, pompositing about, all duded up with their medals, on Remembrance Day at the National War Memorial... And configure it so, by removing the jingoistic, bragging military claptrap that presently desecrates it....

Go to We Still Miss You Joe...

Felix de Weldon's Magnificent Patriotic Celebration of the Human Spirit

Alternative uses for the National "War" Memorial's gloating "Triumphal Victory Arch" &
"Winged Goddess of Victory in War" statue...

On top of the US Marine Corps Iwo Jima Monument... Over the War Memorial at Charlottetown, PEI... Over Calgary's Boer War Monument...
Over the Dachau death camp sculpture... Over the Newfoundlander Memorial at Beaumont-Hamel... Over the Queen on Parliament Hill...