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More important Canadian antique memorabilia the Museum has preserved.


Sara B - ebay handle NUTTYNANNAN
Folkestone, Kent, UK












Sara B of Folkestone Kent, accepted an indecent offer - apparently not her first - took our money and ran, to sell this plate, illegally, outside ebay, for a higher bid from another ebay creep, and invented bogus excuse, after bogus excuse, as to why she was abruptly aborting sending us an expensive plate for which we had paid her.

When we protested, after several days, she sent the money back to paypal.

She had tried to keep the money and the plate...

Then we dealt with her again, through a third party, hoping she was only a two time ebay internet criminal.

We were fooled four times for a lot of money...


ebay Scam #13 - An ebay seller, reselling, an item which a buyer just won and paid for, within days of an auction closing, to an under bidder, who offered lots more money.

Sara B of Folkestone, Kent, UK, took the paypal payment $368 US, after a buyer won a legitimate ebay auction, for a 1938 Chamberlain, the Peacemaker plate, in an honest open ebay auction, and then, days later, suddenly, without cause, aborted the legal ebay sale, sold the plate, outside ebay, for lots more money, to an under bidder, who was mad that he lost the item in an honest ebay auction.

An ebay auction creates lots of publicity. After the bidding stops, lots of people are angry they didn't put in a higher bid. Some do something about it and immediately contact the seller and offer lots more money, if the seller will just sell to him, instead of to the legitimate auction winner.

(We have received such pleas from under bidders, "I'll pay anything you want" but always turn them down. ebay also calls it illegal.)

Sara B of Folkestone, Kent, who has quite a reputation for accepting indecent proposals agreed.

We lost the rare plate to Sara B' rampant greed.

ebay Scam #44 - Refunding only the dollar amount, for the plate cost, not the paypal conversion charges lost.

It costs a person to send money via paypal from North America to the UK, for converting US dollars to pounds and back again.

After being defrauded by Sara B, who sold the plate to the illegal under bidder, she sent back the money, but not the conversion costs. We lost $18 US.

So she is now doubly tainted as an international internet creep and criminal.

ebay scam #17 - Sending an item other than the one advertised. Sending a grossly inferior one to the one shown.

A couple of months later, Sara B offered a similar 1938 Chamberlain, the Peacemaker plate. She published lots of huge pictures showing in great detail what great condition the plate was in.

We were the successful bidder - through a third party, who received the plate and transmitted it to us.

But it was not the plate that was pictured, having numerous missing or defaced lettering and pictorials. She used pictures of a superior plate to sell a junky one to unsuspecting customers. There was clearly another attempt to defraud through the internet.

When we complained - through the third party - Sara B agreed to take back the plate. Again, we lost a rare plate and all the time, effort, and expense, to unpack, repack, and to mail it back.

ebay scam #22 - Not refunding two-way shipping charges for an item that was totally misrepresented and fraudulently advertised.

Sara B refused to pay shipping charges for the plate she fraudulently advertised in ebay scam #17.

We were out $48 US more.

Below a picture of Sara B' actual dog, which she recently lost.

Won't you help her find her puppy...?

Posted as a public service, to protect the international internet community
from further criminal activity by
Sara B of Folkestone, Kent, UK

Sara B, Folkestone, Kent, UK
Looking everywhere, for her lost puppy...

Since hard times have overtaken Sara B - she can't make as much on the street as she used to - she has lamentably, come indoors, and started a life of crime on the internet.

Sara, repent, we think it's a bad fit. Go back to something you were good at...

Internet Fraudster

ebay handle

A.B. & Ralph B - Nantwich, Cheshire, UK fullcircle
Barbara R - Santa Clarita, CA, custombagsntags
The Blue Ox - Algonquin, IL theblueox
Ione G - Tavistock, Devon, UK atticcashortrash
JK H - Almonte, ONTARIO xhermanx
Joanne & Gerald (Gerry) B - Newmarket, ONTARIO bloxam
Sheet Music Shoppe - Wisconsin kampko
Mario & Andre L - Duryea, Pennsylvania
Mark A - West Boxford, Massachusetts panda10101885
Mark W - Fenton, Michigan browntrout
Sara B - Folkestone, Kent, UK nuttynannan

The Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum is the site of record recommended by thousands of ebay users from around the world.
Countless ebay sellers and buyers from every corner of the globe routinely refer to the gloriously educational pages of "The Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum," for historical information about Canada, and the British Empire, in the 19th and 20th centuries, and to evaluate and identify Canadian and British historical memorabilia items they are thinking of buying or selling or would just like to know about.

A Sample from ebay Antique Dealer web sites:

"Please see the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum's awesome pages on Canadian Painter AH Hider."
(Los Angeles, California)

"For a wonderful description of this rare jug please see a truly amazing museum website, The Canadian Boer War Museum."
(London, UK)

"Look at the most wonderful historical website ever, for pictures and a great description of this rare Boer War tapestry"
(Houston, Texas.)

Sara B of Folkestone, Kent, UK, looking for her lost puppy Snuffy.
An undated photo of Sara B, and her puppy Snuffy, kindly donated by one of her many friends on the internet, with whom she, and her husband Raymond, reportedly, regularly exchange pictures. They say Sara recently won Folkestone's Harvest Queen of the May - as well as June, July, August, September and October. You'll have to wait till Sara gets up, to see her puppy.
(We have covered Sara's eyes to preserve her modesty.)

We are accepting nominees
for the International Internet Creep of the Month Award. This award was instituted because of the increasing number of ruthless people exhibiting unprincipled, to downright criminal, behaviour, in ebay transactions - sociopaths who abuse the honour system of the internet community, and think of nothing of ripping off, or stealing, from honest, and trusting buyers, simply because they may be a continent, or an ocean, away.

Deserving Nominees must have demonstrated a combination of:
- deliberate downright theft,
- clearly fraudulent behaviour in a transaction,
- a flagrant disregard of clear mailing directions, leading to damage or loss of an item,
- a Neanderthal obliviousness of common sense in packing fragile items, leading to damage or loss of an item,
- a wildly false and deliberately descriptive distortion of an item,
- outrageously false and evasive answers to requests for condition reports,
- and follow up these transgressions with a rude dismissal of any compensation or financial return to the righteously aggrieved party.

If you are one of those who have been rewarded with a Nomination, you may, of course decline the Honour, and have yourself removed from this International Dishonour Roll, thus avoid bringing down the Opprobrium of the entire Internet Community upon yourself, your friends, your colleagues - and your country - by simply reversing your amoral or criminal behaviour, and settling the matter to the satisfaction of the aggrieved party.

Otherwise your nomination stands... for the Ages, so decent users of the internet can be warned against you and your kind. And any of your offspring which you may unexpectedly, suddenly, find yourself encumbered with...

Below the aggrieved and victimized buyers share their experiences with this gallery of internet fraud artists...

Please note - Personal identifying ID has been removed to comply with web legalities. In the interests of complete transparency, to protect consumers from further depredations by these unscrupulous people, we will be happy to send more detailed names, addresses, and contact information, on any of these, to anyone who approaches us by email.

Copyright Goldi Productions Ltd. 1996-1999-2005


Mark A - ebay handle - panda10101885
West Boxford, Massachusetts

ebay scam #20 - The ebay seller lies blatantly in his ebay ad about the condition of an item he offers for sale.

Mark A of West Boxford, MA, had a bad plate he wanted to get rid of, so he decided to put it on ebay, ignore its obvious damaged condition, which no collector can accept, and praise it to the skies, "wonderful condition. No chips, no damage."

It arrived, well packed, with a huge and very old, 1 1/2 inch crack in it.

He agreed to take it back but stiffed us for the shipping it cost us to return the fraudulently advertised plate.

ebay scam #21 - The con artist refrains from giving merited good feedback to see what develops using the counter threat of bad feedback to cover fraudulent activity.

Most conscientious ebay sellers post immediate feedback, when a buyer has paid - especially when he has paid fast, like we did with this plate, within minutes of winning it.

But after two weeks still no feedback for us.

ebay sellers with a bad conscience - like all posted here - hold off on giving feedback, waiting to see what happens when the *&?%$ hits the fan. The want to be free to give bad feedback to a buyer who dares complain and give them bad feedback.


ebay scam #16 - The ebay seller lies in reply to emails from buyers who are worried about blemishes or marks in pictures accompanying the ad.

In his email reply, to a worried potential buyer, Mark A assured him that the mark he saw was merely a bit of old tape.

So Mark had clearly examined the plate in great detail to comment on the tape residue. He couldn't possibly have missed seeing the most noticeably feature of the back of the plate - the humongous crack...

Still he assured the worried buyer in caps with "NO DAMAGE."

ebay scam #25 - The fraudulent seller, to cover up his criminal activity, does not reply to any emails requesting the lost money.

We graciously thanked him for taking back the plate and giving us back our original payment, auction price and shipping. But he refused to answer emails after numerous requests that requested the return postage as well for an item that was misrepresented by the seller. We said if he paid us our money back we would not post bad feedback.

He refused to reply.

We lost $14 US to pay for the return of a fraudulently described ebay item.

Mario & Andre L - ebay handle -
Duryea, Pennsylvania

ebay scam #18 - The ebay seller lies blatantly in his ebay ad about the "condation" of an item he offers for sale.

Mario L of Duryea, and Scranton, Pennsylvania, besides being totally illiterate, as his ad makes clear, is everybody's worst nightmare of sociopathological lying that motivates too many ebay sellers.

We wanted an antique Underwood typewriter from around 1910 to use in typing antique looking letters.

Mario L's ad maintained his typewriter "works great" and is in "great condation."

When it arrived we discovered he had sent us a thoroughly rusted hulk on which nothing moved. Many keys were rusted and locked. The carriage return and platen were completely rusted shut.

ebay scam #30 - The ebay seller deliberately compounds the crime by openly soliciting email contact for further "questions about the peice (sic)" and adding another layer of deceit.

In answer to further emails, Mario L confirmed to us what a great typewriter this was, as it had been in the L family for many years.

When we took it to a typewriter expert to enquire about "condation" he informed us gravely that it would cost a fortune in order to unlock the rust, add replacements, and make it work in any way at all. That this had been rusted shut for years...

He recommended we use it as a boat anchor.

He hoped it hadn't cost us anything!!!

We didn't dare tell him the truth.

In fact we were ripped off for $227.50 US from Internet Criminal Mario L of Duryea/Scranton, Pennsylvania.

ebay scam #26 - ebay aids and abets fraud artists and criminals and gives no protection to victimized buyers.

When we complained to Mario L, that the typewriter he sent was a rusted piece of junk, and that a typewriter expert suggested we dump it in the lake, he grew very angry and said the typewriter worked great when he sent it, that "you must have done something to ruin it." He utterly refused to hear of taking it back

We complained to ebay, which, as usual, in our 10 year experience, did nothing to help - ebay only cares about making sales, and cares not a whit to help people who have been scammed, ripped off, by criminal elements who love the privacy and protection ebay provides for them to victimize innocent and trusting buyers. Seller churn, like that by unscrupulous stock market brokers, is what brings in ebay profits, not complaints from victims..

ebay suggested we send the typewriter back, that the seller had agreed to take it back.

When we contacted Mario L again after he had utterly refused any responsibility on any level,Mario stormed that "it had better be in the great condition, and be in the same good working order that I sent it." But If it had been damaged in our care, as seemed obvious by what we said, there would be no refund.

So we were supposed to send him the rusted typewriter. He would then have the money and the evidence of fraud, and we would have lost the typewriter and the money both.

And ebay would reply, "Well he says you returned his typewriter in damaged condition. So you don't qualify for a refund."

ebay scam #19 - The cagey ebay seller wishes you "Good Luck Bidding."

Clearly Mario L knew exactly what he was selling, with his "Only Good Luck is going to get you to make this rusted peice (sic) of junk to do any typing for you..."

Kampko Vintage Sheet Music Shoppe - ebay handle - kampko
Weyauwega, Wisconsin

You can't complain if you haven't put in a bid, though it feels unethical to have someone post something to an auction and then whisk it away.

Auctioneers do this often, posting good stuff to attract buyers. You go there and find that it's not there, having been pre-sold to a high bidder. You were suckered.

ebay scam #33 - An ebay seller suddenly aborts an 8 day auction in mid-stream and posts "no longer available"

This is a variation of the selling to an under bidder scam noted above, which is conducted after an auction has closed. There the winning bidder loses; ebay gets its cut.

ebay does not allow you to close auctions once bids have been made.

This scam is carried out while the 8 day auction is still underway, often with bids coming in. (There were no bids posted on this auction, though many were waiting...)

Then, behind the scenes, an ebay buyer makes the seller an offer he can't refuse, so he/she closes down the auction, and posts "Item no longer available" notice. ebay says that personal greed is not a legal reason to abort an auction.

The seller then sells the item "outside ebay," to whom he says the piece was lost, broken, or sold by an unwitting employee in their local home town antique store. What can ebay answer to that? Nothing. ebay loses its cut.

People who were waiting to bid - clearly the case here - or have already put in bids (not the case here), on the item, are are out of luck, suckered by a greedy seller who flaunts the item then whisks it away.

To forestall this, on an item you plan to bid on at the last moment, a good technique is to put in a minimum bid to "freeze" an item for the duration of the auction, and hope the seller is not one of the unscrupulous ones who will yank it prematurely anyway, rather than turn down an obscene offer.

Below a real live example of this scam. The buyer probably offered the Kempko Vintage Sheet Music Shoppe $40 US for the piece. Note the 100% feedback. People who feel ripped off have no way to register a complaint because the auction, and access to feedback, was cut off. The buyer is very happy. ebay not. And neither are all the buyers who waited to bid later...

The Blue Ox - ebay handle - theblueox
Algonquin, Illinois

ebay scam #24 - The criminal works out of a postal box to preserve anonymity and make it easier to carry on non-traceable crime.

ebay scam #25 - The fraudulent seller, to cover up their criminal activity, does not reply to any emails.

We were the winning bidder on a World's Fair Boer War Program and waited, and waited, after we sent the money. We kept emailing but never received a reply.

ebay scam #31 - The scamming seller just never sends the item.

The item never arrived and we lost the program and $45 US.

ebay Scam #13 - An ebay seller, reselling, an item which a buyer just won and paid for, within days of an auction closing, to an under bidder, who offered lots more money.

Selling to rapacious under bidders is a real problem with many sellers who can double or triple their income just be doing this and cutting off communication with the real winner. Most times they do not return the money, claiming the mail lost it.

ebay scam #15 - The criminal hides behind anonymous names and doesn't disclose his name because he knows repercussions may come down the way if he does.

People who work out of postal boxes are like the married man who removes his ring before entering a bar.

Ebay is a wonderful venue for criminal activity. Many of these criminal types work ebay for a few years until they have burned too many people with their criminal activities. Then drop their old defiled ebay persona and make up a new handle, personality, and a new email - sometimes even a new address - and start doing the ebay circuit all over again. ebay has no way to prevent this whatsoever.

We know people who have lost thousands of dollars to fraudulent ebay sellers...

Ione G - ebay handle - atticcashortrash
Tavistock, Devon

ebay scam #25 - The fraudulent seller, to cover up their criminal activity, does not reply to any emails.

We sent the money for a Boer War era handkerchief and in spite of numerous attempts to get a response from the seller, because the item failed to arrive, we were totally unsuccessful, once our money was gone.

ebay scam #31 - The scammer never sends the item.

The handkerchief was never sent.

We lost the handkerchief and $17.30 US.

ebay Scam #13 - An ebay seller, reselling, an item which a buyer just won and paid for, within days of an auction closing, to an under bidder, who offered lots more money.

JK H - ebay handle - xhermanx
Almonte, Ontario

JK H is a first class ebay internet criminal of the worst kind. Many ebayers called him a thief for having sent him money and never receiving their items or cash back. The OPP should be investigating this internet fraudster.

ebay scam #31 - The scamming seller just never sends the item.

We paid for a pennant of Old Fort Henry from 1965.

JK H never sent it, and refused to answer our many emails requesting it, information about it, or a refund for what we paid.

He avoided our emails.

We lost the pennant and $15.30 US which included $2.20 delivery insurance.

Now there's a brazen con man.

Mark W - ebay handle - browntrout
Fenton, Michigan

ebay scam #31 - The scamming seller just never sends the item.

We won an ebay auction for a razor that commemorated the coronation of King Edward and Alexandra in 1902.

It never arrived even though Mark W claimed he had postal tracking receipts to make sure it would 't go astray.

Mark, who was a real estate agent from Coldwell-Banker, accused us of lying about not receiving it. "I don't believe you" and then, complaining about the "crappy Canadian postal service" as the "worst in the world," cut off further contact. His churlish demeanor told us he had something to hide.

We lost the razor and $55 US.

Joanne & Gerald (Gerry) B - ebay handle - bloxam
Newmarket, Ontario

ebay scam #7 - The seller, intent on fraud, posts a clearly dishonest advertisement.

We won a Rowland and Marsellus plate which Joanne B had advertised as "condition excellent" and with "minor crazing," for which she attached a minimal picture that was too fuzzy to show crazing of any kind.

The plate arrived with two 2 inch cracks, and extremely heavy crazing all over the back of the plate.

Joanne B clearly knew the huge cracks were there before she posted her detailed description of the plate. We noticed them immediately on opening the box.

No accidental oversight here; clearly guilty of two criminally fraudulent claims: big cracks, bad crazing.

ebay scam #21 - The con artist refrains from giving merited good feedback to see what develops using the counter threat of bad feedback to cover fraudulent activity.

We paid instantly with paypal for the plate, yet received no ebay feedback, though weeks went by while the plate was being packaged and in the mails. (ebay sellers usually whip off effusive thanks instantly to fast payers.)

But the Bs didn't want to do that, fully knowing they sent off a fraudulent plate likely to create bad feedback. By deliberately holding their feedback "in reserve," as a club, they could counter with bad feedback of their own about people who complain about fraud.

We tried to contact the Bs many times. They refused to reply. We told them if they paid us our $21 US, we would refrain from bad feedback.

With no reply we posted bad feedback. We're sure they will respond in kind.

ebay scam #25 - The fraudulent seller, to cover up their criminal activity, does not reply to any emails.

Saying only to "send the plate back" Joanne B refused to answer any of our multiple emails requesting reimbursement for being victimized into paying shipping for a plate that was fraudulently advertised.

ebay scam #14 - The criminal charges you for shipping fraudulent items both ways, forcing you to become a partner in using the mails to defraud people - ourselves.

Since she refuses to refund the shipping for this plate, we are forced to pay for a fraudulently advertised, and damaged plate, from the con man seller and back again.

The Bs have a great scam going here. They can send out defective items, which they advertise as "condition excellent," many times, till they find a blind buyer.

In the meantime, any unhappy victimized buyers are being nailed for all two way shipping charges to and from the defrauding Bs.

We are out the plate and lose $21 US.

Bad Feedback - This is a great example of how poor the ebay feedback system is. We will get a lowered feedback rating from this seller, making it look like we are unreliable ebay buyers. Some sellers will not sell to us as a result of our rating slipping below 100%.

When in fact we got a lower rating because we complained about a fraudulent seller's behaviour and tactics.

Many buyers who complain about creeps, crooks, and criminals on ebay end up with lower ratings.

This is a good example of how the best people, with the best intentions, and fastest pay record, can still get a lousy feedback rating.

Remember, there are more creepy sellers than buyers on ebay.

A. B. & Ralph B - ebay handle - fullcircle
Nantwich, Cheshire, UK

ebay scam #31 - The scamming seller just never sends the item.

We won the auction for a commemorative jug for General Penn-Symons for $135 US.

After long periods of waiting, and off-putting emails, from AB B, the commemorative jug never arrived.

Our requests for a refund went unanswered and contact with the seller was lost.

Ebay, as usual was no help.

We were out $135 US and the commemorative jug.

Barbara R - ebay handle - custombagsntags
Santa Clarita, CA













ebay scam #41 - Refusing to follow instructions on packing.

We won an expensive 1911 Coronation teapot at her ebay auction.

We sent her special instructions, twice, to make sure she took steps to protect this fragile item in the mail.

She ignored our guidelines. The teapot was destroyed in the mail.

ebay scam #23 - Not packing expensive items conscientiously.

Barbara R sent this fragile and expensive item to us, using plastic bags - the kind you carry your groceries home in - for padding!

Only a total imbecile would do this, since these bags shift and have no bulk or padding qualities, of any kind. The teapot was just careening about inside the box without buffering or protection. No double boxing; no foam chips.

She had also used a box that was exactly, just big enough to hold the teapot, leaving no room whatsoever, not even a plastic bag, for padding on top and bottom. Both ends of the teapot were hard against the cardboard bottom and top flaps.

Barbara R had also left the lid on the teapot - ceramic against ceramic - with no packing between pot and lid. Nothing taped shut. The lid was destroyed.

ebay scam #29 - Making a customer pay for multi-level seller negligence.

Barbara snarked that Canadian customs wrecked it - though customs had not opened it at all - and refused to refund us our money.

We were out $138 US.

Being an idiot four times in a row is a rare achievement for anyone outside a zoo, but Barbara R has nailed herself a perch and a permanent spot on the international rogues gallery of Internet creeps and criminals.

ebay scam #18 - Refusing to follow basic rules of literacy in addressing parcels.

Can it get worse? Certainly with this payroll clerk from a California school board. This was the second time she sent this teapot. The first time she did not follow shipping instructions which we sent twice to avoid mistakes. She still printed the name wrong and the postal code both. It never arrived and was returned to her.