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More important Canadian antique memorabilia the Museum has preserved.

The Goldi Family Related Sites - 1900-2015

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Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

The Last Photo Ever Taken of the Goldi Family Together, Mother's Day, 2002
Clockwise from top left: Henry Goldi, of Oakville, ON, the only Canadian-born, who works as security guard at Milton Auto Auction (ON); Heidi Goldi Van Alstyne, retired receptionist in Fenelon Falls, ON; Fred R Goldi, retired executive in Mississauga, ON, formerly with Toronto Executive Consultants; Ruth Goldi (dec 2014 at age 97); Werner Goldi (dec. 2005 at age 100); John Goldi. Their passport pictures in Dec. 1950.
It was supposed to be the culmination of the "Life Dream" of Werner Goldi, who brought his family to Canada, 52 years before, hoping to give his children a prosperous and successful new life together in Canada.

The last photo of Mom and Dad together, on Mar. 27, 2005 on Dad's 100th birthday. They were still living in their own apartment.

In June, 2005. Dad stopped eating, and went into a sudden steep decline. He always said he wanted to outlive his two sisters who died in their late 90s in Switzerland. He hadn't seen them in 55 years... That goal accomplished, he lost heart. He couldn't bear starting another 100 years...

It would take him four long weeks to die, during which I attended him daily, from 6:30 a:m till 11 p:m at night, till relieved for overnight duty, by palliative home care workers, arranged and supervised by my wife, Joan Goldi. She also arranged to have medical professionals come by during the day (nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, bathers and changers, etc.)

My mother had requested that Joan arrange palliative home care so that her husband of 65 years could die peacefully at home, and not in some impersonal hospital. The death of her only sister in those surroundings only 10 months before, deeply upset her.

It proved to be, easily, the worst month, of my entire life.

1 - The Tie that Binds Three Great Canadians - Goldi Family

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2 - Toronto Star Christmas Letter - Dec 24, 2003

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3 - RMS Scythia - Cunard Immigrant Ship - Dec. 1950

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4 - John & Ruth Goldi Farm (ex Holmes, Doan) Aberfeldy ON - 1950-1957

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5 - The Making of a Master Cadet - 1956-1960 - Cadet Major John Goldi Collection

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6a - The Making of a Master Cinematographer - John Goldi csc

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6b - Nature & Wildlife Photographer & Cinematographer - John Goldi csc

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7 - Honorary Curator Emeritus, John Goldi csc - Publications

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Canadian Historian, John Goldi

Left historian John Goldi catalogues museum inventory behind the desk which had been built for the Hon. Réné Edouard Caron, when he was Mayor of Quebec (1834-1836). He became an MPP, a Court Justice, and then Lt. Governor of Quebec (1873-1876).

His son who played around the desk while a boy, became Sir Adolphe Caron, and Minister of Militia under Prime Minister Sir John A Macdonald, and sent the troops west to fight Riel in 1885.

At Réné's death, in 1876, when Quebec honoured him with its biggest ever funeral, the desk went to his son-in-law, Sir Charles Fitzpatrick.

He was to become Solicitor-General and Justice Minister (1896-1906) under Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who appointed him Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada (1906-1918).

He too, like his father-in- law, 45 years earlier, became Lt. Governor of Quebec (1918-1923.)

On his death, in 1942, the desk went to his grand-daughter Corinne Kernan, who married Pierre Sevigny a famous war hero. He had the desk when he became Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, and a Deputy Minister of Defence under John Diefenbaker in the late 1950s.

He became famous for the Gerda Munsinger Affair in 1966, when he was outed as having courted the German spy on top of this desk while he was a Deputy Defence Minister. She serviced other Diefenba ker cabinet ministers, like George Hees, but not on top of this desk.

The same year the scandal broke, Pierre's outraged wife, Corinne, sold the historic desk to John Laurel Russell, Canada's top antiques authority.

On his death in 2003, it was acquired by John Goldi for the Museum.

It continues to be associated with eminent Canadians who have contributed greatly to Canadian public life while working behind it over the past 180 years.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
The Caron, Fitzpatrick, Kernan, Sevigny, Munsinger, Russell Desk - 1834-2015 (John Laurel Russell Collection)
Found - Toronto, ON
Canadian Antiques: From photo front, clockwise: photo 1899 Boer War Vet, Ontarian WJ Diffey CAMC, toby jugs 1916 (Lloyd George, Gen. Haig by Carruthers-Gould Wilkinson), plaster bust c 1897 Laurier (by Philippe Hébert), parian bust 1863 Princess Alexandra (by Mary Thorneycroft), plaster statues 1886 John A Macdonald, Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, John A Macdonald (all Philippe Hébert), plaster bust 1929 Laurier (Laliberté); toby jug 1916, Lord Kitchener (Carruthers-Gould Wilkinson); plaster bust c 1896 Tecumseh (Hamilton MacCarthy); parian bust 1900 Lord Roberts (WC Lawton R&L). Elsewhere: English 64 key concertina 1920 (Wheatstone); fiddle of 1896 Laurier MP Charles Heyd - photo above - (Georg & August Klemme 1761); woodblock engraving 1862 Quebec (RP Leitch); acrylic on board c 1980 "Moonlight Raiders" (Carl J Smith). All part of some 4,500 antique historical memorabilia items in the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum Collection, collected & curated by historian John Goldi, who is also a musician, playing fiddle, banjo, guitar, concertina, fife, etc.
Caron 1834-1876 Fitzpatrick 1876-1942 Kernan 1942-1966 Sevigny 1942-1966 Gerda 1960s

Owners & Celebrities Associated with the Finest Desk in Canadian History (1834-2015)

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8 - Discovering New Canadian Boer War Sites in South Africa

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In 2000 we embarked on the biggest research investigation ever done of Canadian Boer War battlefields, training, and camping sites, in South Africa, by anyone in over a hundred years, entailing eight weeks work, driving some 11,000 kms and uncovering numerous Canadian historic firsts.

It was part of our "Boer War Project" selected as a "Canada Millennium Project" in 2000.

9 - Proposing First Official Canadian Signage for Canadian Boer War Sites in South Africa

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In reply to my huge original proposal, demanding the Canadian Government "To End a Century of Neglect," in 2005 the Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Hon. Stéphane Dion, wrote a personal letter announcing: "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Goldi, I am pleased to advise you that I have recently designated Canada and the South African War an event of national historic significance."

10 - Developing the World's Largest & Most Lavishly Illustrated Museum Website

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In 2015, the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum - which I launched as a "Canada Millennium Project" - remains the largest and most lavishly illustrated museum educational website ever produced anywhere. It was, holus bolus, lock, stock, and barrel, "borrowed," in toto, without attribution, as the creative template for Random House's book "A Museum Called Canada."

11 - Adding Boer War Dates to Canada's National War Memorial

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As a result of my multi-level campaign (landmark South African research, four-hour four Gold Medal video series, huge Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum web site, massive "To End a Century of Neglect" proposal) pushing for the official recognition of Canada's first ever military expedition overseas, Boer War dates were finally affixed for the first time - OK so it's 115 years late! - on Canada's National War Memorial, on Nov. 12, 2014.

12 - Discovered, Verified, & Published Proof for the World's Very First Combat Photograph

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Verified that Canadian Capt. James Cooper Mason DSO, took the world's very first genuine combat photograph on Bloody Sunday, Feb 18, 1900 at 4 pm, at the Battle of Paardeberg, in South Africa during the Boer War.

We have preserved for posterity, the photo, the camera that took it, the letters, the diary proving it, and the sword, jackknife, whistle, and Sam Browne, that James was wearing at the time.

13 - Developing a Scientific Classification System for Stone Memorabilia

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14 - Developing the World's Largest & Most Lavishly Illustrated Museum Website

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15 - Developing a Fake Antique Painting, Print, & Photo Detector

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16 - Developing a Fake Antique Military Bugle Detector

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17 - Curator's Pick of 266 of Canada's Finest Historical Memorabilia

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17b - Developed ""

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17c - Developed the "FirstPeoplesofCanada. com" website

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"What a fantastic, fantastic web site!  I've learned more in 15 minutes than in years of schooling. I have always struggled with understanding the real differences between First Nations and Metis culture--I knew the technical definitions, but struggled to understand how that led to cultural differences. In the past few years I have made the acquaintance of a Metis friend, and so my lack of understanding has bothered me all the more. So, here I am plucking away at the iPad as I wind down in a Friday night, and wow!  My eyes are being opened. Thank you thank you thank you!" - Jeff Pellarin 2015

Investigative Journalist: Exposing: Diabolical Creeps, Crooks, Fakes, Frauds, & Forgeries of All Kinds...

18 - Celebrating 50 years as an Investigative Journalist 1965- 12015 Go To

19 - the Worst History Book Publication Disaster in Canadian History

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20 - the Worst 100 Fake 19th Century Boer War Combat Photos of All Time

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21 - the Worst Mainstream Media Journalism Malfeasance of the 20th c - Ipperwash 1995

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22 - the Greatest Fraud in Canadian Art History - 2001-2015

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Filmmaking Creativity, Innovations, & Feedback

23 - International Feedback - "The Great Anglo-Boer War: the Canadian Experience" 2003

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24 - Awards - "Boer War" - Winner of 4 International Gold Medals

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25 - Program Innovations - "Boer War" 4 Hour Series

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26 - Awards - Outdoor Adventure Canada - Winner of 79 International Awards

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27 - Feedback - OAC

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28 - Program Innovations - Outdoor Adventure Canada -

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29 - Art Museum Collection on Exhibition & Tour

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