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America the Beautiful!
Feedback: #70: New York, NY, USA - "Superb job! Just a quick line of thanks for the job you did on the Boer War Videos. Poignant ..but not maudlin. Loved the on-site shots and "local experts". The sunrise opening and close with "Last Post" are very evocative. I showed these to several of my friends who were marginally interested in the war. They are now devouring my books related to it. Thanks again for the super job."
Ken Burns! Of course we're honoured, or is that honored...
Feedback: # 114: Montreal, PQ - "Your program was totally wonderful, totally wonderful. I really liked the way you talked with the descendants of the Boers like President Steyn's grandson. It's just a totally wonderful show.

"There are only two television programs I watch religiously, every time they come on, "The Civil War" with Ken Burns, and your Boer War series. Totally wonderful! I want to buy two sets, one for me and another to give to a colleague!"

- Professor of Law Emeritus, McGill University, Montreal, PQ

Feedback: #102: Toronto, ON - "Bravo to Goldi Productions for a documentary Canadians can truly be proud of (eat your heart out Ken Burns**.)  Your Boer War documentary was an absolutely enjoyable and enlightening experience.  A masterpiece!"
(Ken Burns at left, looks pleased too.)

Hong Kong's New Flag!
Feedback #22: Hong Kong, China: "Your page on
Victorian Edwardian flags is simply outstanding!"
Oh Canada!
Feedback #110: Vancouver, BC - Thought I'd pass along some feedback to your Boer War web site.

"Steve, this is just wonderful!!!!! I was beginning to lose faith in this country until I saw what ordinary Canadians can still produce. Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!! I sent it on to Uncle Jan and Tony."


Feedback: # 126: Natal, RSA -" Wow, I must say that your site is definitely the best on the net."

Feedback: #73: Rhenosterkop, RSA - "Hi, I really enjoy your web site about the Boer War. Well done, it's awesome."

BBC Move Over!

Feedback: #55: Toronto, ON - "First class! As a Brit - and a history buff - let me just say that it's as good as anything the BBC has ever done, and no doubt done with far fewer resources than the British national broadcaster has available."

Feedback: #99: Maidstone, Kent, UK - "Dear Sir, I was quite blown away to be told of your website."

Oh Say Can You See!
Feedback: # 34: Little Ferry, NJ, USA - "I'm a Civil War reenactor. I just had to call to say what an amazingly terrific site you have. I've never seen anything so nicely done - and I've seen a lot!.... Please send me a set of your programs. I haven't seen them yet, but they've got to be good!"
Crocodile Dundee Calling!

Feedback: #72: Sydney, AUS - "Hi there. I have just came across your web site, fantastic!!, I'm very curios if this will ever come out in Australia??"

Feedback: #62: Brisbane, AUS - "I enjoyed your programs immensely."

Too good to be Canadian!
Feedback #119: Toronto, ON - "Your show was so well done. It was absolutely captivating to watch. Really fine! When I first saw it, I thought, this is just too good to be Canadian! Marvellous work you did. Congratulations!"
- a woman viewer
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An Academy Award...

Feedback #117: Calgary, AB - "Both my wife and I watch this show every time it comes on. We both think it is absolutely first rate in every way. The way it was done, the information it conveys, the way you told the story, all of it was nothing short of fabulous.

I have never seen anything better done on TV. It's better even than those British war documentaries we watch all the time, and they're often very good...

Believe me when I say that you should get an Academy Award for the show you did, if only they gave them for shows like this. I'm absolutely serious! Of all the shows I've seen on TV this is the only one I would ever consider buying. It was so absolutely spell-binding and so superlatively carried out. Congratulations. I just cannot say enough in praise of the work you did on this part of Canadian history. What a story! What a super show! You should be immensely proud."



Proud Home of the



The Direct Route

Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum

"It is truly a wonderful production! I am personally convinced that it will be assessed as one of the decade's great television documentaries." George Milne, Director, Public Relations Museum of the Regiments, Calgary, AB

A Canada Millennium Project Website

To complement our MULTIPLE INTERNATIONAL GOLD MEDAL four hour long documentary: "The Great Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902: The Canadian Experience


"The wealth of research and detail is astounding and thorough, with a wonderful breadth of archival sources throughout. Clearly this was a labour of love and it shows." Sydney Suissa, VP of Factual Programming, History Television

In Honor of the numerous Americans who kindly contributed to this Canadian Heritage Project.
Harry Macdonough (top) and Henry Burr two famous Canadian Boer War songsters.
A crimped shell from Enslin battlefield, a last relic from a long departed soldier & the largest Boer War memorabilia jug ever made and in Canada too...
Rare Boer War plates, memorializing Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the Canadian Premier who sent the men off to South Africa, and the Battle of Paardeberg where 31 Canadians fell.
The much lamented Canadian Harold Borden (top), & Briton Freddy Roberts, proving to two prominent fathers that war is no respector of persons or status.
Celebrate the art of Art (AH) Hider probably Canada's finest realist painter of the Boer War era & Col. Wm Otter of Canada's First Contingent.
Eugène Fiset, a heroic young French-Canadian doctor, became a Major-General and Lieut. Gov. of Quebec & the hospital at Belmont where he worked.
Though grievously wounded, Canada's most decorated Boer War soldier, Lieut. Richard Turner, made a heroic stand near this memorial at Leliefontein, and won the Victoria Cross.
Capt. Harry Arnold, from Winnipeg, MB, lies in the loneliest spot on earth, the Canadian cemetery at Paardeberg.
Won't you help us solve the mystery of who he was? Details on our Boer War Mysteries Page.
The Canadian graveyard is now the front yard of a house. The bones have been moved, but the blood of the Canadians still soaks this sacred Canadian heritage site.

Top Left: top, Tenor Harry Macdonough, rollover, Henry Burr, two of Canada's earliest recording artists c. 1900. Bot, Capt. Harry Arnold from Winnipeg, MB, one of 300 Canadians who never came home, and his grave at Paardeberg. Shell, from Enslin battlefield, the end crimped by a soldier to hold in powder to use as a fire starter in cold months & Lord Roberts jug. Plates: Sir Wilfrid Laurier & Paardeberg victory plate.

Foursome: top left, Harold Borden the son of Canada's Minister of Militia - a strong war booster - & Freddy Roberts, son of Lord Roberts, the British commander-in-chief; top right, Art Hider, top Victorian & Edwardian painter & Col. William Otter who led the Royal Canadian Regiment, Canada's First Contingent, on Canada's first ever overseas military expedition; bot left, Surgeon-Capt. Eugène Fiset from Rimouski, PQ, whose heroic conduct in helping the wounded while under heavy fire on the battlefield at Paardeberg, was credited with saving many lives & the hospital where he worked; bot right, the gallant Lieut. Richard Turner VC, DSO, whose battlefield heroics at Faber's Put and Leliefontein, won him the top two medals awarded in the British Empire. He would later become a Major General in World War I.

Harry Macdonough (1871-1931) "Goodbye Dolly Gray" 1900

You are listening to an original recording from 1900 featuring one of Canada's very first recording artists, Harry Macdonough of Hamilton, ON, (above left) singing "Goodbye Dolly Gray." It played on every Gramophone as Canadians sent their boys off to war to distant South Africa.

You can hear over a dozen of these earliest Canadian recordings on our program's soundtrack.

Details on the artists and their recordings are on our Music Page.

All pages which feature historic Canadian Boer War era recordings are identified in the Boer War Tool Bar as ending with an "M" for music.

Antique Boer War era sheet music like Dolly Gray (right) can be found on our Sheet Music page.

Extremely rare, huge tempera painting of a volunteer from Western Canada who answered the call of Queen and Empire.

Rollover, rare antique sheet music of the theme song of the Boer War, which was played around countless pianos across Canada.

A fabulous find at a Toronto auction, the fabled bugle of Edwin McCormick, on which he blew the Last Post after the Battle of Hart's River, while standing on the spot where they buried the Canadians, where historian John Goldi is standing.
Above, part of the fabulous Otto Moody Boer War collection, which we have managed to save for posterity, thanks to a public-spirited American donor: the snake belt, numbered and signed to Otto Moody, and the Lee-Metford bayonet, dated Jan. 1893, which he carried during the campaign.
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18 yearl old Otto Moody hoped that going to war would provide his mother with enough money to fight off grinding poverty.