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Boer War British Heroes
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Great British Heroes
The men are listed with their rank as most were professional soldiers.
Personality Notes Period
Queen Victoria 1 Queen 1837-1901 19th Century
King Edward VII King 1902-1911 Boer War
Queen Alexandra Queen 1902-1911 Boer War
General Andrew Wauchope Killed as Commander Highland Brigade at Magersfontein Boer War
General Douglas Haig Boer War Staff Officer & Commander UKĀ Forces in WWI Boer War & World War I
General Charles Gordon Killed as Commandant at Khartoum by Mahdi Uprising Sudan War
General Colin Campbell Army Commander in Crimean War Crimean War
General Hector Macdonald Commandant Highland Brigade Sudan & Boer Wars
General John French Cavalry Commander & CO of UKĀ Forces in WWI Boer War & World War I
General Robert Baden-Powell 1 Defender of Mafeking, Founder Boy Scout Movement Boer War
General Robert Baden-Powell 2
General Robert Baden-Powell 3
General Redvers Buller VC First Commander of British Army in South Africa Boer War
General Penn-Symons Killed as Commander of British Forces at Talana Hill Boer War
Lord Aberdeen Governor-General of Canada 1893-1898
Lord Dundonald Cavalry Commander & Commandant of Canadian Militia Boer War & World War I
Lord Minto Governor-General of Canada 1898-1904
Lord Roberts of Kandahar VC Great Victorian & Edwardian General & Field Marshal 1880-1914
Marquis of Lorne & Princess Louise Governor-General of Canada 1878-1883
Col FH Burnham American Scout leading Lord Roberts' March to Pretoria Boer War
Col Frederick G Burnaby Killed with British Forces advancing on Khartoum Sudan War
Col. Harry J Scobell Column Commander Boer War
Major GE Benson Royal Artillery & Corps Commander in Guerilla War Boer War
Captain A Basil Lubbock Royal Horse Artillery & Celebrated Marine Author Boer War & World War I
Lt D Hare Bowers Scout for Col Scobell's Column Boer War
Lt Frederick Roberts VC Killed at Colenso, son of Lord Roberts Boer War
Lt TPW Nesham Killed as Artillery Officer at Tweebosch, Transvaal Boer War

Anne Garriock Nursing Sister Superintendant Boer War
David Lloyd George British MP & Prime Minister Boer War & World War I
Elizabeth Hay Nursing Sister Boer War
Emma Maud McCarthy Nursing Sister & Matron-in-Chief of British Army Boer War & World War I
Joseph Chamberlain Colonial Secretary Boer War Era
Mary Kingsley Nursing Sister & Famous Author Boer War

Sir Francis Carruthers Gould Artist and Picture Politics Cartoonist Victorian-Edwardian

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