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Great Canadian Victorian & Edwardian Memorabilia Collections

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Exhibits & Tours Original works from our collections on Exhibit, Tour, or Publications
Agar Adamson Coll Boer War & World War I Soldier
AH Hider Coll Late 19th & Early 20th Century Artist
Alfred Laliberté Coll Early 20th Century Sculptor & Artist
Allan Brooks Early 20th Century Bird Artist
Arthur Heming Coll Early 20th Century Historical & Wilderness Artist
Artists Coll 19th & 20th Century Canadian Artists
Autograph Coll Victorian & Edwardian Autographs
Aynsley Muskoka Plates Coll 1880s Topographical Canadian Views
Bacon Battle Prints Coll Victorian Battle Prints
Basil Lubbock Coll Late 19th & Early 20th Century Soldier & Marine Writer
Beaver Coll Great Canadian Beaver of All Kinds
Boer War Postcards Coll Victorian & Edwardian Boer War Postcards
Bugles Coll Boer War Era Bugles
Captain Henry Poussette Coll Boer War South African Constabulary and WW I Canadian officer
Captain JH Caddy Coll 19th Century Scenic Artist
Captain R Dillon Coll Canadian Militia Sharpshooter & Louis Riel Soldier
Ceramics Coll Victorian & Edwardian Ceramics
Charlie Adams Boer War Canadian Soldier
Christmas Coll A 21st Century Canadian Christmas
Colonel Russell Williams Celebrated Canadian Officer, Murderer, Rapist, Panty Collector, etc.
Cunard Coll Cunard Liner RMS Scythia Memorabilia
Currier & Ives Coll Canadian mid 19th Century Prints
CW Jefferys Coll Late 19th & Early 20th Century Artist
Dave Gyles Coll Boer War Relic Hunter Extraordinaire
Edward W Pownall Boer War Canadian Soldier
Ellen Neel Coll pioneer woman Kwakwaka'wakw totem pole carver
Emily Hay Nursing Sister Coll Boer War Celebrity Autographs
Fab Five Canadian Artists Coll Best Canadian Heritage Artists 1890-1950
Fabrics Coll Victorian & Edwardian Fabrics
Fakes Coll Fakers, Creeps, Con Men & Other Poseurs
Fanny Calvert Coll 19th & 20th Century Canadian Artist
Feedback Coll Some Comments from Around the World
First Nations Canadian Indians
Flags Coll Victorian & Edwardian Flags, Banners, Handkerchiefs
Francis Carruthers Gould Coll 19th & 20th Century British Cartoonist
Frederick Russell Burnham Coll American & Boer War Scout
Furniture Coll Victorian Canadian Furniture
Games Coll Great Canadian Games
General Buller Coll British Commander of Canadian Troops in the Boer War
General Hillier Coll Modern Canadian General
General VAS Williams Coll Boer War & World War I Canadian officer
Generals Coll Boys at War (Generals) 1899-2009
George Laidlaw Coll Victorian & Edwardian Soldier
Great Eastern Coll Laying the First Transatlantic Cable
Hamilton MacCarthy Coll 19th & 20th Century Canadian Sculptor
Harold Borden Coll Boer War Soldier
Heroes - Boer Boer Notables of the Boer War
Heroes - British British Notables of the Boer War
Heroes - Local Canadian Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian People of Note
Horse Brass Coll Victorian & Edwardian Horse Brass Decorations
Horse Memorabilia Coll Victorian & Edwardian Horse Memorabilia
Houses Coll Canadian Houses to 1911
Hubert Duchene Coll Boer War Canadian Soldier
Jack Cockburn Coll World War I - Royal Canadian Artillery Soldier
James Cooper Mason DSO Coll Boer War Canadians Soldier & Photographer
James Diffey Coll Boer War & World War I Canadian Soldier
James Lorimer Heritage Howlers Coll Boer War humour in book publishing
James Reid Dill McKerihen Coll Boer War Canadian Soldier
JD Kelly Coll 19th & 20th Century Canadian Historical Painter
John A Macdonald Canada's First Prime Minister
John (Jack) Baker Coll Canadian Militia & World War I Soldier (KIA)
John McCrae Coll Boer War & World War I Soldier/Doctor/Poet
Joseph Julius Humme Coll Late 19th Century Artist
Kruger Money Box Coll Paul Kruger's Transvaal Money Banks
Lamp Coll Victorian & Edwardian Lamps
Lancer Coll The Cavalry Lance in History
Lionel Macdonald Stephenson Coll Late 19th Century Painter
Match Striker Coll Victorian & Edwardian Match Strikers
Marjorie Larmon Coll Late 20th Century Antique Collector
Medals Coll Victorian - Edwardian - Georgian Medals
Military Portraits Coll Canadian Military Portraits 1860-2010
Minton Milton & Cheadle Coll 1865 Canadian Dessert Service
Music & Musical Instruments Coll Victorian & Edwardian Sheet Music & Musical Instruments
Norman Pearson Coll Royal Canadian Artillery Soldier in Siberia, 1918
Norval Morrisseau Coll Late 20th Century Canadian Indian Artist - exposing the greatest fraud in Canadian art history.
NWMP & RNWMP Coll Victorian & Edwardian Mounted Police
Ocean Liner Coll Great Canadian Ships 1905-1958
Boer War Trooper
Owen Staples Coll Late 19th & Early 20th Century Artist
Paardeberg Day Coll Most Famous Canadian Military Victory, pre-World War I
Parian Bust Coll Victorian & Edwardian Busts
Parliament Hill Coll Canada's Capital Overlooking the Ottawa River
Parties Coll Victorian & Edwardian Bashes of Note
Paul Wickson Coll Victorian & Edwardian Painter of Canadian Rural Lifestyle Scenics
19th & 20th Century Canadian Sculptor
Plate Coll Victorian & Edwardian Commemorative Plates
Pin Tray Coll Victorian & Edwardian Commemorative Pin Trays
Pinback Coll Victorian & Edwardian Commemorative Pinbacks
Pitcher Coll Victorian & Edwardian Commemorative Pitchers
Platter Coll Great Canadian Ceramic Platters
Poetry & Song Coll Great Canadian Patriotic Poetry and Songs
Portrait Gallery Coll Great Canadian Faces 1784-1867
Postcards Coll Victorian & Edwardian Boer War Memorial Postcards
Prints Coll All about Canadian Originals, Original Prints, Copies, Reproductions, etc.
Quebec Tercentenary 1908 Coll Celebrating 300 Years After the Founding of Canada & Quebec
Remembrance Day What Canadians Have to Remember in the 21st Century
Reverse Glass Coll Late 19th & Early 20th Century Paintings on Glass
Robert Bateman Coll 20th century Wildlife Artist, and Reproduction Seller Extraordinaire
Royal Doulton Coll Commemorative Jugs 1885-1925
Sam Hughes Coll Boer War hero, Minister of Defence, World War I
Sheet Music Coll Victorian & Edwardian Memorabilia Sheet Music
Ships Coll Ships that Were Along for the Ride...
Ships 2 Coll Great Canadian Ships and Ship Disasters
Silk Ribbons Welcome Home Display Ribbons
Souvenir China Ware Coll Canadian 1890-1930
Spanish-American War Coll Memorabilia From the Last War Americans Won Without Help
Staffordshire Boer War Generals Coll Victorian & Edwardian Ceramic Generals
Stevengraphs Coll Silk Woven Portraits by Stevens, Grant etc.
Susanna Moodie Coll Victorian Canadian Settler & Writer
Tapestry Coll Victorian & Edwardian Military Tapestries
Teapot Coll Victorian & Edwardian Teapots
Tins Coll Boer War Tins
Tombstone Coll Canadian Tombstones & Graves
War Heroes Canadians Who Served
War Photography History of of War & Combat Photography 1830 -1945
WD Blatchly Coll Victorian Riel Rebellion Artist
William Dillon Otter (Colonel) Boer War & WWI Canadian Soldier
World War I Coll Illustrated Art & Memorabilia
World War I Coll 2 Canadians & Vimy Ridge