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The Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum
Featuring the people, places, events, & memorabilia of the Victorian & Edwardian Eras
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27 Then & Now 3
Paardeberg Battlefield Relic of
the Royal Canadian Reg't
South Africa 2002
Discovering Great Canadian Heritage Treasures
90b Past Discoveries 90c Moody Collection 90d Kruger Gold 90e Calendar 1901
90g Boer Tapestry 90h Maj. GE Benson 90i Maj. FH Burnham 90j Pretoria Jug
90l Red Cross Nurse 90m Danie Theron 90n John McCrae 90o Earl Dundonald
90q Agar Adamson 90r Kruger Jug 90s Kruger Money Box 90t Col. TDB Evans
90v Chocolate 1900 90w Pearson Bugle 90x Fife & Drums 90y Edward VII
91a Kruger Litho 91b Boer War Clock 91c Gen. Wauchope 91d NWMP Binoculars
91f Pom Pom Shell 91g Parian Bust 91h A Canadian Attic 91i Zulu Shield
91k Sir Wilfrid Laurier 91l Vanity Fair 91m Lord Kitchener 91n Bacon Prints
91p Bacon Bits 91q Pin Trays 91r Russo-Jap. Tapestry 91s Horse Brass
91tt Memorial Postcards 2 91kk Sir Wilfrid Laurier 2 91u Blatchly Lithos 90ss Kruger Money Box2
91rr Sp-Am War Tapestry 91w Riel Rebellion Quilt 4b Stevengraphs 91x Buller Bash
4e Flags & Banners 4d Silks & Ribbons 92d Lt. TPW Nesham RHA 92e King's Scout Game
92h WWI Poster 92i Gen. Penn-Symons 92j Staffordshire Generals 92k Busty Queens
92e Parian Power 92o Boer War Autographs
of Nurse Emily H Hay
92p Boer War Candlesticks 92q General Gordon Jug
92s Dave Gyles Dug Relics 92t Basil Lubbock Autographs 92u Mystery Admiral
Cansite Boer War Sampler 92v Boer War Furniture 92w Jubilee Flag 1887 92x RNWMP Gauntlets
92z Mystery Photos 93a Tombstones 93b Boer War Lamps 12n Fake Generals
12o Fake Telegrams 12la Fake Book 1 12lb Fake Book 2 12lc Fake Book 3
93e Col. Burnaby Lamp 93f DCM Medal 93g Capt JH Caddy 2 93h Match Strikers
93i Lindsay Volunteer 93j Chateau Laurier 1915 93g Commemorative Teapots 93i Victorian War Ships
93k Pte. Jack Baker 93l Edgar A Holloway 93m Whale Boys 93n Military Bugles
93p Arthur Heming 2 93q Arthur Heming 3 93s Arthur Heming 4 90s2 PPCLI
93o Robert Stewart Chest 93u JD Kelly 9 93u JD Kelly 10 93u JD Kelly 11
93u Hamilton MacCarthy 93v Philippe Hébert 93w Krieghoff FAARTS 2 93x Fanny Calvert 3
93p Reverse Glass Pics 93s McIntosh Homestead 93q Capt Walter Hughes MBE 93r Macpherson House
93u Louis Riel House 93t Goldi Farm 93v Ermatinger House 94a Maison Drouin
93x Burning Battleford 93y Catharine Parr T 93z Manoir Mauvide-Genest 94e Larmon Auction
94b Philippe Hébert 2 94c NWMP Fort 1876 94d JD Kelly 11 94f Louis Jobin
94h Susanna Moodie 91j Carruthers Gould 91j Fork U, Winnipeg 94b Kruger Dexterity Puzzle
91g Parian Busts Intro 35 Captain Dillon 1 35 Captain Dillon 2 91j Crimean War Jug
Pioneer Samplers 1 4a Russo-Jap War Fabrics 1 19th c Canadian Platters 1
Richardsonian-Romanesque 19th c Canadian Platters 2 Great Canadian Collections
93k2 James Diffey CAMC 73 The Empty Grave
93n2 Bugler Dunne 2 91j Toby Time 71l Munich Madness
93a Krieghoff FAARTS 1 93o3 Sheet Music 3 93q Pinback Parade 93u Really Stupid
93t Horse Hooves 39 Walter Allward 93t Horse Brass
41 Alfred Laliberté 40 Julius Humme 7 Muskoka Plates 1880s 8 Milton & Cheadle 1862
70u General Sam Hughes 11 Racist Attack 14f Lord Roberts Brass
5 Empire Chest 1830
34b Hamilton MacCarthy 2 War-time Love Affair Canadian Fiddles 68c Home from the War
20 Royal Ontario Museum 6.3 J Heath Platter 1850 Canadian Autoharp 68e.2 Murder of Jane McCrae
18.5 HMS Powerful 68f.3 Tecumseh 68i.6 Wreck of SS Atlantic 5c Mystery Ship
8a.1 Art Hider 72c Commandant JP Jooste 36 Capt Ken CC Taylor DSO 5c.3 Arthur Heming
Lest We Forget
Counterinsurgency Manual 47 CW Jefferys 35.5 Kandahar Medals
12 Battlefields 1885 7101 Kandahar Nightmare 24 Maud Lewis House Historic Concertinas
Pvt James McKerihen Coll Agar You Fake!!
Cannonballs 1812 Charlie Adams Medic
McKerihen Caps JD Kelly CPRailway FAKE - Mystery Ship McKerihen Bullets
Falsies & Fake Busts McKerihen Shells Fake Art Victorian Pressbacks

Now Available - High Resolution Digital Colour Images of the thousands of items found on these museum pages. ASK

George Case 1857 Pinbacks & Pinheads War Chief 1896 Welcome Home Boys 1900
KIA 1900 Creamer Hébert Statues 1880s Wa
Autograph Books
Autographs Letters Relief-Moulded Jugs Fake Boer War Tin

Col. Benson KIA Boer War Bayonets Autographs Photos
Boer Martini-Henry
Remembrance Day
General Rick Hillier ret.
Signed Works of Art
Fakes Update
Norval Morrisseau Queen Vic Needlework 1872 Disasters Hamilton Ontario
Fred Cozzens 1884 Lt. George E Laidlaw 1885
Merrimac Sinks 1898 Fake Bugles WWI Lt. John McCrae 1898
Farries Farm 1880
Boer Guedes Rifle 1886 Aboukir, Cressy, Hogue Marshal Pilsudski 1914 Paul Wickson 1900
War Games 1899 Death of Montgomery 1775 Historic Canadian Banjos The Masons & Riel 1885
EW Pownall Bandolier 1902 Hubert Duchene 1902
  Lt. Mason DSO - The Legend
Paardeberg Camera 1900
Paardeberg Diary 1900
Belmont Scandal
History - War Photography Belmont Photos 1899 Sir William MacCormack Remembrance Day
Pipsqueak Generals
Patriotic Song & Poetry Defacing Heritage Treasures
Rare Photogravure 1886
Rare Engraving 1784
Frederick A Taylor DSO
Rare Shipping Prints 1911
Currier Tecumseh Print 1846
Titanic 1912
Shoot to Kill 1917
Maj. Allan Brooks, DSO 1918 McKenney & Hall 1837
Victorian Photographs 1890s
Gouache 1900
Boer War Tins 1900
Watercolours 1830
Woodcuts WWI 1914 Fake Bugles 1899-1916
Chromolithographs 1880s
Oils 1869
Murdering Raping Colonel Portrait Gallery to 1867
Pastel Power 1900 Death of Maj. Michelle Mendes
Portraits 1867-1914
Hector Clarke KIA1918
4 Faking Aussie Bugles 1900 Capt. William McKee 1900
Cooties 1920
General VAS Williams 1900
Fake Signatures 1914-1950
CW Jefferys 1900
Sabretache 1899 Best Artists 1900-1950 Arthur Heming 1931
Propaganda 1900
Historic Liners 1905
Acrylic Art Historic Watercolours Fake Photos 1899
CANADA DAY - Wait for it... Giclée Antique Prints Repro Art 1900-2010 Fake Paul Kane 1845
Age of Sail & Steam 1750-2010
Souvenir Ware 1890-1930
Indian Stone Tools to 1600 Remembrance Day 2012
Submarines 1914-18
Ships of Shame 1939 The Last Letter Home 1916
Aussie Music Mystery 1900 Coffin Stools 1918 Little Mac 1837 Letters to Canada 1900
RC Army Cadets 1950s ROM Museum 1933
Merry Xmas That Sissy Lester 1917
Commemorating People General's Drafting Set 1884 Commemorative People Misc Boer War Buntings - 1899
Alexander Muir 1867 Mystery Quilt 1900 Capt. Stuart RCNR 1907 Boer War Board Game - 1900
Fake Boer War Bugle 1899 Fake War Photo 1900 FOUR Historic Firsts - 1899 Bandolier Sam Burnett 1901
51 Fake Combat Photos
World War I Bugle
Boer War Pom Pom 1900 FAKE KIA 1900
Fake Col. Otter Sabretache 11 Fake US Combat Photos 1898 2 CMR Relics 1902
10 Fake Spion Kop Photos 1900 6 Now 84 Photo Fakes Queen's Jubilee 1897-2012
Titanic Sinkings
Remembrance Day 2013 Fake Bronze Statues Theal Tombstone 1849 Higham Bugle 1901
#2 Seven Wonders of Canada Musical Instruments 1600-2013 Capt. James Peters 1885 Col. de Charette Papal Zouave 1861
Great Canadian Crokinole 1880 General Watson's Vimy Plaque 1917 Canada's Finest Artist - Jame Hergel Simply Canada's Finest Desk
    Lionel Macdonald Stephenson Great Canadian Kayak

In 1999, "The Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum" was Honoured by the Canadian Government
with the Rare Designation & Selection as
"A CANADA MILLENNIUM PROJECT" - "Sharing the Memory; Shaping the Dream"

Note: Though this is an internet Museum, the collection it references is genuine, comprising over 7,500 antique (most over 100 years old)
historical paintings, prints, photos and memorabilia items that belong together, but are housed in a secure vault that is not publicly accessible.





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Honorary Curator Emeritus

Effective Jan 1, 2013, we are pleased to announce that John Goldi, for many years the Director of Research and Collections, for the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum will become the Museum's first Honorary Curator Emeritus.

John Goldi csc - Honorary Curator Emeritus

Celebrating 21 years, featuring
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(Publishing on the web since 1996, offering informed commentary, lavishly illustrated, with video, audio, & pictures - oh, and humour - on history, media, politics, society, war & peace, art, sculpture, music, poetry, & ruthlessly exposing conmen, creeps, crooks, and fakes, frauds, and forgeries of all kinds)

(FYI - On Jan. 28, 2009, a much belated dozen years later, the Toronto Star, Canada's biggest newspaper, pomposited grandly, that it had appointed Paul Watson, as the “world’s first multimedia journalist...” based on Paul, being a photographer, adding personal photos to his stories.

It's typical gush of what the mainstream media specializes in: taking fiction and creating journalism, which they publish as "all the news you need to know."
No wonder the world is in such a descending spiral...

In early Feb 2016, Paul Watson - a man of principle rare to find in the mainstream media - quit his post at the Toronto Star, citing editorial interference in killing a key story Watson had long researched for the Star and deemed important for the health of Canadian democracy.

With Haroon Siddiqui retired from the Star, there is now no more reason to buy a newspaper whose editorial board openly supported the race war against the Muslims promoted by Harper (openly), Trudeau (furtively) and their corporate cronies. No other Canadian "voice" let alone journalist, even came close to touching Siddiqui for personal and professional integrity and being a highly principled and researched voice advocating reason and humanity in the public life of Canada. Canada - no the world - is a much poorer place with his passing from the scene...

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Harry Macdonough (1871-1931)

"God Be With You Till We Meet Again" 1902

You are listening to one of Canada's very earliest recordings from 1900, featuring one of Canada's very first recording artists, Harry Macdonough (left), singing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again," a sentiment shared by Canadians as they saw their boys off at the dock, and later, as they remembered those - like Lt. Harold Borden of Canning, Nova Scotia - who never came back.

Some 40 of these early recordings are featured on almost every page.

Many of these earliest Canadian recordings are used throughout
our television program's sound track.
Details on our Music Page

The War balloon: The British Army had four war balloon units in South Africa. Two observers were sent aloft on a tethered balloon to scout for the enemy ahead of the marching army, or to direct artillery fire during a battle. They dropped their information down in weighted envelopes. (Details on our Tech of War Page). To find out how many were shot down in flames, and the tragedies that occurred when generals refused to use them, watch our television program.

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